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March 4, 2015

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Renewable energy is right for Nevada

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Are people still alive who believe the world is flat? Investments in wind, solar and geothermal energy sources have tremendous paybacks over the lives of the investment. The return on investment is estimated to be 30 percent.

Location, however, is crucial. One needs wind, sunshine and underground thermal waters for putting the resources to work. Nevada is fortunate. There are ample resources across the state for all three energies.

Will wind and solar energy resources entirely eliminate traditional power generation? Probably not for decades; until energy can be stored for use during periods of calm or between sunset and sunrise. But other forms of renewable sources — geothermal, hydropower and biofuels — are available for around-the-clock use.

Renewable energy now supplies 10 percent of this nation’s electricity; since the world is actually round, we can expect that percentage to increase dramatically.

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  1. Unless and until renewable energy can compete in price, power, and performance with conventional energy sources, it's a moot issue. If it were not for government subsidies, at the expense of taxpayers, renewable energy would be kaput. If you subsidize renewable energy, you obviously will get more of it. If you don't, you won't. Simple. End of story.

    Carmine D

  2. Lobo:

    When you can win the debate on the facts, you resort to personal attacks. How's that methodology working for you on Benghazi, Libya and the IRS scandal?

    Carmine D

  3. Starting in the early 1960's the California Air resource Board began to require industrial and automotive companies to install means to reduce air pollution. Its first focus was in the LA Basin. We have, of course, all seen photographs of LA in the bad old days when the brown haze was so bad that you could not see the city from the surrounding hills. The auto industry fought these requirements, but technological progress won out. In 1979 GeneralMotors introduced the first computerized engine which allowed for feedback to a mechanic. In 1980 or thereabouts I went back to school realizing that I could die with the dinosaurs or live with the evolving mammals. Flash forward 33 years and we have cars and trucks which are far cleaner, use blends of technology to achieve much more efficient use of energy, cost less on a use/unit basis and have a useful product life at least triple. There are dinosaurs in the world, rooted only in the present and nostalgic for an imaginary past, they rail against progress, predicting doom on a daily basis and projecting gloom onto the future. Consider a future in which centralized energy is utilized primarily by large commercial and industrial users and consumer/household energy is generated and consumed on site. Efficient buildings, solar and wind pathways for heating and cooling, on-site electric with propane generators, fuel cells replenished from central distribution. What would be progress for us is already in place in some parts of the world. The dinosaurs are annoying, but they will eventually die out.

  4. Back when Carter or Nixon were presidents, if we invested in renewable energy the way we did in the space race, we wouldn't be having this argument. Our R&D would be much further along and costs would have drastically dropped.

  5. When it comes to REnewable energy, count me in! The practice and industry continues to evolve, as Commenter Pat Hayes reflected in comments.

    Not a day goes by, that I don't remind and encourage students that they have a place in REnewable energy. They might secure a job in that industry, or be a developer of some device involved with it, they will consume it, and they build homes and businesses that utilized it.

    Our future is here today. The old way of the dinosaur will soon go extinct.

    Blessings and Peace,

  6. At 4:32 a.m. CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio) posted: "If it were not for government subsidies, at the expense of taxpayers, renewable energy would be kaput. If you subsidize renewable energy, you obviously will get more of it. If you don't, you won't. Simple. End of story."

    True enough. But why do we NOT give the same level of subsidies to renewable energy sources that we gave, and still give, to the current non-renewable sources? How about a solar REA project? A depletion allowance for geo-thermal energy? A pipeline, free of environmental or safety concerns, to move water thousands of miles to where it can be used? Or tax breaks to wind energy sources equal to those granted, in April, to oil companies on Alaska's north slope? Or an equivalent to the intangible drilling costs deduction (oil companies can deduct 70-100% of their R & D equivalent expenses in the year a well is first drilled - other companies must deduct their R & D over time, as the resulting income is earned.)

    The conclusion? If we subsidize renewable energy sources as we have, and still do, the traditional sources, then yes, we WILL get more renewable energy.

  7. Carmine should read the articles I have linked to in a recent prior letter before opening his mouth and proving the fool.

  8. Mark:

    What kind of a car do you drive? And what heats and cools your house?

    Carmine D

  9. Robert:

    The government and purveyors of renewable energy products offer tax credits and sales credits. Conventional energy products don't.

    The Fiat 500e costs $35,000 plus. Runs 85 miles on batteries. Gets a $7500 tax credit from Feds [read taxpayers]. Gets $2500 credit from California State government [read taxpayers]. And gets $2000 credit from Fiat. Read stockholders. Tell me a gas powered car buyer who gets that preferential price advantage. Other cars like it get the same treatment.

