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March 6, 2015

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Letters to the Editor

Congress can’t be trusted
March 6, 2015
We know the tale about the boy who cried wolf so often that when it was finally true, nobody believed him. Such is the case now with our U.S. Congress.
Establish a lottery in Nevada
March 6, 2015
It surely would be great to have a lottery in Nevada. While I don’t gamble in the casinos, I do make an occasional trip to Primm to buy lottery tickets. Yes, I know there is a minuscule chance of winning, but just the hope of winning gives me a small thrill.
When have we had enough with ISIS?
March 5, 2015
Another dismayed and angry day watching the death and mutilation of innocents by the savage beast ISIS.
Law doesn’t protect homeowners
March 5, 2015
The Homeowner Protections Act signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval is defective and without merit. Thanks to the radical Republicans in Carson City, construction defects have moved on to …
Giuliani playing past his prime
March 4, 2015
The recent flap over the comments by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani questioning President Obama’s love of America is akin to watching a …
Reserve uproar for lax representatives
March 4, 2015
What an insightful, thoughtful and enlightening summary of “BibiGate” by Brian Greenspan (Sun, March 1)! He dissected and analyzed the unfounded, ill-inspired and shameful …
Fiore further denigrates women
March 3, 2015
Regardless of one’s point of view on the subject, Assemblywoman Michele Fiore should be …
Does punishment fit the crime?
March 3, 2015
ou mean to tell me a woman gets five to 14 years in prison for burning down a pet shop and a servant of the public …
Since when are two stamps not enough?
March 1, 2015
For as long as I can remember, and I’m 66, two first-class stamps would get a letter delivered to our friends in Canada. This last Christmas, I had a letter returned demanding 17 extra cents in postage. Not only did that return cost more than 17 cents, but it seems to point to other problems.
Choose to protect Lincoln County
Feb. 28, 2015
Rachel Carson wrote telegraphically, “The real wealth of the nation lies in the resources of the earth ... and cannot be a matter of politics.” Despite our state’s empty coffers, Nevada is rich. The intrinsic value of …
Give retired Nevada teachers opportunity
Feb. 28, 2015
Regarding the article titled “Bill aims to alleviate teacher shortage, help more immigrants get school jobs” (Feb. 20): It’s worth noting that Nevada prohibits offering most teaching jobs to retired Nevada teachers, although retired teachers from other …
Health insurance subsidies for all
Feb. 27, 2015
At first glance it appears that Americans who live in states that do not have their own state-run exchanges are not entitled to premium subsidies provided by the federal government. To those celebrating the inevitable gutting of the Affordable Care Act, allow me to bring up the Second Amendment.
Government needs to take action
Feb. 27, 2015
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described Islamic terrorists as angry youths who’ve never held a job. How does his description of them compare to that of our unemployed and underemployed youths who are committing daily shootings, road rage, and other growing and seemingly never-ending personal crimes?
Republicans only causing problems
Feb. 26, 2015
With Congress acting out like spoiled teenagers who manipulate to get a selfish agenda filled, the GOP inviting Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu to speak will most certainly unite would-be-terrorists to make that leap to action to join ISIL. Where is Dick Cheney, crying out, “Unpatriotic,” to those who disdain President Barack Obama?
Support the Keystone pipeline
Feb. 26, 2015
Regarding the letter to the editor “Obama should veto Keystone pipeline” (Las Vegas Sun, Feb. 18): I agree with the letter writer that at present we have an oil glut.

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