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March 4, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Romney owes the public answers

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Burton J. Simpson’s letter, “Reid should put up or shut up,” seems to lack reasoning. If Mitt Romney wants to end the controversy over his income taxes, he should show his prior filings.

What does he have to hide? Why does an effective businessman, which Romney claims to be, need to delay until October to file his 2011 return? Is he trying to alter his finances to appear less controversial? Wouldn’t you like to know how to legally accrue $100 million in a tax deferred account with a cap of $6,000 too?

If his money had been invested in U.S. banks, how many jobs could have been created? His actions appear to be about greed and deceptions, not characteristics worthy of being our president. Clearly Romney is the one who should put up or shut up.

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  1. The devil is in the details!

    That goes further than his tax returns.

    With his introduction of his "drill, baby, drill" energy plan, I am wondering if he plans to sell of public lands to oil companies, and more.

    I am also concerned that he will sell off our reserves and he will end up depleting our resources to such an extent that we will be left in dire straight when they are most needed in the future. This is a critical point.

    The man just sinks below the belief meter with each new revelation of his lists of what he proposes to do without any details and leaving loads of questions.

    What would we be getting into with Romney as President.

    His experience is buying and selling off companies. If he claims he can apply his experience to our debt problems, I interpret that as the same as literally applying his expertise in venture/vulture capitalism.

    The People lose and the vulture profiteers win!

    Without details, we are left to speculate. That is insufficient to elect someone to the Presidency.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe him or trust him. Too many contradictions, too few details, and a clear history of his experience in business and tax evasion schemes.

    Mrs. Romney said they will not provide any additional tax returns because it would give the other side "ammunition". To me it means there is enough in the tax returns to kill his persistent quest for power.

    The only reason for him to release more tax returns now is to disprove what I now believe.

  2. It is possible that there are deductions, i.e. certain medical deductions, that would reveal information about his family that Romney just doesn't want to be brought into the public realm. Not every reason has to have some sinister motive behind it.

    And it could be that he simply doesn't want people to know just how much he has earned at times. Let's face it, he is being castigated because he IS wealthy. And come to think of it, I don't recall that those who are bashing Romney for his money had any complaints about Kerry and his.

    I guess no one wants to talk about how many members of Congress are worth millions, some of whom started with very little before taking office.

    This is a non-issue compared to our country's real problems. Instead of focusing on this, push for details from BOTH Obama and Romney for details on how they will put America back to work!

  3. It drives the Left crazy when someone tells them "no". No more tax returns. For the left wing there will never be enough . Romney plans to make his campaign one that focuses on the issues--the failed performance of Obama and his policies. The economy. Medicare theft. The dull whining for more tax returns will never end. Desparate Obama supporters never tire of deflecting attention away from the central problems of their candidate. The left is on a witch hunt. They are obsessed with trying to destroy a respctable American. Why? Because they are the left, and that's what the left does. That's who they are. No more tax returns. Deal with it.

  4. Bradley, thank you.

    I do try to understand the "big picture", and things you and others write often lead me to search for more in depth information.

    I always wonder why something is the way it is.

    Sometimes what I learn is too complex for me to write more about it. It would surpass 3000 words. I just erase what I have written out of frustration.

  5. Gov Romney released 2 years' tax returns: 2010 and soon 2011. I understand he was granted an extension to Oct 15, 2012 for his 2011 return. He says his tax rate is 13 percent for 2011 and it was slightly higher for 2010. He paid $3 Million in taxes in 2010 and estimates $3.25 in 2011 [actually he already paid 2011 taxes since I.R.S. won't grant the extension unless the filer pays the taxes first]. That's $6.25 Million. More than any and all here combined in their entire lifetimes.

    Isn't that enough?


  6. Peacelily lists 'tax evasion' as a reason not to support Romney. Here is a definition of tax evasion:

    An illegal practice where a person, organization or corporation intentionally avoids paying his/her/its true tax liability.

    Romney has not been charged with tax evasion by the IRS, much less convicted.

    If people want to vote for Obama, they should. If they don't want to vote for Romney based on facts, such as he is tall and thin, fine. But it does the process no good when we accuse candidates of actions with no proof.

