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January 29, 2015

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Occupy Las Vegas comes out for Round 2


Sam Morris

Participants taking part in Occupy Las Vegas carry signs on the Fremont Street Experience on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011.

Occupy Las Vegas - Fremont Street

A participant taking part in Occupy Las Vegas carries a sign on the Fremont Street Experience on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. Launch slideshow »

Occupy Las Vegas hits Fremont Street

KSNV coverage of Occupy Las Vegas rally on Fremont Street, Oct. 15, 2011.

Andrew Hamby is one of the many faces of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The 23-year-old Las Vegan went from having a job at Mandalay Bay, a home and a car, to living on the street.

“I became homeless in 2007 when I got laid off along with 2,700 other people,” Hamby said. “Lost my house, lost my car, moved in with my mom for a little while until she got kicked out of her home. Then I lived under a tunnel for a couple months. Now I’m staying with friends.”

So Hamby, along with men and women and children from all walks of life, took to the streets Saturday to protest corporate greed. The group joins the core Occupy Wall Street development that has sparked similar protests in many major U.S. cities for the past few weeks.

The hundreds of Fremont Street demonstrators shared similar stories. An elderly woman who is on the verge of losing her house, a disabled vet whose friends can’t find work, and a union steward who says she’s standing up for “the working man.”

“We’re all standing together now,” Hamby said. “It’s not every man for himself anymore, or at least that’s what I hope to try and make happen here.”

The Fremont Street protest marks the second time members of the Occupy Las Vegas faction have come together to lobby against the bail-out of banks, the state’s soaring unemployment rate, wars America is involved in and political avarice.

Tom Arabia of Boston said he has participated in the Occupy Boston movement. While visiting Las Vegas for a work-related conference, he stopped in to join the local march.

As one of the more vocal people in the crowd, he led the pack in chants such as “We got sold out, banks got bailed out” and “This is what democracy looks like.”

“There are people here who really represent a broad sweep of society,” Arabia said. “I feel everyone’s pain. I recognize the injustices, not just the idea of banks getting bailed out — but also war, also racism, discrimination. You look at the plight of women in the world today, and they’re still not as equal as they should be. All of these issues are related.”

Like Arabia, many of the so-called "99 percenters" list a number of reasons for protesting. The demonstrations have been criticized for not having a common goal and they have yet to name one. Most agree that the inequality between the haves, which they say is the 1 percent, and the have-nots, the 99 percent, has been caused by a number of factors.

Pat Lester, a 67-year-old native Las Vegan, has a list of complaints against the federal government and big banks.

“There are so many reasons why I’m protesting,” she said. “There are so many issues. It was like we bailed out Wall Street, but what happened to the little people? It’s survival of the fittest now and obviously we’re not the fittest.”

Occupy Las Vegas members have not set a date for a future protest but, nationally, there seems to be no immediate end to the movement.

Chris Trace, a tourist visiting from Wisconsin, joined the demonstration, which she believes stands for equality. As a union steward for the Teamsters in her home state, she said she will continue to fight for workers’ rights.

“Hopefully it creates awareness,” Trace said. “Why should the rich keep getting get richer?”

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  1. I am a 99 percenter and fully support this cause.

    An interesting thing that should be pointed out is how the right wing media is going absolutely bonkers batcrap ballistic nutzo about this whole thing. It's like they totally and completely out of sorts right now because they feel like they are losing the message and they absolutely hate that fact, and they want the message back at any cost.

    I saw snippets of some idiot on Fox PORNO (Political Organization-Republican News Only) News making some commentary demeaning the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and the offshoots, all while holding a sign, wearing a makeshift tinfoil hat, and birth control glasses with duct tape on the bridgework supposedly holding it together to complete some sort of stupid stereotype of the OWS movement as a whole.

    If you ask me, right wing media is performing a determined effort to destroy themselves. They make fun of protests that without a doubt are comprised of an overwhelming majority of American people. In other words, the silent majority are no longer silent. They are sick and tired of being made fun of and told they need to act like victims waiting to happen.

    The unspoken thing right now is that those neo-conservatives with an agenda don't see their own destruction happening.

    They don't seem to understand they are fueling the protests by making fun of them.

    Keep it up, right wing media. You're gonna be run over by a steamroller if you keep it up by making fun of people who are losing their homes through no fault of their own and have lost jobs due to failed American policies. When you blame the victims and not the assailants, then there is really, really something wrong.

    The people out here won't be denied. You aren't a source of any type of solution to problems that America faces right now? YOU'RE GONE!

  2. I think some of working people thought, Union Dues was their early retirment fund. The union bosses do not have to do grunt work.

  3. A "movement" supported by unions and people like Pelosi. The very people who helped cause the problems these uneducated are protesting. I say uneducated because the "protest" shows they really never learned anything in school except that they are not responsible for their own success and to trust the government for everything.

    The protesters complain but offer no solutions of their own. Except to support and reelect the people who made this mess... Harry, Pelosi, Obama...

  4. You would like to believe that human beings are civilized, socialized, compassionate beings.

    Many of the Commenters here have expressed points of view that paint them as less, which is very sad for all of HUMANITY!

    We are ALL ENTITLED to our points of view, and most certainly, our United States of America Constitution and Bill of Rights protects us in our doing so, respectfully.

