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January 24, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Situation turned bad under Bush

People blame President Barack Obama for all the ills that have happened to our country in the past 12 years.

But if we look back 12 years, we see a new president being sworn in as our commander in chief, George W. Bush.

As our new president, Bush had a surplus in the kitty, left to him by former President Bill Clinton.

At that time, we had a robust economy with low unemployment, a stock market at record levels and no wars. By the time Bush left office, we had high unemployment, a wrecked economy, a crashing stock market and two wars with no end in sight.

Has anyone ever asked what the country would be like if Obama would have had the same circumstances handed to him from Bush that Bush received from Clinton in early 2001?

Obama would not be spending his time trying to correct Bush’s huge mistakes that put this country on the skids. It’s time to look at who did what.

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  1. A little balance please. President Obama was handed a tough situation and some things that have happened aren't his fault. But... former President Bush came into office just when the dot com boom that had powered the economy during former President Clinton's 2nd term was morphing into the dot com bomb. The country was entering a recession. Then along came 9/11. The Afghanistan war was necessary given 9/11. People everywhere were panicked and worldwide intelligence agencies believed that Saddam had WMD's and would give them to terrorists. Where former President Bush deserves blame is for spending and not taxing, once the economy recovered.

    An even handed evaluation says that Bush did what he needed to do once in office and after 9/11 and then went off the rails with nation building efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama also did what he needed to do to back us away from fiscal disaster, but then also went off the rails with an ill timed and poorly executed healthcare overhaul, a poorly executed stimulus, a rejection of Simpson Bowles and non action on SS and Medicare reform.

    The question is: Given what he inherited and the mistakes he has made, does President Obama deserve a 2nd term?


  2. What Clinton handed over to Bush didn't matter. He had already pulled the pin out of the grenade when he signed the repeal of Glass--Steagall.

  3. Mr. Pizzo:

    I am no fan of Bush2. President Obama inherited a godawful set of circumstances. And he made big promises. Promises he couldn't/wouldn't keep. Some he didn't even try: Immighration reform.

    Some Americans like you will give him a pass and vote for him for another term. Most won't. Why? Simple" Presidential responsibility. He doesn't take it. He likes to glory in the limelight, with OBL's death, but distances himself from the darkness, like the 4 murders in Benghazi. As president, he has to deal with both extemes: The best and the worst. He doesn't. He would sooner let an underling like Secretary Clinton, whose political career was finished before the sacking of the Consulate, take the heat than do so himself. That's why he'll lose the reelection and a second term.


  4. "Sam chose to make his opinion known without any supporting evidence."

    Sayeth RefNV who then proceeds to do the same.

  5. Compassionate Conservatism didn't work so well for us and I don't expect Severe Conservatism will be the cure for the ills it created.

  6. Why doesn't Obama just do like Bush and start a war so he can say "your eigther with US or agin US".

  7. Some Republicans admit that Obama inherited a Godawful situation. That is their way to convince themselves and to show they are 'logical.' Yet, they fail to mention the Godawful congress composed of the majority of their ilk, who blocked every effort to turn this country around. The congress, who did not do anything for this country so as not to make Obama look good - a determination to make him a one term President. They do not even want to mention anything that Obama did to prevent us from falling off the cliff, much less, helping him edge us back to a safer distance. They prefer to stand and watch, snikkering.

    Instead, they conspired against him by making business decisions that contributed to the downward spiral of the economy. Greed prevailed and the cancer spread to individuals - all for the name of making a quick buck. Mortgage lenders ran amuck and the bubble burst. Money to stimulate the economy were used as 'rewards' to CEOs instead of investing. Everywhere, there was an orgy of greed.

    Meanwhile Obama, a greenhorn, was 'plugging holes every which way around him while his enemies keep making them bigger.'

    The Republican standard-bearer was one of them, and they want to put him in charge? Is there even a comparison? Their man despises the people who did not and could not participate in the orgy, wants to disenfranchise women, those who choose an alternative lifestyle, the elderly, the sick, the veterans, the children, and the poor.

    They want to choose him as the leader because he is a businessman and he can help people become wealthy business owners. Well, for many of us, we are simply mothers, fathers, ordinary citizens who only want a decent life. There are enough ruthless and greedy people around who run their businesses on the back of their employees. We do not need any more of them. And we certainly do not need one of them to run this country.

