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March 30, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Sticker treatment by party backers

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Regarding Thomas Mattingly’s letter, “Vandalism doesn’t help the campaign”:

I, too, am a Vietnam veteran and, like Mr. Mattingly, do not agree with vandalism to get a point across. However, his letter highlights something that I have been saying for a long time. When I see a bumper sticker for a Democrat, the vast number of them are on the bumpers or other painted surfaces. This makes it difficult or impossible to get them off without doing damage to the surface. When I see Republican stickers, they normally are on the glass and much easier to remove. I think this tells a lot about the backers of both parties.

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  1. Yes, there is. Stickers on glass obstruct the driver's vision. Every angle in that rear view is necessary for safety.

    Are we really talking about this? Slim pickings at the Sun's desk?

  2. Put it in perpsective of freedom of speech and its consequences: Malala Yousufzai versus bumper stickers.


  3. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Dooley, but there's a simple answer.

    Democrats put the stickers on painted surfaces they are meant to be put on. That's why they are called bumper stickers.

    Tea/Republicans decide to go against the grain and put them on back windshields.

    In other words, Democrats have a tendency to pay attention to directions, while the other side don't feel they have to conform to ANYTHING.

    In a small way, this explains why the Tea/Republicans are intransigent and just do what the hell they want with their radical, extreme, constant over reach bull in a china shop approach ultra-conservative agendas all the time.

  4. Translation: What Colin means is Dumbocrats are sheep; meant to be led around by the nose. Dumbocrats are government dependent; can't make it without some pencil-pushing unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic drone pulling them along. Dumbocrats have little self-respect, self-reliance and initiative; need government "safety nets" to protect them from their own failures. Sort of reminds me of "Third-Worlders;" those who are functionally illiterate and kept that way by their governments. That's not the American way; that's the African Continent & Arabian Peninsula way. Surely, if we reelect Osama Obama, it will be our way, as well!

  5. @John Dooley, of Henderson, Nevada. Thank you for your service in protecting the country and the rights we enjoy! Thank you!

    Respectfully! Respectfully, Mr. Dooley, is your assessment on bumper stickers selective viewing?

    If your looking for a particular item you will find it.

    In addition, we all hope your decision in this very important presidential election is not based on where a bumper sticker is placed!

  6. I always wondered what type of person puts a "Baby on Board" sticker on their rear window and then drives 90 miles an hour down the highway. Thanks for answering that question for me.

  7. Off topic, but the funniest bumper sticker I have seen so far in Las Vegas was this old beat up truck.

    On it was a bumper sticker (that was way newer and in better shape than the truck) that was a picture of an oblong yellow face with slants for eyes, basically the caricature universally known for outer space aliens, the comic book version. I guess a tourist thing they sell because we're so close to the Test Site and they think there's like carcasses of dead outer space bug eyed monsters and stuff like that there.

    Anyways, it said underneath the cartoon....

    "I love aliens. They taste just like chicken!"

    THAT folks is what makes the world go round. Humor.

  8. Personally I would never put a five cent sticker on something as valuable as a car. It just seems like a poor decision.

    I'm not sure which way to take the letter writer's point though. Is he saying democrats are bad with money as they willfully damage their own property? Or is he saying that republicans need to put stickers somewhere they can be easily removed and changed as often as their "leading" candidate?