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February 1, 2015

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The best stewards of our tax money?

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Everyone is harping about President Barack Obama being the cause of the national debt. Everyone thinks a Republican president will turn the tide. Let’s look at the facts that anyone can verify at the Treasury Department’s website.

Look at Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. In 12 years under these two Republican presidents, the national debt went from $900 billion to $4 trillion. Under Democratic President Bill Clinton, the national debt went from $4 trillion to $5.6 trillion, an increase of only $1.6 trillion in eight years. Under President George W. Bush, it went from $5.6 trillion to $10 trillion — nearly doubling the national debt in eight years. Going further back, the national debt doubled under Nixon/Ford and went up only 20 percent under Jimmy Carter.

Those who want a Republican savior for the national debt are dreaming. People shouldn’t be deluded into thinking that Republican presidents are better stewards of the American tax dollar because history proves that wrong.

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  1. Robert, like so many, chooses his facts selectively and revises history to match his agenda. Yes, the deficits & debt of the USA were slowed or halted while "Sick Willie" was president. However, much of the credit must be given to the fact that Republicrats creamed the Dumbocrats in the mid-term elections and "Sick Willie," urged by Dick Morris, "triangulated." "Sick Willie" moved to the center and saved himself from certain ouster when up for reelection. Let's give "Sick Willie" credit for being smarter than the guy with the Cheshire Cat grin who, even though reviled by many for his taking the USA down the Socialist path, continues on his reckless rush towards bankrupting the United States of America. Osama Obama is no Bill Clinton and that's a good thing. Hopefully, it will send him back to Crook County Illinois where he belongs after the November election. I'm sure he'll feel much more comfortable among the crooks there.

  2. All of our Presidents and Congresses should be heavily criticized for running up the national debt. Some had better 'excuses' for doing so than others but 'excuses' should not relieve one of responsibility. Our government could always have raised taxes and or reduced spending to balance the budget... and choose not to.

    Our debt is so large now that it threatens our financial well being and is a threat to our continued existence. A 'fair' look at history shows us that neither party has shown an interest in balancing budgets.

    Whoever becomes President will not balance budgets. The best we will see is slowing the 'growth' of the debt. If we are smart, we will all INSIST that is no longer good enough and DEMAND that government stop spending more revenue than it receives. If we don't, we will all pay a terrible price.


  3. The president is only one factor in the equation to bring down the US debt and the deficit. Congress and the American people are the other two. The President had the other 2 on his side for the first 2 years of his term, he squandered it on Obamacare, which by all accounts, regardless of source, will add to both [debt and deficit]. Governor Romney is the best option and alternative that the Americans have to 4 more years of the same old failed policies and practices.


  4. Former President Bush should have taken some tough and unpopular actions to reign in spending and increase revenue to the government. He didn't and had he been able to run for a 3rd term, he would have been soundly defeated by anyone who ran against him... and for good reason.

    President Barack Obama should have taken some tough and unpopular actions to reign in spending and increase revenue to the government. He didn't and he should be defeated by a challenger.

    It may not work out that way but it should and it should continue that way until we find a President with the guts to make some very tough calls that MUST be made.


  5. BChap:

    Don't give up. Remember, over half of our population are intelligence-challenged. That is why the Romney political machine has been successful mostly with those people. They stubbornly hang on to their beliefs because they lack the capacity for thorough analysis and research in addition to their biases and prejudices. They hear it on T V, it confirms the only idea they know, and they hang on to that idea as the only truth.

    If they win, think about how we survived under Bush Junior. We will survive this too.

    We choose democracy and we deserve what we get, both good and bad.

  6. Why would anyone think that the budget should or could have been balanced in four years under Pres. Obama. No Pres. before (Pres.Obama) him were able to do it.

    Even V.P.Republican running mate Paul Ryan put together a plan that would balance the budget in the year 2040 that's twenty eight years from now (source)

    It does not matter who gets elected President,balancing the budget is a long hard struggle. Past Presidents have shown this to be true.

  7. When people try and scare the public about President Obama's record without providing the full picture, it works to a degree. However, it does not work in the overall picture.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  8. Bradley,
    Very well said,profit and greed are the driving forces behind the exit of American companies with U.S.job losses to China, and other countries.You have spelled it all out for us to read.

    Let's hope we the American people wake up before we reach a point of no return.

  9. How in Hell can anyone speak of stewardship regarding a centralized government with the monopoly privilege of creating fiat currency at will, with absolutely no accountability, and the coercive power to take everything from us, including our very life? The quote, "absolute power corrupts" is undisputed. Yet we idolize our elected officials, placing them upon pedestals and give them hero-worship praise when they have caused so much suffering and needless loss of life, believing they have made us safe and delivered us from calamity, all for the so-called benefit of society and the failed god we call democracy. And we still have the audacity and economic ignorance to use the term, "stewardship".

