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January 27, 2015

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Memo from Carson City:

Nevada Democrats’ voter registration lead expands over Republicans

When Nevada’s voter registration rolls were scrubbed earlier this year to reflect people who had moved, Republicans saw hope. Four years ago, Nevada Democrats had an advantage that peaked at nearly 100,000 voters, but 36,700 dropped in April, to just over a third of that number.

Was this a sign that Nevada is a much different state than it was in 2008, when President Barack Obama easily put Nevada in his column?

The Democratic machine has begun making up the difference. Even if they haven’t reached their peak from four years ago, they are registering voters at a much faster clip than Republicans.

New numbers released this week show Democrats have increased their advantage over Republicans to 47,500 voters.

Since April, Democratic voter registration has increased by 20,500. Republican registration in that time has increased by 9,700.

For another point of comparison that reflects poorly for Republicans, consider that nonpartisan voters — those who choose to pick no party to affiliate with — increased by 11,000. And no one is actively seeking to register them.

Republicans have been promising for months to ramp up voter registration efforts, to target likely Republican households or persuade voters to switch.

The first round of promises came during the presidential primary campaign, when Nevada got frequent visits from Republican candidates and concentrated media attention.

More promises came after it became clear that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee.

“Every month we’ll be gaining on Democrats,” said David Gallagher, the former executive director of the Nevada Republican Party.

Now, in the months until November’s election, Republicans point to $166,000 in national money being given to the state party for a voter registration effort.

“We have to take advantage of the fact that Republicans continue to move to the state and Nevada is more Republican than it was in 2008,” said Darren Littell, spokesman for Team Nevada, a conglomeration of GOP campaigns established after national figures lost faith in the state party. He said a private firm with voter identification experience will be executing the voter registration effort.

The disparity between the Republican and Democratic parties in Nevada is a well-worn theme in political circles.

Put shortly, Democrats are well organized and have been building an infrastructure for eight years with the help of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Republicans, meanwhile, have gone through a series of titular heads, and top elected Republicans have spent their political capital elsewhere.

It may seem like inside baseball that has little real-world impact when compared to questions of the economy, foreign policy or other issues that voters care about.

But elections are about numbers. Voters who register with a party are a tangible indication of just that.

The disparity on voter registration is likely more a reflection of the strength of the organizations.

For example, Republicans aren’t trailing statewide. In Washoe County, where Republicans are better organized, the GOP has held steady with Democrats.

Dave Buell, the Washoe County Republican Party chairman, said he couldn’t speak to what was happening in the rest of the state.

But, he said, “It’s a situation people are aware of.”

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  1. There is no end to what people will let you do for them. It is simply a matter of saving the country as it is or radically changing it to reflect a typical socialistic European country. Although we may begin to resemble a South American dictatorship

  2. A stark choice, Emma. I think the Europeans have it better, but the cuts they are making are having an impact. Viva la Republica Banana!

  3. Comment removed by moderator. Personal Attack

  4. mediabias implies: "Reid's machine Signing up illegals as fast as they can."

    Another bald faced lie. Illegals cannot register to vote. Everyone must prove they are an American citizen in order to vote. There is absolutely no proof to show that illegals are involved in a conspiracy to inundate the U.S., register to vote, and vote illegally.

    And your reference to "Reid's machine" is laughable. Because you insinuate that something nefarious is going on. When all Senator Reid is doing is something that the Tea/Republicans here in Nevada don't do: Campaign. Any good political party gets it's message out there, letting the merit of those positions speak for themselves. But, I can see the Tea/Republicans and their envy. Because they simply don't have a message that's worth a crap to campaign on.

    Warrior: You may never had said that, but you typed it in such a way so as to strongly imply that meaning. My comment stands. It's not nonsense. I invite you to go back and look at what you typed again. The insinuation is there no matter if you stand on your head and read it upside down. I call it a bald faced lie and I stand by my previous comment. You threw something out there to paint it one way. Now you get called out for it and claim something else. Make up your mind.

