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January 31, 2015

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Who protects us from NV Energy?

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Are Las Vegas residents a bank for NV Energy?

It’s time the governor, Legislature and Public Utilities Commission get up the courage to stop NV Energy from making fools out of them by allowing the utility to use the people of Nevada as their go-to bank.

What is it with this company? How many times a year are they going to keep asking for raises — and get them? I’ll tell you how many: until someone gets the courage to say, “No. Stop. That’s enough.”

Now we are responsible to pay for a coal plant that is polluting and killing people and needs to be closed down? And then we pay for a new gas-fired power plant that they claim will generate all these jobs and money? Let them generate these so-called jobs and monies out of their own profits. They want us to pay for their facilities and then charge us extra because of that new facility. They get all the tax breaks, then raise their salaries and run all the way to the bank with our profits. It’s like I build you a house, you rent it out, you keep the rent and I pay all the bills while you live on the beach in Hawaii.

We need people that who care; we need a PUC that does its job and protects the people, not the utilities. We need a governor who pays attention and calls the PUC on the bad decisions it is making.

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  1. Utilities are monopolies. They are a necessary evil for a civilized society. One of the last vestiges of big government out of control. Utilities need constant independent oversight and monitoring to stay focused on their real mission: Providing necessary services to the citizenry at affordable prices.
    Carmine D

  2. In states in which you have appointed regulators rather than elected you will likely have rates which reflect higher approved costs and profit margins. At the bottom of the rate pyramid are those of us with public power districts close to a public hydro source in a state with an elected Public Service Commission.

    What is more interesting, however, is an internal report from the private electric utility association warning that household on-site power generation poses a significant threat to profitability. The report suggests ways to get regulators and legislators to limit on-site generation by imposing zoning and building code restrictions and other barriers. Monopolies do not like competition....ain't capitalism grand!

  3. "One of the last vestiges of big government out of control."

    NV Energy is an investor owned holding company with stocks on the NY Exchange, how is it under government supervision?

    It's another form of corrupt capitalism. Monsanto, BP, Exxon Mobil, GE, who all take money from the public and use that to generate private wealth while paying little or no taxes.

  4. Where was all the outrage when we forked over the cash to Enron ? We were misdirected by phony war mongering something familiar in Eugene Deb's day. At least with renewables and natural gas, we'll be making inroads to address the green house effect.

  5. The politics of the Progressives in our government exist in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Progressives no longer cling to pure socialism as a viable method of ruling the people, but use other political methods that accomplish the same goals. Progressives deflect the blame from them-selves, from failed or unpopular polices, by use of a mixed economy (a blend of economic fascism and socialism). Pure Socialism follows a power structure of (Government -- Regulators -- Consumers) and economic fascism follows a structure of (Government -- Regulators -- Private Industry -- Consumers). One must note that in both cases, the government policies rule -- the difference is who get blamed when those policies are not popular. Also note that in no case does free market capitalism exist. Yet the progressive will blame a non-existent free market to divert blame from itself for its own unpopular policies. In other words, don't blame the power company for what it was directed to do by our legislature and politicians.

  6. People against renewables are rent collectors in the Coal ,Petroleum , and railroad rackets plain and simple.

  7. @Jon but in this case it's Private Industry > Government/Regulators > Consumer what's that called? Government by and for Republicans!

  8. Wharfrat wrote: "@Jon but in this case it's Private Industry > Government/Regulators > Consumer what's that called? Government by and for Republicans!" Big Government Cronyism is alive and well by both the Democrats and Republicans, that is true. It is just part of that mixed economy that I spoke of before. Just remember the power to tax and control is also the power to extract political monies from industry in exchange for government sanctions to protect certain industries. Recall, Bill Gates at one time didn't give a dime to any politician, yet he is one of the largest political players today, can you guess why? The solution of this problem is to make certain that just as we should have separation of church and state, we should also have a separation of economy and state. If the Government wants to regulate what is commonly understood to insure the safety and health of the people, so be it. But in matters of contract and agreement between individuals doing business, I say the government needs to stay out. That said, the courts are needed to resolve problems associated with broken agreements and contracts, but nothing more. Government continues to distort the market; it has not helped the economy in any proper or sustainable way.

  9. Vernos:

    I suggest you buy and own NV Energy. It's a good play. Why? No competition.

    Carmine D

  10. Who protects you from NV Energy? You do! There are many ways to reduce the cost of having the convenience of flicking a switch and having instant power to operate all those "toys" at your disposal including the computer you wrote your envious screed on. Quit whining! Quit blaming Capitalism! Man up and take control of your own life! What bunch of green-eyed cry-babies many of you are!

  11. Why did Boulder City dump NV Energy?

    Why does any policy on NV Energy's wish list that becomes law become mandatory for the PUC to follow?

    Why did the So. Paiutes build a solar power system for their reservation?

    Why are there power coops elsewhere?

    Why does our vote on candidates effect what NV Energy does and gets?

    Can we complain without some radical planning & action?

  12. Whatever the disagreement about how to go about solving problems, having more information to ponder is very important. Thanks to those who have contributed to this discussion, I have learned something valuable.