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January 27, 2015

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John McCain headlines boisterous rally for Sharron Angle in Las Vegas


Sam Morris

Sharron Angle speaks at a campaign rally Oct. 29, 2010, at the Orleans during her Senate run.

Angle-McCain Campaign Rally

Sharron Angle introduces Sen. John McCain at a campaign rally for Angle on Friday at the Orleans. Launch slideshow »

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2010 General Election

Zip Code
Party Affilliation
Democrat — 60.9%
Republican — 19.1%
Independent — 15.2%
Other — 2.3%
Tea Party of Nevada — 0.8%
Green — 0.7%
Libertarian — 0.7%
Independent American Party — 0.3%
Who are you voting for in the U.S. Senate race?
Harry Reid — 70.7%
Sharron Angle — 26.9%
Scott Ashjian — 1.1%
Wil Stand — 0.5%
Tim Fasano — 0.3%
Jesse Holland — 0.3%
Jeffrey C. Reeves — 0.3%
Michael L. Haines — 0%
Who are you voting for in the Nevada gubernatorial race?
Rory Reid — 61.6%
Brian Sandoval — 32.3%
David Scott Curtis — 2.9%
Eugene "Gino" Disimone — 1.1%
Aaron Y. Honig — 0.8%
Floyd Fitzgibbons — 0.7%
Arthur Forest Lampitt Jr. — 0.6%
Who are you voting for in the U.S. House District 3 race?
Dina Titus — 66.2%
Joe Heck — 29.4%
Barry Michaels — 2.1%
Joseph P. Silvestri — 1.9%
Scott David Narter — 0.5%

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Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

About 1,000 supporters crowded into a ballroom at the Orleans on Friday night to watch Sharron Angle be feted by the biggest Republican booster yet to visit Nevada on her behalf — former presidential candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain.

McCain had no kind words for the man he’s referred to on the Senate floor as his “friend and colleague from Nevada” for much of the last 10 years, but his message didn’t stop at telling the assembled crowd how important it was to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Calling Angle “the 51st vote to give Republicans the majority,” he told the exuberant crowd that “this election will change America” and “the world will be watching.”

McCain was at ease on stage, leaning against the podium and cracking jokes about his age and failed presidential bid in between hammering home some central points of the Republican message — repeal “Obamacare” and secure the border.

He added to that list a few items that have been focal points of incendiary debates in recent weeks but continue to be red meat to Tea Party supporters — no Miranda rights for terrorists and no mosque at Ground Zero.

McCain made a direct plea to those assembled to vote and get out the vote. When asked, about two-thirds of the crowd indicated they had already voted.

Reid, meanwhile, was at a rally at William E. Orr Middle School with boxing champion Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao. After the event, buses shuttled voters across the street to cast ballots at the Boulevard Mall as early voting came to a close.

At the Orleans, McCain, the keynote speaker, followed Angle, who spoke for about five minutes in a soft, insistent tone.

Her comments were largely a loose amalgam of phrases recycled from her commercials and one debate appearance. She repeated her signature “man up” phrase no fewer than four times, each time to cheers.

Angle told her supporters that there would be “shock and awe” in Washington on Nov. 3, presumably a reference hearkening back to the invasion operation into Iraq.

Angle has repeatedly said that Reid should apologize to Gen. David Petraeus for saying the surge was a failure and that the war in Iraq was lost.

Angle called the election a potential “teachable moment” for Democrats to use the lame-duck period that begins Nov. 15 to “repeal Obamacare” and “make the tax cuts permanent.”

While Congress is expected to take up an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts in November, it isn’t yet clear if it will push a full extension or one targeted toward the middle class, as Democrats and President Barack Obama want.

It is highly unlikely that the Democratic-controlled Congress that returns for the lame duck session after the election will go about trying to take apart its own health care bill, though there are some relevant tax provisions — such as 1099 reporting requirements — that may come up for review.

Friday night’s program also included patriotic songs and videos picking at Democrat leaders — though interestingly enough, the videos barely featured Harry Reid.

They focused more on Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stimulus architect and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts and others whom the crowd didn’t seem to recognize, judging by the sudden drop-off in boos, including former Energy and Commerce Committee chair and longest-ever-serving House member John Dingell of Michigan and Alcee Hastings of Florida.

But the crowd had nothing but cheers for the two warm-up speakers: Michael Reagan, the progeny of the late president Ronald Reagan, who has been all but deified by the Tea Party movement — “he was the original Tea Party!” Reagan said of his father, to cheers — and conservative actor Jon Voight.

Voight cast the national divide in terms that some polls have reflected but few Republicans have ever actually boasted of — a war between young and old.

“Obama deluded our young people with lies,” Voight said. “Our young people support an idea that doesn’t exist. We, as mature and intelligent adults, know what freedom and prosperity means.”

To be sure, there were not many young people in the crowd, which cheered loudly as Voight asked what Obama had ever done for Nevada as he appealed to locals to vote against “all those corrupt politicans” on Nov. 2.

