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January 29, 2015

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Sandoval proposes 5 percent pay cut, no furlough for state workers

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Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval delivers his inaugural address during Monday's inauguration ceremony, Jan. 3, 2011 at the Capitol in Carson City.

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Gov. Brian Sandoval will propose state workers take a 5 percent pay cut over the next two years instead of the ongoing once-a-month furloughs equal to a 4.6 percent pay reduction.

In a letter to state employees, Sandoval expressed regret over having to make the cut, noting he and his staff will take the same reduction and that he revised a salary increase scheduled under the law.

"In my meetings with Cabinet officers, I heard consistently that the furloughs are difficult to manage," Sandoval wrote in the letter dated today. "They result in poor customer service and leave employees with unfinished work that awaits their return after a furlough day. He said he hoped that the flat pay reduction would result in "a trade-off in workload management."

Legislators in 2009 rejected former Gov. Jim Gibbons' proposal to reduce salaries by 6 percent, arguing that an unpaid day off was fairer to state workers. But department heads have complained about the difficulty of managing the time off, particularly at welfare offices, which have seen an increase in people requesting assistance during the Great Recession, and state correctional facilities.

Sandoval also said longevity and merit pay would continue to be suspended.

"You have expressed a willingness to continue to make sacrifices - provided others make them as well," Sandoval wrote. "I admire your service to our state and appreciate your willingness to work through these lean years."

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  1. Sandoval proposes a 5% tax on state workers.

    He just broke his "no new taxes" pledge.

  2. Furthermore, I believe income taxes are unconstitutional in Nevada.

  3. More taxes exclusively imposed on Government employees...

    Why is it that the public servant has to pick up the WHOLE TAB for this mess???

  4. This isn't a plan - its a pledge to drive people out of this state.

  5. Not only taking more money away from state employees, but also making them work the additional day for free, taking away the time the employees can use to get part time work to make up the difference in lost wages and benefits. Add too that the higher contribution rate to PERS, the loss of dental benefits, the doubling of medical deductible... and it goes on and on and on. No new revenue means the backs of the state workers will continue to bear the weight of all the cuts. Get ready Nevadans... it's going to be a looooong spring in the legislature.

  6. There is no difference between cutting state workers' salaries 5% and increasing there taxes 5%. Therefore governor you just increased taxes on state workers. You pledged no new taxes on Nevadans. Why are state workers no longer Nevadans to you?

  7. Governor Sandoval,

    Does this mean that the scheduled layoffs in the current proposed budget will be eliminated? Or perhaps this is a proposed further reduction until July when the layoffs are scheduled and those fortunate enough not to lose their jobs will just take a further reduction in compensation. How much more should a state worker be asked to sacrifice? Lord knows we don't want to jepordize the quality of service provided to the citizens of Nevada! Which by your standards are not essential to anyone anyway!

    Here is a new idea, do what Governor Brown in California is proposing raise taxes or if not cut services. Leave it up to the citizens of the state.

    After all, it is supposed to be government of the people isn't it? Just maybe our citizens would like to have some services like Mental Health Care in order to possibly avoid terrible acts like in Tucson ever being repeated by mentally disturbed people.

  8. El Jefe did Bueno. Vertical cuts are a Bitch.

  9. tbvegas,
    Dude, if you think public employees caused Nevader's fiscal problems, you are on crack.

    Back that up with some facks & figgurs, wouldja???

  10. It's a fraud. Pledge to not raise taxes, cut state workers pay 5% and impose new fees, including increased tuition. Both of these schemes are simply equivalent to regressive taxes on the middle and lower income classes. The state needs to phase in a progressive income tax system, while tightly controlling spending. This is shaping up to be a disaster.

  11. Hey tbvegas...
    Logic escapes you, doesn't it???

  12. 5% cut, Waaaaaa.
    Sure beats the 100% cut many of us have received from our employers.
    So some poor guy making $60,000 is going to have to try and survive on only $57,000 a year now. (well, actually about $57,900 since he won't have to pay FICA or income tax on that $3000). I think I'd figure out a way to survive somehow if it was me.
    A lot of us can only dream about making 95% of what we made before a layoff.

  13. The Governor is trying to impose some fiscal restraint and maintain services. Paying less and getting the same in return is called a gain in productivity, not a tax.

    While no one wants to make less, it sure beats the heck out of the alternative.

  14. pmmart...
    NOT a state/government/public employee.

    You are missing the point, as is tbvegas.

    I AM in private industry, and I am painfully aware of what happens when sales aren't sufficient to meet payroll.

