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January 28, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Immigrants should follow these steps

Since we are going to have 11 million illegal immigrants crammed down our throats, again, there should be a full process to it. When my great-grandparents came to this country, there were rules and regulations. There should be a process to be followed.

First we need to eliminate automatic citizenship just because you were born here. If the parents are not citizens, the child does not get it automatically.

Second, registration should be required. In addition to proving who the applicant is, photo and fingerprints should be recorded to help eliminate fraud.

Third, each applicant must go through the same process all legal immigrants go through.

Fourth, requirements should include things like no criminal history; having a job or a family member to fully support them (no welfare or food stamps, etc., during the immigration process); completing the immigration process in a timely manner, including learning English (our country’s language); and strictly obeying all laws or being removed from the process.

By not requiring these things, it is a slap in the face to all legal immigrants and their legal descendents.

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  1. Future: "Rubio bill"? As I recall, there were eight Senators involved in crafting that bill, and Rubio is now on record as saying he will probably not vote for the bill (assuming it ever GETS voted on). You're correct that most of the letter writer's points are in the bill.

    George: The Constitution states that all persons born in the US are, in fact, citizens. NOTE: Ted Cruz would be barred from running for President, under your plan.

  2. There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. due in large part to the poor U.S. security and border enforcement. These persons should be, and will be, put on a compassionate path to citizenship and the borders then should be secured and enforcement increased to preclude the same occurrence in the future.

    Carmine D

  3. There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States because labor, like capital, moves to areas of opportunity in free markets.

  4. George, you make too much sense for folks like Bradley and that's why they lash out. All you propose is already on the books (except knocking out the "anchor baby" provision). The real problem is - they are not being enforced, especially by this administration which just loves perverts, criminals and illegals. My grandparents also fled their native country to come to the USA. They entered through Ellis Island and were held to the standards you espouse. Nothing new there.

  5. I can't believe for the life of me that we are unable to stop the flow of illegals coming into this country from Mexico,and other latin American countries. We need to undertake and move forward with a plan, and do just that. Once we secure the borders and stop the flow, we can then address the long unaddressed issue on how to deal with and fix the problems associated with having 11 million illegals in this country.Something gotta give !

  6. The illegal immigration of 11 million across the Mexican border is a travesty. Now both parties want to pass legislation that will end up ignoring the laws of America,and covering up yet another gross failure of both Republican and Democratic controlled governments to protect the border, and the security of American citizens. That's unacceptable. Those who wish to give a pass to these illegal immigrants and the broken government that has failed the nation are undermining the rule of law that is necessary to the survival of our Republic. There must be no wavering from upholding our existing laws,and protecting American citizens against the onrush of illegals who have entered this nation,irrespective of why they are here. What is dispicable is that our elected representatives and Administration leadership are breaking this nation financially,and don't even care. When will it be enough? What is the tipping point for this abuse and willful negligence? What is needed is a controlled and determined strategy over time,with persistent resolve, to deport these illegal intruders from our country. There truly is no other option if America is to survive under the rule of law.

  7. George, that would be 20 million plus--see ICE data several years old. We KEEP GIVING THEM WELFARE. Do you wonder why they leave an impoverished area to come here and have kids? What NEEDS TO HAPPEN, is for this country to CONTROL OUR IMMIGRATION. There is NO REQUIREMENT that we adopt and nurture hordes of unskilled people. Our seniors are cold and hungry while we give illegals and anchor babies full benefits and about $200 a month each in food stamps. Our long-term unemployed are destitute and without options. Many cannot face living on the street. Suicides are up, way up, particularly for the over 40 club. Yet we have money to K-12 millions of illegals? YESTERDAY, I saw a national news show with a speaker, Hispanic speaker, who clearly said WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN CITIZENSHIP--maybe some day. We just want to stay here and take the jobs. They say they'd do whatever we say but they want acceptance and full rights. They don't care about voting. They want the hand outs.

  8. For the name-callers that suggest anti-illegals is racist: American Blacks and other minorities are planning a MARCH ON D.C. AGAINST LETTING ANY OF THEM STAY--July 15th. They are stealing more than 7 million jobs resulting in MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT OF BLACKS.....

