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January 27, 2015

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We’re not all victims, Mr. Romney

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Once again, Mitt Romney shows he has “foot-in-mouth disease.” At a GOP fundraiser, he was secretly taped saying that 47 percent of voters will vote for Barack Obama regardless of what Romney says because they feel entitled to extensive government support. In reality, he says, they are “victims.” He said his job is not to worry about them.

I’m a senior and a Democrat, so I guess that makes me a victim. The GOP policy is “everyone on their own” while the Democrat policy is “if you are in need of help, we are there for you. We have your back.”

Romney blasted entitlement programs as making us dependent upon the government. I paid into both Social Security and Medicare for 45 years. I am entitled to the benefits.

He mentioned that the 47 percent pay no federal income taxes. Is Romney one of the 47 percent because he has not shown us he has paid federal tax in a 10-year period?

By the way, paying no income tax does not mean a person does not pay taxes. What about Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, local taxes and, in many states, state income taxes?

I think he has officially confirmed that he is not connected with the common folk. He certainly proved that we cannot count on him in a moment of need or in a moment where it is time to reap the investment retired people have made over their lifetime. I am not a victim and I am a responsible citizen.

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  1. Romney had his demographics and his math wrong but his conceptualization correct. Those on Welfare, such as food stamps, unemployment benefits and Medicaid are in the tank for Obama. There is no mistake about that. Romney was talking about vote getting, and who he could not depend to vote for him. He was too quick to react, and forgot the mnillions of Americans who paid into and are collecting Meicare and Social Security, like myself, who are going to vote for him.That's forgivable. Millions of us understand what he was referring to, and agree with his intentions on this matter. Those who do not are liberals who would not vote for him anyway. So what's the big deal.There is none.Most Americans are shifting their attention to the ugly scenes in the Greater Middle East where the administration was caught in either incompetent intelligence work in Libya, out outright lies and coverup on the terrorist attack that took American lives, including the Ambassador's.We can no longer trust our government to present the truth, and this will bring significant harm to Obama in the end.

  2. We had a president who connected with the common folk. He stunk up the White House for the last 4 years. All he did was complain about the mess that was left. Well, if he gets reelected, highly unlikely, he's inheriting a worse mess... his own. I'll give the rich business man and Federal budget expert an opportunity to do better. They surely can't do worse.

    BTW, for the record letter writer is wrong. Governor Romney, much to the chagrin and lies of dirty harry, paid plenty in taxes. He just doesn't go around bragging about it.


  3. WRT the 47 percent, and growing, that pay not Federal income taxes at all, it is a travesty and threat to the very fiber of American society. And if it goes unchecked, will surely lead to our imminent demise. Great societies are not murdered by outsiders, they commit suicide. 47 percenters, a case in point.


  4. So, what's the real Mitt Romney story? Is it the story his grinning face tells us in TV messages he approves or is it the story he relates to people paying $50,000 a plate to break bread with him? Romney has shown us two faces on almost every issue of importance from a woman's right to choose to immigration. He's also demonstrated that he really doesn't get 47% (or maybe it's 98%) of us and proven he knows way less about us than we're learning about him.

  5. Mr. Blanner can claim otherwise but both the R and D parties have 'given away the store' to voters and have not paid the bill.

    Our debt is $ 16 trillion; income to our government is $ 2.4 trillion per year; what government spends is $ 3.7 trillion per year, for a deficit of $ 1.3 trillion.

    Using tax cuts (Romney) or government stimulus and a tax increase on the rich (Obama) to grow our economy at even an 'unlikely' 6 %, would leave us with a deficit of over $ 1 trillion per year.

    If Mr. Blanner and others want the Medicare and SS 'they paid for' and many other things to continue, we all better start asking where these two guys and their parties will 'cut', and by 'how much'.

    We are whistling on deck while of ship of state is sinking.