    Both sides are doing this and I don't intend to pick on Peacelily, but we'd be better off if we stuck to facts.


  7. boftx,

    No, it isn't because he is wealthy that his taxes are a concern. I have nothing against people being wealthy, nor middle class or poor people.

    It is that his refusal leads to my question of "why?", and suspicions.

    The amount of medical deductions is of no interest to me, nor any details that might lead to medical knowledge of the Romney's. They can black that out and it wouldn't raise my concerns.

    If you are a supporter of Romney, I can understand why you defend him, but I simply disagree. So we are at an impasse of the division that has become the character of politics today.

    It is now about the suspicion he has created in his refusals. The implied "trust me" is worthless, and a warning sign to me. A person earns my trust, it isn't just doled out to anyone. I learned that from experience.

    It is because he wants to be President of the US. I don't care who that is, I want to know he will be trustworthy as a President.

    I believe that what appears in his tax returns may be a rare eye opener that could lead to people demanding elimination of tax evasion schemes and loopholes that benefit only the very wealthy.

    I would feel the same way if it was the Pope, or any other religious leader.

    About wasn't his wealth, it was his wife's inherited wealth. She wasn't running for the Presidency.

    Because of the current state of the country caused by the financial investment banks and insurance, I have no trust for the economic system of the US, or globally. Since 2008, I've learned alot, and my trust is withheld until there are significant changes. That is why they don't release their tax returns, in my opinion. Possibly more. Maybe it is time we woke up to the facts.

    If I was able to change the requirements, I would make it mandatory that all who run for elected office must release their tax returns for a period of 5 years. It does give a picture of where their interest lie.

    Perhaps it would lead to the eventual election of candidates that better represented the People, and much needed reforms of may types could begin.

  8. Michael,

    My error. I should have said "legal tax avoidance schemes".

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Carmine,

    " I understand he was granted an extension to Oct 15, 2012 for his 2011 return."

    If that is the case, he has been granted a second extension. The first was for this month, August.

  10. boftx - "It is possible that there are deductions, i.e. certain medical deductions, that would reveal information about his family that Romney just doesn't want to be brought into the public realm. Not every reason has to have some sinister motive behind it."

    Very true, it's also possible he invested in shady deals or places like Iran that would be upsetting to many Americans. Keep in mind businessmen have no loyalty other than to the Almighty Dollar and the botton line. Which is why we are heavily invested in an unfair trade system with Communist China at our own economic demise.

  11. "Carmine,

    " I understand he was granted an extension to Oct 15, 2012 for his 2011 return."

    If that is the case, he has been granted a second extension. The first was for this month, August."

    Correct and not uncommon for tax filers like Romney. Romney had to estimate and pay the taxes for 2011 to be granted the Aug extension. Then do the same for the Oct extension, if it were higher. More than likely he's overpaid taxes, surprise surprise [he's not a risk taker and would side on the conservativism by going with the higher amount], and will credit the refund to future taxes.


  12. Peacelily, you echo my thoughts exactly, and write them better than I could. Thanks.
    boftx, His medical info will not show up on tax returns. To claim med. exp. on a personal return they must excede 7.5% of gross income(and I seriously doubt that.)
    As to his extensions, the personal extension dates passed Aug. 17, Business taxes are due Sept 15.
    As for extensions, a person has to know aprroximately how much they owe. To be a valid extension they must pay 90% of their taxes, or face penalties if they're short paid.
    I can't comment on the Oct date, unless the IRS has granted additional time, by special request.
    The only line on Romney's tax returns that means anything to me is the line of Foreign investements. If most of his money is off shore, Why? Why doesn't he use US banks, etc? If he is so Patriotic and wants to be Pres. Then he should believe in this Country, Keep his money in this country, and support this Country. That includes paying his just taxes in this Country, and not supporting tax havens in many third world countries.
    On a side note, if you have a Swiss account, You pay them for keeping your money. They don't pay interest.

  13. Peacelily,

    Thank you for acknowledging the correction.


