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January 29, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Republicans thwart the president

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President Barack Obama’s efforts toward balancing the budget were thwarted at every turn by the Republican senators and the House majority with the professed goal of assuring that Obama does not succeed in getting a second term.

Maybe when Obama is re-elected and cannot aspire to a third term the Republicans in the Senate and House will stop thinking about their own political futures and cooperate on passing legislation that will both balance the budget and improve the economy. Then they will not need to worry about Obama’s successes.

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  1. Stan doesn't understand how the parties and Congress work. Each party distorts the record and motives of the other party in an effort to sway voters.

    Congress as a whole does a very poor job and each party blames the other in a mostly successful effort to cover up their poor performance. That won't change under Obama or Romney.

    In addition, due to the money that is needed for re-election and lobbying, Congress does not do the will of the people. Instead, it does the will of powerful interests.

    This leads to why each party demonizes the other party. If they could not successfully blame the opposite party for everything that is wrong, Americans 'might' finally start holding both these clever but corrupt parties and the members of Congress responsible for their terrible work product; a work product that is very poor, regardless of party control, year after year after year.


  2. Why would the Republicans cooperate in tearing down the economic tent we all live under?Obama has been out of control, and his policies have deprived the economy.When the Speaker of the House and Obama were on the verge of a "grand bargain", Obama insisted on another $400 billion in taxes and undermined the deal. When the White House is occupied by someone as destructive to the nation as Obama has been, and whose inability to work together is as blatant as Obama's, he needs to hit the road. The president, Reid and Pelosi literally pounded through the Obamacare legislation and did not bother to get any input from Republicans. The majority af the nation does not favor the legislation in its current form. The legislation was not even read and understood before passage.
    Why would Repubicans want four more years of this insanity in the White House.6 trillion dollars more in debt.And for what?For growing a nation that is deeper in debt and more dependent on government handouts. Bogged down in regulations that prevent businesses from getting off the ground.An anemic attempt at a recovery which is flatlined.Get a businessman in the White House who knows what he's doing, and remove this Faculty Lounge imposter.

  3. Letter writer is wrong. President's most recent budget didn't get one democrat signature in the Senate. 63 democrats and not one signed. Congressional Budget Office couldn't score it, aka cost it out in dollars. Why? CBO said it was too much narrative and talking points and not enough details.

    BTW, Bowles, one half of the Simpson Bowles Commission hand picked by President Obama, said the Ryan budget was a serious budget.


  4. A key part of Romney's plan for economic recovery is based on "reaching across the aisle" to get both parties to come together and pass meaningful legislation, for the good of the country. I don't see that happening, and most comments on this thread would seem to back me up.

    Since the expectation of continued gridlock is high, I shifted my priorities to my own "pocketbook" issues.

    As a senior citizen, I don't care for the GOP ticket's plans for MY future fiscal solvency, and Medical care. Therefore, Romney / Ryan are not the candidates of MY interests, or in the longer run, the interests of the country.

  5. I couldn't agree more with Mr Broselow on his comments about the Republicans trying to make it so Pres. Obama does not win re-election.

    They could care less(Republicans) how much debt or how long we stay in wars.The number one goal for the Republicans is to win the white house at all costs,to them it dosen't matter what those costs are.

    When Pres.Obama wins re-election the Republicans will have to set a new goal for themselves.That goal should be to cleanese out the hater's and nay sayer's from the party, and try to restore it back to what it once was. Maybe they can win some of us back.

  6. If President Obama doesn't understand the U.S. economy, it's probably a mystery to most of the rest of us too. For example, we wonder how stock market averages can double in such an allegedly anti-business environment. Could it be caused by failed government stimulus programs? We have learned friends out there who will rush forward with the information.

    In examinimg job creation, our learned friends quote statistics that claim no job creation has taken place during the Obama administration. They would have us believe that at 11:00 AM on Inauguration Day the economy can be shedding jobs at the rate of 800,000 a month and two hours later, with a new President, we should be adding jobs. I'm sure there must be historical precedent for this in their vast database but our learned friends haven't offerred it. I'm waiting.

    Even though we don't understand the U.S. economy some of us have noticed that this recession is different from the usual expansion-recession cycles. We notice the value of our homes falling 50% which hasn't happened since the Great Depression. Our learned friends tell us this was caused by a law passed during the Carter Administration and has nothing to do with Wall Street making tons of money writing mortgages to anyone that was a carbon-based life form. Hence, home construction, an important part of of the U.S. economy is not contributing to the recovery or job growth.

