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February 1, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Reid should put up or shut up

Karoun Demirjian’s recent analysis in “Reid refuses to back up claim that Romney paid no taxes for a decade” makes the case that Nevada Sen. Harry Reid has little to lose in goading the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, for his tax returns.

It is a felony to leak federal tax returns. It is even more dastardly if they have been leaked as political fodder. So if someone, perhaps Reid’s mysterious source, has access to Romney’s tax returns, the person is a potential felon.

If Reid is obtaining felonious information, he should have contacted the Justice Department and the FBI without delay. He has that obligation as a senator who has sworn to uphold the Constitution and our laws. If Reid is making this up and there is no source to verify his claims, that is another story.

The ball is in the senator’s court to either put up or shut up.

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  1. Reid has history on his side. Romney has LIED to voters before about his tax returns.

    "Massachusetts law requires that in order to serve as governor, candidates must have resided in the state for the previous seven consecutive years. Because Romney had lived in Utah full time while he ran the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, it seemed obvious he did not meet that requirement."

    "One way to tell for sure would be to see which state, Massachusetts or Utah, Romney listed as his primary residence on his IRS forms. Romney and his adviser, Eric "Etch-A-Sketch" Fernhstrom vehemently denied that Romney had filed as a full-time resident of Utah. It was later revealed they were lying -- Romney had amended his returns to change his claim of full-time residency in Utah to full-time residency in Massachusetts -- retroactively."

    Romney denied, denied, denied that he had filed as a full-time resident of Utah. Then, when caught in that lie, he went back and had a do-over... "amending" his tax returns retroactively to match his rhetoric!

    Playground politics at it's lowest.

    Willard Romney has given the American people no reason to trust him on taxes. He gave his word in 2002 and it turned out he had lied to the residents of Massachusetts.

    Americans don't trust Romney.

    "A new CNN poll released today found that 63% of respondents and 61% of registered voters thought that Mitt Romney should release his tax returns."

    "The CNN/ORC poll asked Americans and registered voters whether or not Mitt Romney should release more than two years of tax returns. By a margin of 63%-36%, those polled felt that Romney should release more tax returns. Among registered voters, the result was a similar 61%-37% split."

    We don't trust you, Mr. Romney. Release the returns.

  2. Willard's resistance to releasing more tax returns only arouses suspicion that there is something in them that he doesn't want us to know and is not proud of.

    Until he changes his mind, we can only wonder if he should really be President.

  3. This is typical Tea/Republican Party arrogance by going on the attack...even if you are clearly in the wrong.

    Senator Reid has done nothing wrong.

    It is Romney who needs to shut up and put up his Federal Income Tax returns.

    It's like this. Someone comes into your office and wants a mortgage. This someone is asked to provide tax returns. All in order to determine if there is risk or not. The person refuses.

    The meet is suddenly over. Sorry, can't help you, you are not providing us anything to show you have a job, the wherewithal to pay a just debt, the money to pay a mortgage, we just simply can't determine that without your tax returns, sorry, can't help, go somewhere else, goodbye, have a nice day, please shut the door behind you when you leave. REJECTED.

    The American people are rejecting Romney. He is showing no transparency, no sense of fair play and he is not even exhibiting he has what it takes to be in charge of a large financial economy for an entire nation. He has no bonafides that show he is Presidential material. AT ALL.

    Very easy to throw blame at Senator Reid. He's not involved with the crux of the problem. He's just pointing it out that Romney is a freeloading cheat who either has paid no or little taxes. And there might even be criminal charges when this is all over with. Because it sure looks like he is hiding something, not because it will prove he is unelectable, but maybe because he did something wrong too.

    This ain't got nothing to do with Senator Reid. He's just pointing it all out. It has everything to do with the American voters out here. And they are all in unison basically tax returns? votes. Simple as that.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

    Romney/Ryan 1040s!

  4. WOW! The screwballs are out in force this a.m. They are shaking in their boots that the "free" ride they enjoy may be coming to an end and are fighting, tooth & nail, to protect their turf. While the unemployment numbers in NV, still the highest in the nation, creep up, they obssess about a non-issue such as the percentage Mitt pays on his income. Talk about diversion, distraction and disinformation! Osama Obama cannot run, nor win reelection, on his putrid record, so, let's change the subject! November will show their dopey little trick didn't work on the intelligent, honest and responsible majority of Americans. Come November - vote Romney & Ryan!

  5. From what I see we are all second guessing Sen.Harry Reid about statements he had made about Former Gov.Mitt Romney not paying taxes for ten years.We are also second guessing Gov. Romney who claims that he paid all the taxes due on his tax returns for these years.There's only one way to end this debate,and that is for Gov. Romney to produce his tax returns for the years in question,end of story.

  6. Excellent letter. It is clear from the posts by the loons on the left that this is a very touchy subject. They have nothing else to run on.

  7. Again, this is nothing but right wing tactics. Point the finger back at the person who's pointing the finger at you.

    And it is a known fact that the ultra-conservative element that populates this abomination called the Tea/Republican Party absolutely HATE Senator Reid. Doesn't matter what he says, they hate him, the ground he walks on, they hate Searchlight, they just have pure unadulterated HATE, HATE, HATE at just the mention of his name.

    And that's okay.

    But what's funny about this is that Senator Reid stated something. Something that has not been refuted or proven otherwise. STILL. So, that means what Senator Reid is alleging is true.

    Quit yer whinin', righties. And you too, Romney. Shut up and put up yer Federal Income Tax returns. Reveal yourself to the American voters out here so they can make a learned decision on whether to vote for you or not.