    Now. Many people in this forum will attack me personally for what I write. Too bad for you. The outcome of this election will decide what America is all about. That is what democracy is about. Democracy is to be deserved. Whatever the outcome is, we deserve what we get.

  8. N/A

    Your points are very well supported, yet, for the fact that many folks will go into the dirt holding on to what they perceive as in their best interest will not let them realize the truth.

    Thanks for putting out there what I'm feeling along with others who can see what is right.

  9. Nancy,
    Thanks for finishing off what I was saying,as I can only put so many words in a editorial.Some commenters are saying that I should show supporting evidence.My God you would have to be blind and deaf if you can't see and hear what has happended to our country in the past 12 years.Once again thank you for being a realist.

  10. Obama is not responsibe for the crisis he was handed when he came into office. Obama is responsible for his failures to set this nation on the path to a recovery in a well paced manner, and for looting the Treasury with his overindulged 6 trillion dollar spending behavior. He has wasted a vast amount of dollars in programs for green energy, and failed to achieve meaningful revovery in the job market. 100 million Americans are on welfare today. This is a sad situation. Bush is long gone. You really need to examine how effective someone is dealing with what he has been handed. Obama invested the first years of his term on an unpopular healthcare program when he should have been focused on the economy. Obama has been ineffective. His foreign policy is in shambles, particulrly in the Middle East where the region is unraveling, Iran continues to close in on a nuclear weapon, and adequate security is denied in our consulates and embassies in high risk areas such as Benghazi.

  11. Tick:

    It isn't shirking responsibility. It is telling it like it is and NOT hiding the truth.

    You would rather believe the lies that Romney tells you? He promised to create 12M jobs and claimed research supported his plan. NO such research exist! Try and research on your own. I do not like to cite data here because no one likes to read them. Nobody reads or even comments on boring numbers.

    We make judgments on executive decisions with which we have no clue about its vast complications and implications. I trust Hillary explicitly and know and trust she is for America. Romney opens his mouth and puts his foot in it without thinking of the consequences of his words. Purely politicking. So did Issa - putting people's lives in danger - all for politicking - under the guise of "Americans deserve to know the truth." Yet when truth is told, they bristle.

    Romney lies about everything. His stewardship of Bain, his taxes, his economic plan, his stance on social issues, and almost in everything else. Yet, when we tell the truth about Congress, you say move forward?

    Try fairness, okay?

    Why is it that when you run out of arguments, you attack the person? Bad strategy and frankly, quite juvenile.

  12. Perhaps the final debate should have been scheduled for October 31st, if just to see what disguise Mitt Romney would show up with that night. Talk about your Trick or Treat! I guess that depends on whether you're a victim or not.

  13. Those of you that claim Obama hates free enterprise, is a closet socialist, a Muslim, etc, as well as those of you that claim Romney hates everyone except rich people shrink any other arguments you make to the size of a pea.

    Everyone would be better off, if we all stuck to 'issues' and placed the generalizations, the exaggerations, the over the top rhetoric and especially the name calling in the trash, where it all belongs.


  14. Tick. I am not attacking YOU. I am telling the truth about Romney. If you think he did not lie, then give proof. Romney's lies have been proven. There are documents-proof that he was the sole person responsible for Bain until 2002, and not 1999, as he claimed, so he can be MA governor. Now, give proof that he Did Not lie instead of attacking me. I am NOT running for president, and neither are you.

    He claimed his economic plans are backed by research. No such thing.

    He claimed he asked for women applicants and he got binders full of them. He did not. Women's organization went to him and 'made' him hire women. There are many more lies, but honestly boring to enumerate. You should do your own research.

    I haven't been passionate about politics until this time. In fact, I still abhor it's filth. However, many lives are at stake in this election. I have to get myself enmeshed in its muck because of my children, my students, and the rest of us marginalized and despised by your ilk because of the circumstances of our birth.

    Life is not all about making money.

  15. Pizzo,

    Since your initial statement is patently false -- "People blame President Barack Obama for all the ills that have happened to our country in the past 12 years," we must completely discount the rest of your comment, whether or not it has merit.

    What bothers me most about the Pizzo's of the world, is that they use false information to form their philosophies and then are surprised when we ignore them. Such a waste of precious energy.

