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October 30, 2014

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2008 Elections

2008 Caucus Guide

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Chris Morris / Las Vegas Sun

For the first time, Nevada’s Democrats and Republicans will have a chance to play a stronger role in who the nominees will be for president by being among a select group of states picked to hold primaries and caucuses in January.

Caucus 101: A basic guide on how to participate. Or, read more about the logistics of Jan. 19.

By being one of the early states, Nevada’s caucuses are hoped to gain the state more national attention, bring in more presidential candidates and thus raise awareness of Western issues. More background...

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Las Vegas voting experience: Albertson's, banana bread and a beauty queen
During early voting at Albertson's, 2011 Miss Nevada Alana Lee cast her ballot -- amid no fanfare.
Buzzfeed: Romney campaign exaggerates size of Nevada event with altered image
Oscar Goodman saddened at the death of his friend and mentor Arlen Specter
Oscar Goodman was a young law student looking for work when he met Arlen Specter in Philadelphia.
Watchdog group hounds government for files on Ensign case
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a formal complaint this week to force the DOJ to turn over files collected during its now-defunct ...
Ron Paul, Mitt Romney delegates stand at the ready
GOP chairman Reince Priebus officially gaveled open the 2012 Republican National Convention today, only to immediately close it for a day-long recess. Even though the ...
Nevada alternate delegate compares national conventions past and present
For Nevada politico Patty Cafferata, the intrigue, plotting and wariness among opposing factions at a national convention is nothing new. Cafferata has been attending conventions ...
Senate passes tax cut extension for those earning $250,000 or less
Democrats in the Senate faced down the closest thing to a legislative dare from Republican leaders Wednesday and passed a tax cut extension for those ...
Senate observes moment of silence in honor of Colorado shooting victims
Sen. Harry Reid led the Senate in a moment of silence Monday afternoon for the moviegoers who died in a horrific shooting in Aurora, Colo., ...

Politics Stories

Photo: Adam Laxalt shakes hands with Nevada Secretary of
Why Adam Laxalt is hanging on in his fight with Ross Miller for Nevada attorney general
The attorney general’s race was supposed to be a landslide for Democrats. Now, the race between Democrat Ross Miller and Republican Adam Laxalt is one of the nastiest this campaign season. Both candidates are descendants of Nevada political royalty. But ...
2nd Democratic Assembly candidate disqualified
A Democratic Nevada Assembly candidate has been declared ineligible for the Las Vegas-area seat he's seeking. Judge Michael Villani ruled Wednesday that Jesse "Jake" Holder doesn't meet residency requirements for ...
Photo: Vice President Joe Biden smiles during a round-tab
Vice President Joe Biden coming to Las Vegas to rally voters
Underscoring the trouble Nevada Democrats are in this election cycle, Vice President Joe Biden will be in Las Vegas on Saturday to try to get Democrats to the polls. Biden will attend ...
Photo: Former President Bill Clinton greets members of th
Will Bill Clinton’s Las Vegas pep talk lift Nevada Democrats to victory?
Bill Clinton’s rally in Las Vegas was replete with praise for Democrats, jeers for Republicans and one clear message ...
Photo: Nevada Senator Harry Reid sits down with the Las V
Sen. Harry Reid’s daughter seriously ill, undergoing surgery
U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s daughter is seriously ill, and the Senate majority leader returned to Washington, D.C., from Nevada over the weekend to be with her as she prepared to ...
Photo: Rik Holman wears a
Can Nevada wedding chapels refuse same-sex couples?
The state’s legalization of same-sex marriage could put some Las Vegas wedding chapel owners at odds with the law. David Nye and Dolly de Leon say they have strong ...
Why early voting numbers may mean trouble for Democrats
With a week to go until Election Day, Republicans hold a commanding edge in early voting that could prove insurmountable for some Democrats. Through the first nine days of early voting ...
Photo: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks to a cro
What Bill Clinton’s visit to Las Vegas says about Nevada in 2014 election
Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Las Vegas today to to try to energize Nevada Democrats for the Nov. 4 election, but the high-profile visit by the party's ...
The secrets behind 2014
Other voices:
There’s a hidden history to the nasty midterm election campaign that will, mercifully, end on Nov. 4. What’s not being widely talked about is as important as …
Photo: Newly elected Mayor John Tory, right, stands with
Toronto elects a new mayor, ends Ford era
Toronto elected a moderate conservative as mayor on Monday, ending the Rob Ford era marked by scandals over his illegal drug use and public drunkenness. John Tory, a former chief executive of major cable company Rogers Communications, had 40 percent of ...

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