    I say he won't do it. I say he's hiding something. And it's probably a combination of revealing total hypocrisy, or that he paid little or no taxes compared to the average American, or it could even be that he broke the law.

    And past history shows he does not wish to offer any transparency regarding tax returns. There was a question of residency when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts. People asked him to release his taxes and redact all the portions dealing with finances. All in order to prove his residency. Of course, he refused. Romney is better than everyone else. Fair play and transparency is for those other yay hoos....not him. He simply feels he's above that.

    So, go ahead, righties. Keep pointing fingers at Senator Reid. He's not the one running for office. Romney is.

    No Federal Income Tax returns?

    No votes.

    Simple as that.

  8. Tip for Harry: Tell them YOU WILL SHUT UP. THAT might work. Works for me.

  9. Bychuck333, When Former Gov. Romney was a potential Vice presidential candidate in 2008 as Sen. John McCain's running mate,he did produce 23 years of income taxes.He also did not get the nod after doing so,that gives reason for doubt.Why produce them back then, and not now?

  10. "Talk about diversion, distraction and disinformation! Osama Obama"

    Is that an oxymoron, or just flat out hypocritical?

  11. Senator Reid is "guilty" of nothing more than repeating hearsay. Repeating hearsay is not a "felony". As stated in another comment, McCain's "vetting" staff put the kabosh on Mittens as a VP choice in 2008, after actually poring over his tax returns. Something smells, and it ain't Krispy Creme donuts. A note on Paul RyAYN; he was all for STIMULUS, as long it was GWB that was proposing it. Now it is all a big f***ing mistake, since Obama proposed it (and implemented it). Reid is not "lying". Lying would suppose that the person calling him that would have proof. None has been presented, and won't be. People with shell corporations, Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts, to me, has some explaining to do. The American voters are waiting Mittens.....sound of crickets.

  12. Romney wants to maintain his status as 'Private Citizen' and CEO and make war with Iran at the same time - but the two don't mix.

    Romney wants to set a precedent in the elections to maintain further secrecy in the White House, including who comes to dinner, including those few super wealthy that bankrolled his campaign.

    Ryan and Romney are saying they don't owe any transparency to the Public and for a good reason - they have a lot to fear. They want control of nuclear weapons, the ability to make war with Russia and China but will not define who his contacts are...and his wealth comes from his contacts.

    What is most alarming is that he probably has large investments in the Defense Industry, like Cheney and can make millions more through wars. He wants the ability to profit by making war but not reveal is war making contacts, outside of Bibi. No wonder he asks for forgiveness every Sunday.

  13. Richard Nixon: "I am not a crook". He was a crook. Mittens says he has paid no less than 13% in taxes over the years. He hasn't been proven to be a crook...YET.

  14. dirty harry's source is none other than one of his aids. And the aid retracted the story. Doesn't count as a veritable source.

    harryisms and bidenisms. The dems finest.


  15. All right then. Put up or SHUT UP HARRY. The nerve. Would you or anyone try to humor someone from the opposite camp, or anyone at all, who offensively demands that you divulge any and all information they want to know? Not me. The con artists working Craig's List use these tactics. Trick us into divulging personal info so you can use it against us in ways never imagined.

  16. ksand99 (Kevin Sandoval) PERFECT!!! The only thing that I would add to this is: If he is this secretive now, how much more secretive would he be if he were President. I shudder to think.

  17. TEA (Mark Traeger) Your boy Ryan is about to take a fall from grace. Wait till the news hits that he was the cosponsor of the Todd Adkin's Legitimate Rape Bill.

    If you guys want the tax return to be a non issue, and talk about jobs, tell your man to release his tax returns. Mitt is proving he is a poor leader, if he is allowing Obama to define the conversation away from jobs and the deficit.

  18. It in deed very ironic that one of the first words mentioned by Mr Simpson is "FELON'. Has it ever occurred to our rightwing partners that Romney may very well be a ;FELON'. and they are willing to blindly put him in the Oval Office anyway. Never In the history of America can we find a Presidential candidate that has willfully hid money in off shore account and then refuses to provide any proof as to where this money originated.
    I think what is even more disgraceful is the large number of people that say they don't care. I ask- Where are we as a people? Where are we as a Nation. Where is the outrage from our so called Independent voters/posters?
    Show the American People the money and if his taxes are in order, he would probably have a direct path/free walk to the White House. Otherwise, I pray that there are a lot more people like me that will stand up and be counted.

  19. BC Dave,

    "f a Bain investor would have first hand information, they would have to see a tax return."

    Not necessary if Romney shared the information casually to an individual or group.

    Who knows how many would have been listening, as possibly he laughingly expressed what a good job he did evading taxes? No felony in passing along what someone heard.

    Usually, that isn't significant, but in someone running for President, it raises questions of trust, especially when what we get is a trust me!

    In my life, I found that any time someone said "Trust me", I was about to get something that violated my trust. It has become a big red warning sign with flashing red lights and sirens for me.

    If Romney released five years of tax return (complete), and nothing was questionable or illegal, it would be the first time 'trust me' was warranted. However, he won't do it, so I don't trust him.

    Ronald Reagan made the saying "Trust and verify" his policy. There is absolutely nothing wrong about building trust through verification.

    Romney needs to show respect for the voters and release at least 5 years of his taxes. Without that, he is untrustworthy.

  20. "...w 31 years of PAID TAXES at 25, 27 31%..." - SickOfSomeOfU

    If you really paid that much in taxes, or were even in that nominal tax bracket, then you are saying you have an incredible lack of self-discipline when it comes to planning for your retirement.