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Archive for August 21, 2007

Chasing gold in Vegas
The U.S. national basketball team has not played in the past three major international finals, a first since the FIBA World Championships started in 1950 in Buenos Aires, Argentina .
6:56 a.m.
Concerts at Jillian's in the ill-fated Neonopolis may be something akin to fiddling while Rome burns, but the musicians play on while owners and politicians strive to save the $100 million retail center.
6:56 a.m.
Walo shows Sweden's love of the blues
Who: Andy Walo
6:56 a.m.
Daughtry at Red Rock
Who: Daughtry
6:56 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Aug 21, 2007
For Jon Porter, the congressman besieged by anti-war activists and targeted by national Democrats, it's a potentially winning move. Bringing in Phil Speight, who I think has been Henderson city manager since WWII, as his ...
6:56 a.m.
Editorial: Get tough with Rizzolo
Henry, whose injuries were inflicted by club employees, eventually sued Rizzolo and was awarded $10 million. The beating, the latest in a long list of unsavory activities at the club, also invigorated an ongoing federal ...
6:55 a.m.
Editorial: Who's kidding whom?
The network took 40 children between the ages of 8 and 15 and put them on a New Mexico movie ranch, tasking them with forming a society in the re-created ghost town Bonanza City - ...
6:55 a.m.
Letter: After tragedy, it's time to fix infrastructure
Was I shocked by the seemingly lack of positive action by the administration and Congress? No, because that is their usual response after such an incident in lieu of taking appropriate corrective measures. Procrastination, complaining ...
6:55 a.m.
Letter: Way of life ruined by planes taking off
Do you remember the fracas about zoning changes when a casino or even a pharmacy was allowed into a residential neighborhood? The growling and grumbling of those jets every minute from 6 in the morning ...
6:55 a.m.
Letter: Californians should have stayed there
Well, Elmer, I moved away from California 17 years ago to get away from people like you. But now look what you and others have gone and done - followed me here.
6:55 a.m.
Letter: Ignore the media, vote for integrity
One might wonder how many polls and numbers the media spoke of when Washington, Lincoln or the Roosevelts campaigned . Were they admired by voters for how long they ran for election, or how much ...
6:54 a.m.
Editorial: A missed opportunity
A story by the Las Vegas Sun on Saturday says School District officials pulled the plug last week on plans to build the 1,300-student career and technical school in North Las Vegas after council members ...
6:54 a.m.
Unions hold keys, some bigger than others, to caucus
CulinaryCulinaryCulinary. It's all you ever hear from political watchers these days, as everyone anticipates the 60,000-strong union's endorsement in Nevada's Jan. 19 Democratic presidential caucus. The leading candidates are going to the union hall and ...
6:54 a.m.
At UNR, no escaping D.C. chatter
RENO - A Republican forum in Reno on Monday was billed as an opportunity for presidential candidates and foreign policy experts to debate substance five months before the Nevada caucuses.
6:54 a.m.
Money vs. message on Yucca
Las Vegas has been one of the fiercest forces in Nevada's longtime fight against the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.
6:53 a.m.
STEPHEN J. ROMEO: 1952-2007
Stephen J. Romeo, a local high school sports hero who carved out a three-decade career as a Nevada veterinarian, died Thursday at his Las Vegas home after a lengthy illness. He was 54.
6:53 a.m.
For 'Stony,' the farewell is fitting
Most court bailiffs don't rate lavish retirement ceremonies in the glass-roofed "canyon" lobby of the Regional Justice Center, complete with farewell toasts from the Clark County sheriff, the district attorney, the chief judge of District ...
6:53 a.m.
In Friday's story on judicial elections, it was incorrectly reported that two Henderson justices of the peace and one North Las Vegas justice of the peace would be facing reelection in 2008. In Henderson, one ...
6:53 a.m.

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