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March 6, 2015

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Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he sent lewd pictures; won’t leave office


AP Photo/Richard Drew

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., addresses a news conference in New York, Monday, June 6, 2011.

Updated Monday, June 6, 2011 | 4:42 p.m.

Rep. Anthony Weiner announcement

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., reacts during a news conference in New York,  Monday, June 6, 2011. Launch slideshow »

NEW YORK - After days of denials, a choked-up New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed Monday that he tweeted a photo of his bulging underpants to a woman and admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women before and after getting married. He apologized for lying but said he would not resign.

Weiner said at a news conference that he had never personally met any of the women he corresponded with online and sometimes via telephone, and was not even sure of their ages. He also said he had never had sex outside of his marriage.

"This was me doing a dumb thing, and doing it repeatedly, and lying about it," he said.

He said he did not feel the scandal affected his work as a lawmaker but would understand if his constituents decided not to re-elect him.

"I'm going to work very hard to win back their trust," he said at the half-hour-long news conference.

A conservative website that last week started a furor over the underwear photo sent from Weiner's Twitter account posted new photos Monday purportedly from a second woman who said she received shirtless shots of the congressman.

Weiner had earlier said of the underwear photo that his account was hacked and that he'd hired a lawyer and a private security firm to get to investigate the incident involving the underwear shot. But he could not say for sure if the underwear photo was of him.

Weiner called the underpants photo a joke and a "hugely regrettable mistake."

"I haven't told the truth and have done things I deeply regret," he said. "I brought pain to people I care about.", the website run by conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, had posted the latest photos and said they were in a cache of intimate online photographs, chats and email exchanges the woman claimed to have. The website did not identify the woman.

One photo showed Weiner on a couch with two cats nearby. The website said Weiner sent the photo using the anthonyweiner(at) account with the subject line "Me and the pussys."

Click to enlarge photo

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., poses with his wife, Huma Abedin, in this July 10, 2010, file photo.

The celebrity website said a Nevada woman claimed to have 200 sexually explicit messages from Weiner through a Facebook account that Weiner no longer uses. It was not clear whether the woman who claimed to have the new photo was the person who claimed to have received the text messages.

In a strange turn before Weiner's planned news conference, Breitbart took to the podium, defending the accuracy of his posts and saying his reputation was being smeared by the congressman.

The photo showing Weiner shirtless was reminiscent of a photo of former Rep. Chris Lee, a New York Republican who resigned from office earlier this year after a shirtless photo he sent a woman on Craig's List became public.

Weiner, 46, married Hillary Rodham Clinton aide Huma Abedin last July, with former President Bill Clinton officiating. Before that, Weiner had been known as one of New York's most eligible bachelors.

Weiner began his career as a legislative assistant to then-Rep. Chuck Schumer, who is now the state's senior senator. He was elected to the New York City Council before winning Schumer's House seat in 1998, representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

He gained a national profile during the debate over President Barack Obama's health care plan when he outspokenly professed support for a government-run "single-payer" program for everyone and later a "public option" to compete with private health insurance. He got the notice of liberals even though both proposals failed to make it into law.

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  1. Easy, Michael...EEEZEEE...
    You guys ain't all that, and you know it.

    We need a new Political Party in this country... the
    "We have an Ounce of Common Sense" party...there would have to be a means test to become a party member...I.Q. higher than your age...perhaps even 100 or above...not too tough, but excludes the dead Nevada, we'd likely have to lower the standard just to get goin'...the facts are not pretty...

    If WeinerGate proves true, even HALF of it...the congressman from New York MUST STEP DOWN... if true, it would point to the Weiner being BEYOND STUPID...
    What a DORK. A very promising political career, a successful, lovely wife, young, brash...and a Pinocchio nose, both figuratively and literally...ALLEGEDLY...

    But hey, IT'S BREIBART!!!
    Andy's nose is AS LONG AS A TELEPHONE WIRE!!!
    We must wait until there are ACTUAL FACTS IN EVIDENCE...

  2. gamg, there is already a part like that, they are called Whigs. :)

    They don't have an IQ test, but then again, they don't really need one since only people who paid attention in history know what the term means.

    Weiner is getting ready to give a press conference, Breitbart is talking to reporters saying he will be vindicated by what Weiner will say.