  6. The anger against Romney for his comments is because he lumped everyone of those in the 47% as moochers - only wanting free food , etc. Imagine getting the minimum wage pay and trying to live on it, yet when increase in minimum wage is on the table, the rich oligarchs block it, while CEOs get millions in bonuses. Imagine pounding the pavement looking for a job, but cannot find one because the "oligarchs" are hanging on to their money simply to increase unemployment so Obama will look bad. Those who don't pay federal income tax couldn't because of their tax bracket. What is shameful is those who should don't, by using all the tricks available not to.

    Look at charities who are desperately in need of money and have to continuously raise funds to survive, yet the rich oligarchs pour millions to PACs to control power.

    What sickens me about Romney's comments is his arrogance and ignorance. As a supposedly devout Mormon, he is Miles away from Christ. And what sickens me more are most conservatives who tout being Christians, yet support Romney's unChristian views of those of us who have to 'eat' with our bare hands because we were not born with silver spoons in our mouths.

    Romney and his rich friends and the "Christians" who support him need a lesson in humility. He needs to read "Imitation of Christ."

  7. Mitt's 2011 tax return shows he paid $1.9 million in federal income taxes. That puts to the lie what rumor mongers such as Harry the Red & Blanner concoct out of thin air in contending Mitt paid no income taxes for 10 years. (One lies - the other swears to it.) Meanwhile, how much did Blanner pay in 2011? In his lifetime, Blanner probably didn't come close to that figure. Plus, in 2011 Mitt gave about $4 million to charity. What were Blanner's charitable contrbutions for 2011? In his lifetime, Blanner never came close to being that charitable with his disposable income, I'll guess. Blanner would be have been wise to heed Winston Churchill: "When a man is in his twenties, if he isn't a Liberal, he has no heart; when a man is in his fourties, if he isn't a Conservative, he has no brain." And, since Blanner confesses to being a Social Security recipient, what does that make him?

  8. I always chickle when I see how the GOP keeps getting votes from the old school by talking about those welfare citizens cleaning us dry because that it the ONE BIG THING THAT IS RUINING OUR ECONOMY. If you read between the lines in about his 47% he really means the 99% because who was able to afford his $50,000 dinner?If you weren't at that dinner he doesn't really think much of you either. Keep dreaming he does.

  9. Mr Fink:

    Blanner is not running for office. Stay on topic.

    Do not avoid the issue that your golden boy has no clue about the people he wishes to lead. He only knows about being rich and how to get even richer if you are born into it. He is clueless about having nothing. Sadly, there is the 99% of us who have to claw our way up. He believes that we should be on our own.

    Learn a lesson from the Asians. Many of them have become self-sufficient here in the US because
    they help each other. When relatives come, they make them stay in their house, help them find jobs, provide them with capital to start a small business, until they can be on their own feet. Have you noticed that many nail salons are owned by Asians? Most major American and European cities have successful Asian populations precisely because they help each other. They do not kick their children out at 18 and they help them until they graduate college and ready to face the world. Many schools in this district show Asians with the highest percentage in passing state tests because parents and siblings help them study and impress upon them the importance of good education. That is the secret of their success, not superior intelligence.

    That is called community spirit and it helps and make society 'humane.'

    Romney makes you believe that he does, but the videotape revealed the real Romney. He said he is not concerned about those people - and that's where he fails as a leader. A real leader does not leave a 'wounded soldier' in the ditch.

  10. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Blanner. Everything you said is the God's honest truth. And it has been verified to be the all the right wing posters here who are busier than a cat trying to cover their crap on a marble floor deflecting the focus of what you just typed.

    Only thing I want to add is that...look at that tape.

    I paid attention to the servers. White shirts, black suit coats and white gloves. Wait a minute. White gloves? This occurred at a fat cat mansion in Boca Raton, Florida. It's hot there. Why wear gloves? Oh. Wait. I get it. The filthy rich are deathly afraid of catching the Ebola and/or West Nile virus from the unwashed masses. They have confirmed they are dirty and don't take baths/showers, all infected with STDs too.

    Anyways, those servers are the forty-seven percent that Romney is up there railing about.