  9. Bradley: we can offer free bus tickets to Tijuana for $75 each. Instead of $200 per month in free food stamps plus free food bank groceries, free school breakfast/lunch/groceries....housing, medical.....PER PERSON. Maybe add in the $25 we give each convict released from prison. My point is that we're not caring for Americans BECAUSE WE SPEND IT ALL ON ILLEGALS.

  10. Our borders need to be totally secure. 11 million UNinvited, illegals must be processed before allowing any more people into the U.S.A.! The archaic immigration system must be updated with the latest technology to assist in expedition of prior applications, and the seamless processing of incoming applications. No doubt, the system will be OVERWHELMED for years, thanks to unchecked immigration enforccement for decades.

    The FREE giveaways just simply got to end. We need to have a fair system to all who are playing by the rules/laws! None of us could illegally enter a country and get away with it, so why should they?

    Blessings and Peace,

  11. George, I agree that anchor babies are NOT citizens if Mama was here illegally. We don't need legislation on that. The Constitution authorizes the federal government to REGULATE immigration. SCOTUS has NEVER SAID that anchor babies carry birth-right citizenship. MIGHT BE DIFFICULT TO TRACK THE DADDIES.

  12. HOW TO SECURE the border: step 1. ENFORCE our laws against employment of illegals especially on small businesses and Hispanic restaurants. step 2. END WELFARE for illegals and anchor babies. Root them out of each program. There are numerous "also eligible" rules. For instance: EBT SNAP food stamps is for Americans but "legal" immigrants qualify. Every time Obama issues an executive order, he covers millions of illegals with food stamps. Any and all illegal anchor baby getting LIHEA free utilities (based on household size not legal residence) AUTOMATICALLY GIVES FULL EBT to ALL household--including unrelated Hispanics renting rooms. They get $186 in food stamps EACH, every month while American low-income seniors get $16 a month..... Many Americans aren't making it while we find more ways to encourage invasion.

  13. Note that it's NOT about citizenship. It's about GOING HOME, GETTING OUR OF HERE. STOP bleeding our economy dry.

  14. Some of you continue factless rants about our borders. We have put more patrols on our borders, increased spending and deported more illegals than previous administrations. As a matter of fact, because the Mexican economy is growing, we have net zero immigration.

  15. George, you must SPECIFICALLY address that anchor babies don't confer access to benefits AND "legal residence" doesn't change illegal status to benefit eligible.

  16. There is a whole lot of hooey being thrown on on this thread by the anti-undocumented crowd. I can't understand how you can have both hordes of undocumented lazy Mexicans taking every welfare program around and at the same time having hordes of ambitious Mexicans stealing every available job from blacks and other native born. It is an economic issue...if you understand free markets then you understand why undocumented Mexicans and other Central Americans flood the borders during good economic times and reverse the trend during bad. How many of you think we should raise the minimum wage. Hiring undocumented workers drives wage rates down. For the low or no minimum wage people that is a plus. Yes, it works against marginally qualified native born, especially blacks. But that's the free market at work. Secure the borders? Well the East Germans had a workable solution....double concrete walls, razor wire and minefields plus armed guards and dogs. But then many of you anti-immigrant bunch are also Tea Party slash the government types. Just how do you propose to pay for "securing the borders"? Oh, ok, just eliminate fraud, waste and abuse and there will be plenty of money. Live on in your nightmare world of mass deportations, mass business and family disruption and no ELL in schools. Not gonna happen. Oh, the bad news for 30 years whites will no longer be the majority in the United States.

  17. I posted this last week:

    "There are 9 million Mexican born immigrants who live here and are US citizens. Add the 11 million more that is reported to be here illegally then it's 20 million out of Mexico's population of 114 million people which is 17% of Mexico's population. The next largest group of foreign born immigrants is from the Philippines with 1.3 million people. Amnesty? No. Give the current group of illegal immigrant workers a green card to work here. We must imagine another 10-15 million more illegal immigrants from Mexico entering our country again in 30 years time. 30 million Mexican born immigrants every 50 years, nearly 25% of Mexico's population? Think about it. We have the potential to become The United States of Mexico."