  14. Interesting letter. I have not filed my 2011 taxes yet either, my accountant is very slow. I am not a millionaire but expect to have a low tax rate based on my investments last year, for instance I bought a new car and my company will deduct most of it because of the sec 179 clause allowing me to pay a low rate. Because of my investment many union auto workers kept their jobs. Virtually every small business and services such as doctors, lawyers etc use this deduction. If you want this perk then start your own company. Mitt may very well hold stock in many banks and cash on deposit creating liquidity, you don't know for sure he does not so that comment is strange. If you have an IRA or work related 401k you put money away tax deferred, but I assume the poster here pay the tax up front and do not use this deduction. See how these letters make no sense?
    I wonder how many of the tax return posters read the last 10 years of tax returns of all the previous presidential candidates? Democrat and Republican? Anyone?? I can think of a few that were quite well off, yet I have not seen one post saying JFK or Carter or Bush or Reagan or Clinton paid x tax rate because they were patriotic. Why don't we dwell on the affairs some of the democratic presidents have had? How does Mitt compare to that?
    Or just simply stay on topic of national interest such as economy, debt, defense, energy, jobs and overhauling the tax code for everyone

  15. Hi Carmine DiFazio, Peacelily, and Ernest Binder, Federal Form (IRS) 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Tax Return is an automatic 6 month extension to file your return. If you filed Federal Form 4868 by April 17,2011 for your 2011 Income Returns your return is due by October 15,2012. There is no extension request form to be filed in August. Source: and "J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2012" Regards Philip

  16. You apply for a job you want. At the job interview, you refuse to answer questions. You state that the information requested is not (in your view) important and the interviewer ought to confine his questions to those you want asked -- and accept your answers without checking. Remembering that your job is to be a faithful employee, isn't the employer entitled to have his, her, or its questions answered fully?

    So why is running for President -- a job of service to the public -- so different from applying for any other job?

    Given the near total non-functioning of Congress, more power has accrued to the President than the Founders ever envisioned. If the job applicant refuses to provide information in a way which shows his superiority over is employers, is he more likely or less likely to keep within the established powers he is temporarily granted with his position as President?

  17. Correction for my 10:30am post. The last date for filing Federal Form 4868 for 2011 is 4/17/12 not 4/17/11 as posted. A typo. Regards Philip

  18. Romney could teach us all an important lesson to save for retirement. That is, how does Romney "accrue $100 million in a tax deferred account with a cap of $6,000" per year?

    More important, the income from those 'tax deferred accounts' is ALSO tax deferred, meaning the 14% he claims as taxes is actually paid on just a FRACTION of his true income which is hidden in foreign bank accounts.

    If we knew how to defer income into those same categories of untaxed income....and there must be a way, we could put 100% of our unspent money in a tax deferred account and legally NEVER PAY ANY TAXES.

    It's time that Romney helped the middle class instead of keeping his tax avoiding secrets available only to the privileged.

  19. Carmine 4:28 A.M., "Gov.Romney released 2 years tax returns 2010 and soon 2011". He has not released 2 years tax returns only I year(2010) and maybe he will show his 2011 return in Oct.after his extension on the 15th.He needs to do more.

  20. Romney also owes the public an explanation of the birth certificate that he made public because it has errors.

    Mitt is an anchor baby and as such, is the last one in the world to be complaining about the same. His father was born in Mexico and married an American citizen to lock in his citizenship.

    The certificate lists Lenore Romney's age as 36 years, but being born Nov 1908 would have made her 38 years at the time of Mitt's birth in March 1947.

    The certificate released is a copy made January 8, 2012 and thus NOT a copy of the true certificate.

    Many people have been asking Mitt to present his true birth certificate but have been ignored. There are too many secrets about Mitt that demand explanation and this is the time to inquire.

  21. BySunJon,Mitt Romney's father former Gov.George Romney of Mich. had to be born in the U.S.,because he made a run for President in 1968. In order to do so one has to be a natural born citizen of the U.S..There is a exemption if both of one's parents are natural born U.S.citizens then that makes any children born, natural born citizen's if born abroad.Such is the case of Sen.John McCain who was born in Panama,both his parents are natural born U.S.citizens.

  22. Wait a sec, it just dawned on me! Didn't we hear pundits speak about a presidential candidate who was experienced in business so he would make a good president? Wasn't that said about Bush the Lesser?