    Same with home buyers and renewable sources of energy power for their homes.

    The playing field favors greeners already.

    Carmine D

  10. My wife and I share one Prius C. Our home has seen numerous upgrades to reduce our carbon footprint including but not limited to R48 insulation in the attic, low e windows, trees on the Southern and Western exposures which use shallow aquifer water, low flow water appliances, energy star appliances, efficient A/C (SEER13),ductwork what has been sealed against leakage, CFL's and LED lights, power strips for power vampires, a 1.25 KW solar system on the roof, solar powered attic fans, drip irrigation, carbon offsets, and I am sure I have not thought of other steps. Our power bill was $14.05 and other utility bills were commensurantely low. Energy Star rated our home better than 99% of homes out there. Now, other than obtuse commentary here what do YOU do?

  11. I go with the best products regardless of the public good. That's my right since it's my money. Just as it is yours. What I don't do is use righteous indignation against those who differ with my choices and opinions. You should try it sometime. Especially when you consider the carbon blue print to make and support your green products, not to mention the taxpayers' subsidies.

    Carmine D

  12. The best products are those that take into consideration the effects they have on the public, which, believe it or not, includes YOU Carmine. You are not exempt from breathing the air or being utterly dependent on clean water. That you think you stand alone somehow shows how utterly narrow your thought is.

  13. Joe,
    What is the capital costs of converting from standard ducted A/C to ductless and what is the simple payback period? Basically not worth it for me.

  14. Carmine picks a car that may not even be available here (Fiat 500e) versus the Nissan Leaf which is. What is the price on the Nissan Leaf Carmine?

  15. Mark:

    How many Leafs did Nissan produce versus how many they actually sold?

    Carmine D

  16. Carmine: How many Fiats have been sold? How many Nissan Leafs? How many barrels of oil? A subsidy of a quarter per barrel of oil will equal FAR more subsidy money sent by the Feds to the Oil Companies than that sent to Fiat buyers.

    You allege "...purveyors of renewable energy products offer...sales credits..." Are you actually saying that sales rebates offered by sellers to people buying a product are somehow equivalent to tax credits offered by the government to people SELLING a product?

  17. Mark:

    Here's the correct answer. You picked the Nissan Leaf not me.

    Carmine D

  18. "Are you actually saying that sales rebates offered by sellers to people buying a product are somehow equivalent to tax credits..."

    No, you are. I'm saying if they are so good and selling so well, why the need for BOTH sales rebates AND tax credits?

    Because they aren't. Read the article. FLOP

    Carmine D

  19. "Europe's Cloudy Logic on Tariffs Leaves Solarworld in the Shade

    The German solar- panel producer is among the biggest intended beneficiaries of the European Union's decision to slap tariffs of up to 68% on Chinese panel imports. SolarWorld, Europe's largest solar- cell maker by volume, has been among the biggest losers from the Chinese solar industry's rapid growth. Global capacity to produce solar panels is now double annual demand.

    But the EU may have acted too late for firms like SolarWorld. Last year, its losses increased 58% to 476 million ($ 618 million), and the firm blamed a 40% fall in panel prices due to Chinese competition. Chinese companies now account for 80% of European solar- panel sales.
    Valued at more than 5 billion in 2007, SolarWorld is now worth just 82 million. Its shares rose nearly 20% in the two days after news of the tariff broke, but fell 6.2% on Friday. That speaks to fears of a tough road back. In January, SolarWorld began talks to renegotiate longterm debt of more than 1 billion. It also isn't clear that tariffs will work: Chinese rivals could shift production to, say, Taiwan to get around them. And the EU could yet pull back, with its full look into alleged Chinese dumping due in December. Other firms that rely on the industry, such as polysilicon producers, have opposed punishing Chinese importers.

    And Europe's solar industry also relies on state help, such as guaranteed prices for solar power. These give an adequate return on what is still an expensive form of energy.

    But with politicians now more sensitive to high energy bills, subsidies are slipping. Given that, the likes of SolarWorld might have to cut costs further to make their products competitive. Putting up barriers to Chinese rivals alone won't bring Europe's panel makers back into the sunlight. "

    WSJ May 13, 2013

    Carmine D

  20. Hello Joe,
    This part of your last post:
    "...especially if you could SEAL can light fixtures after installing the cooler LEDs and then eliminate exfiltration,..." leads me to let you know that all such ceiling intrusions have indeed been sealed. I would warn people to think about how tight to make their older homes unless they are willing to spend for active air exchange systems to keep air fresh and healthy.