    We are consumed with political ideology. Much time and labor is spent making sure our favorite idols get placed upon that pedestal. We are heading in the direction that no political ideology wishes to change, naively having us believe they can steer the ship after it has gone over the falls. At the ultimate end is the collapse of the entire monetary system. For through fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, which is the source of unbridled power, the seeds of destruction have been sown. No political will can alter economic reality.

  10. Bradley is right in much of what he says. Businesses in some nations do invest at home more than businesses in America. He is also correct about American consumers being cheap and greedy.

    But the questions that must be asked are these:

    In Japan for example, is it culture or government control or both that causes businesses to be more 'patriotic', shall we say than businesses here? Once we find out, do we want to emulate that? Can we emulate that?

    Are American consumers willing to pay the high prices for goods and services produced here? If not, are we willing to have government force this issue?

    Those are key questions and issues that must be addressed by every American and by government.


  11. The level of economic ignorance that is displayed here and repeated day after day, in thread after thread, which demonizes the profit motive and assigns "greed" to the motive behind countless, educated business decisions to increase profit is very disheartening. And a weak-minded cop-out in the advancement of human knowledge. That so many are unable to comprehend how the system that determines the best utilization of scarce resources actually accomplishes that tast, and thus being ultimately responsible for our modern and civilized society, is disgraceful and testament to statist group-think that keeps us mired in the status-quo.

  12. So now it American consumers who are cheap and greedy?

    It is comments and beliefs like these that disgust me to no end! What shameful arrogance!

    Do you think the millions of people that shop at Walmart are just cheap and greedy? NO! They are trying to provide for the immediate well-being of themselves and their families. It is imperative for their survival that they get the most and best value for their dollars, while at the same time the government is actively destroying the value of those dollars and imposing an ever-increasing burden on business in being able to produce goods cheaply enough for those consumers. In being "cheap and greedy" as you say, Americans also SAVE money, which is how an economy is able to GROW and INNOVATE.

    Your comments are anti-social and not conducive to intellectual discourse. And you should be banned from this forum.

  13. Future - "Obama is triple the rate of Bush"

    Paying off the Bush wars, the Bush tax cuts and a $500 billion Bush handout to big pharma. Yes Obama has added to the deficit, but any reasonable person would understand the debt that occured under Bush is still taking a toll on our economy. Many economic bills are enacted with the idea they will last ten years or so.

  14. Do we keep talking and talking or do we DO SOMETHING about it? Keep pointing fingers, or DO SOMETHING? What to do? STOP spending. Eliminate non-essential programs and cut spending everywhere else. Reform the tax code so that everyone pays something. Eliminate refundable credits.

  15. Pat,

    Many Americans shop at Walmart because they don't make much money, but many Americans that don't make much money have Iphones, new cars and high credit card debt. Generalizing is always dangerous and inaccurate but it is a fact that many Americans make terrible financial choices and live far beyond their means.... not all... but many.


  16. Vernos,

    No 'Fair' minded person expected President Obama to balance every budget and reduce the debt to zero in four years. The issue is that many 'fair' minded people also did not expect to have the the Senate produce no budgets in four years, see deficits of over 1 trillion dollars a year for four years and see the debt increase by six trillion dollars over four years.

    I expect to see the President re-elected in a close race and when it happens, I will shake my head and find it almost unbelievable that it did happen.

    Then I'll pick myself up and go on because I'll have no choice.


  17. "Your comments are anti-social and not conducive to intellectual discourse. And you should be banned from this forum."

    Wow! It's Pat!

    It is a good thing I am one of the "intelligence-challenged" or I might be offended by one comment and angered by the other. Which is which is immaterial.

  18. Author, you blame prior presidents. That's simply a excuse.

  19. "And in the next 4 years, 5 to 8 million more new
    jobs will be created under PRESIDENT OBAMA."

    Mr. Teamster:

    Is that before or after GM pays back American taxpayers the $55 BILLION we gave them?

    Sure won't be from the sale of Volts, the car President Obama showcased that sold for $43,000 and then GM dropped the price by $10,000 after shuttering and retooling the plant twice in Tramahanack, Michigan to build other models. And not counting the $7500 tax subsidy credit.

    Did I mention that the company that built the Lithiom Ion batteries for the Volt went belly up. Even after Obama gave them billions. And the second company that makes the batteries, also funded by Obama, is insolvent too.


  20. The best stewards of our money is US. I expect my representatives to NOT authorize funding for any program that I would not personally fund from my pocket. Time for them to CUT BACK, to cut way back on spending.

  21. Fink and Robert: Our demographics were clear during the Clinton years yet no provision or corrective spending plan was put in place knowing full well we have Boomers ready to retire and young single moms (and illegals) chucking out babies and babies and more babies without (parental) pretense of supporting them.

  22. Mr. Teamster: On battery powered cars, they ahve been around since as long as cars. Can't compete with gas for power, performance and price. Unless and until the batteries are perfected they never will.

    President Obama picked the Volt as his preferred transporation by personally launching it in Detroit. Its failed on all accounts. This alone is enough of a reason, if I and others needed one, not to give him another 4 years. He, like you, pick losers. Governor Romney picks winners.