  23. Sam: George Romney was born in Colonia Dublan, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico. Romney's parents were natives to the Territory of Utah but "the area they were from was not part of the Utah Territory, being separated due their insistence on polygamy." There is still serious question as to their true citizenship and especially allegiance.

    Furthermore, Brigham Young refused to let Mormons fight in the Civil War, particularly for the North. The outcome of Civil war was not their concern.

    However, according to the State Government of Hawaii, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and his mother in the US. The point is that Obama is closer to being a Citizen at birth than Mitt Romney.

    And John McCain's father and grandfather were four star Admirals in the US Navy so his citizenship isn't an issue.

  24. BySunJon,Thank you for a complete explanation of the Romney family history.It seems every family has a few skeltons in the closet,even rich people.

  25. In "What I Learned at Bain Capital," Romney described his days at Bain said he would use his lessons from turning around private companies to fix the U.S. economy.

    What exactly were those lessons? He is not specific, but some of those lessons were cutting out and selling parts of the acquired company considered under-performing or undesirable.

    Which of these lessons learned will be brought to the US Government? Will only the profit or politically correct centers survive? Who will make those decisions?

    Will the Dept of Urban Development become gutted? Will the Dept of Education find itself with no cash? Will Americans find themselves without the affordable health care which Mitt adored in Israel? Most likely. What keeps Israeli citizens in such good health and costs 1/2 as much will be outlawed in America.

    Mitt wants to redesign the Government according to his own personal philosophy. He has said that the Dept of Defense will experience accelerated funding during a time of peace. Ramped funding, can't take any chances.

    Mitt owes the public a lot of answers, from 'lessons learned' to overseas bank accounts to True income, including deferred income which is not reported as yearly income.

  26. ByLericgoodman, "You apply for a job you want,at the job interview,you refuse to answer questions" Guess what no job, interview over. That speaks for about every person applying for a job in the country.One would think that when you are running for president it's better to have all your cards on the table,so that everyone can see them.Very good way to explain the job market even running for president you have to apply, and answer all questions honestly.

  27. "Hi Carmine DiFazio, Peacelily, and Ernest Binder, Federal Form (IRS) 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Tax Return is an automatic 6 month extension to file your return. If you filed Federal Form 4868 by April 17,2011 for your 2011 Income Returns your return is due by October 15,2012. There is no extension request form to be filed in August. Source: and "J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2012" Regards Philip"

    Mr. Zammataro:

    Once again you are correct. Thank you for the update and correction.


  28. "There is still serious question as to their true citizenship and especially allegiance."

    Moot point. Both Gov. and Mrs. Romney were born in Michigan. And that meets the requirement of American born for presidency.


  29. "He needs to do more."

    Two years and 13 percent or more [adjusted gross income] for both years with a total of $6.25 million paid in taxes is enough. Just as he tithes his 10 percent to the Church, he pays his taxes based on what he legally owes to the government. If he didn't, I.R.S. would have nailed him long ago and put him in jail.


  30. "I keep many jobs did Willard create as the governor of Massachusetts..?

    Romney and his Lt. Gov waived their salaries for 4 years in office in Massachusetts in part to pay their staffs more during the tough budget times in Massachusetts. Romney will probably do the same as president.

    WRT a second term: Against Ted Kennedy? Are you for real? Jesus would have lost to Kennedy. Do you recall who presided at Kennedy's funeral? Clue: He was on the short list for Pope.


  31. "Now as we all know, the Mormon Church collects 10% of earnings from every member;"

    I am no authority on the Mormon Church BUT...there are cases and instances where members, for a variety of reasons, especially during difficult economic times, can't tithe 10 percent. They are not forced to do so. It's voluntarily and based on ability to do so.


  32. Carmine,You keep mentioning 2 years of returns of Mitt Romney presented,it has only been I year 2010. Until we have the return of 2011 in hand for viewing, it is what it is I years taxes 2010 nothing more.Gov.Romney filled for a extension which is due Oct.15,of this year for 2011 taxes,so we don't have them yet.