  21. Carmine,
    I wasn't aware that September 7,2012 was today's date? Could you reference the latest figures on sales for the Nissan Leaf for reader's enlightenment?

  22. "Carmine,
    I wasn't aware that September 7,2012 was today's date? Could you reference the latest figures on sales for the Nissan Leaf for reader's enlightenment?"

    It hasn't changed much in 6 months. A FLOP is still a FLOP and doesn't change overnight.

    Carmine D

  23. Mark:

    The facts are electric cars have been around since the car itself in 1908. The problem with electric cars is and HAS always been the batteries and charge. Then, now and all the time in between. Unless and until the batteries, which themselves use a large carbon foot print to produce, are more practical and efficient, electric cars are a high priced joke.

    We can't even produce a battery powered full size household vacuum that works for more than 15 minutes at a time. Vacuums have been around since 1905. What's the chances of an electric car at a reasonable price with comparable power of a gas car? I'll tell you. Little to none.

    Carmine D

  24. So Carmine doesn't know about the recent large uptick in sales of the Nissan Leaf or the 99 out of 100 score for the Tesla Model S Sedan or the any number of recent success stories. He just "knows" "...A FLOP is still a FLOP". This makes him a dinosaur. Also, he is bad at math when he calculates how much time has passed since September 7,2012 to yesterday. 6 months is really 8 and the Time article is an OPINION piece with little validity. If an economics "expert" like Carmine claims to be can't even do a simple math problem for time how much can readers trust anything he posts?

  25. By the way readers,
    Carmine's post on the carbon footprint of battery manufacturing and all his other assertions are uninformed at best. UCS has detailed reports on clean car tech that anyone can look up, even Carmine, and learn how wrong he is. This Carmine will not do.

  26. Joe, Mark, Lobo, et al....don't get so worked up over Carmine and his consistent inconsistencies. There is a very good chance, based on the timing and subject of his posts and the directions in which he seeks to push the discussions, that he is a paid commenter.

  27. "There is a very good chance, based on the timing and subject of his posts and the directions in which he seeks to push the discussions, that he is a paid commenter."

    Pat et al:

    Whenever you lose the debate on the facts and evidence you sing the same swan song: He's a shill! Worked for the Feds for 33 years in Washington DC AND owned and operated a family business for many years which I sold at a profit. I collect a comfortable retirement for my years of Fed service. I don't need to be a shill for any reasons let alone money. I also find that those who are the first to call others a shill are usually one themselves.

    Carmine D

  28. "Carmine, then maybe we need to reconsider some alternatives, ya see."

    Agree, just not with my taxpayer money. Let the private sector do it.

    On your other commentary, I'm the last of Mohicans. And proud to be.

    Carmine D

  29. Tesla? Tesla?

    "Tesla Motors, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. Tesla Motors is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA. After 10 years, Tesla posted profits for the first time during the first quarter of 2013."

    What happened to Fisker's Karma and Consumer Reports? Forget already?

    Carmine D


    Read it and weep Mark. It's from Sept 2012. Do you think CR changed it's mind in the last 6-8 months?

    Carmine D

  31. "Related:
    Fire leads Fisker to recall Karma, again
    Fisker Karma electric car recalled due to possible coolant leak and fire
    Fisker shows smaller Atlantic plug-in hybrid sedan in NY
    Fisker Q&A reveals other owners face Karma challenges, solutions are promised
    Fisker to replace Karma's drive battery
    Five questions with Henrik Fisker, father of the $100,000 Karma plug-in hybrid

    --Jeff Bartlett"

    Carmine D

  32. ByPat Hayes,

    On your post today at 7:14 a.m. if he is a paid shill, what a way to make a few bucks. Some things are not for sale and a person's sole is one of them.

  33. Carmine,
    Failures in startup companies are not new. Failures in old established companies are not new either. What is your point? That a few failures mean people should give up innovating? The government has been behind many advances in technology and I am sure the luddites of those days were whining just as loudly about their tax dollars being wasted on (insert your favorite tech winner here). Did you miss where mismanagement at GM led to a government bailout or what happened to Chrysler? Stop whining about Americans helping Americans with new tech and start rooting for your countrymen to succeed.

  34. Actually Sam, I'll sell you my sole for nothing. It's my soul that is priceless. And not for sale.


    Did you know that a sole proprietor must show a profit in the first 5 years and pay taxes to be considered a going concern by I.R.S. Tesler didn't show a profit for 10 years and got a free pass. Why is that so?

    Carmine D

  35. Root for country men to succeed?

    Here's the facts. This link was updated as of May 13, 2013. That should be current enough you think.

