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April 23, 2014

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Bundy is no victor
Bunkerville rancher defied the rule of law, picking and choosing what he’d obey
In the aftermath of the standoff in Bunkerville between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy, Bundy and his supporters declared victory.
Mulroy’s water expertise won’t go down the drain
A rock star in the world of water policy has come out of retirement to focus on what the nation will need to react to climate change in the coming generations ...
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Don’t horse around with carriage idea
How quaint! A horse-drawn carriage ride on Las Vegas streets? How incredibly stupid for so many valid reasons.
By Carole LaRocca, Las Vegas
Talking tough with big stick in hand
I was impressed by all the big, brave macho men with all their weapons coming to defend a moocher who feeds his herd on public land and does not want to pay for it. A handout, like some Tea Party folks call welfare.
By Bruce Karley, Las Vegas
Truths behind the Bundy situation
Perhaps I don’t see the situation between Cliven Bundy, his armed militia supporters and the Bureau of Land Management as clearly as others —but some truths poke through, i.e., Bundy has not paid taxes imposed on his use of public land for private grazing rights, and Bundy and the militia men and women apparently feel that they are above the law.
By John Esperian, Las Vegas
Using Bundy as a distraction
Regarding the Nevada rancher and his long court battle against the Bureau of Land Management:
Peter Sams, Henderson
The lies that pop up in the desert
If you ever wondered what those poor souls who were in the East German Stazi were doing in their idle time, look no further than Mesquite.
Wayne P. Brotherton Sr., Amargosa Valley
Use juries to teach feds a lesson
The most effective way for “We the People” to neuter the federal government in its fight with Nevada’s Cliven Bundy is to hang every federal jury in cases against Bundy.
By Joe Boyett, Montgomery, Ala.
Bundy family isn’t paying its share
The situation involving Cliven Bundy is an example of government fees that went unpaid for 20 years while Bundy ignored requests for payment for the illegal use of federal land for grazing.
By Ruth Baker, Las Vegas
Self-serving officials must go
I am almost 95 years old, and what I see happening in this county is the federal government saying, “Do it our way or we will use force to get our way.”
By Nelson Estin, Las Vegas
Higher wage gets folks off federal aid
I’m writing to encourage Congress to vote to increase the minimum wage to $10.30 an hour.
By Megan Theberge, Las Vegas
Feds are trying to ruin rancher
God bless Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Sen. Dean Heller for questioning the zeal with which the Bureau of Land Management is trying to put rancher Cliven Bundy and his family into the poorhouse.
By Joseph DuPont, Towanda, Pa.

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  • The feds are coming, the feds are coming
    Here comes Cliven Bundy, who looked like a 21st-century Paul Revere as he ran about his Nevada ranch shouting the feds are coming, the feds are coming, successfully arousing others who joined him in standing up to a mighty force that backed down in some of its overkill. Is he a hero, then? No, but stay tuned.
  • Limbaugh lacks a sense of humor — or sense
    Every father should tell his children the hard-won lessons he has learned about life. For example, never get into an argument with a clown. He will just get out of his tiny car, slap his outsized shoes on the sidewalk and honk his silly red nose. It is hard for a normal person to remain dignified in such a confrontation.
  • Climate salvation gets cheap
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which pools the efforts of scientists around the globe, has begun releasing draft chapters from its latest assessment, and, for the most part, the reading is as grim as you might expect. We are still on the road to catastrophe without major policy changes.
  • George W. Bush, painter
    Concepts some folks have trouble getting their brain around: Mack Brown as an ex-coach, Rick Perry as a presidential candidate, George W. Bush as a painter.
  • Jeb Bush’s optimism school
    The Republican Party faces a long-term challenge in presidential elections because it is defining itself as a gloomy enclave, a collection of pessimists who fear what our country is becoming and where it is going.
  • There’s a moon out tonight
    Let’s talk about something cheerful. I nominate the apocalypse. You may not have noticed, but we survived an end-of-the-world moment again last week when a lunar eclipse made the moon look sort of reddish. This is known as a Blood Moon, and, in certain circles, it was seen as the Start of Something Big.
  • Give aging Navy ships to our allies
    A bitter debate has raged in the Pentagon for several months about the wisdom of taking the nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington out of service to save money. The Washington, at 24 years old a relatively young vessel, is due for a costly refit, a routine procedure that all of the 11 large carriers in service undergo regularly.
  • Immigration and drug laws can go too far
    The soldier who fights for his country only to be rewarded with indifference or even outright mistreatment when he returns is a story familiar in fiction and sometimes, unfortunately, in real life as well.
  • Obamacare news you probably missed
    Did you hear the latest news about Obamacare? Probably not, even though it is important news you need to know so you can make smart decisions that will help you and your family.
  • Preserving my marriage
    Communication was key when deciding to try to break into medical marijuana business ...
  • Faculty’s role in controlling tuition
    Are university faculty members doing their part to control the tuition costs that students are required to pay to pursue university education? Students are the reason for the existence of faculty in our colleges and universities. It is common knowledge that the tuition costs are steadily climbing at a higher clip than the rate of inflation.
  • A wit for all seasons
    I don’t remember much about being on Stephen Colbert’s show. It all passed in a blur of fear.
  • A lesson from a Fort Hood victim
    When President Barack Obama and the first lady made a return visit to Fort Hood last week, they paused in front of the kind of memorials we have become accustomed to seeing since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
  • Our soldiers don’t deserve to return to this
    The only reason he is alive, Mike Yurchison says, is his girlfriend, Leigh Anna Landsberger. She sits with him through endless waits at Veterans Affairs, whispering that he’s smarter than she is even if his brain is damaged. She helps him through his seizures, and she nags him to overcome drug addiction.
  • Women’s unequal lot in life
    I dropped in on my sister last week. As usual, I was amazed. I work a single job; she works three or four. There’s her paid one at an executive search firm, finding and screening candidates for corner offices in the retail industry. Then there are the others.