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Archive for August 9, 2006

TAKE FIVE: las vegas motor speedway
It already was more than 100 degrees on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway infield at 11 a.m. Tuesday, but it felt an awful lot like Christmas morning to Kurt Busch.
7:40 a.m.
Jeff Haney on how one participant at the World Series of Poker avoided a repeat performance and got off the bubble
In last year's World Series of Poker championship event, Nguyen came about as close to the prize money as you can get without cashing.
7:40 a.m.
Who's headed toward the penthouse on the local sports scene - and who's getting the shaft.
7:39 a.m.
FLASHPOINT for Aug 09, 2006
These are not good days to be Jim Gibbons. The congressman is being attacked from the bereft (Lorraine Hunt) and the right (Bob Beers). No poll shows Hunt has a chance but she continues to ...
7:39 a.m.
Brian Greenspun offers a view from the Middle East front as seen through the eyes of Rabbi Marvin Hier
Israelis are survivors because they have no choice. They did not ask for Hezbollah rockets to rain down upon them and their families. The rockets are a "gift" from Iran and all those who dare ...
7:39 a.m.
Editorial: Accountability falls short
In a special session Friday that was peppered with contentious discussion, regents voted to allow completion of ongoing internal audits before deciding whether further study is needed of a program that has failed to meet ...
7:39 a.m.
Editorial: An unfair taxpayer liability
The tragedy of a young man living his last years undergoing surgeries, being hooked up to a respirator and in need of 24-hour nursing care cannot be overstated. There is, however, another aspect of this ...
7:38 a.m.
Letter: Democracy not likely in Cuba after Castro
When Castro's forces overthrew his regime in 1959, most of his supporters and enablers fled to Florida, where they and their descendents have waged a political war ever since to prevent any kind of diplomatic ...
7:38 a.m.
Letter: A glimpse into America's future
The subject was our border to the south. The year was 2010, it was a news article about President Jeb Bush making a trip to the southern border to inspect how tight our border security ...
7:38 a.m.
Letter: Senators did a great job on wilderness
They have worked with local community leaders and a variety of people throughout the state to come up with a public lands bill that makes sense. The recently introduced White Pine Public Lands Bill, as ...
7:38 a.m.
Editorial: Oil's slippery slope
According to a story by The Washington Post, BP shut down its North Slope operations after officials discovered extensive corrosion and leaks along 16 of the pipeline's 22 miles. BP officials said the problems "probably ...
7:37 a.m.
Pennies ready to pop
The world's largest slot maker says one of its penny machines is statistically overdue to pay out a jackpot of nearly $16 million.
7:37 a.m.
A story in the Sun on Tuesday about hand sanitizer dispensers at Las Vegas City Hall misspelled the last name of the city manager. His name is Doug Selby, not Selvie. The Sun regrets the ...
7:37 a.m.
7:37 a.m.
Call it the Hunt hunt, as in: Where is Nevada Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt?
7:37 a.m.
Dark side of the Internet revolution
One candidate is a racist, another has a hard-partying daughter and a third is a gambling addict. So say anonymous bloggers about three Nevada political candidates.
7:36 a.m.
Governor in waiting wannabes: A primer
With less than a week to go before the primary, the race for lieutenant governor is looking more like a dinner party orchestrated by Comedy Central than a contest for the No. 2 position in ...
7:36 a.m.
Yawning down the home stretch
With six days before the primary election, you'd expect a final flurry of campaign rallies at shopping malls, parks or hotel ballrooms in the biggest population center of the state.
7:36 a.m.
Tuesday at the main event of the World Series of Poker
BIG NEWS: Nine players remain in the hunt for poker's top prize of $12 million. Former Hollywood talent agent Jamie Gold eliminated six players on his way to 25.6 million in chips. The nearest competitor ...
1:50 a.m.

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