    Rooting is one thing. Throwing taxpayer money down a "smoking black crater' is quite another.

    Carmine D

  36. Carmine,
    Let me know when you have a source of information that isn't "some guy" on the internet posting junk links on solar. What do you know about this Andrew K. Dart?

    As to your assertion regarding profit, what is your source and explain the complete context. Also, is it really that hard to spell a proper name for you? It is Tesla not Tesler and your inability to spell and do math caps your credibility.

  37. Thanks on the spelling of Tesla. The rest of your comments is moot. If an article/opinion doesn't agree with you, you make excuses to ignore it. Like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.

    For profit regulation go to the I.R.S. code. Sole proprietors must show a profit in 3 out of 5 years to be considered a going concern [read bona fide business]. Horse breeders slightly different: 2 out of 7 years. Tesla didn't for over 10 years. Got a government pass. Why the inconsistency?

    Simple answer. It's not a level playing field. Greeners like Tesla and Fisker have the edge.

    Carmine D

  38. Oh my apologies Mark. I didn't answer your question. My job here for you. Too bad I don't get paid for it. Andrew K. Dart is the web page designer for the page. [Can you hear me laughing through the computer]. You actually have to click on one of the many articles on the page to read the real experts' opinions on the failures of solar energy.

    Carmine D

  39. Oops. I had to take a break to get my composure after laughing. If you click on the articles, guess what Mark. Many articles have "bios" of the authors and contacts/writers' blogs. So you can actually ask them, the real experts and not me a "shill."

    PS: Still laughing Mark, thanks. I can forego the funnies today. You already gave me all the laughs for the day.

    Carmine D

  40. The articles 'some guy on the internet' links to are junk. They are a worms eye view of where markets are moving but you don't have the judgement to differentiate between a good source of information and such junk. You convince no one who is not already educationally challenged to your myopic viewpoint while the world is moving ahead on clean tech. So laugh old guy.

  41. For readers uninterested in laughing boy Carmine's rants:

  42. Oh I am Mark, big time. Laughing real hard.

    With all the President's scandals and all getting media coverage [IRS, Benghazi, DOJ] and Dr. Gosnell [still think he's innocent?] laughs are very much needed and desirable.

    But the best laugh I'll have is yet to come: When the Pulitzer is awarded to FOX for Benghazi, Libya.

    Carmine D

  43. Mark, Mark, Mark: A magazine?? Is that the best you can do? With a green industry bias? Really? Are you kidding me.

    "Established in 1896, Power Engineering magazine is the comprehensive voice of the power generation industry that provides readers with the critical information needed to remain efficient and competitive in today's market.

    For three years in a row, Power Engineering has been named the most read and useful magazine in the power industry.

    Power Engineering Online provides up-to-the-minute energy news, stock quotes, five years of searchable editorial archives, power generation conference schedule and details, and an industry product and services guide.

    Power Engineering is part of the PennWell energy group, the largest U.S. publisher of electric power industry books, directories, maps and conferences."

    Carmine D

  44. When it comes to solar energy I think that on site is the most beneficial approach. Solar panels on the roof, passive solar heating/shading, breezeways, etc. In some parts of the world CNG or LPG is used more extensively including self contained tank and generator which provides electrical for the home and gas for heating/cooling and appliances. Retrofitting is, of course, expensive but inclusion in new construction is relatively simple and is quite often more efficient. Other "alt" forms have varied utility. Hydro is the best know but we are unlikely to build more big dams. we are, in fact, tearing some down. Fisheries all over the US have been devastated by dam building. Here in the PACNW we are adding generating capacity to our dams and putting in new capacity in our big irrigation ditches. The wind turbines up above Grand Coulee and along the Yakima Ridge are pretty impressive. They are yet another tool in the box but they need to be sited away from people. Attractive in their own way, those turbines appeal to those of us who are mechanically inclined. I do get a laugh out of the conservatives who have suddenly developed a concern for birds flying into the rotating surfaces of wind generators. Do they feel similarly about the millions of lost fish and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs due to hydro power generation? Personally I think the geo-thermal is over rated due to the difficulty in maintaining the integrity of industrial equipment in such a highly corrosive atmosphere. Same thing that works against nuclear.

    As far as Carmine goes he just repeats, ad nauseum, conservative, anti-government, talking points. He meets all the classic definitions of a troll.

  45. The essential difference between liberals and conservatives could not exist without conservatives to defend their freedom and support them economically. Conservatives on the other hand could exist and live quite well without liberals.