    They are only guilty of trying to perform a job, to make money, to do it to the best of their abilities, to earn a living, to make money to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

    I'm sorry, people, but if that were me, I would have immediately stopped what I was doing, reached over and grabbed a salad with roquefort dressing, a well done filet mignon, something, walked over, and right out of the Three Stooges, I would have smushed it hard into Romney's face.

    Then I would turn, look at the fat cat that employed me and put on this Romney fiasco, told him sternly that, look, I'll do what I'm supposed to do, do it to perfection, but I do not have to do it while this yay hoo is slamming and making fun of me.

    I would have then told him find someone else that can stomach this junk and walked out. Employment terminated. I have scruples. I don't need this. I can always find another job.

    THIS is the reason why Wrong Way Romney will lose. Because the majority of the American people think like I do.

    You crap on the little people? We really don't mind it. Sometimes it's inevitable. BUT WHEN YOU DO IT ON PURPOSE!?!?! Nope. The guy is toast.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

  11. Gov. Mitt Romney speaking about the 47% (leaked tape) freeloaders and moochers who he says will vote for the re-election of Pres.Obama.If Gov. Romney is correct about the 47%.It won't take but a few more percentage points to seal the re-election for Pres.Obama.

    On this date of the leaked tapes Gov.Romney has shown his true colors.He does not represent all the people ,only the rich. This is what will cost him the election,his own doing.

  12. Whiners,

    All y'all are just plain weird...we are heading toward an iceberg and you weirdos are lining up deck chairs. Such a waste of energy and emotions bereft of reason and logic!!

    Blanner, as I wrote yesterday, I know, you know and even my cat knows Romney was not referring to you and your fellow know to whom he was referring! Be honest!

    Get a new argument and save the self-pity. Weirdos.


  13. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the one Europeans call "The American Borat," just can't seem to find an audience. To appease one audience while asking them for money he offends another. This is what happens when your principle's are compromised by doublespeak. The most recent disclosure came when he was video taped saying that 47% of Americans are, in one form or the other, on the dole, victims reliant upon government handouts while paying no federal income taxes. He says these people are all Obama supporters. If that's true then Mitt should quit, he has no chance of being elected, Obama has bought nearly all the votes he needs in advance. But of course it isn't true. By foolishly saying this Romney has characterized the 11 million seniors who rely upon Social Security for 90% of their income as being on the dole. He also groups together and characterizes low wage earners like the working poor, students, part time employees and single mom's as if they were tax cheats scamming the system by not earning enough to pay income tax, cheating other Americans. Had G.W. Bush not cut income taxes for these low income folks by a few nickels in order to give ten straight years of huge tax breaks to the wealthy then many of the 47 percent would be paying some income tax today, but not much. Bush lowered taxes on the wealthy dramatically while giving a very small concession to low wage earners. His trickle down economic experiment failed. We are all still waiting for that trickle but today it still isn't even a drip, drip, drip. Maybe Romney should try another approach, "9-9-9" sounds like a slogan that could resonate with voters. Oops, I guess that one's no longer available.

  14. <<WRT the 47 percent, and growing, that pay not Federal income taxes at all>>

    I say "BS" to that!!! Sure, there are those who do not pay any Federal income tax because they do NOT make enough mnoney to do so. Wasn't Reagan that came up with this? If you make under a certain amount in wages, you are exempt from paying Federal income tax? And most still pay state taxes if applicable.

    Also how about all the disabled adults? Our disabled MILITARY personnel who came home without arms or legs after fighting Republican wars? Do you expect THESE people to pay taxes? They are probably not even getting a "living wage" with disability payments.

    I, too, am one of those alleged "victims" (per Romney's description). I collect Social Security but I also work a part time job of less than 20 hrs a week at a "just above minimum wage" of $10.00 an hour. My paycheck has a detailed breakdown of the taxes taken out - and that includes SS taxes, FICA, Medicare, and the "Illinois state tax", the % of which is just a few dollars BELOW Federal taxes. Sorry, but I certainly do NOT consider myself a victim even though I get that damn "government handout" every month in the form of my Social Security.