    Pizzo - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of our last great statesmen said "everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." Please consider heeding Mr. Moynihan's words.


  16. I never blame Obama for the last 12 years, in fact all I ever hear is how it is all Bush's fault. Ronald Reagan inherited a huge mess from Jimmy Carter and went to work with policies that overcame a cold war he fought and economic turnaround. The cycles of recession and expansion will always come and go do to various influences of both parties. The true leadership comes out when a president starts his term in a recession era. From Obama's' own campaign speeches in 2008 it is now evident he had no idea what he was getting into and no experience to deal with it. He should come back and try again after someone else has fixed the problems.

  17. wtplv - "But... former President Bush came into office just when the dot com boom that had powered the economy during former President Clinton's 2nd term was morphing into the dot com bomb."

    That is true, but how to you account for the 40,000 manufacturing plants that closed under the Bush presidency?

  18. ASadTeacher - "Romney's lies have been proven. There are documents-proof that he was the sole person responsible for Bain until 2002, and not 1999, as he claimed,"

    I can add another to that list. Romney said he worked with Democrats when he was governor. That is also not true, he vetoed over 800 bills that eventually were passed. The one huge bill that worked in his favor concerning the opposition was Romneycare, which brought both sides together.

  19. Where is the argument to vote for Mitt Romney?

    Anyone not in support of President Obama for a second term, where is your argument?

    State your position on facts in support of Mitt Romney?

    Those of you who do not support the president, please state your position for Mitt Romney.

    Why are you supporting Mitt Romney? Please, proceed.....

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  20. I have no problem defending Obama's last four years. The banking system has been stabilized and banks are again making money. The automobile industry is on solid ground. Trillions of dollars of wealth has been put back on the books as a result of the stock market nearly doubling. Housing is demonstrably better than it was years ago.

    A couple of years ago I bought my son a house in Providence. In his community and my community which is Suncrest Trails there were at least 40 homes that were in foreclosure or being sold. Today I believe there are three. My house is worth $100,000 more than it was a couple years ago.

    Most importantly we are about the only economy in the developed world that is still growing. Europe is back in recession. Asia's declining. The fact that we are still growing is an economic miracle.

  21. Romney is making many promises. Very few he will be able to keep. My favorite is his statement that he will create 12 million jobs in four years. That's a real beauty. If you look at job growth in the last hundred years. America has never created that many jobs in such a short period of time. Even when we had GDP growth at four times the current rate we couldn't come close to creating that many jobs in four years.

    I think Romney has a pretty good chance of winning. He will have his work cut out for him.

  22. Another point that I forgot to mention. Corporate earnings have been absolutely stellar the last couple of years. Companies are sitting on several trillion dollars in cash which is unprecedented in American history. Given the fact that America lost $20 trillion worth of wealth during the Great Recession the recovery has been pretty good. That $20 trillion is more than twice what the entire country was worth in 1980. It takes decades to fully recover from a calamity like we have seen.

  23. Vernos,

    Presidents get too much credit and too much blame for economies. Here, I agree with President Obama when he said some manufacturing jobs are not coming back. A job I had as a callcenter director went overseas. No President did that; economic circumstances did that. It's the same thing with many manufacturing jobs and the outsourcing continues today. No President can control that.


  24. It doesn't matter who is elected this year. Either way, they can blame Obama for the mess they will inherit this time.

  25. Author, sounds like you want us to give Obama more time. How much more? Maybe make an exception? Give him another 12 years?

    Author, your argument is invalid.

  26. Longtimevegas,

    Since Sam failed to seal the deal with his "Blame Bush" letter, why don't you take a swing at it. Make your case for Obama. He has had nearly four years in office so defend his record in office. (RefNV (Re Freeman)

    Thanks for the response. In order to defend, you must first acknowledge President Obama has a record.

    My question, my friend, is for the people in support of Mitt Romney and the people in opposition to the President. Defend your position for support of, and opposition to....

    If your one who supports Mitt Romney, tell us why? If your one who is opposed to the President, tell us why?

    So far there is nothing but false information in reference to the President and his administration from the Pro-Romney-Republicans supporters.

    Wheres the beef?

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  27. I don't think it is easy for any Administration to deal with the imminent apocalyptic collapse of the global financial system.