    And we don't understand why, in an anti-business environment we created 5.2 million private sector jobs, but we lost about 600,000 government jobs. Many of the latter jobs lost were womens' jobs since they are a disproportionate percentage of teachers and clerical workers. But many of our learned friends strongly favor a larger reduction in government jobs so we can create jobs??????

    I would beware of someone that tells you they know how the entire economy works, when all they know for sure is that part of it works for them.

  7. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Broselow, but I refuse to just sit back and automatically assume that the Tea/Republicans in power right now will change.

    They won't.

    So, I reject the idea that they will work with this President if he is reelected (and I'm sure he will be).

    What I am positioning to do (and hoping for) right here and now is to get rid of the Tea/Republicans by voting them out. Not later. NOW.

    I refuse to resign myself that they will change. I prefer to go for the complete and utter destruction of the Tea/Republican Party. Because all indications show they will NEVER change...due to their constant need to shift to the right more and more and more and more and most. It won't stop. Not until voters put a stop to them.

    I can't sit here and hope they will join in an effort to move America forward. Especially when all indications they keep taking us impossibly backwards. And I particularly do not care for their constant interjection of religion into politics. Religion has its place. But not in politics. Nor do I like the Tea/Republican Party self-declared World War Women. Every single indication of attacking women's health issues relies solely upon this abomination called the Tea/Republican Party. And lastly, the Tea/Republicans just want to be in power and not work with anyone. They complain the Democrats are spending too much money. So when the Democrats in power start balancing the budget and tightening the belts of government, then the Tea/Republicans complain the Democrats are doing nothing. In other words, all they do is attack, attack, attack, tora, tora, tora, banzai, banzai, banzai. They are not concerned with governing and leading. Unless they are in power.

    I say enough. The only thing they understand is if you vote them all out. As an entire political party, they have failed America. All indications show they will CONTINUE to fail America.

    Get rid of 'em. I am convinced the only way to fix their ultra-conservative constant over reaching all the time is to vote them all out, destroy their party, all in order so they can re-build and start making sense. Because right now it's far right nonsense. I still say they are pursuing a dumb and arrogant policy of my way or the highway. I refuse to attribute any legitimacy to this stupid and stubborn way of addressing politics.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate!

  8. The Repugnants use the two Santa Claus theory. That is when out of power they yell and scream that the Dem's. are creating debt and raising taxes. However when they are in power they create more debt, hide it and brag how they're helping us. Then the cycle starts again blaming the Dem's for fixing what they created, and not helping solve the problem they created. And somehow the stupid American public buys this horse manure.

  9. From Canada's northern vantage point, it certainly appears that neither party has any realistic chance of gaining control of the presidency plus the house and senate. That sure indicates to me that America is in for another four years of partisan gridlock.
    It also seems unlikely that Mr. Romney will be able to catch up to Mr. Obama and grab the presidency, even though the media is desperately attempting to make the contest look like it's a toss-up.
    Theoretically either the Democratic or Republican platform could solve most of America's financial problems, but realistically I agree with the poster Michael Casler that neither will actually be successful. America's political system is simply too dominated by fundraising requirements and special interest agendas.
    The overspending government problem isn't restricted to the USA. Canada has roughly the same per capita accumulated debt when our federal debt is added to the debt of our provinces.
    The vast majority of today's influential economists believe that balancing the budget over the near term will devastate the economy and make things much worse, and that the impending fiscal cliff is a plunge into a severe depression.
    It is difficult for politicians to ignore this prevailing philosophy.
    My own view is just the opposite, and I believe that quickly balancing the budget is essential to America's (and Canada's) viable future. Alas, that is simply not going to occur no matter which party is successful on November 6th.
    The success of the stock market is not of much help to the vast majority of citizens. In fact my guess is that much of that substantial recovery since early 2009 can be attributable to industry boosting profits by outsourcing and downsizing. That strategy certainly pumps up near-term results, but also drives a permanent nail into the well-being of America's middle class which is forced to trade good jobs for mediocre ones.
    Good luck, America. I wish you the best over the next four years no matter what happens in the election. Unfortunately I expect continued gridlock to do nothing but kick America's financial problems down the road.