  3. Weiner just admitted to sending the tweet!

  4. This story isn't going to go away, and apparently Weiner isn't either. He takes "full responsibility" but is not resigning.

  5. He apologized. Good enough for me. He shows integrity and owned up to his faults and imperfections. He has taken steps to accept responsibility, not only before the press, his constituents, but to his wife and loved ones as well. And I'm sure he is going to have to work hard on the homefront to turn this around.

    There appears to be no crimes committed here. Just poor judgment.

    After it's all said and done, Andrew Breitbart is still a horse's butthole. I don't care if he's been proven right in this matter. He's STILL scum. He's STILL a scuzz bucket opportunist that looks for things to present in only an ultra-conservative fashion; even if he has to fabricate, make it up and/or mold it like silly putty, cut, snip and paste to pound it out there continually.

    I accept his apology. It appears to be genuine. And I do agree he has to work hard to turn this around in order to get re-elected.

    But in the meantime, back to business as usual.

    And that business is to keep up the smackdown on deplorable one-sided Republican Party ideology that makes no sense and only panders to the filthy rich and the corporations. Representative Weiner's contributions to slapping Republicans repeatedly is very important and must continue in order to call them out for the hypocrites they are; stopping their selfish, greedy money grubbing ways to further corporate welfare. He is a proven friend of the middle class and I hope he continues to serve us just as faithfully.


    I said it.

    That oughta get the righties spun up.

  6. Given how Breitbart has been known to, shall we say, embellish the truth at times, including doctoring videos, it was not unreasonable to wait til independent verification came in.

    I would call a confession by Weiner verification. :)

  7. The biggest problem when something like this happens is that it provides a great distraction so other in Congress can pull crap without being noticed.

  8. I don't particularly care that he sent pics...

    The problem is, he LIED ABOUT IT, over and over.
    Heck, he even went on CNN and sat down with Wolfy and lied his a$$ off. That's bad. Someone who lies so easily, especially when the simple truth is not that egregious, is pathological, IMO.

  9. Pelosi's calling for an ethics investigation, and hopefully that will force him out without furthering the sideshow.

    The GOP would love nothing more than to distract voters with this, rather than running on their record to destroy Medicare, increase costs to seniors and further propagate big government with things like the PATRIOT act.

    Voters will keep their eye on the ball.

  10. I'm sorry for the one sided view of this, but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this regard.

    What Representative Weiner did seems to be unconscionable?

    But when you stack it up against what Senator Ensign has done?

    You ask me, Rep. Weiner needs to keep his job. Because he did nothing wrong. Except he exercised poor judgment.

    The former ex-Senator Ensign? He gets a free ride still!?!!?!

    Unbelievable how our politics have become where we forget what the hell happened before and all of a sudden, because of only party politics, our outrage comes out only because of change of wind direction and indiscretions/lack of judgement when it deals with the other side? And they do nothing of a criminal nature?

    Dumb how our politics goes when it involves ignoring clear cut criminal violations, but all of a sudden, because they're on one side of the political aisle, the outrage is amped up to the max.

    Bring on the elections in 2012. Republicans with their cheap political victories will be voted out en masse. They are into anything that will further their stupid cause when it involves only one misstep by the Democrats. When it deals with policy and doing what's right for this country, they're not there. They have nothing but idiotic rhetoric that only points fingers, but lacks in solutions to any problems. And they basically don't care. They want power. They only care about their own stupid selfishness and greed. In other words, THEY HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER! And never will. But they want to cash in on missteps by the other side.

    This is horrible politics, you ask me.

    I'm tired of this total stupidity and it should be called out for the transparency it portrays.

  11. @Mike.......How about that Repugnican caught in the men's room at the Minniapolis airport? Another pillar of the Repugnican 'family values' party ay?

  12. This story gets a big "so what?". It must be a slow news day. No party has a corner on common sense or good taste it appears. The people in his district can handle this.

    Now lets get on with the business of seeking solutions for the nation's problems.

  13. There was less commotion over the GREAT STAIN MAKER (a sitting president) when he got caught lying about having sex with an intern in the White House..Enough already with the Wiener stuff..Who cares?..It must be a very slow news week to make this a lead story every hour of the day...