    To set the record straight, not ALL of those involved with the OCCUPY movement are dyed in the wool "anti-capitalists," socialists, communists, liberalists, fascists, or any other "-ists." Those protesting in OCCUPY are from ALL walks of life with DIVERSE points of view based on their " personal truth," their life experiences. The MAJORITY are there to PEACEFULLY protest and give a "voice and face" to the current socieal economic injustice and political corruption that our PLANET's people are facing and have experienced.

    Rarely will you find people agreeing with one another 100%, so we should all be civil and mannered enough to "agree to disagree," appropriately.

    Certainly, all those dissenters who do NOT share the points of views of all these OCCUPY protesters also have a right to get out there and have their own protest movement, but they don't. WHY?

    Historically, it takes courage to break out of the safety of one's home and risk putting themselves out there to bring a voice and feet for change. True awareness and change doesn't happen sitting on your laurels. If our Founding Fathers did that, America would never have happened. The grand Republic's social experiment with democracy.

    Blessings and Peace,

  5. "Rarely will you find people agreeing with one another 100%, so we should all be civil and mannered enough to "agree to disagree," appropriately."

    that's not the right's MO ---- if you don't agree with them 100% you're subjected to ignorant name calling and other very juvenile actions. You see, they think because they came up with a "thought" all on their own (from FAUX or Limbaugh or Hanity) it is divine and therefore not to be challenged.

    Look --- if guys like Goldwater and Tip O'Neill could eventually agree on something and make it law it can be done. This is something that cannot be done in today's climate, where little weenies like Cantor only offer the inflexible word "NO!" as their bargaining position.

    The worst parts is that today's so called "libs" are so near the center it's clear who has given up the most over the past decade..... Maybe Occupy will help the left wonder back where they belong ---- on the side of progress and growth for all.

    That said ---- if someone can justify the following link as acceptable I'm all ears. Have at it.

  6. <<The folks in India would like to thank all of these pro-union/workers rights groups as Ford broke ground on a new plant last month in their country. I can't blame Ford, I wouldn't want to deal with the United Auto Workers Union either. I am surprised Boeing hasn't left the country too>>

    Hey Einstein - Did it ever occur to you that Ford is building cars in India FOR THE PEOPLE IN INDIA??????? You know - cars for the Indian people TO BUY!! Ford builds vehicles all over the world for purchase in THAT country.

  7. These Occupy Wall St folks are barking up the wrong tree. I'm all for having our voices heard because we live in a democracy. The people in the Middle East have put us to shame; these are countries with NO democracies and they have been more successful then this Occupy movement. Some think the movements are a joke...but it shouldn't be.

    Time and time again, you read about this person has been out of work for a long time, you hear about people losing their homes because of lack of employment, you hear many stories with a common thread. IF they want to be heard - MARCH ON WASHINGTON AND EVERY STATE CAPITAL IN THIS COUNTRY to show your disapproval on how this country is being run!! Show them we are tired of the partisanship of Washington and let them know IF things don't change - many of them will be unemployed next year regardless of party affiliation. Show them we are tired of these slackers who refuse to get off the "Get Rid Of Obama" train. Tell them all to get off their colletive fat asses and do something for the country already. We cannot wait until 2013 for the Republicans to come up with some jobs plan all their own. We cannot wait that long for both parties to get their s&it together!!

    Sure Wall St is one evil. Many lost their retirement savings, but the blame starts in Washington. Wall St honchos could care less about all these protestors. They'll still keep counting their money regardless.

    The best thing to do:: get more organized, get an agenda (and it shouldn't be that hard to do IF the protests are aimed at the right people) and aim the protests where they belong - in DC and in every state capital, local politician's office in this country. Let them hear you. Exercise our rights under our Consitution - the reason why other countries want what we have - a democracy. Don't let these countries shame us. Go after the cause of so many problems - the politicians. Wall St is not totally to blame. Who bailed them out in the first place?

  8. While I sympathize and understand the feeling of many issues being blended in the recipe, General undefined anger isn't helpful to their cause... whatever that is. Too many cooks with too many ingredients can only serve an unpalatable dish.

    And that's the point these folks must confront. If they don't define their issues and refine their point of aim they will miss the target altogether. It's not possible to address all their perceived ills simultaneously. These protests will be dismissed and forgotten as another vague and undisciplined social outcry. And, if they're not careful any weight they may have gained towards recognition and redress will be lost to underlying threats and fears of anarchist and fringe behavior.

    I'm not calling these folks anything, but upset. But - mad as hell and not going to take it anymore-needs focus and organization to grow legs. Too many complaints about too many things only undermine any potentially productive message.

  9. I'm not part of the 1% and I'm not part of the 99%, so someone is bad at math.

  10. The 99% thing isn't cutting it. The assumption is that 99% of us are angry when that is not the case. It's the 5% who want to work that are frustrated. I agree, the math isn't correct.

  11. Cognastics states "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness], it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness".

    Luckily, socialists and anarchists make up only 6% or less of the population.

  12. Det-munch,

    I think you made a great comment. Makes a lot of sense.

  13. Finally, the traitors have exposed themselves by making rude & unjustified comments against the protests taking place nation-wide.They have nothing good to say about their fellow man.They think that they should just shut up & deal with it. PAID OPERATIVES. PERIOD.