  18. The Mommies collect the welfare while the Baby Daddies steal the jobs, Wharfrat. The American taxpayer is expected to support half the globe's indigents but provide next to nothing for AMERICANS in need. Vernos, do you believe all the media hype? Media says more are flowing IN hoping to jump onto amnesty bandwagon in process. To Secure the borders, we need to GO AFTER EMPLOYERS and cut them off all welfare and off all charities.

  19. No, I don't hate you El Lobo.

  20. Roslenda - "Vernos, do you believe all the media hype?"

    Why not? Obviously you do. You base your opinions on right wing propaganda that was the southern strategy when Reagan harped about welfare queens. I'd trust Bloomberg giving me more accurate news than Fox any day of the week.

  21. @Roslenda....most of what you post regarding undocumented immigrants is either completely and knowingly false or is an extreme mistatement of fact.

    Anchor babies are illegal....A child born in the United States or in a US possession is an American citizen;]Lexis/Nexis]

    Illegals get all forms of "welfare"....if you are undocumented you cannot receive TANF [federal or state], SNAP [federal], TIA, TAA, Medicaid [federal, except emergency/life saving care], UI, Social Security, SSI, SSDI, etc. Children, regardless of status, may qualify for WIC and free/reduced school lunch. States may use, except for TANF, their own funds for undocumented immigrants; [US Congressional testimony, US Dept of HHS, US Dept of Agriculture]

    Illegals take jobs away from Americans.....Between 3.7 and 5.2 percent of US jobs are held by undocumented persons primarily in construction, agriculture, food processing and household service. Except for construction, those fields of work are typically dangerous and low-paid, not attracting competition from higher/differently skilled native workers. [Pew Center]

    I'll say this straight up...what you post is bigoted twaddle reminiscent of previous anti-immigrant rants against the Irish, Italians, Jews and others.

  22. Immigration reform is important because America is creating a system that is similar to indentured servitude or slavery. People willing to give anything for their families to have a chance at the American dream - sacrifice beyond anyone should - to attempt to become part of communities while living in fear that this will be snatched from their hands or worse their children's hands at any unlucky moment. They become permanently second-class, treated differently. Sometimes trapped between countries by circumstances out of their personal control - like Dreamers, children born in another country but for all intents and purposes American. This country long ago decided it was bigoted and racist to discriminate against any group on this manner. Frankly injustice to one is injustice to all.

  23. Undocumented individuals are at risk everyday to predators - who want them to work for barely anything or even for free. They cannot go to the police if someone is abusing them or robbing them. They pay into systems but will never receive benefit. They are vulnerable, at-risk, secluded. They cannot travel without risk. Scammers prey on them - taking their money and giving nothing in return. Coyotes leave them in the desert to die or rape or rob them. And we think they have earned this treatment? Where is our humanity? If a man was laying by the road in Samaria who would stop to help him? A parable or a real life story.

  24. Each family most likely contains members with various statuses. The father may have a work permit. The two older children may be Dreamers - raised in America but not having papers. Dreamers may know no other country - just America. The two younger siblings may be American. The mother might be deported because she was caught driving her kids to school one day. This is the reality. It is not simple to deport yourself - where are the people you love? It is not simple to have families living in America - or separated - due to paperwork. Most undocumented people I have met have been scammed. Someone has promised to "help" them to get papers. And then they take their money. It is not that people have not tried or are lazy or mean - the system is broken and corrupt individuals take advantage like vultures.

  25. @First grade teacher:

    America is not obligated to experience ruin
    by a million cuts inflicted by illegal immigrants. It is clear that America has plenty of its own serious problems. We cannot afford the intolerable burden of supporting and caring for 11 million illegals. Government, as run by both the parties, has betrayed our confidence by its gross failure to control the border with Mexico. Most civilized nations have strict immigration laws they enforce. This includes Mexico. The U.S.,however, has not enforced its laws. As a consequence we now have a massive influx on our hands. Unfortunately, our elected representative don't have the will or strength to resolve the problem and restore national order. Do you really believe that 11 million illegal immigrants have the self ordained right to break our laws and pillage our nation's hard earned wealth because they merely feel they are better off in America than in Mexico. If you do, then you take care of them,let them move into your house and drain you of everything you've got. That's exactly what they are doing to America. It's wrong.

