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March 26, 2015

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Increasingly worried liberals seek pushback on Sandoval budget


AP Photo/Cathleen Allison

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval delivers his inaugural address during Monday’s inauguration ceremony, Jan. 3, 2011 at the Capitol in Carson City.

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Liberal groups are trying to stir up opposition to Gov. Brian Sandoval's no-new-taxes budget that the new governor will deliver Monday during his first State of the State speech.

There's been a growing sense of worry from the set of lawmakers and interests who argue that new revenue is needed to avoid deep cuts to state services like health care programs, K-12 and higher education. Particularly since the retirement of Bill Raggio, the longtime Republican state senator from Reno, pro-tax representatives have been increasingly frustrated trying to figure out how they will be able to raise taxes.

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada said it will bus advocates for state services to the Legislature in Carson City for Monday's speech. The state teacher’s union has scheduled a viewing party for Las Vegas.

Bob Fulkerson, executive director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance and a new group called Nevada Values Coalition, released a progressive alternative state of the state video, which called on Sandoval to use a “balanced approach” to the budget. “No new taxes is just another way of saying no solutions,” he said.

Sandoval was seen as a moderate before he jumped onto the campaign trail in 2008, but has fully embraced the roll of conservative champion.

He made that clear once again today, in a press release about the increase of the state's unemployment rate to 14.5 percent.

“We cannot burden struggling businesses with tax increases, and why we cannot ask the struggling family to pay more," Sandoval said in a statement. "We must allow sunsetting taxes to expire at the end of June and provide businesses the environment in which to begin hiring again."

The Legislature convenes on Feb. 7, though lawmakers will hold hearings on Sandoval's budget starting next week.

The Legislature in 2009 for the first time overrode a governor's veto and passed its own budget, which included tax increases that will expire on June 30th.

But that was when Gov. Jim Gibbons, and his baggage, at the helm.

With Sandoval and his deep well of political capital in charge, he is expected to be the dominant force of the Legislature. It will make it difficult for Democrats to peel off the three Republican senators and two Republican Assembly members they would need for a two-thirds majority.

The belief that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to raise taxes in the 2011 Legislature has crescendoed since Bill Raggio, the 38-year veteran of the state senate, announced he would not serve in his final Legislative session. Raggio, a Republican who had encouraged Sandoval to run against former Gov. Jim Gibbons, had openly talked about the need to preserve "essential services," even if that might require a tax increase.

In his alternate State of the State video, Fulkerson proposed eliminating mining tax deductions, a sales tax on "luxury services" and a net profit tax on businesses making over $500,000 a year.

"We're not asking struggling businesses to pay more," he said in an interview. "We're asking profitable companies to pay more."

Republican legislators have indicated that they will follow the lead of Sandoval, who will have to reveal how he balances the budget on Monday. He had promised before the election to reveal how he would balance the budget without raising taxes, but never followed through on that pledge.

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  1. What company uses his budget proposal? So Apple Computer will tell all their departments their getting a cut, and then they see who does the best? What? No way.

    They would fund divisions on the basis of projections of what would bring the best growth and revenues. So if they think Brazil might be a growing market, they would put more resources there. If they think Japan is a stable market they might maintain the status quo.

    If we are trying to diversify the economy, maybe we should increase the budget for the agriculture department, not cut it. (Note the new shrimp farm for example.)

    If they think "pads" are a growing market sector, they put more resources there, and less on desktops for example. Cutting everything is nuts.

    People say Obama does not have business experience. He did work in Chicago dealing with small business, jobs and the like as a community organizer. Sandoval has no experience in business. The law firm he worked at had a business manager. A judge and a lawyer and a figurehead for the same Republican politics that wrecked the State. 16 years of Republican Governors.

    Jim Walsh, a Republican congressman from Illonious has refused to take retirement of medical insurance from his job in the House. Why doesn't Sandoval refuse his? If government healthcare is bad, give up yours Brian.