    This is apparent in the Bush Administration when in early 2008, the alarm bells started ringing and Bush was calling for reforms on the banking system.

    I am not sure what followed, if new regulations were implemented or not, but it wasn't sufficient to stop what was coming.

    By September 2008, it all started to go very, very bad. There was the collapse of Lehman's, followed by run on money market funds due to the losses sustain by The Reserve Fund due to Lehman's bankruptcy. Money Market funds were no longer a safe investment.

    Lehman's bankruptcy also set off more calamities, the near collapse of Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, GE Capital, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and huge European banks.

    Letting these financial institutions go under would have resulted in a financial apocalypse. We would have ended up with a downturn worse than the Great Depression.

    It was imperative for Obama to act to try to stop the hemorrhaging almost immediately upon taking office.

    Neither Presidents Bush or Obama are the sole persons responsible for what occurs. Both have abundant input from experts. It is there responsibility to bring them together and get the ball rolling to address the immediacy of impending disaster.

    Had Obama, Geitner, Paulson and Bernanke had not taken action to prevent the failures, we would be far worse off than we have been during the last 4+ years, and it would take far longer to recover.

    If President's alone are thought of as responsible, or focused on for decisions in a crisis, I think it is irrational thinking, as well as thinking we could recover in a 4 yr period.

    There are so many parties involved, including Congress. With our current Congressional system, we cannot count on rapid response, even if the Congress were to be knowledgeable on the financial system, which all are not.

    Regarding our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, after 911 our invasion and goal in Afghanistan were a natural response. However, given the history of Russia's effort and failure, perhaps the approach was insufficient in planning and execution throughout.

    Since huge mineral resources have been discovered, our extended stay gained a potential other reason for being there, which now seems impossible to exploit.

    In reality, the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with 911 or WMD'S, both of which the Bush Admin. knew in advance of the invasion. I have previously explained about the UN Security Council and the inspection final results before the invasion.

    Both Bush and Obama have taken on the 911 chase of the culprits, and Obama has had more success.

    After we make the final exit from Afghanistan, I hope we will have some time to work on paying down the debt for such action while at the same time as continuing the recovery from the near economic apocalypse.

  28. "This is a singular turning point in American history with the social and economic morass that followed. Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been on a path to implement the Liberals Entitlement Manifesto. One where a powerful Central Government control all activities and directs people's lives." (Future)

    Do you really believe what you have posted?? Really, do you??

    Really, my friend, this cannot be the reality of logic coming from a person's brain who has access to information, is it really?

    Future, you have lots of numbers, unfortunately it appears you cannot understand them.

    Really! You believe that stuff posted about take over and all? Really!

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  29. "President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points."

    Wrong. It's electoral votes that matter. Romney-Ryan win with 310 electoral votes, all the swing states, and 53 percent of the popular vote.

    Start planning for 2016.


  30. @RefNV,

    "Longtimevegan, I knew you couldn't defend Obama's record" (ReFreeman)

    In the Bubble, there is no reality. You ask a question about something, say, there are 6 apples. You ask the Bubble People, how many apples are there? The response from the Bubble People--I see 4 oranges!

    ReFreeman, how many out there, are people like you? Your way of thinking?

    Hey look Refreeman! A shiny object...

    Sorry my friend, but when you and others are called out to support your positions, or your challenged, you cannot respond. Instead you see oranges, when in fact it's about apples.

    The Bubble is not a place for growth or education. At least acknowledge the questions.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  31. @Carmine D,

    "Wrong. It's electoral votes that matter. Romney-Ryan win with 310 electoral votes, all the swing states, and 53 percent of the popular vote." (Carmine D)

    Carmine-D, I like you. Your entertaining and witty. But the math adds up. The President will indeed win re-election by 6 to 8 points.

    This is not rocket science. Run the numbers and do your homework. The only way the President loses this election if there is an illegal action to steal the election. Such as not counting votes, or throwing away voter registrations.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  32. "Carmine-D, I like you"

    Thank you. And I like you also. But, I disagree with you on this. President Obama loses the reelection and his bid for a second term. [Unless you want to consider his first term as the second term of President Jimmy Carter]. And, after last night's foreign affairs debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, the evidence for my conclusion [Governor Romney wins the presidency] increased.


  33. Look for Nevada to stay blue & Ohio to again vote for the president elect.....

    Wrong on the first, right on the second. Both for Romney.