    Last year my income for the year was a little over $12,000. Luckily for that EIC, I actually did get some money back but hardly enough to put gas in my car for a month. For 2012, between my job and Social Security, I will get dinged for paying Federal tax on about $2000-$3000 of my Social Security benefits. Will I still be considered a "victim"? Many seniors who still work are in the same position as I am. They STILL pay all the necessary taxes, even though their combined annual income is way less than what mine is.

    So for you to say that "47%" do NOT pay taxes is erroneous - as usual. Sure, I can quit my job and then be eligible for all SORTS of government "hand outs" because my income will go down - help with rent, food stamps, utility help, etc. But as long as I am able to work (and I do enjoy it), myself as well as so many other seniors, we will work until we can no longer get out of bed, get in our cars and still be productive members of society.

    I guess you think that those seniors in their 60's, 70's and 80's who no longer can work and are disabled consider themselves "Victims" and are glad for the gov't handouts. Oh and let's not forget all those members of the military that are disabled. I guess you feel that they, too, consider themselves "Victims".

    For someone who professes to be a "practicing Catholic", you sure lack compassion and understanding for your fellow man. But you'll receive Communion every week, participate in Mass but yet inside, you could care less for those who are in need. Hypocrite.

  15. It's easy to attack and be disagreeable. It's much more difficult but rewarding to FIND SOLUTIONS. As said, Romney and I are not as slick with words as Mr. O. Doesn't mean his and my reasoning is faulty. There is a world of difference between retirees and people with TEMPORARY issues and those people who make a career out of dependency often using children to obtain continuous benefits from programs--government programs AND non-profits AND the good will of neighbors. There is something wrong with anyone who will accept, take or demand from the rest of us so they can remain unaccountable. Let us change this by changing who we prioritize. Let's prioritize able-bodied adults with proven work records--let's assist them back into the work force. Let's lower the priority on those who've been on any form of assistance for a long time EXCEPTING the truly disabled--who are almost always on SSI or SSDI. SNAP food stamps are advertised because Nevada has low participation rate by seniors--single adults--with a direct correlation in that Nevada does relatively NOTHING for single adults while we spend endlessly on those who chuck out numerous kids they refuse to support and refuse to care for.

  16. Purgatory 7:43: You have a way with words but I doubt you have many converts. Pointing fingers at those who are not the candidates you prefer is ARRANGING DECK CHAIRS on the Titanic. Get Congress of their dead ends and GET SOMETHING DONE--I'd like to see expulsion of illegals--the 12% of employees in Nevada who are illegals would open up jobs for even our long-term unemployed. And let's not point fingers and say those aren't the jobs we want--yes we do. Those who are so l-t unemployed, those living on the streets, recent grads, anyone who is willing to work their way up. I don't care if it "breaks up" families if the anchor babies born here refuse to return with their families. I prioritize my kids, grandkids, neighbors, citizens OVER illegals. We cannot afford educate, house, feed, cloth, vaccinate 16 million illegals while our seniors go without basic food and heat.
    Ditto FUTURE 5:45: I agree we must get a flatter tax code and eliminate the social welfare within. I suspect that's a large part of the GOP failure to deal with the fiscal cliff--the end of Bush-era tax cuts will also end SOME of the social welfare within the tax code. And then, they can Legislate a slightly flatter code.

  17. I get a kick out of the way Obama gets blamed for everything. Give me a break! Entitlements came out of the Civil War. 30% of the people were getting some type of government assistance in the 1960s. The 17 point rise that we have seen since then is due almost entirely to an aging population and skyhigh medical costs. No one in this country that gets seriously ill can afford it.

    The number will go higher as the remaining 36 million baby boomers retire. That's just the way it is.

    In terms of "poor people" 64% of the people in this country can lay their hands on a grand. The lack of adequate savings and investment by individuals has left the majority of the people in this country poor.