    Carmine D

  46. Hello Jeff,
    Thank you very much for showing readers who might not click through the links the difference. Carmine will never change, because he can't, but readers don't have to fooled by his simple minded nonsense, including the non-scandals of the day. He is still delusional enough to believe a television propaganda outfit is eligible for a Pulitzer and will do so until he dies...although brain death has already happened for him.

  47. Love fest among the mutual admiration society of liberals. Just will make my last laugh the best.

    Carmine D

  48. "Did you miss where mismanagement at GM led to a government bailout or what happened to Chrysler?"

    More concerned about Detroit going to the U.S. government for a big bailout. Along with other iconic cities like it doing the same. Why? Legacy costs for pensions and obligations that can't be supported by the local taxes anymore. And you want to throw tax payers' money down smoking crater hole in the name of green power.

    What a laugh.

    Carmine D

  49. Carmine,
    So wrong all the time. At least you are a foolish way. Given your age your last laugh can't be far away...

  50. Mark:

    On wrong, here's your recent list:

    Benghazi, Libya



    Dr. Gosnell

    On foolishness your self-righteous opinions about green energy and power products. Your complete ignorance about and head in the sand view for their real reason for existence: High powered government subsidies.

    Carmine D

  51. The first three on your list are non scandals except in the mind's of the ignorant. Meanwhile your christian superstition leads directly to the conclusion that "god" is responsible for the most abortions by far on the planet. Take it up with your deity and wait for an answer in writing before posting again.

  52. Oh and about those "..High (sic) powered subsidies."
    "The current energy and climate debate would benefit from a broader understanding of the explicit and hidden government subsidies that affect energy use throughout the economy. In an effort to examine this issue, ELI conducted a review of fossil fuel and renewable energy subsidies for Fiscal Years 2002-2008. Our findings are presented in the graphic "Energy Subsidies Black, Not Green." The accompanying paper, Estimating U.S. Government Subsidies to Energy Sources: 2002-2008, describes the approach used to identify and quantify the subsidies presented in the graphic. ELI researchers used a standardized methodology to calculate government expenditures. Where this methodology was lacking or did not apply, ELI researchers calculated subsidy values on a case-by-case basis.

    Applying a conservative approach, explained in further detail in the paper, ELI found that

    The vast majority of federal subsidies for fossil fuels and renewable energy supported energy sources that emit high levels of greenhouse gases when used as fuel.

    The federal government provided substantially larger subsidies to fossil fuels than to renewables. Subsidies to fossil fuels--a mature, developed industry that has enjoyed government support for many years--totaled approximately $72 billion over the study period, representing a direct cost to taxpayers.

    Subsidies for renewable fuels, a relatively young and developing industry, totaled $29 billion over the same period.

    Subsidies to fossil fuels generally increased over the study period (though they decreased in 2008), while funding for renewables increased but saw a precipitous drop in 2006-07 (though they increased in 2008). The largest subsidies to fossil fuels were written into the U.S. Tax Code as permanent provisions. By comparison, many subsidies for renewables are time-limited initiatives implemented through energy bills, with expiration dates that limit their usefulness to the renewables industry.

    The vast majority of subsidy dollars to fossil fuels can be attributed to just a handful of tax breaks, such as the Foreign Tax Credit ($15.3 billion) and the Credit for Production of Nonconventional Fuels ($14.1 billion, though this credit has since been phased out). The largest of these, the Foreign Tax Credit, applies to the overseas production of oil through an obscure provision of the Tax Code, which allows energy companies to claim a tax credit for payments that would normally receive less-beneficial tax treatment.

    Almost half of the subsidies for renewables are attributable to corn-based ethanol, the use of which, while decreasing American reliance on foreign oil, raises considerable questions about effects on climate.

    The project also included an examination of energy flows in 2007."

  53. "The first three on your list are non scandals except in the mind's of the ignorant."

    Only an ignoramus would say ALL 3 are not scandals. Why am I not surprised you did?

    Gosnell--not only were you wrong, you are 3 concurrent life sentences in prison with no chance of parole wrong. At 72 he was too old to kill. The bastard deserves to die in the same way he and his disciples of the devil killed the babies. A hole in the back of the head/neck and cutting his spinal cord. While he's alive and un medicated.

    You want to hear the worse. Pennsylvania doesn't allow the victims' families to sue. The State government is immune from punishment. Shame on Pennsylvania and the jerks who run it. And shame on you too.

    Carmine D

  54. Yawwn. Carmine has no clue.

  55. I don't need clues. I use brains.

    Bye Bye.

    Carmine D

  56. Here's some clues for you to use.

    "While most of the media's attention has focused on problems within the Republican Party, Democrats have issues of their own, says Doug Sosnik, a veteran political strategist for the blue party.

