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September 16, 2014

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It’s time for an honest discussion about guns in America
Hyperbole from advocates on both sides of the gun debate has made it almost impossible to sort through all the shouting and have a sober, adult debate about the role of guns in modern-day America.
UNLV stadium project deserves support, now and later
An on-campus proposal stadium is on hold for UNLV. Why have so many been planned through the years but none built?

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So much for private enterprise
No one can deny that Las Vegas is a world-class entertainment destination. Our resorts excel in producing an experience enjoyed worldwide.
By Ed Dornlas, Las Vegas
Dem stimulus is bad, GOP’s is good
The double standard presented by Sen. Dean Heller’s position on the Tesla tax incentives and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are startling. His website states: The Tesla announcement “shows Governor Sandoval’s policy of creating a low-tax environment to attract cutting-edge industry leaders, like Tesla, is working for our state.”
History shows Iran can’t be trusted
In 1985, the United States made a secret arms sale to Iran despite an arms embargo. President Ronald Reagan went on to say the sale, which became part of the Iran-Contra affair, was made in hopes of the release seven U.S. hostages in Lebanon, and to repair animosity between the U.S. and Iran.
By Sam Pizzo, Henderson
Nation spending itself to collapse
The Sept. 8 letter “Two key programs and conservatives” misses the bigger problem.
By Kevin Alexander, Logandale
Honor Rivers with laughter
I learned from the death of Robin Williams that the best way to remember the passing of a comedian is not with a customary “moment of silence” because the worst thing a comic can hear is nothing.
By Fred T. Beeman, Las Vegas
U.S. should abolish the death penalty
No one is justified in taking a human life, except in self-defense.
By James Schell, Henderson
Maybe Bush could advise on Iraq
Considering all the experience that George W. Bush has gained in Iraq, I propose that President Barack Obama appoint Bush as an adviser with the title of chief White House strategist for Iraq.
By Barry Abidor, Las Vegas
Don’t judge all casinos the same
The headline of the Aug. 31 letter “Something missing at casinos today” actually should have been “A bad day at Santa Fe Station.”
By V. A. Raymond, Las Vegas
Sept. 11 attacks are incomparable
I agree with the writer of the Sept. 4 letter “Remember another Sept. 11 tragedy” that the Mountain Meadows Massacre was a tragic event culminating in a great number of murdered civilians. But please be fair.
By Bob D’Guggliemo, Las Vegas
Wrong approach on gun safety
The writer of the Aug. 24 letter “Will NRA back this plan?” compares guns to autos and suggests steps to improve gun safety. He advocates yearly gun registration and payment of a tax, like with autos.
By Joseph F. Boetcher, Las Vegas

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  • President and Congress share onus of confronting Islamic State
    For most of the summer, Republicans had it easy when it came to the Islamic State. All they had to do was complain that President Barack Obama wasn’t tough enough, accuse him of lacking strategic vision and demand he do more.
  • Critique from an Obama fan
    I’m probably one of the few Americans left with some sympathy for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, and even I have to admit his Syria policy has been a mess.
  • Big business should thank Obama
    It was widely noticed two weeks ago that the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, the most important stock market indicator, had hit a milestone by crossing 2,000 for the first time.
  • American horror story
    Like the smattering of other Americans who still pay close attention to the wearying spectacle of our country’s politics, I worry about what will happen on Nov. 4, the day of the midterm elections.
  • How we’ll cultivate leaders in education
    When we see schools that ensure every child in the building, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, we see great school leadership present.
  • I hope Rice never plays in NFL again
    There are few scenes more disturbing than seeing a man viciously strike a woman.
  • Obama: A man with a plan
    It’s a tough time to be a concerned citizen. The truth of the matter is, the job has always been messy. But it’s way worse when the focus is on international affairs.
  • Out of the depths of the Great Recession — a new, more resilient Nevada emerges
    What a difference four years makes. In Fall 2010, Brookings Mountain West began program planning for a statewide gathering to discuss the broken Nevada economy. In January 2011, UNLV hosted an event—Nevada 2.0—in coordination with Brookings Mountain West, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary of State, and newly elected Governor Sandoval’s economic development advisors. Nevada was the state most damaged by the Great Recession. The state’s GDP stood well below its 2007 high and there appeared no immediate path to restore prosperity. But the Great Recession also provided Nevada a chance to rethink its entire approach to ...
  • America’s history of protesting the most recent immigrants
    We like to say the United States is a nation of immigrants from everywhere who get along together, a melting pot that works. It’s partly hard-won truth, partly comforting national myth. (The riots in Ferguson, Mo., underscore the myth.)
  • Focus on fashion really wears on me
    In honor of Fashion Week, which as I write is underway in New York City, let me describe how I prepare in the morning for another busy day at the word factory.
  • A question for Southern Nevada legislators
    So, what have you done for us lately? I always questioned the foolishness implied by this question because any reasonable answer knowingly discounts all that people, programs and projects have done over the years for us and, instead, boils it down to what are you doing now. It’s as if all that has happened in the past counts for nothing.
  • Chillin’ with the bad boys
    In his 1988 book “Seductions of Crime,” UCLA sociologist Jack Katz devotes an entire chapter to what he calls the “ways of the badass.” “In many youthful circles,” he writes, “to be ‘bad,’ to be a ‘badass’ or otherwise overtly to embrace symbols of deviance is regarded as a good thing.”
  • Is it World War III or just Twitter?
    Shockingly, in the end, I didn’t miss Brody. I was perfectly happy with The Drone Queen, as Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison is christened on her birthday cake in the first episode of Showtime’s “Homeland,” returning next month.
  • Girls raped; authorities shrug
    There are enough grim tidings from around the world that the news from Rotherham, a faded English industrial town where about 1,400 girls, mostly white and working class, were raped by gangs of Pakistani men while the local authorities basically shrugged and did nothing, is already slipping out of American headlines.
  • Defining ‘invasion’ in Ukraine
    In 1949, George Orwell published “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” his famous portrait of a totalitarian regime whose “Ministry of Truth” spews rank propaganda called “Newspeak” that turns historical facts on their head.