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Archive for October 11, 2007

Victor David Wood: 1923-2007
Victor Wood was crusading for computers in Clark County schools when Microsoft founder Bill Gates was a 13-year-old student trying to master an old Teletype terminal.
6:48 a.m.
School counselors get relief, students get time
Guidance counselor Willie Hutson is too busy to figure out exactly how many Sierra Vista High School students are assigned to his care this year.
6:48 a.m.
More cameras on the Strip?
Although the Strip and the resorts along it already are among the world's most intensely monitored areas in terms of security surveillance, Las Vegas Boulevard may be about to get a new set of eyes ...
6:47 a.m.
Nevada Ballet revels in fans' love
The standing ovation will come as no surprise. This audience loves its ballet company. They know its history. They know the performers. They're in it for the long haul.
6:47 a.m.
By Brian Hilderbrand
6:47 a.m.
Ron Kantowski on what's wrong with Chase Field and why goats, black cats and nerds aren't what's hurting the Cubs
Notes, quotes and anecdotes from a National League Division Series scorecard that, as a long-suffering Cubs fan, I really have no intention of hanging on to:
6:46 a.m.
News to lawmakers: County's lawyer also works for other side
Since 1999, Clark County has awarded California attorney Scott W. Gordon more than $368,000 in contracts for his advice on Sunrise Landfill, the former dump that has been a source of contention among the county, ...
6:46 a.m.
Under the radar, Caesars dealers push for union
For decades, dice and card dealers resisted unions, preferring to watch out for themselves, pocket their own tips and cut their own deals for choice shifts.
6:46 a.m.
Silver lining as well as green in tax push
The Nevada State Education Association's push to boost taxes on gaming offers the union an advantage on another front. The tax plan provides leverage as the association tries to fend off a rival union.
6:46 a.m.
Editorial: Must justice be a victim?
Lower federal courts accepted the Bush administration's hollow argument that allowing the man's lawsuit to go forward would endanger state secrets.
6:46 a.m.
Editorial: Paying for schools
That is a sensitive question in a state that prides itself on its low taxes because it acknowledges a basic truth: Someone has to pay for educating Nevada's children.
6:46 a.m.
Letter: GOP candidates are as wrong as Bush is
Reading about the poor people in Baghdad being able to have electricity for only two hours per day is pretty confusing since we've been there rebuilding for 4 1/2 years. We have even built an ...
6:45 a.m.
Editorial: He stood for ethics
After retiring from university life three years ago, he remained a prominent commentator as president of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics.
6:45 a.m.
Letter: Too few are aware of what Bush is up to
Apparently the man on the street is not aware of what is going on. When I broached the subject of the State Children's Health Insurance Program to another person, he was shocked to hear of ...
6:45 a.m.
Letter: Blame bars for smoke where it shouldn't be
First, they made specious jurisdictional and constitutional claims. When that didn't work, they parsed and tortured common words such as "indoor," "food" and "served." Some establishments have even erected, at great cost, glass barriers around ...
6:45 a.m.
Letter: Smoking ban will be effective one day
It's going to take awhile for proper civil enforcement and, in time, to become second nature. The best thing you can do is not support the place and inform the health department of your observations.
6:45 a.m.
Letter: Greed drives casinos' stance on schools tax
I am cynical enough to believe that the powers that be are really not interested in a well-educated community. It gives them a pool of potential workers who are content to work for low wages ...
6:44 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Oct 11, 2007
The Democrats are hoping the blue trend will make the Republicans red in the face. The party put out one of those "everything is going our way" releases Wednesday as registration figures are in its ...
6:44 a.m.

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