“Obama is not a Democrat; he is a radical socialist more sympathetic to our enemies than our allies,” he said, stressing that the country needs to “get back to capitalism...then we can be as generous as each one feels to support their charities at will.”

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  1. Great. Another female candidate McCain neglected to vet.

  2. Angle's immigration talking point which she regurgitates like a trained seal is: "everyone needs a Sheriff like Joe Arpaio, go Joe, go." However Arpaio backed J. D. Hayworth not McCain, in the recent Arizona Republican primary. So does this mean Angle is now for amnesty like McCain?

    Also McCain has sought to outlaw sports betting, particularly college sports betting. So does this mean Angle wants to ban betting on College Sports as well? The way she wants to ban alcohol? Of course after McCain dumped his first wife (she was severely disfigured and injured in a car wreck) he married the new one who happened to be the daughter of a beer distributor. That's where McCain got the money to go into politics, from a beer distributorship that is essentially a government sanctioned monopoly. I thought McCain and Angle were for "free market competition?"

    I thought McCain's daughter didn't like Republicans who "immigrant bashed?" That's what she said on the "View."

    Did anyone see McCain at the dice table??

  3. McCain's opinion meant something to me -- once upon a time. He got his nomination, he will keep his Senate seat yet he still is wandering around in far right nut land. Is going to Delaware to give Christine O'Donnell a boost or to New York to support Paladino next on his agenda? If he did, it wouldn't surprise me.

  4. sandy99...
    Nail on the head, Sandy.
    Once upon a time, I was a big supporter of John McCain.
    What in the world has HAPPENED to him???
    He vacillates from one political spectrum to another like the wind changes direction.
    Is he even AWARE, politically, anymore? For sure he's turned into a shameless political opportunist, which saddens me greatly.
    An endorsement from McCain means precious little nowadays, if you are able to discern what it even means.

  5. She is against booze and hugs a beer distributor? I guess anything to get elected.

  6. Sharon Mangle just keeps showing me just how far out of touch she is. She can't make up her mind on what she wants and I still cant believe she does not realize that the federal government has the right to do things to benefit the general public. But i guess since she is getting money from the government anyway due to her husbands retirement she really does not care about those of us that work for a living.

  7. Watch the Republicans get rid of the deduction for gaming loses. They tried in the past. Angle won't do anything about it even if she even could.

  8. How sad that a senile coward is the best that Sharron Mangle can find to endorse her hateful, racist, bigoted, un-Christian, anti-American candidacy.

  9. Bill Raggio, a Republican LEGEND in Nevada, has said that "Sharron Angle was the MOST INNEFECTUAL LEGISLATOR IN THE HISTORY OF NEVADA.

    And the Old Geezer would certainly KNOW....

    So. Why on earth would you give the woman a PROMOTION???

    Everyone with half a brain...
    NO to "Crazy" Angle.
    She IS JUST TO EXTREME. Even for extreme Republicans!!!

  10. Wall Street Journal is predicting that casino stocks will suffer if Reid is voted out. Ensign and Angle will be worthless in defending Nevada's interests.

  11. @Larry

    You nailed it. It is unbelievable that people would compare what appears to be 50 percent of their fellow Nevadans, who take the time to vote, to Nazis. Unreal.

  12. Wow, they could only find 1,000 of the dumbest folks in Las Vegas?

  13. @JahReb:


  14. I don't know who is going to win this election, but I did my civic duty and voted. I did my moral duty and voted for Reid. Voting for Sharron Angle would be, for me, voting against my own self interests. In a normal election cycle, Mrs. Angle would be down at least 20 points. She runs from the press in embarrassing fashion and when they do manage to get something from her, it is amazingly vapid and stupid. Her last political ad on immigration was so racially charged and baiting that it made national news. She is so bad that Christine O'Donnell looks good next to her. Lord help us if she is elected. We will all be suffering a 6 year hangover.

  15. I notice all the Angle bashers don't mention anything their liberal heroes have accomplished that's good for the nation. That's because they have done nothing but destroy our economy and try to push socialism upon us, The People, who don't want it. Just as we predicted, the liberals in Congress are running from their voting records like rats running away from a burning barn. They think the voters are stupid enough to believe their hypocrisy as they try to position themselves to the right for the election season. So, all they can do is trash the opponents of the outlaws, like Reid & Titus, who are doing the bidding of their king in destroying our country. Liberalism is the disease. Constitutional Conservatism is the cure. Sharron Angle is a Constitutional Conservative. That's what REALLY matters.

  16. Should we buy brown shirts now or is there hope? Angle is a moronic throwback who makes me throw up. Ok, I voted for the Reid clan - not the clean cut glamorous Jim Gibbons stand in or the Nevada version of O'Donnell. Give em hell Harry.

  17. This will be the first year in my life I will not vote for any human that is running. I do not want to be part of the consequence. It is sad I know but it is the truth. Leadership can only be boughten in this eara

  18. those pelosi/reid/obowma pincers squeexing teh life out of prouductive americans must be snapped and teh only place to start is with reid's political neck; snap!