  33. Food for thought. In the 20 years Romney ran for public office, he showed voters his returns once, for 2010. That in itself should explain his opposition into giving us a peek at how he does business.

    If Romney is asked a direct question about his tax plans, what he will cut, what loopholes he'll close, you get nothing in response. He wants us to believe he has a plan without giving details of his plan.

  34. It has been said that Gov.Mitt Romney has hired the best tax minds in the country In order to prepare his taxes and find every possible deduction allowable under the law.I have no problem with that,we all would do the same if we had the same kind of wealth.My question is with the best tax people in the country, why two tax extensions for the taxable year of 2011.We are just month's away from the end of 2012 and the start of the new year 2013.One would think that Gov.Romney's Tax preparing would be a slam dunk.

  35. El-lobo,Nobody wants to talk about former Pres. George W.Bush.Even the Republicans are very quiet about him.He may be one of the only former presidents not to be invited to the Republican Convention by his own party .No one has asked him for any support of any kind,that speaks volumes.

  36. Carmine- Remember that the Bible's 10% is 10 percent of the Gross. No where in the bible are tax shelters or deductions mentioned. No where in the Bible is Mortgage interest deducted.

    When Mitt Romney gives 10% to his church, it's 10% of the GROSS, not adjusted income. This is what the Bible demands.

    Mitt Romney gives more in absolute dollars to the Mormon church then the United States of America, and he nor his family has ever served in the US military. This is NOT a sin. Serving Church before Country is essential to following the Gospel.

  37. Instead of percentages - lets see the bottom dollar. Does Mitt think his Church is more important then the US Government? You will see that in dollar amount of his Giving. He is free to make any choice he desires, but the CHOICE should be known to the America Public.

    To earn the Office of President of the United States, and represent all people as equal, regardless of income or political importance or religious affiliation, the question becomes: does Mitt Romney value his Church more than the United States Government? That will be seen irrevocably in his tax returns. His tax returns are CRITICAL to define his loyalties.

    Mitt Romney Owes the public THEE answer. Lets have it Mitt...

  38. Carmine,

    Thank you for correcting my information on the release date of Romney's 2011 tax return.

  39. Now Romney has a new reason for not releasing his taxes: Religious privacy.

    My suspicions grow about Romney and now his church's doctrine.

    It is only because of his lack of transparency when asking the public to trust him with the power of Presidency.

    It is as if he feels 'entitled' to be President, and the voters are his serfs who he will rule.

    There seems to be a growing attitude of 'entitlement' by some business owners. Workers are dependent on business for money and therefore subject to the whims of the owner.

    Workers are also expected to spend what they receive to keep businesses profitable for the owners.

    There is one problem with that. By keeping wages at a relatively stagnant growth rate, there is less money to spend beyond essentials. This effects profits. Businesses struggle, sell cheaper goods, increase prices, and value for value disappears. Purchasers are expected to be happy with what they receive.

    That is true as things are now. However, there is another option.

    People can form businesses as owners/workers and create income for all according to an agreed upon distribution. All have an equal say by consensus. That way all work for a common interest and benefit. Their interest in success is 'corporate' in the best sense. There would be no great disparity of wealth between them. It is a laudable and just distribution between all. The owner workers are partners with interest of all a priority.

    This may be the only way to bring a return of the middle class, as well as a new appreciation, dedication and a reputation for producing quality. Customers become important beyond just taking their cash.

    Imagine one day voting for someone who comes from this sort of business background.

    A President, and even Congressional members, with this kind of experience could transform our systems for the betterment of all. Everyone would be 'entitled' to equality and success.

    How I would love to see this grow into a national and global reality.

    Yes, I am a dreamer, but dreamers are needed for evolution in all generations.

  40. "He was or is a Bishop in his Church."

    An honest and holy man: Romney.


  41. "Carmine- Remember that the Bible's 10% is 10 percent of the Gross"

    Recall that was voluntarily from the heart to the Church. Not confiscated by the government for its own use and purposes. Matthew and Zaccheus were tax collectors and hated by many of their fellow Jews.


  42. "Wait a sec, it just dawned on me! Didn't we hear pundits speak about a presidential candidate who was experienced in business so he would make a good president? Wasn't that said about Bush the Lesser?"