  5. The author quoted: ""We have to take advantage of the fact that Republicans continue to move to the state and Nevada is more Republican than it was in 2008," said Darren Littell, spokesman for Team Nevada"

    Unfortunately, that can be interpreted in part, as those who moved here were the malcontents from where the came, or the John Bircher's, or members of the Gumpy Old Poops (GOP) party who couldn't stand living around other populations, as in multi-diverse cultures in CA. And I mean, anyone who Asian, Black, Gays & Lesbians, Hispanics, or Muslim, etc.

    Some may flee for what they perceive as "safe" havens, a NO State income tax refuge.

    Maybe for some idea of this being an Old West style state, where shootings are the way to solve problems.

    Some of the comments here display the attitudes of a erroneous "superior class" that has felt the hot breath of equality on their necks, in the land of "liberty and justice for all". The sour odor of fear surrounds each word.

    That fear causes the rants for arming children with gun so they can "defend" themselves against other children, as their fearful parents sound like teachings from some playbook similar to Mein Kampft.

    The basic reality is that there is a moral crisis that is displayed in the attitudes that claim to hold the highest moral beliefs & values. It is like a virus spread by fear and greed.

    Therefore, it is not surprising to me in the least that the Republican population has increased in Nevada, and is awakening people who don't want to be taken over by ultra right wing political mentality.

    Everyone left of a ultra right wing radical is considered "liberal" or "socialist" by them.

    I am very aware of these attitudes since I shared them for a time, before I became a Christian, and read, studied and prayed the teachings of Jesus, which changed my beliefs, heart and mind, and turned my fears into freedom, my hate into love. I then learned how beautiful real people are, who are usually those most denigrated and oppressed by those who fear them.

    I have used strong, even insulting words here because it is an example of "what goes around comes around". It is emphasize the decline and moral crisis of our nation, in it's people.

    I recognize that their are those who claim to be "American's" who are trying to protect our nation. However, their actions and words don't speak of true unity, freedom, or justice. They are only varying degrees of fear indoctrination. This can apply to anyone at any point of the political spectrum.

    Each person has to look within their own heart at what truly motivates them. Try to see beyond the political indoctrination, to that point of Light that is from the Source of creation, the Source of LOVE. Only there is Truth, and it is available to all, no matter what religion or lack of one a person has.

    If we keep our hearts in the Light and see profit as a tool to do the most for the common good, we can live in Love.

  6. And Republicans?

    I haven't yet hear of Democrats trying to suppress voter registration or voting rights.

  7. I thought it was too hard for Democrats to register? Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago that AG Holder was claiming hardship for them?

    In light of the recent arrests and prosecutions for voter fraud in some locations maybe we need to vet all the registrations.

  8. Dems kill every state they control. NY, Ill, CA. It will not happen in Nevada. We will stop it---this election. Loonie Libs destroy everything they touch.

  9. I still differ with you, Warrior.

    Your original comment above referred to an assumption that the people WITHIN the DMV, the ones who work there, were pushing a Democratic Party agenda, to get people registered to vote.

    In no way shape or form were you referring to people who have the right to free assembly OUTSIDE THE DMV and efforts to get out the vote.

    Apples and oranges.

    I still stand by my words because you didn't differentiate that fact. You basically insinuated that State hired DMV workers were pushing the vote process. When all they do is ask if you want to register to vote, then ask what your affiliation is. And from firsthand accounts I have witnessed time and again, they simply DON'T push people one way or the other. They just do their job.

    People outside? That's different. They are just doing what people do in the United States. They exercise their freedom.

    If this raises the ire of the rabid frothing at the mouth right wingers, which it usually does, then that can't be helped. Freedom is just what it is. Freedom.

  10. That's okay, SickOfSomeOfU. Even a broken watch tells the correct time twice a day.