  2. Stop spending. No new spending.
    Reduce the size of government.
    Abolish unconstitutional departments and functions.
    Restore states rights.
    A balanced budget amendment (federal).
    Go after medicare/medicaid fraud with a vengeance.
    Close the border. No taxpayer funded services for illegals. Restore workplace raids alongside employer enforcement.
    Reduce corporate taxes. Permanently kill the death tax.
    Protect right to work states. Keep secret ballots. Bust public employee unions that continue to fleece the tax payer.
    Tort reform aimed at medical malpractice lawyers to reduce nuisance and John Doe suits.
    Medical (and auto) Insurance sales across all state lines.
    Allow voluntary retirement contributions plus social security. Raise minimum age for full benefits. Reduce partial benefits for early retirement.
    Require all civilian government employees to contribute to both their retirement and health care.
    Freeze government spending at pre-Pelosi/Reid (2006) levels for starters.
    Require spending at no more than 90% of revenues. Require remaining 10% to be split between deficit reduction and emergency spending lock box accounts that can't be touched for any other purpose. Require Congressional declaration of national emergency to use emergency funds.
    Stop ethanol fuel program. Kill the EPA, turn resource usage over to states. Sign sugar ethanol import agreement with South American companies. Require US resources to receive priority over imports. Bring the troops home from foreign bases where not needed for treaty compliance. Kick the UN out of the US. Reduce foreign aid. Stop negotiating (giving away tax payer funds) with Americas enemies.

    How's that for just a few ideas. There are hundreds more.

  3. The article is entitled "liberals seek pushback." This is a good thing in a democratic system.

    Will they find any is the question?

  4. Dale: I like your ideas, but lets go back to the 2001 buget + get rid of all the Tsars. Then get rid of the TSA and put the local LEA in charge. This would be just a beginning.

  5. The Animal Farm Liberals are looking for Boxer to do all of their work for them.

    mred it is time to change your diapers. You've filled them to the point of overflowing.

  6. Dale, excellent point. The parasites like to blame Sarah for the liberal-caused violence that has raced across America since the Father of Evil, LBJ, spawned his darkness on our nation.

    All kinds of liberals cried and blatted and blamed Sarah Palin for the Arizona shooting.

    But not a single liberal that EVER cries about violence in the Las Vegas Sun, several on this very page, or the SUN itself ever said one single word about the innocent little babies in PA being executed by scissors.

    No, not a word of protests from the parasites.

    It comes from 50 years of liberal teaching and brainwashing. They can not be expected to understand political events.

    The floodgates of the blabber-mouth liberals will continue to open the dams of hell.

  7. Someone's got bees in his bonnet, and bats in his belfry...
    Anyone care to guess who???

  8. Dale is on the road to bringing back child labor, sweat shops and 70 hour weeks with no vacations.

    "Closing the Border" means BIG SPENDING for POLICE, PRISONS, BLACK HELICOPTERS, and Munitions. Get ready for a traffic camera on every corner, and traffic tickets sent out using bulk mailing rates (this creates 'jobs'). GOP spending for Military and Police functions will have no limits, as they have already promised.

    See your taxes increase to pay for Jack Boot security, and one major State Religion established and supported by Tax dollars...all other Religions will be pushed into the ground.

  9. As opposed to Dennis' ideas....whoops...he has none other than MORE TAXES. Dennis if you like taxes so much you can send more in. Noone is stopping you from doing your patriotic duty to give every dollar you have to the government. Animal farm liberals. That's a keeper!

  10. Jon your comment is devoid of logic and simply just fear mongering. You're saying we can send a man to the moon but can't control a narrow strip of land on our Southern border. It's the Democrats that want the cheap labor. Remember NAFTA? If they didn't want cheap labor they'd have secured the border by now.

  11. The liberal government officials next-door in California are finally realizing that they can only tax the people and businesses so much, and now they are starting to slash their budgets because the people and businesses are leaving CA in droves! Sandoval is castigated by Nevada liberals for attempting to rescue our economy BEFORE it's too late, like in CA. Do liberals here in the Silver State want to keep following the policies which have bankrupted California? From the sound of the liberal rants on this page, it seems so.

  12. Gregory, Markey & the_Next_Opinion...


  13. Tax and spend is over. Done. We've run out of money. Nevada, the states and the country are broke, bankrupt, kaput. There is no more money. Time for government to live within it's means.

    How? Simple. Not easy, but simple. Establish a list of priorities and fund the ones you can in order of priority. When tax revenues are gone, that's it. No deficit spending. It's illegal (for states now) anyway and with any luck will be for the federal government by the end of the decade.

    The teachers union needs to be careful. They are doing their members a disservice by putting the unions survival ahead of their membership. Teachers unions could find themselves becoming extinct by fighting the tax payers and the health of the state. Their it's us against everyone else posture makes their future dim. Teachers need to take control of their unions or they will find themselves without effective representation.

  14. "Patriotism is the Last Refuge for a Scoundrel"
    -Samuel Johnson, April 7, 1775

    And just right for Saturday Night Live.

  15. Hmmm. Gaming state continues to have difficulty accepting its old illusions don't work. It thinks that by beating the same old tired elephant something magical will happen