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January 31, 2015

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Obama presses his influence for Democratic candidates

President urges strong Democratic showing for Reid, Titus, Berkley


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

Sen. Harry Reid and President Barack Obama leave the stage after speaking outside Orr Middle School at a “Moving America Forward” rally Friday, October 22, 2010.

Obama Speaks in Vegas

President Barack Obama delivers a speech outside Orr Middle School at a Launch slideshow »

President Obama arrives for rally

President Barrack Obama waves after landing at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas Friday, October 22, 2010. Obama will speak at a Launch slideshow »

President Barack Obama poked some fun at his right-hand U.S. senator on Friday, telling a Las Vegas crowd that Harry Reid isn’t the flashiest guy around, talks softly, gives wonky speeches and “doesn’t move real quick.”

“But Harry Reid does the right thing,” Obama told a crowd of some 9,000 enthusiasts at Orr Middle School.

The pep rally was part of Obama’s nationwide “Moving America Forward” tour, an effort by the Democratic Party to stir the same emotions that got Obama elected two years ago.

And while the turnout in Las Vegas was smaller than his pull elsewhere — a crowd estimated at 37,500 gathered earlier in the day to hear Obama at the University of Southern California — the party faithful offered charged responses as Obama rallied them to vote for Reid, Rep. Dina Titus — each of whom is facing a tough midterm re-election challenge — and Rep. Shelley Berkley, who is facing an easier re-election bid in her Las Vegas-anchored district.

Don’t blame them, he told the crowd, for an economy that went sour under Republican leadership.

Nevada, specifically Titus’ 3rd Congressional District where the president spoke Friday, is ground zero for two of the most highly contested races in the nation that are expected to be harbingers of whether Democrats will retain control of Congress.

The president encouraged new, young and minority voters who elected him to the White House two years ago to come out with the same force in these midterm elections, which historically attract fewer voters.

“If everybody who showed up in 2008 shows up in 2010, we will win this election,” he said.

While the rally was aimed at reinvigorating Democrats who seem to have turned lethargic, Hispanic voters were especially courted. A number of Hispanics, including a few recent immigrants, were tapped to speak to the crowd, and several elected officials, led by Obama, addressed Hispanic voters directly.

And Obama recalled the spirit of his own election.

“Just like you did in 2008, you can defy the conventional wisdom — the wisdom that said you can’t overcome cynicism in politics; the wisdom that says the special interests always win; the wisdom that says somehow the folks with the big money who are running the most negative ads, somehow they’re always going to be successful; the wisdom that says we can’t tackle big challenges in America anymore.

“You may think: No, we can’t. We think: Yes, we can. Sí, se puede,” Obama said, invoking his famous 2008 campaign slogan in both English and Spanish.

“There is no doubt that this is going to be a difficult election,” he acknowledged. “And that’s because we’ve been through an incredibly difficult time as a nation.”

Blame the Republicans, he said. “They are basically betting on all of you having amnesia. They’re banking on the fact that you might forget who got us in this mess in the first place.”

During the presidential race, nearly 11 percent of early voters were Hispanic. Overall, Hispanics made up 15 percent of Nevada’s electorate and Obama won 78 percent of them, according to exit polls.

Democrats hope several recent events will push Latino voters more solidly into their camp. Latinos for Reform, an independent political group, this week released ads that urged Hispanics to sit out the election.

And Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle told a group of Hispanic high school students that she wasn’t sure that the obviously Latino men featured in one of her campaign commercials were actually Hispanic and claimed that America’s northern border was the most porous and the point of entry for terrorists. In an apparent attempt to backtrack on the ads the students described as racist, Angle told the group that some “look a little more Asian” than Hispanic. Angle also hasn’t denounced the Latinos for Reform ads.

Democrats used the Angle gaffes as fodder for their speeches.

“We know the difference between Hispanics and Asians,” Berkley said. “We don’t think there are too many dark-skinned Canadians coming over the border.”