  26. WE are AT RISK every day from illegals who turn to crime for cash. When welfare benefits and stolen jobs don't provide "enough" for their extended families they TAKE everything they want. Even murder for rent money--Reno last year, nice young man shot and killed when illegal thugs wanted woman's purse for rent money.

  27. The Obama Plan doesn't even consider it a criminal history until there are AT LEAST THREE VIOLENT FELONIES--convictions. Arrests and other convictions are not a factor.

  28. It is not logic but bigotry to arbitrarily draw a line in the sand NOW. To claim America for yourself - and build fences to keep everyone else out - is not now or ever American. I understand and can identify racism - it looks like these messages.

    Nevada has always been independent and welcoming to labor who can work with their hands and minds and better our communities.

    Frankly, I'm not scared of people who work hard to provide for their families under circumstances that seek to imprison and scam them. I'm scared of racist bigots who seem to throw everything they can at this issue - seeking to punish people for the color of their skin, culture, or place of birth.

  29. I'm also concerned that this immigration reform might be "improved" by people who are scared of Latinos. I'm afraid of huge fences along the Mexican Border that kill people. I'm afraid for men crawling across the desert by the thousands - dying - because they are trying to get back to families. I'm afraid that no matter how we patrol - desperate people separated from families will try to go over, under, or around the fence. Millions of people live in America - who have ties back to other countries. We spend billions on this? We take all our tax money and use it to keep people out - not knowing if they are good or bad people? We militarize our southern border? This is what America is?

  30. Remember when we interred the Japanese because Americans were scared of them? We threw thousands of people into camps - good people. Americans. Because of their ethnicity. We destroyed their lives in order to "protect" ourselves. It was a disgrace.

    It was found to be racial prejudice that caused these actions. Will we look back one day at how we treated Latino Americans and their families and see our prejudice? Will we have to pay - again - for our racial prejudice?

    Will we develop a system that pins immigrants down, pens them in, and intentionally harms them because of their ancestral heritage? Will we disgrace ourselves yet again? Or can we grow from out past and be reasonable and fair?

    America is diverse. We are accepting and tolerant. We cannot let racism become our rule of law.

  31. Blacks and minorities are SCREAMING THAT ILLEGALS MUST GO HOME. March on Washington July 15th. It's not about dna. It's about national sovereignty--about being a country, a constitution, laws, an economy, a way of life. The alternative is anarchy, economic implosion, danger and assault.

  32. @First Grade Teacher

    You imply that anyone who wants the immigration laws enforced, who seeks an orderly control of immigration across the borders,or who is concerned about the effect of massive inlows of uninvited/unplanned immigrants on the nation's solvency and social fabric is racist. It does not appear that you have the slightest regard for the harm that an uncontrolled influx of millions of uninvited immigrants has on the nation. Maybe this results from unrealistic expectations,misperceptions,or a lack of judgement.In any event, I could not disagree more with your position. My daughter in law is Mexican. She and my son have taken the steps to make certain she is here legally. Their children are my grand children. It is possible to insist that our government control the border and that immigrants be here legally without being racist.

  33. wharfrat: It is NOT appropriate for me to mask my writing to fit your linguistic style. I am intentionally blunt to make the point and save space, time, attention. Is this a reading or a comprehension problem. I'm of very mixed dna and support that--for further evolution of the species. The Blacks and American minorities want the illegals OUT OF HERE since the illegals are stealing their jobs. DO THE MATH: 50 million illegal/legalized illegals in the country of 300-plus million. For EVERY FAMILY OF 6, you have to take in, finance, illegal and without a COL raise because you're a special teacher. As you point out, SOME illegals are non-Hispanic. They must leave too. But let's target our resources and enhance expulsion at the most fluid border. STENCH the flow. Bail out however much of our economy and culture that can recover. Does anyone think our economy can get back there with 50 million indigents sucking our resources via government programs AND VIA stolen jobs?