    "Obama's successful 2008 campaign and his 2012 re-election masks a party that is also in decline and one that is at considerable risk when Obama is no longer on the scene," he writes in a memo obtained by Politico.

    Since Obama ascended to the presidency, Democrats have lost nine governorships, 56 House seats, and two Senate seats, Sosnik points out. "During his presidency, the party's favorability has declined 15 points."

    Sosnik lists 10 specific problems for the Democratic Party:

    Obama's personal favorability doesn't translate to Democrats broadly;

    Obama's failure to build the party for the long term;

    "Declining favorability." The party's support has dipped among all voters since Obama took office;

    2010 state losses created an enduring grassroots deficit;

    Declining Democratic Party self-identification among younger voters;

    The party cannot count on the same levels of African-American support without Obama on the ballot;

    Declining Democratic ID among younger Hispanic Americans;

    Asian-American support for Democrats in recent elections exceeds their party identification;

    Mid-term turnout favors Republicans. Historically, the voters who are most likely to vote Democrat are the least likely to vote in a mid-term election;

    Thin presidential bench beyond Hillary Clinton and uncertainty that Democrats can replicate Obama turnout levels."

    Democrats favorability rating declined 15 points in Obama's first 100 days. Doesn't take into effect the 3 scandals.

    Carmine D

  57. A rising tide lifts all boats. Stick it where the sun don't shine.

    Carmine D

  58. "Auto sales soared in 2012, and, as of mid-December, are on track to rise nearly 14 percent to a post-recession high of 14.5 million. Several factors -- including optimism from higher stocks and home prices, more widely available credit, an increasingly aged fleet, and a host of new models in popular segments -- brought a growing stream of buyers into dealerships this year, creating a bright spot in a shaky U.S. economy. Even more auto sales growth is expected in 2013;'s forecast is 15 million. Auto sales, along with the recovering housing market, will lead economic growth, reducing the need for government stimulus programs. "

    Carmine D

  59. You're a slickster Mark, and so your liberal love fest friends: The damn White House is crumbling before your eyes, thanks to a Chicago styled politician who you just love, and you're and they are talking about the quality of the environment.

    What a laugh. Every news media organization, newspaper, and reporter are calling the above 3 events [Benghazi, Libya; IRS Scandal; and DOJ Scandal] that YOU SAY are not scandals, SCANDALS. What on God's green earth are you and your liberal love fest buddies thinking? Oh, I forgot, you don't think. You're an Obama robot.

    Carmine D

  60. Mark...I am very disappointed in you. You are clearly trying to push the deluded old man over the edge from harmless crackpot to raving wack job. He has a nice gig endlessly repeating Teep talking points and gets paid by the number of posts he makes and reactions he gets. He lives in a fantasy world. Bitter that Mittens didn't win, that the Senate stayed D, that the House lost R seats, that more voters preferred BO and the Ds, he seeks to create a land in which BO will be impeached and R's will at last gain their rightful place. Too bad that much of his hopes are tied to darrell Issa, the car thief and voted most corrupt Republican in the House and Senate. Although I'm not usually in favor of feeding the trolls, in this case it might be fun to watch him explode from overindulgence.

  61. Hello Pat,
    I thought Carmine already WAS a "raving wack job". I hope my links to reputable sources of information have helped you however as Carmine is clearly unable to function rationally.

  62. "Carmine:

    Regarding Benghazi it turns out you were correct, there was a cover up."

    You are right. And should have stopped when you were.

    Carmine D

  63. Pat:

    Yeah, I'm paid for educating you left wing liberal love fest Dems. Obama robots. Too bad, it's an exercise in futility.

    Carmine D

  64. Joe Lamy I like your posts. Very satirical. But you're on the wrong side more often than not. Satire works better when it has truth and facts on its side.

    Carmine D

  65. Joe: When you get those feelings try peeing the bed. It feels wet and warm at first but smells rancid once it dries.

    Carmine D

  66. "Ezra Klein is a columnist at the Washington Post, as well as a contributor to MSNBC. His work focuses on domestic and economic policymaking, as well as the political system that's constantly screwing it up. He's appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, Charlie Rose, Real Time with Bill Maher, The McLaughlin Report, the Colbert Report, and many more. He really likes graphs."

    Better to be pissed off than pissed on. Simple to know the difference. The smell.

    Carmine D

  67. Recall: Peeing yourself feels wet and warm at the start. But after it dries, you get the rancid odor. It's still in the peeing stage and the wet and warm feeling. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because it won't and then you have to deal with the smell.