“Each of you looks like a Nevadan to me,” Reid said.

Titus took a different approach, but still dug into Angle.

Click to enlarge photo

Sen. Harry Reid introduces President Barack Obama for a speech outside Orr Middle School at a "Moving America Forward" rally Friday, October 22, 2010.

“I don’t think the Democrats are wimps. I don’t think we need to man up,” she said, an homage to Angle’s new favorite phrase, which she has lobbed at Reid half a dozen times over the past week.

Titus is neck and neck in a tight race against Republican Joe Heck.

Democrats hope rallies like Friday’s will help stave off a Republican revolution similar to 1994, when the GOP took control of both congressional chambers for the first time in decades. A recent Pew Research poll found that anti-incumbent sentiment is on par with 1994 levels and far surpasses that seen in the past three midterm elections.

National surveys also show that the GOP retains a wide lead in projected voter turnout. The Pew poll, released Friday, found that

50 percent of likely voters lean Republican, and 40 percent lean Democratic.

In Nevada, the trend appears to be less favorable to Republicans. After nearly a week of early voting, Republicans have a small lead — about 1.5 percent — in statewide turnout but no real surge. In Clark County, Democrats are ahead by about 10,000 votes, with about a quarter of ballots cast.

Both parties know November victories will depend on turnout, and voter outreach on both sides appears to be outpacing 2006 efforts. Enthusiasm among Republican voters is on the upswing, but Democrats are fighting back with a ground game that rivals, if not exceeds, that seen two years ago.

“There are more of us than them,” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid said. “If we show up, we will win.”

Click to enlarge photo

Supporters cheer during President Barack Obama's speech outside Orr Middle School at a "Moving America Forward" rally Friday, October 22, 2010.

Even so, Democrats face an uphill battle. The anti-incumbency movement to “kick the bums out” is strong, and Democrats have struggled to convince voters — even Democratic ones — that they will be able to reignite the stagnant economy and create jobs. Las Vegas’ unemployment rate hit 15 percent in September, the highest in the history of the state.

Obama acknowledged that the country, and particularly Nevada, is in the midst of one of its most difficult times. He said he understands that voters are frustrated and discouraged. But, he warned, that’s not a reason to stay away from the polls.

“Imagine if our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents had said, ‘Oh, this is too hard; oh, I’m feeling tired; oh, I’m feeling discouraged; oh, somebody is saying something mean about me. We would not be here today,” Obama said.

“We got through war and depression. We have made this union more perfect because somebody somewhere has been willing to stand up in the face of uncertainty, stand up in the face of difficulty,” he said. “That is how change has come. And that’s the spirit we have to restore in 2010.”

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  1. We know change has come...we didn't need the president to tell us that.

    But it's not the change we expected.

    More of us lost our jobs and our homes since we voted for the hope & change.

    Now we're being asked to vote for more of the same?? I don't think so.

  2. Good post, Dennnis Dipstick!

    "the republicans dont want jobs created , they want tax breaks and more wall street bail outs. you people are delusional just like angle."

    "Just let us keep ALL OUR MONEY! We'll trickle some down to you eventually; just be PATIENT!"

    This scam has been RUN, kids.
    You want to do it AGAIN???
    Fool me once...well, you know.

  3. @jobs4america

    We have a word for people like you,"SHILL".
    After Sharron Angle loses,maybe she'll move to Ohio !

  4. There's just something wrong with the current presidency flying around in Air Force One, with all its attendant expenses (operation, escorts, security -- and that's just for starters), lending its prestige and name to party politics. And guess who foots the bill.

    How did that Who song go? Oh, yeah -- "Here comes the new boss / Same as the old boss / Don't get screwed again!"

  5. @killerB

    Where were you when GWB was doing the same thing ?
    Guess it was ok then...

