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December 19, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Ambrose should look at history
Nov. 17, 2014
As a historian and history teacher, I take issue many conclusions made in Jay Ambrose’s column …
Stop U.S. dependence on Saudi Arabian oil
Nov. 17, 2014
Is the Saudi Arabian government afraid of the U.S.’s hydraulic fracturing? It appears the Saudi Arabian government is trying to undercut the price of oil destined for …
GOP agenda may help Democrats
Nov. 17, 2014
While the GOP celebrates its overwhelming victory in the Nov. 4 elections, I am reminded of a speech given by …
Some notes on local campaign ads
Nov. 16, 2014
Some comments on the campaign ads: Best ad was for Bucky the Bighorn Sheep. It was positive and …
Through the looking glass
Nov. 16, 2014
Election Day made it clear America has descended into Wonderland. The red Queen of Hearts is now in control of …
Ebola should be a wake-up call
Nov. 15, 2014
In an era with an increasingly profit-obsessed workplace that has steadily been shedding itself of commitments and obligations such as properly training its workforce, even in crucial industries, the domestic spread of Ebola should be a national wake-up call.
Hope GOP does better this time
Nov. 15, 2014
The Republicans once again have control of both houses of Congress. Let’s hope they do better than the last time they had control of Congress. In fact, from 2001 to 2009, they also held the presidency. Many people have short memories, so allow me to refresh them. The banking industry collapsed; housing prices plummeted, putting many homeowners underwater; unemployment soared to over 10 percent; the Dow Jones dipped to under 7,000 points; we were led into two wars costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars; and there was a government shutdown.
Dems need young face for party
Nov. 15, 2014
After the midterm election defeat, the Democrats have a huge immediate problem facing the party. Who will be the face of the party? Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid, both 75 now and older by 2016? Or younger, fresh, exciting faces? Democrats know the future of the party depends on millennial voters (18-34 years old) and minorities (the two groups not voting in the midterms needed to win). Does the Democratic Party really want old, white people in charge? No, definitely not!
How about this stadium plan?
Nov. 14, 2014
What part of no doesn’t the Cordish Cos. and Findlay understand? Now they’re proposing adding …
GOP has twisted success into failure
Nov. 14, 2014
Since the recent election, the question being asked is: What happened to the Democrats? Actually, the question should be …
Support reform to better economy
Nov. 14, 2014
I want to become part of the success in the country in which I was raised. I want to help my community and those in need. My goal is to become a …
Religion, politics must be separated
Nov. 13, 2014
The U.S. Constitution requires the separation of church and state. Religion and politics are therefore required to remain separate under the Constitution, which is the “supreme law of the land.”
Democrats have billionaires, too
Nov. 13, 2014
I find it amusing when Democratic voters scream about how the Koch brothers and the Republican Party spend so much on campaigns. In a letter to the Sun (“Angst over lack of work by Congress,” Nov. 3) a writer said Democrats “must scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with the estimated $100 they contribute to the Democratic campaigns,” and calls the large donations of the Republican Party the “revenge of the billionaires.”
Don’t complain if you don’t vote
Nov. 12, 2014
Dear Democratic Party: If you want to win midterm, state and local elections, stop pandering to groups that don’t vote in any elections other than for president. Dear Democrats who only vote for president: Don’t complain now that the GOP has taken over state houses, the U.S. Congress and state governorships.
Republic Services needs a better plan
Nov. 12, 2014
Republic Services claims it will have the “largest residential recycling operation in the country,” but they haven’t informed the public how to separate their trash, nor provided recycle bins for public and private use.

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