    Carmine D

  68. You know what they say: Money is like manure: If you pile it up, it smells. But if you spread it around, it does good.

    Carmine D

  69. "Better to be pissed off than pissed on. Simple to know the difference. The smell."

    And BOY do you stink to high heaven!

  70. It's you that you smell.
    Carmine D

  71. Nope. I take showers.

  72. "Nope. I take showers."

    In urine...that wet and warm feeling doesn't count.

    Carmine D

  73. Don't fly too close to the solar sun else your fun like that of Icarus will be soon done.

    Carmine D

  74. The green agenda for me is to be buried in a reef ball at sea.

    Carmine D

  75. All farm animals are created equal, except the green ones, they are more so.

    Carmine D

  76. I gave up the back alley years ago for a front street view.

    Carmine D

  77. Note I did not say main street or green street... Car makers will drop electric and battery powered cars soon for natural gas powered ones--thanks to fracking technology. That is crystal clear to me unlike your coloring book with no pictures.

    Carmine D

  78. Oh Carmy,
    "Flush with its recent $1.02 billion fundraising, Tesla Motors has paid off the entire loan awarded to the company by the US Department of Energy in 2010. In addition to payments made in 2012 and Q1 2013, today's wire of almost half a billion dollars ($451.8M) repays the full loan facility with interest.

    Following this payment, Tesla will be the only American car company to have fully repaid the government.

    For the first seven years since its founding in 2003, Tesla was funded entirely with private funds, led by Elon Musk. Tesla brought its Roadster sports car to market with a 30% gross margin, designed electric powertrains for Daimler (Mercedes) and had done preliminary design of the Model S all before receiving a government loan.

    In 2010, Tesla was awarded a milestone-based loan, requiring matching private capital obtained via public offering, by the DOE as part of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program. This program was signed into law by President Bush in 2008 and then awarded under the Obama administration in the years that followed.

    The loan payment was made today using a portion of the approximately $1 billion in funds raised in last week's concurrent offerings of common stock and convertible senior notes. Elon Musk, Tesla's Chief Executive Officer and cofounder, purchased $100 million of common equity, the least secure portion of the offering.

    I would like to thank the Department of Energy and the members of Congress and their staffs that worked hard to create the ATVM program, and particularly the American taxpayer from whom these funds originate. I hope we did you proud.

    --Elon Musk
    Commenting on the loan payment, US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz made the following statement:

    When you're talking about cutting-edge clean energy technologies, not every investment will succeed--but today's repayment is the latest indication that the Energy Department's portfolio of more than 30 loans is delivering big results for the American economy while costing far less than anticipated.

    More than 90% of loan loss reserve Congress established remains intact, while losses to date represent about 2 percent of the overall $34-billion portfolio. The other 98% of the portfolio includes 19 new clean energy power plants that are adding enough solar, wind and geothermal capacity to power a million homes and displace 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year--roughly equal to taking a million cars off the road..."

  79. Without taxpayers subsidies electric cars, powered by expensive faulty limited range batteries, would have zero sales. The first quarter 2013, electric plug ins sold 1 percent of total sales--one percent. And by all accounts, the first quarter was a record quarter for car sales.

    Tesla made a profit in the first quarter. It's first profit in 10 years. How? Not by car sales. By energy credits that it cashed in. See, the U.S. government, read Congress thanks to Obama a greener, passed a law allowing Tesla to get taxpayer money for every $100,000 car it dumps on foreign soil [oh, I mean exports]. Doesn't have to sale them. Just push them off shore for potential sale. Ching ching. Taxpayers' pay Tesla.

    Leases now on Fiat-e and Nissan Leaf cars be had for zero out of pocket costs in states like Georgia and California where the Fed and state subsidies are giveaways in concert with the manufacturer sales discounts and rebates. Subsidize a good, and you get more of it. Econ 101.

    The real car frontier, for auto makers, is LNG powered cars. But that has its problems too. Primarily a Federal government, thank you Mr. Obama, sitting on licenses for 18 months and more to grant permits to the U.S. private owned terminals in the Gulf.

    I'm sure there will be more to come in the future. Be ready. I look forward to it.

    Recall electric cars have been around for 100 years. Still not mainstream. Just a fad.

    Carmine D

  80. I notice Carmy mention where he is getting his assertions from. Care to share the source Carmy?

  81. Europe has been trying for decades to use solar power and subsidizes with billions of dollars. In the same time [20 years], France and Sweden went nuclear and now 80 percent of their electricity is from nuclear energy plants. Much cheaper cost to deliver each kilowatt of nuclear energy too for these countries than electricity from solar power. Substantially cheaper.