  6. In the past few days, there have been speeches by both Sharron Angle and Senator Reid.

    Sharron Angle goes to a gathering that urges people to vote for her by Newt Gingrich.

    Senator Reid goes to a gathering that urges people to vote for him by President Obama.

    One is a lying, fear mongering, moral degenerate who fell out of power and is making money riling up the masses with ultra-right wing rhetoric.

    The other is the President of the United States, popularly elected, and, in just a period of less than two years, has performed light years beyond the previous President could ever have hoped to do..and that incompetent President had eight years to do something in...but choice to get us into two wars that weren't paid for, not to mention just passed bills that sucked up even more American money.

    Clear choice.

    My votes go Democratic all up and down the ballot box. Because Nevada stands a better chance with them than with the same ole, same ole Republicans who bring absolutely no new ideas to the table.

  7. "most of us lost our jobs and our homes..." Most of us?? While unemployment is high, it is 20% (including underemployed). The foreclosure rate is high at 4% of homes. Neither comes close to "most of us" being either unemployed, homeless, or both.

    The thing about living, talking, and breathing gloom and doom and communicating mostly with others who talk it, is that it communicates fear just like a communicable disease spreads. Fear is a communicable disease. It leads to panic, which, in turn can lead to pointless wars, ill-conceived policies that destroy economies, and it can make poverty and misery widespread for most of us for real. Panic makes things worse rather than better.

    Nevadans are in the process of stampeding off a cliff. Excuse me if I don't join the herd.

  8. @FernleyDem (Jess Garner)
    Jess, I don't like the mess this country is in right now. If Sharron Angle lived in my state, I would vote for her. I have decided that I am only voting for candidates based on their track record if they are in office and if their plans make sense to me. If you want to kick me out of the democratic party, you are scoring some points. We have a word for people like you, "IGNORANT". I do not blindly follow anyone like it appears that you do Jess. Look at the track record of massive spending and economic distress. I voted for Obama, but unless he "changes", he will not get my vote again. And remember, I live in Ohio which is the biggest swing state in the country. We have correctly picked more Presidents than any other state over the last 100 years. Many of my friends in Cleveland who voted for Obama are also changing their views. If things don't improve, Obama will be unemployed like many others in this country. I hope he can turn it around, but I am not feeling too optimistic that he knows how to do it. In my opinion, it is time for a change in the Senate.
    First of all,I am not "ignorant"..
    Secondly, I have followed Ms.Angle during her time in the State Assembly.Have you ?
    Did Ohio pick GWB,you should be proud..

  9. Think before you vote and be careful what you wish for. Every time you wish for things and you get them they blow up in your face in the long term.

    The problems of today go back over many years and presidents. They happened because the American public pressed until they got their way. Some times the publics way is not the right way and government giving into the public does not always work.

    Good luck to all, hope you make the right decisions this time around.

  10. "Where were you when GWB was doing the same thing ?"

    FernleyDem -- actively criticizing the Imperial Bush Regime in every forum I could and more important, voted against him/it.

    Where were YOU when...?

    "Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have." -- Barry Goldwater

  11. This little get-together is aptly called a "pep-rally". It reminds me of the pep rallies we had in school before a sports game---lots of enthusiasm with little substance. Obama again lays the blame for the failures of his own policies on the past Republican administration. Has he forgotten that the Democrats were in control of Congress back then and that HE WAS ONE OF THEM?!

  12. I don't mean this as a criticism directed only at President Obama, but it appalls me that American politicians (from President on down the ladder) spend so much time campaigning. Mr. Obama was elected by people hopeful that he would devote his entire attention to running the country well. How can he do this when such a large percentage of his time is taken up with fundraisers and other useless endeavours?
    The American political system reeks of conflict of interest anyway because of special interest pressures. The President wasting his valuable time with campaigning is indicative of another gross conflict. Will he advocate laws that are good for America or just those good for his Democratic Party?