    Poor people...64% of the nation.
    The elderly are not part of the dependent class?? Are you joking! Households headed by someone over 70 are the poorest households in the country. Half the seniors are currently dying penniless. They have nothing and many no longer have the ability to work. They are starving on a $1000 month Social Security check. The elderly are the ultimate dependent class.

  19. Roslenda,

    I gave up on the non-convertable decades ago. Peacelilly, Blanner, Vernos, et al are only used to illustrate the end-points of our society. They are beyond hope for change. I am not after them.

    My goal here is to cause a casual observer who is watching the chaos on this page to think, use logic, reason, and to act. Civil discourse is way over-rated and ineffective - just ask Casler, as that is his gig and he likes deck chairs.

    Please allow me the fun of stating the obvious in a somewhat snarky way.

    Truthfully, I am tiring of my own Purgatory between the sane and the insane. I trust I can break out of it some day.

  20. The political system in America is inherently fraudulent.

    A candidate goes into "different" communities and play to the crowd. Say whatever they want, and say it differently depending on the people in the community.

    The talking heads, cable news, talk radio, and opinion news, shape and tell us what to think of the candidates and who to vote for. The message given to voters is served hot, with an extreme intent and non-stop twenty-four hours a day. Every so often the truth is squeezed out by accident and then attacked liked an invading alien.

    In today's political world, the American people are viewing political candidates in a totally different light. Ironically, an incumbent is tolerated, and in many cases accepted, no matter the degree of productivity.

    There is so much corruption in politics, we as Americans have accepted politicians will lie, and politicians know they can lie, without a real challenge from the voters. The politicians change the message depending on what the audience wants to hear.

  21. Jim you brought it up, any comment on when Obama has a $35,800 a plate dinner and stiffs the town he visits?

    >> from the
    The city of Newport Beach, California, has been chasing the Obama campaign for months, in an effort to get them to pay the $35,000 in added security costs of a fundraiser held there earlier this year.

    In stark contrast, Team Romney reimbursed the city for security costs at a Republican fundraiser--without delay--according to the Los Angeles Times.

  22. Mr. Blanner, you don't have to worry, and I do not think seniors on SS were part of the intended 47% comment,though many would be in that category if they did not prepare well for retirement.
    Bear in mind Obama has had people PAY LESS into the system for the last 2 years, money which will have to come out of future wages at some point..
    From Mitt Romney website:
    >>First, for future generations of seniors, Mitt believes that the retirement age should be slowly increased to account for increases in longevity.
    Second, for future generations of seniors, Mitt believes that benefits should continue to grow but that the growth rate should be lower for those with higher incomes.
    With just those two simple steps, and no change in benefits for those at or near retirement, America can guarantee the preservation of the Social Security system for the foreseeable future.

    Mitt is committed to saving Social Security. He will ensure that America honors all of its commitments to today's seniors and strengthens the program so that it is financially secure for future generations.

  23. Yeah, keep making excuses for Romney. They won't fly. The GOP should have selected a credible candidate people could get behind - they didn't. Blaming others for Romney's weakness won't gain him votes.

    Think about it, Romney is outspending Obama and is STILL falling behind. Only an incompetently run campaign could manage that feat. Even the state he governed (Massachusetts) is going for Obama. That's right - the people who liked him enough to elect him governor before now do not think he should be elected again. That's a powerful message one cannot ignore.

  24. Purgatory 10:09. Ja sure, keep on keeping on. I see that you are where I acquired the term Whiner. Can you find a way to restate the msg: In better times, a third of Americans received some form of social welfare. Now that it's notched up to half, we need to re-examine who gets how much. We accept retirement / SS / Medicare / disability. We do NOT accept young college kids "paying" their way via grants, tuition tax credits, food stamps (oh, yes they do), free health care (at clinics and on campus) while driving new trucks and SUV's. In my day, college kids drove "good runners" if they drove at all. Bus lines and walking was in. And all of us born WITHOUT that silver spoon, worked our way thru. Sub-standard housing, a way of life for 20-somethings--not subsidized rent and/or down-payment grants. And it's a blessed shame that those on complete, total, refuse-to-work assistance often live better life styles than the working class of Americans--until we END TAX SUBSIDIES for the whining way of life--leaving only tax credits for elderly, retired, disabled.