    That said, cutting the pay of state workers to meet the budget is a very SELECTIVE TAX on one segment of our state's population. Continuing to ask state workers to sacrifice while leaving other avenues of potential budget gap-filling alone because they have a strong lobby at the legislature and connections greased by huge amounts of cash seems, well, somehow less than an equitable solution to Nevader's fiscal woes.

  15. Sandoval proposes a 5% tax on state workers.

    He just broke his "no new taxes" pledge.

    It is a 5% PAY CUT, not a 5% tax.

    A pay cut is NOT a tax in any way shape or form. How the heck to you consider a pay cut a "SELECTIVE TAX"???

  16. You either cut spending or raise taxes...they are two different scenarios. We want our state to cut spending. It is simple economics. Don't get confused. Now of course in order to balance any budget, you need to cut spending AND increase some taxation and then you will achieve a surplus once you get to the middle. That is how it is suppose to work. No one likes cuts, and no one likes taxes, but that is the only way to keep a state going. A majority of you writing these articles don't even pay state taxes. It is us business owners like myself that are hit with taxes and tax increases. And paying sales tax does not count, it is only a fraction of the taxes that business owners get hit up with. Property owners get taxed too, but for the local employees, there is nothing to gripe about. Now the new Govenor is really taking a stand and getting something done. We need to support him. Right now they are money shuffling up in Carson City to try to make everyone happy. I for one respect what they have to accomplish.

    A post that makes sense. And obviously from someone who knows the difference between a "pay cut" and a "tax increase".

    Just about EVERY State right now is making decisions that are going to hurt the residents but IT HAS TO BE DONE. NONE of these decisions are written in stone either. NV could have stopped a lot of their problems years ago but never did anything. It could have been one of a few States that were not in debt and sitting pretty.

  17. Considering what has happened in Illinois this week, this is pretty tame stuff. Be thankful all you Residents of Nevada that the new Governor has NOT instituted a state income tax. A 1% tax would help tremendously and then those poor state workers would not have to take that 5% pay cut.

    Quit whining everyone.

  18. Dr. Green and Mr Sandoval don't be silly. A pay cut is not a tax increase - especially since your pay comes from other peoples taxes.

    Furloughs are done to kick the can down the road - it allows government workers to keep their pay increases on the books which benefits them greatly for their unsustainable pensions which are already bankrupting the state and robbing from essential services. We can't kick the can down the road any longer.

  19. Since the facts and research show that Nevada State employees make an average of 20% more then workers in most states this is a good thing.

    Some of you complain that the state workers are footing the bill but bottom line is the taxpayers are footing the bill and there is no more money.

    5% cut or not job. Seems pretty simple to me.

    In time he is going to have to tell them the cuts are going to be larger then 5%. He is going to have to get them in line with private industry and other states or he his going to have to raise taxes. You can not have it both ways.

  20. "While no one wants to make less, it sure beats the heck out of the alternative."

    How does making less beat the heck out of not getting cut?

    We have to balance the state budget, and Brian Sandoval is doing it by taking away 5% of the salary of a certain segment of the population. What if instead, Sandoval proposed to take 5% of every casino employee's salary? Would that be a tax? Dam* right it would.

    So much for shared sacrifice. Cut their pay, cut their benefits, and in the meantime the miners still pay nothing. At least Sandoval can say he didn't raise taxes, even though we all know it's a lie. And Sandoval's OK as long as he cuts sombody else's salary. And Sandoval's OK as long as he cuts the pay of state workers and makes them work extra days for that lower pay. That way the incredibly selfish people who make up the majority of Nevada's population will get to have their cake and eat it, too.

  21. JohnF...
    Thank you.
    You make my point better than I do!

  22. Making the same or more isn'at an option.

    95% of a loaf is better than none.

  23. "While no one wants to make less, it sure beats the heck out of the alternative."

    How does making less beat the heck out of not getting cut?


    John F

    That alternative is NO JOB at all. A situation many have found themselves in. That is why many many unemployed would gladly take a 5% or even 10% paycut and still have their job, and hopefully benefits.

  24. John F,

    That certain segment of the population is among the best paid in the state, best paid in the nation and has seen their incomes rise faster than inflation over the last decade.

    Here is the fact, you are NOT entitled to your job. Government is not here to provide you a job. If you work for the government your job is to serve the people. Not the other way around.

  25. Well it's either this or go to 12 hr. workdays and take 3 days off, sounds good to me, of course that works out to 48 hours! it should work!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Patrick--Nevada state employees are not the highest paid in the nation.

  27. Great job, Mister Governor!