  13. You cannot forget that before Obama, the White House and the Republicans encouraged businesses to take their operations overseas. The "Core" of our problems is "jobs" that are no longer available "here in the USA" because of the policies of the "same People, the same Group" that helped "big Business" and not the "Middle Class, the working person."

    Right now, the true measurement of "any company operating in the USA" and making a profit off "our dollars" is the offering of "Employment."

    These companies that have benefitted because of the past administration policies and the fact that those companies calling themselves US companies are not offering employment, but making Huge Profits, are being supported by the same people who say "I want My Country Back". Go figure.

    I belived in Las Vegas, I believed in Las Vegas companies that are offering employment to keep Las Vegas economy going. That is the measurment being used today. Talk is cheat, misleading and producing nothing but confusion. It is time to look after, and support, anything "LOCAL" that is supporting our community.

  14. "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE" (Michael Savage) "CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATISM IS THE CURE" (Tea Party) Our votes will determine which we will choose.

  15. Despite Karl Rove and his Texas billionaire friends trying to buy this election for Sharron Angle, most Nevadans know that Senator Harry Reid is better for Nevada and for America. Rove wants to regain his power in Washington and make his rich friends richer, not only by privatizing Social Security but also by turning Nevada into the country's nuclear waste dump. Sharron Angle, after benefitting from the Rove/Republican spending, would be a rubberstamp for their agenda.

    And all the Republican propaganda about President Obama and a lack of enthusiasm by Democrats is brainwashing, pure and simple:

  16. Anyone notice that Rasmussen and Gallup, the Republican-leaning polling companies, haven't reported any polls of the Reid-Angle race since Angle once again stuck her foot in her mouth with her "Latinos look like Asians" remark? Surely they've been conducting polls - they had been nearly every day - but suddenly they're not reporting the results.

    Looks like Nevada is finally waking up to realize that Senator Harry Reid is best for the state, despite all the Republican propaganda to the contrary.

  17. My father boycotted products that weren't made in the USA. He was a union electrician and tried to buy union when he could. He always made sure I had a list of items to boycott and gave lists out at the union hall. He never got any recognition and hardly any support, including myself.

    He died at 80, twelve years ago, but he vividly remembered the Great Depression. He never owed more than $20,000, including his mortgage and automobile. He always feared that he could lose his home during bad financial times, so he was always prepared for the worst. He would tell my brothers and I that when times got bad, we could always have a home with him.

    When he retired at 65, he lived comfortably in a home that he built on land that he owned. When he died, he left the home to my brothers. I had followed in his footsteps as a union electrician and had lived by most of his financial principles, so I didn't need his help.

    His political philosophy was simple--vote democratic. His reasoning was just as simple--we may have inflation, but at least we will have a job. Money always gets tight and nothing is built when the Republicans get elected.

    If he was around today, he would remind us that FDR didn't end the Great Depression in two years either. He was for a free market as long as the competition was equal. You need regulations to ensure that everyone plays by the same set of rules, whether the competition is foreign or domestic. If someone cheats, penalize them enough so they won't do it again.

    I miss my Dad, but I think this country misses him more.

  18. When Harry Reid took control of the Senate, you in Nevada had a 4.4% unemployment ratio. In 4 years Harry Reid and the economic policies he supported have brought you to your knees with an unemployment ratio that is now 14.4%.

    And yet, some on here want Harry Reid to be returned to the Senate ??? Seriously, what for ??? So he can do even further damage to you, your jobs and this country ???

    Unemployment is going UP, not down. You might not like Angle, but unless you are just lovin' 1 in 8 people in Nevada not having a job, you really don't have much of a choice.

    Harry Reid and the economic policies he has supported are the problems, only you people in Nevada can start to fix them by getting rid of Harry Reid.

  19. Sharon Angel will help bring a balance in the Senate. No senator has all the answers to our situations, but things have gotten out of hand with government spending. Look at how many roads been tore up and and repaved multiple times?