  34. El-Lobo,
    I could not agree with you more Pres.Obama did win 2 out of the 3 debates and V.P.Joe Biden did also win his debate.

    Out of touch candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will lose big in this years election.Bullying and half truth's did not work well for them in this years debates.On to Nov.6th.and the re-election of Pres.Obama and V.P.Joe Biden.

  35. Mr. Pizzo:

    Not surprisingly, I respectively disagree with your scoring of the debates.

    Here's why:

    First presidential debate in Denver we agree that the Governor won handily. I believe by the largest margin according to polls of presidential debates.

    On the VP debate in Kentucky, a draw. While immediate polling gave a slight edge to Biden, post debate polls scored, especially among the undecideds and independents, scored it a draw. I'm happy for Biden that he, and his fans, thinks he won. Essentially, it was the Veep's last hurrah. He can say he went out with a bang. BUT, he still is going out. Period.

    The second presidential debate in Hofstra was a tie. It just seems the president won because he did so poorly in the first debate. Proof of the tie is that the governor kept the leads he gained after the first debate after the second.

    The last presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton is a Romney win. Why? Simple. The bar is set lower for Romney than the president. the governor has to pass this test: Can he be a Commander-in-Chief. The results are an astounding "yes." The governor has a thorough understanding and knowledge of the intimate details of foreign policy.

    President Obama had a higher bar. He had to defend a 4 year record of foreign affairs which for the most part have been awful. Still the president has an inherent edge. He is the Commander-in-Chief, good or bad. He doesn't have the test to pass.

    On 3 separate issues of contention between the candidates in the last debate, Governor Romney won. First, the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq. Romney was right, the president was wrong. President failed to secure a SOFA in Iraq, although the Veep said he would bet his vice presidency on it.

    On the bailout of GM and Chrysler, Romney was right and the president was wrong. The Governor wanted the companies to go through a bankruptcy process, like all other companies, seeking private funds WITH THE US GOV'T as an insurer/guarantee of the funds. Not the source of the funds. Taxpayers on still on the hook for the "loans." We won't get them back, let alone with interest, in our lifetimes.

    On the moderator Bob Schieffer's question of the greatest threat to the US: President Obama said it was terrorism. Governor Romney said it is a nuclear Iran. Romney's answer is a better one.

    On the asinine comment about the Navy and ships, President Obama lost the state of Virginia, a swing state that was teetering between both candidates before the debate. The economies of Norfolk VA and the surrounding geograhic areas depend heavily on the Navy ships and military troops there. It is an entrenched military economy. Obama had a memory loss and it will cost him the state. Put another swing state in the Romney column win.

    Romney-Ryan win with 310 electoral votes, all the swing states, and 53 percent of the popular vote.


  36. "My little buddy Carmine continues to travel down the wrong road."

    As I recollect, you initially said presidential debates don't matter.


  37. Carmine, That's O.K. with me,you are entitled to your opinion as I am with mine.I do respect your right to state your opinion.

  38. ""Carmine, That's O.K. with me,you are entitled to your opinion as I am with mine.I do respect your right to state your opinion."

    As I do yours, Mr. Pizzo.

    I could have expounded further BUT I hit the limt and ended my post.

    I'll add several salient points although I have many more. President Obama tried hard last night to paint Governor Romney as a rethread of Bush2 and a war monger. Obama failed on both accounts. BUT, I will say this, President Obama's foreign policies, at least on the core tenets, are not that much different than the Bush Doctrine:

    Keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of rogue regimes

    Allowing allies like Egypt to adopt liberal democratic governments

    Intensification of drone attacks

    Reauthorization of the Patriot Act

    Not closing Guantanamo, in fact, renovating and adding a $1 MILLION soccer facility


    Governor Romney came across as the happy warrior in the foreign affairs debate. President Obama didn't. He was angry, defensive, and anxious to leap on the governor at every turn. One stat not provided, at least I haven't heard or read it, is the number of times President Obama interrupted Governor Romney. One time the governor called the President on it and Obama stood down. This is the same tactic Joe Biden used against Rep Paul Ryan. It doesn't work. Belligerent and agressive doesn't translate into debate winning. In fact, I would argue that as the incumbent just the opposite. It is a sign of weakness and loss.