    Donald Desaulniers (FromBellevilleCanada)

  10. "Stan doesn't understand how the parties and Congress work. . . . .due to the money that is needed for re-election and lobbying, Congress does not do the will of the people. Instead, it does the will of powerful interests."

    wtplv -- what you said! I would just add the branches act as checks and balances against the others, it's our republic's foundation. To expect Congress to march in lockstep with any president or any party is against that foundation.

    "The people should not be deceived ... a major, undemocratic restructuring of our national institutions and mores is constantly in progress." -- Justice Scalia dissenting in Board of County Commissioners, Wabaunsee County, Kansas v. Umbehr, 518 U.S. 668, 709-10 (1996)

  11. Donald, (FromBelleViewCanada),

    Many letter writers here should take a trip to Canada. Perhaps if they did, they could gain the clarity of vision you have from your vantage point up north.

    I have been to your beautiful country in the provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba. Perhaps my visit there helped give me the perspective to see and admit what a mess we are in, know that is wasn't the result of one party alone, and also to realize that correcting our problems will require compromise and great sacrifice by all Americans.

    Neither of our candidates for President is calling for that sacrifice and that saddens and worries me greatly.


  12. There is not doubt there is a concerted effort on the part of the Republican Party, Republican Governors, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, John Bohener and people like Carl Rove and Newt Gringrich to deny President Obama a second term.

    The action against the President was in the making the first day President Obama took office. Paul Ryan is also involve with the action.

    Republican Governor passed state laws to deny voting rights to minorities and the poor. The House used "the spear" (John Bohener) to deny the President any type of measure that will help create jobs. Mitch McConnell is the Filibuster Master in the Senate.

    When so many extreme positions are against one person, and this one person is not only surviving, but progressing, (progressing slowly), this clearly shows the Nation needs a new congress. Not a new President! And if a new president were in order, Mitt Romney clearly it not the person for the job.

  13. These are the republican political leaders and republican flacks who met on the evening that President Obama was sworn in and plotted to develop a plan to subvert the United States Government and our political processes: Representatives Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoefstra, and Dan Lundgren; Senators Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, John Ensign, Jon Kyl, and Bob Corker; former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, propagandist Frank Luntz, and Journalist Fred Barnes. Do these ""Americans"" understand what the consequences would have been for their actions in most other nations on this planet?

    Speaker of the House Boehner and Senate Minority leader McConnell were not present at this meeting, but you must be aware that no such endeavor would have been undertaken without their complete knowledge, agreement and consent.

    They have certainly been successful in making it a more difficult process for the president ---- this one man - in his quest for reelection to a second four-year term.

    But do they understand the grief, pain and suffering that their ill-conceived plans have caused untold millions of innocent American citizens?

    Do you think they care?

  14. Why would the SUN support both Heck and Obama then ? Is the Staff off it's medication ?

  15. @RefNV,
    "Democrats have forgotten the 23 million unemployed/under-employed Americans." (ReFreeman)

    You mean Democrat are placing back to work the 23 million Americans former president Bush and Republican Party placed on the unemployment line.

  16. @truthserum,

    Take a dose of yourself. After reading your scare tactic comments, it concludes a display of an uniformed and misguided writer who know how to copy and paste with best of them.

  17. Balancing budgets won't get us out of this depression. Simpson- Bowles is a farce. As long as Rich Republicans stay in office this chaos will remain

  18. When will something be Obama's fault?

  19. There is an excellent book by Michael Grunwald called The New New Deal. It is an in depth research on the stimulus, The Recovery Act of 2009, and its success.

    Read the reviews on the link to the book on Amazon. There is so much more information than the 3000 word limit I can use here.

    A second look is an audio interview of the author by The Economist.

    We are fed alot of false information from the Republicans, and it is about time the public gets the facts, rather than the fake information by the Republicans.

  20. Ever since I was a kid, I've never believed what I was being told or being taught for the most part. Back then, I didn't know why they were lying, now I do.