  25. Romney spoke the truth. Admit it. Move on.

  26. Roslenda,

    Methinks we are on the same page. I am just less optimistic, especially when reading the comments of most of these weirdos. I am beyond trying to be respectful to the left, right, or the middle, when they are all mostly wrong.

    I will participate in positive discussion when each commenter starts his or her statement with "the Federal Government borrows 42 cents of every dollar it spends, and is projected to do so for the foreseeable future." Nothing else matters nor should there be anything else to discuss. Until we agree that all of the rest of the issues are in the noise of details in the light of our impending implosion, I will not be open to civil discussion.


  27. Roslenda... About 30% of the population was getting government assistance in the 1960s. The period leading up to the last recession was one of the longest uninterrupted periods of growth in American history. The unemployment rate was at near record lows and we went nearly 16 years with only one relatively mild recession. Unprecedented in American history. Even during this time of unprecedented growth you had over 40% of the population getting some type of entitlement. Contrary to popular belief the number hasn't changed much in the last few years.

    As I stated above the increased entitlement exposure is due to our society which is aging. It's going on all over the world. Whether times are good or bad you're still going to have 78 million baby boomers retiring. It's just the way life is.

  28. Who said the 1960's were wonderful. When able-bodied adults refuse to support their kids because it's easier to live off the dole, it just ain't right. We shouldn't be borrowing a dime to pay illegals to have kids nor to pay citizens to have kids they won't support.

  29. Over time people confuse fact with fiction as with the prior statement that Obama didn't turn around the economy like Reagan did. Reagan was faced with a much less daunting problem while Obama inherited multiple complex problems. But it still took Reagan 8 years to restore the economy to "normal." Much has been made about Romney giving several million dollars to the Mormon church. In the scheme of things for someone who has a net worth of $250,000,000 or more it isn't that much. It is far more difficult for someone with a family of four earning $50,000 to give $1,000. The irony of it all is that it is unlikely that the $50,000 a year earner will get an income tax deduction as they would probably use the standard deduction. When Romney gave the church millions he got the deduction. But his contribution was only 85.9% and the federal government subsidized his donation 14.1% or $352,500! What's wrong with this picture?

  30. kepi - "Oh Please! Are you referring to the Mormon Tithing?"

    Nope. They are referring to the millions he has given to other charities, such as The Tyler Foundation.

  31. "Hey Carmine. Future, & houstonjack.....Don't forget to vote on November 6th. Mitt needs every vote that he can get!"

    If the applause for Governor Romney at the Emmy's last night is an indication of Nov 6, we'll have lots of voter company.


  32. "So for you to say that "47%" do NOT pay taxes is erroneous"

    You forgot the word "income" before taxes. Your error. Not Gov Romney.


  33. Nancy, if you are really a "teacher," I can see why our schools are in such terrible shape. When people "voluntarily" help other people that's one thing. When government forces people to "help" other people; that's quite another. And that's what I and a host of other folks object to: government force. Most of us, maybe not "teachers" such as yourself, are quite capable of taking care of ourselves, our familes and our obligations without government interference and without "political correctness."

  34. A note to those trying to blame President Obama for our economic mess. It's time for you to bone up on history.

    The middle class has been in decline since "top side" or "trickle down" economics has been used as an engine to drive the economy. When Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers the fuse was lit starting this decline. For the last 35 years or so the wealth of the country has shifted to the "supply side" wealthy who stick it in offshore foreign accounts. There was no "trickle down" unless you count the bulging pockets of people who don't work for a living while gaining profits from capital gains, people like Mitt Romney. I don't begrude these people their wealth, but President Obama can't be blamed for what these people syphon out of the American economy, leaving a shrinking middle class and broadening working poor class behind.