    Juist like their are no comparisons of people within professions and occupations, the same is true for business.


  43. Gov Romney stated that what he said yesterday about a birther issue is a joke. My take is that Romney is the joke
    He won't release his tax returns because he has a very very real problem His problem like all devious people is that he doesnt know when to stop. Lets understand that tithing is dues not charity. If he wants to stay in the mormon church he has a commitment to pay 10% to them.
    I believe he paid his taxes to the US government that he determined were defensible in a court.However where he really screwed up is that he pledged to donate 10% of his total earnings to the church.
    What I believe is that Romney being the type of fellow that he is did not give the church the full 10% HE UNDER reported his income to them and only contributed 10% of the reduced amount.
    HE is terrified that if the country saw his tax returns so would the church and he could be in a very serious position with them
    Wouldnt that be a kick in the head
    He is terrified thats why he wont release the returns

  44. "Since Carmine did NOT actually answer my question, I will ask him again."

    Now we're even. You never answered my question to you about the begin and end dates of the federal fiscal year. Think you can finally get them right now? Two times you were wrong. Try for three?


  45. "A Catholic Priest's interpretation of tithing

    The Mormon church is too legalistic on tithing. The word tithe is only mentioned six times in the New Testament, at Mat. 23:23, Luke 11:42 and Heb. 7:5,6,8,9. "Tithing was an Old Testament obligation that was incumbent on the Jews under the Law of Moses. Christians are dispensed from the obligation of tithing ten percent of their incomes, but not from the obligation to help the Church. The key to understanding how God wants us to give to the Church is found in 1 Corinthians 16:2, "On the first day of the week [Sunday] each of you should set aside whatever he can afford," and in 2 Corinthians 9:5-8, "So I thought it necessary to encourage the brothers to go on ahead to you and arrange in advance for your promised gift [donation], so that in this way it might be ready as a bountiful gift and not as an exaction. Consider this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each must do as already determined without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work."

    To paraphrase: God doesn't demand a fixed amount of money from us; he wants us to give from the heart. If people are forced by their church to give a certain percent of their income, that's extortion. If they give freely and cheerfully the amount they are able, that's a gift."


  46. "Critic's Comment: The above quote is from a Catholic priest who responded to an ex-Mormon asking about tithing. Perhaps the priest is correct. We are not called to tithe. We are asked to make offerings. When the elderly widow gave her last two mites, it was an offering, not a tithe. That would have been 10% of her last two mites. We are not called to tithe, but to make an offering to sustain the church. Plus, if I were to announce that I had given 10% of my income to a homeless shelter, that would not be acceptable to the church, but it is just what the Bible tells us we should do with our tithes. Please check out Deut. 14 for the Old Testament law on tithing. Christians are no longer under that obligation.
    Our Comment: It appears that the LDS Church defined tithing differently in the early days of the LDS Church than they do now. Regardless of how it may have been defined in the past, the LDS Church expects its current members to pay 10% of their income to the church, in addition to fast offerings and other donations. "


  47. IMHO, Mitt Romney learned two important things, among others, from his Mormon mother and father. His love for his religion and his love for his country. And he manifests this love by gifting money to the Church and paying his taxes, as they taught him to do. And, he more than likely taught his sons to do the same. If he did anything other, he would be dishonoring his mother and father and his sons. I just can't imagine that he ever would.

    I'm sure that President Obama was taught the same by his mother and father. And will pass the same along his daughters. Why would he do anything else?


  48. SO back to the question of reading past presidential candidates tax returns.... anybody?

    Ok, even if Mitt released 6 more years of tax returns would you vote for him? yea, that is what I thought, the tax return talk is just chatter and really not a vote changer for most of those who post about it..


    Yes, vidi vici, your twin. I answered yours and in fact it's a matter of public record. Search it and see. He took Mass from 49 in jobs in his first year as Governor to 24th in his last year as Gov. Check it out for yourself.

    Now answer mine.


  50. Remember boys and girls; Ambiguity is the politician's weapon of choice and we must learn to defeat it by asking QUESTIONS and demanding DETAILS!