    Harry Reid will take more money out of the Americans pocket through taxes and things like cap and trade, health-care.

    Please Americans of any race, we need to stop government expansion.

    Attn LV Sun. GMags posts should not be posted on trusted members board. He doesn't display his name. He or she should man up and put his name with his posts, or you should display his posts with other people hidding behind screennames. Thank You

  20. The more this guy puts his mouth in front of a microphones, his face to the cameras and reads from teleprompters, the less Presidential he looks and his inability to govern.

  21. "Moving America Forward" tour? Another one?

    Phase I

    First there was the Yes We Can Tour, the the Bailout Tour, then the Stimulus Tour, then the worldwide apologize to socialists, terrorists and dictators tour while I bow to Islam while I refuse to salute the US flag tour; then the never ending we don't know what's in it but we have to pass it ObamaCare Tour.

    Phase II

    Next came the the failed Stimulus II tour and back to the government health care tour. Then the Apology to the Far Left Tour, then the reelect Democrats so I don't lose my agenda tour; then the class warfare and lie about the opposition Tour. It was followed by the Blame Palin while lying about her tour, and the Blame the Tea Party Tour; then the blame the opposition whoever they may be tour; and finally the 'Save Harry Reid and the Senate for Stimulus II, Cap and Tax and the rest of the agenda tour'.

    Phase III

    After the election and a couple of months break we will get the - you need to reelect me so I can finish what I started, don't blame me it's all their fault and the vast right wing conspiracy it's not fair tour.

    What you can take to the bank - The Obama spiel:

    Nothing is ever Obamas fault, he will never take responsibility for anything he screws up.
    He will take credit for everything he thinks is good (I'm sure he was taken aback yesterday when Harry Reid said that HE SAVED THE WORLD FOR DEPRESSION as he should have gotten the credit).
    Everything he has done has worked great and if it didn't... it's those evil Republicans fault.
    We need more taxes.
    We need more spending.
    Profit is bad, business is evil, unless I need their vote.
    The end justifies the means even if I did something illegal or unconstitutional.
    The rules don't apply to me.
    I'm right, you're wrong.
    Socialism is good, big brother is good.
    You're too uneducated and too poor to make your own decisions. Those of us who are the elite, erudite and affluent need to tell you what to do. Mirror Mirror on the Wall...
    The constitution is a charter of negative liberties, we don't need to pay attention to that old thing, I know what's best for you, just do as I say not as I do and don't ask questions.
    Health care is a right that the rich should pay for (except those like me) but they can't pay for everyone so you have to go broke paying for others.
    The rich is anyone but those like me, we're excluded.

  22. There's an old sea story about a ship's Captain who inspected his sailors, and afterward told the first mate that his men smelled bad.

    The Captain suggested perhaps it would help if the sailors would change underwear occasionally.

    The first mate responded, "Aye, aye sir, I'll see to it immediately!"

    The first mate went straight to the sailors berth deck and announced, "The Captain thinks you guys smell bad and wants you to change your underwear."

    He continued, "Pittman, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowski, and Brown, you change with Schultz."


    Someone may come along and promise "Change", but don't count on things smelling any better.

  23. Have you seen AG M asto's Ad against Travis Barrick? Is protesting ILLEGAL LATE TERM ABORTIONS really harrassing women? You decide.

  24. AG Masto consired to conceal a crime that led to the Wrongful Conviction and Death of an innocent man, Nolan Klein. A Wrongful Death suit will be filed this week. Masto had received the documents that had been hidden from the defense and jury in the Washoe County DA's file months before his death that showed someone else was responsible for the crime. Masto let him die in prison. If Mr. Klein had been treated for his medical condition, he would still be alive to day and had been exoneration. Now this is going to cost the state. A WRit of Mandamus was heard on 9-30-10. The Writ, court proceedings, Exhibit list can be found on The lawsuit will be placed there too after it is filed.