    How can anyone expect working people who barely earn enough to feed their families pay an income tax? Especially when the tax sytem is skewed for the wealthiest who use it to their full advantage. When our infrastructure fails will those top 2% finally kick in to rebuild this country?

    I know, those of you living on "Bizarro World" will never understand this post, but I must post it anyway.

  35. ASadTeacher and Roslenda have made comments which really address the 47% issue. The lack of personal responsibility of people. Why does a woman have more children then she can afford to feed? The problem should be stopped at birth, if a family or woman can not show financial responsibility the child is put in a foster home until the income level is obtained, rather than give extra money for extra kids. If they could not keep their kids and get extra money habits will change. Is it a "right" to have as many kids you want or a responsibility to be able to raise them on your own income? China has a strict birth control law, whether you agree with it or not it shows how important it is. How do illegal immigrants work low paying jobs and still be able to live and still send money back to their families? The comments on Asians is true, and there are true American families here in the USA that still have that same pride and family value. The only reason many are in the 47% is because they put themselves there and the government seems willing to keep handing them "help", how does that help them?.

  36. "Bill O'Reilly (America's most watched and most trusted "news" commentator)(much to the "left's chagrin)"


    That's the funniest thing I've heard in months!!!!

  37. kepi - So you do acknowledge his charitable donations other than his church tithing. Thanks.

    To quote Forbes - "All told, we have accounted for nearly $18 million of charitable giving by Mitt Romney to date, roughly 8% of what we currently estimate his net worth to be and three times Obama's net worth. Yet it is very likely that we are undercounting Romney's total lifetime giving by many millions, as any exhaustive log of Romney's pre-2010 out of pocket donations is locked away in the presidential candidate's historical tax returns."

  38. Sad and Peterf: Many kids are on their own LONG before 18. Some get food and shelter, such as it is, until they are 18. K-12 MUST enable these kids by teaching that we all have options OTHER THAN PREGNANCY.
    Illegals have funds to send home BECAUSE they chuck out a bunch of illegal anchor babies and we taxpayers pick up the tab for all. WELFARE FOR BABIES pretending they are citizens.....they get it all.
    I stopped at a couple yard sales this weekend. The last one was an anglo man, 51 years old. Lost his wife when they "had to" file bankruptcy to keep the house--ex is employed. He's "still" not working, he says. He's so proud he's still in the house, hasn't made a payment in some time. HOWEVER, his "girl" had a son with him about a year ago. They are not married. He provides the house. She (an illegal it seems) provides the social welfare: food, utilities, medicaid....
    His other source of income: yard sales, endless yard sales. His prices were not as low as the local area--he's fully aware of the "curb alerts" / free stuff on Craig's List and freecycle so I guess he's an enterprising guy LIVING OFF YOU AND ME.

  39. OCTOMOM: just caught some of Dr. Phil. Nadyia is still out there telling us how she gives it all for her 14 kids--none with a father in sight. Taxpayers got the tab for the millions in prenatal, child birth, postnatal.... Takes just one of her versus oh say 40 taxpayers to cover the cost.

  40. hombre - "Vernos wants to credit Obama with anything good that Vernos thinks he did and anything bad that happened is Bush's fault."

    You are dead wrong. The fact that Obama is using drones which kills innocent people bothers me, greatly. But I'd rather use drones than boots on the ground and scratch it up to those famous words, "collateral damage". The fact that Obama has extended the Patriot Act which is in contrast to our Constitution bothers me. The fact that Obama caved to health insurances companies to get health care passed bothers me. There are many other things I can bring up, but I do know he comes from the middle class and is working to restore the middle class unlike others who had advantages most people will never realize, those born with silver spoons and politically powerful fathers. No president is perfect and a few who held the office have proven to be bigger fools that most.

    Oh, I just found out Romney invested in a nationalized communist Chinese oil company that does business with Iran. Once again it proves the "almighty dollar" rules out all other behavior and ideology for the wealthiest among us.