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February 1, 2015

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Letter to the Editor:

The GOP is the real party of fear-mongering

Arthur A. Ahr, in his Wednesday letter to the editor — headlined “Democrats resort to scare tactics to pass their agenda” — states that President Barack Obama is a fear-monger.

But isn’t that what the George W. Bush administration did for eight years while it dictated its extreme and maybe even illegal right-wing policies?

If we wish to be truthful about the initial cause of our economic and unemployment crisis, we need not look any further than the invasion of Iraq. Remember this war was funded not through normal budget standards but through fear-mongering tactics of a mushroom cloud.

Reliable economists and statesmen believe this war has so severely damaged our economy and our political world standing that we may never fully recover.

Additionally, the majority of the GOP presidential candidates are using unfounded, unrealistic, idiotic and at times fear-mongering tactics against President Obama to woo what they believe is their true base. If this is their true base, they have my deepest sympathy.

Some of these candidates have signed pledges that have racial overtones, degrade gays and want no tax increases — even for the richest companies. Not all of these policies are fear-mongering, but if you lump them together, it points to both fear- and hate-mongering.

I believe it is not President Obama’s job to set our budget, but he has bent over backward to help Congress solve our economic woes. To reference his statements of fact as fear-mongering is wrong; he is only trying to right a wrong-way GOP.

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  1. Future...(LL)...
    Where DO you get your news???
    You start out with a whiff of truth, and then take off on some tangent that has no basis in FACT. You end up with something akin to Right-wing, Neo-con propaganda. How do you get from point A to point B? It must take quite an imagination!

    Might you be following a certain media outlet's predilection for using just that kind of propaganda???

  2. When an entire political party rejects facts, and chooses party politics and an agenda as their prime motivational force, they simply HAVE to resort to dirty tricks to influence the America people.

    The Republican Party simply MUST keep saying trickle down economics works. That the Bush tax cuts must continue in order to provide jobs. So that the economy gets better.

    But then when the cracks appear in trickle down economics, time to change. Let's call it supply side economics. No. Wait. That didn't work. Let's call it voodoo economics. No. Wait. Let's just say the Bush tax cuts must continue in order to reach economic prosperity.

    They have been saying this for going on thirty years now.

    It's not working.

    Let's go to Plan B. Let's get Americans hating each other. Split the nation. No. Rip it apart. Fear monger. Race bait. Promote xenophobia. Attack the people who are least capable of defending themselves in both the media and in politics. Attack. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

    Right now is the prime time for Republicans to use any and all dirty tricks to get into power. Because the atmosphere is perfect. They destroyed the economy and, with mixed results, are throwing all the blame on President Obama; a President who is only guilty of trying to fix things. The time is right because there is a sheer inundation of right wing propaganda out there on the radio and on the television. Thank God for Fox PORNO (Political Organization-Republican News Only) News and Rush Limbaugh! They carry the torch of freedom and with one wave of it, they can blind the entirety of America. And lastly, President Obama is an African American. The key is to make people aware of that. But do it subtle. Soooooo subtle. Pretend like it's not there, but offhandedly throw that out there once in a while that he's not one of us, his allegiance is ELSEWHERE, and why aren't the regular media reporting that? (this is a typical right wing tactic...saturate the airwaves with a blatant untruth..then after a certain period of time, make it sound legit by asking why other news media outlets aren't reporting it).

    To sum it up, when you are in a political party that has nothing, you have to manufacture stuff, make a crisis here and there, throw out stuff that has no basis in fact, but make sure it slams Democrats, no matter how idiotic it sounds, GET IT OUT THERE to get votes. Play on peoples' fears, prejudices, xenophobia...ANYTHING. Promote HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE. And make sure it is directed at the Democrats eternally.

    That way you confuse people, trying to hide the irrefutable fact that the Republican Party is nothing but crap. A party that only is interested in power, money, sucking up to the rich, and their party politics (not in that order).

    The American people are waking up now. We stick with President Obama, slap all the do nothing Republicans out, we might get somewhere to fixing things.

  3. Can we just acknowledge that both parties use fear more than facts? They do and they choose that path because it is easier and it usually works. And like a lot of things that get written here, they tend to sprinkle a few facts into the discussion to make it look like honest debate but it is often just fear mongering. Sometimes it is just a little hyperbole or perhaps exaggeration to make a point, but a lot of the time it is just trying to stir up fear in people to get them motivated to support their agenda. Whether it is the fall of society because of gay marriage or granny not getting her Social Security check.