    I went to St Joseph's (when Sister Barbara was Principle) grades 1-8 back in the late 60's and 70's. I just kept my mouth shut, but something inside me innately knew something wasn't right. When I started learning things that interested me later in life, I am now aware of one truth above all truths, things are not what they appear to be when you're talking about religion or politics. Why? The answers are secret, but they involve the occult and secret societies, things that are "out of this world" compared to common logic. Mostly, the truth is that we'll never know the truth, like 911, but our intuition tells us something isn't right. When it comes to politics, one only has to discover that all past presidents of the USA are related to British royalty and like British royalty carry Rh negative blood in their veins, you know, the rare blood type that is not related to the Rhesus monkey (85% of world is Rh positive). Scientists don't know why this is, only that this type of blood came on the scene about 6000 years ago, about the same time the Sumerians started the 1st civilization they say was created by visitors from a place called "Nibiru" which orbits the earth ever 12,000 years. (behind the sun now) Obama and Romney are both Ab negative blood type, as was Clinton. Reagan was O negative. Obama is blood related to Bush and Cheney. They (past POTUS) are all blood relatives of King John "Lackland" of England who was not a very nice guy or good leader according to historians. Given the fact the Royals only seem to breed within their own family, this un-taught never discussed (in the media) fact is astonishing.

    Bottom line, the powers that control the USA from abroad and who pulled of 911 to hasten the end of our Republic via lost freedoms, liberties, wars, open border policies, and ultimately bankruptcy and the end of our currency have a plan for this land and the people of this land, and frankly there is nothing that can be done to stop what is coming our way, regardless of who wins this coming election. Pick your poison. Either way, we as a nation are done.

  21. Some reality from another part of the Sun for conservatives to rail about:

  22. Stan,

    You have just renounced reason and are leaping to hope.
    If BHO is re elected you will get four more years of the same or worse....

  23. Apparently, leftists were in a coma for the 8 years of the George W. administration when Dumbocrats, led by Harry the Red, opposed almost every initiative proposed by Bush. Filibusters were the norm; even of Federal court candidates. Now the shoe is on the other foot and leftists squeal like pigs. It seems they don't understand the "loyal" oppositon part of our political system. What do we need with a "two party" system if they agree on everything? Get real, Dumbocrats, and get ready to oppose almost every initiative President Mitt Romney proposes once he takes office. I'm quite sure you will.

  24. We need to vote out rent seeking Republicans because together with blue dogs they low balled the stimulus.

  25. If we give tax cuts to corporations, what guarantee is there that they will hire workers instead of using the extra money to buy back stocks, pay higher dividends to stakeholders, pay higher CEO salaries, stock bonuses, and cash bonuses, or buy other companies, or merge, or expand foreign operations?

    With corporations already sitting on $3 trillion now, instead of hiring, what guarantees that they won't keep more of their profits through tax deductions, or in tax havens, or that it will not be added to what they are already sitting on?

    At what point do businesses start spending their profits on hiring, rather than sitting on it?

    Are the American voters being subjected to extortion to make sure we vote for who they want? [Romney]

    Why would corporations need to hire workers in the US, if they have outsourced the work to workers in foreign countries, especially when they already have the staff they need to handle the US side?

    Wouldn't it be more profitable to expand in foreign countries, and add only small numbers of workers on the U.S. side?

    Increasing productivity doesn't necessarily need large numbers of human workers added to the company. Investment in advanced or new technology can increase productivity without requiring the hiring of additional workers.

    Who is to say that with the right combination of politicians in the Whitehouse and Congress, that they wouldn't change the laws so that a work week became 60 hours without OT above 40 hours, thus increasing productivity per worker?

    Therefore, the economy can appear to be growing, and we can still have very high unemployment. That means minimal benefit to the unemployed.

    If our export markets are unable to order because of the effects of the global crisis, companies have to decrease production, and layoff more workers. We can't force people to buy American products.

    So, we go back to production by cheap labor to compete on the export market, China, Viet Nam, Cambodia, under the theory that cheap prices are needed to compete. We grow their economy.

    And back to the US unemployed, who even if hired, are losing the standard of living once known. Their wages have been stagnant, and it appears the wages will begin to go backwards in the very near future.

    We may be moving backwards toward feudalism. The only people who will be able to afford to own private property will be the "Lords", those with the wealth to buy the the land.

    It seems that workers may very well need to take more control of their own destiny by growing productivity and the economy in owner/worker co-ops, as rapidly as they are able. One major difference is they would keep and share the profits between all the owner/workers themselves and determine together how to invest and grow their companies.