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October 24, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Still getting paid isn’t punishment
Sept. 28, 2014
NFL teams really know how to crack down on players who commit domestic violence.
No good options for U.S. on radicals
Sept. 28, 2014
Radical Islam is spreading and becoming more powerful, not just in Iraq and Syria, but in many other places as well. Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, which are at risk from radical Islam, are not willing to fight it openly for fear of becoming targets of it.
Passenger trains could benefit city
Sept. 27, 2014
Our busy Rep. Dina Titus has ripped the lid off the canned Desert Wind train by floating her plan to restore service through conventional Amtrak.
The problem with arming rebels
Sept. 26, 2014
I have a simple question for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who favors training and arming Syrian rebels.
A bad deal for Southern Nevada
Sept. 26, 2014
The Nevada Legislature unanimously passed the Tesla deal.
A better option for stadium financing
Sept. 26, 2014
Given today’s low-interest environment, the city of Las Vegas should issue revenue bonds to fund the proposed soccer stadium.
Deserving more than slap on wrist
Sept. 26, 2014
America should wake up and take immediate action against our “sports idols” who beat women and children or abuse drugs.
Reid and Sandoval on the same side
Sept. 25, 2014
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2009 stepped forward and helped CityCenter obtain the bank loans it needed to succeed. The complex now employs 12,000 workers, in its hotels and casinos.
Tesla and wise moves for Nevada
Sept. 25, 2014
Brian Greenspun, a proud owner of the best car in the world, got it right.
A horrible way to view the needy
Sept. 24, 2014
I find it pathetic that the writer of the Sept. 15 letter “Nation spending itself into collapse” and others of his mindset are so concerned about the effect of government spending on his children and grandchildren that he wants to deny universal access to health care and food on the table for those who cannot afford such things.
A major flaw in Obama’s strategy
Sept. 24, 2014
There is a great deal of debate about the president’s strategy regarding the Islamic State. Is it tough enough or is it a house of cards about to collapse due to a woeful failure to assess the initial foundation on which it was built?
Bilbray’s TV ad makes you wonder
Sept. 24, 2014
Was that a Navy Blue Angel F-18 that just flashed by in the latest Erin Bilbray TV spot? By golly, that’s what it was. Turns out Bilbray’s young daughter, Caroline, wants to be a Navy pilot. As a retired career Navy pilot, I hope she makes it and enjoys it as much as I did.
The wrong way to evaluate students
Sept. 21, 2014
My at-risk, 5-year-old students recently took a discovery learning online test. I had my doubts about the test because most of these students know fewer than 10 letters.
Hurdles in trying to be a good parent
Sept. 19, 2014
A lot of parents in Clark County are called “deadbeat parents” — a majority of them being fathers.
Clinton’s role in Benghazi incident
Sept. 19, 2014
Mitchell Zuckoff, after consulting with six members of a U.S. security team, has written a book about Benghazi, “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.”

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