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April 21, 2014

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Letter to the editor:

Conservatives are wrong on economy

Almost daily, we hear from the right how this economy is the Democrats’ fault, and every time I think how naive those who say it are.

Using opinions as facts doesn’t mirror the truth about Obama, yet the straw-man Obama the right has created is responsible for every ailment the country has.

Obama has lowered the deficit faster than any other president and is doing so from the confines of a deep recession/depression. His predecessors didn’t do that — they spent money to get the country out of trouble faster.

As for filibusters, the first 43 presidents faced 86 of them. The right has blocked Obama 82 times.

On health care, how exceptional are you as a country if you do not have affordable health care? Conservatives don’t understand that it will relieve the burden on county hospitals as people pay for themselves instead of every patient who has insurance and Medicare. So, in theory, your taxes will go down and your insurance premiums will fall.

Next time you complain about our socialist president, please use you brain instead of your love of your party or group. And quit acting like you forgot George W. Bush. He ran up this enormous deficit by not paying for things. And yes, there is class warfare going on, and the workers lost it long ago because of bad trade deals and trickle-down economics.

And with every new fabricated crisis the right creates almost weekly, they take full advantage of each one to take us backward or deprive the people of things such as kids’ lunch money, seniors’ Meals On Wheels, food stamps and unemployment.

Isn’t austerity grand? Just like trickle-down economics, it doesn’t work, but the GOP still thinks it does. They’re both massive pyramid schemes.

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