    I know when my opponents know they are losing the debate. How? The name calling.

    Carmine D

  82. Funny how Carmine can't find the source for his prior assertions but instead now wants to talk about a different subject. Post the sources for you latest assertions Carmy.

  83. No, not going away. I have not given up on solar. Thanks to several decades of public support and subsidies, panels have gotten cheaper and better. But the claim that solar is ready for the big time [aka mainstream] in meeting energy needs TODAY is both delusional and egregiously wrong.

    Carmine D

  84. BTW California and NJ are two states with the largest usage of solar power consumers. How did Jersey fare recently in Sandy. Were the solar users affected by Sandy, and supposedly off the electric grid, back on line before the others?

    Carmine D

  85. "Nuclear power is the primary source of electric power in France. In 2004, 425.8 TWh out of the country's total production of 540.6 TWh of electricity was from nuclear power (78.8%), the highest percentage in the world.[1]

    France's nuclear power industry has been called "a success story" that has put the nation "ahead of the world" in terms of providing cheap, CO2-free energy.[2] In terms of industrialized nations, mainland France has the lowest carbon dioxide production per unit of GDP in the world.

    As of 2012, France's electricity price to household customers is the 7th cheapest amongst the 27 member European Union, and also the 7th cheapest to industrial consumers, with a rate of 0.14/kWh to households and 0.07/kWh to industrial consumers.[3] France was the biggest energy exporter in the EU in 2012, exporting 45TWh of electricity to its neighbours.[4] During very cold or hot periods demand routinely exceeds supply due to the lack of more flexible generating plants, and France needs to import electricity.[5][6]."

    Carmine D

  86. "Nuclear waste

    Sweden has a well-developed nuclear waste management policy. Low-level waste is currently stored at the reactor sites or destroyed at Studsvik. The country has dedicated a ship, M/S Sigyn, to move waste from power plants to repositories. Sweden has also constructed a permanent underground repository, SFR, final repository for short-lived radioactive waste, with a capacity of 63,000 cubic meters for intermediate and low-level waste. A central interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel, Clab, is located near Oskarshamn. The government has also identified two potential candidates for burial of additional waste (high-level), Oskarshamn and Osthammar.[14]"

    Carmine D

  87. The energy plant in Japan constructed on an earthquake site affects the nuclear plants in Sweden? Explain that to me.

    Polls are like the wind. They change.

    Carmine D

  88. Germans pay 32 cents per kwh.

    Carmine D

  89. Not safe if built on a known earthquake fault line. But then again not even a coal burning energy plant is. Right?

    Carmine D

  90. I lived in Virginia. Earthquakes every day. Never felt them. No need for making anything earthquake proof. Lived in St. Louis. 150 miles from the New Madrid Fault the place where the worst earthquake in U.S. history occurred in the early 19th Century. Made the Mississippi change course and rang the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. No need for making houses earthquake proof. Buildings and plants, like Budweiser, maybe a different story. Might want to.

    It's about common sense and adapting and overcoming. Not about one size fits all.

    Carmine D

  91. I'm still waiting for an answer about solar users and Sandy. ;-)

    Did you forget already?

    Carmine D

    PS: Good for you and the Oregonians. I'm so happy for you and them I peed in my toilet.

  92. One person's loss is another's gain. And vice-a-versa. Some people complain when they have a lemon tree in their back yard, others make lemon aide and sell it.

    Carmine D

  93. Solar panels work great for warming my pool water.

    But...they are tied into the electric grid. Then again most solar systems are, aren't they? Just ask the Sandy victims in NJ!

    Carmine D

  94. "Most pool heaters are NOT tied into any electric grid except for the pump,"

    Bingo. Kind of a big tie-in wouldn't you say. After all, that is how the pool water gets up to the panels on the roof to be warmed and back down to the pool. Right. Funny how that gravity thing works.

    Not to worry. Take away the tax credits, Tesla would have lost $53 million in the first quarter 2013. Could get $250 million in cash credits in 2013. With the credits going away after 2013, it's good that Tesla paid the U.S. Another irony is that the main beneficiaries of the Tesla credits for all electric no emissions belong to the 1 percent. Elon Musk is worth $4 Billion thanks to the IPO and Solar City [a separate operation that received a $344 million taxpayer loan guarantee].

    Hard working middle class taxpayers making the rich richer. Ought to be law against it right? I have to work on that one. Care to help?
    Carmine D

  95. I do know, but not sure you do.

    Carmine D

  96. Love the flora and fauna too. Can't get enough of it. And those white squirrels, absolutely are my favorite.

    Carmine D