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January 26, 2015

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‘Sin City Rules’ cast makes me an offer I have to decline — for now


Scott Harrison/Retna/

Alicia Jacobs is flanked by Chippendales dancers Gavin McHale, Nathan Minor, John Rivera and Sami Eskelin at the “Sin City Rules” red carpet at the Venetian on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012.

Talk about bad timing! It’s no secret that I have lambasted the new reality TV series “Sin City Rules” that has aired two episodes so far on the Learning Channel. I loath the concept and the producers staging fake and spiteful dramas. I hate the behavior of the women.

I condemn it because the real powerful women of our great community behave and serve us so admirably, and “Sin City Rules” doesn’t show Las Vegas in its true light. Instead, it confirms the worst fears people who don’t know Las Vegas think of our city as shallow, backbiting and filled with ugly behavior.

I’ve gone as far as saying it doesn’t have one redeeming quality. So imagine my surprise when I received this email from the cast on Monday night:

It’s Amy Hanley from “Sin City Rules.” I wanted to reach out to you as I have always liked you. We are doing some amazing things for the community in the next couple of days in honor of the holiday season. I have been designated as the one to pick whom I feel is the best person to whom we give an exclusive. I am very excited to share this with you, and I have spoken to all of the women, and we are all excited to sit and chat with you.

It will be the first time we all sit down together and are interviewed. We have agreed to allow you to ask as many questions of us as you want, and we will share as much as possible that we can for this special interview. We would love to take you to dinner at Oscar’s since it’s a staple in our community. I feel your columns have the best followers and held in the highest regard. I would love for nothing more than all of us to sit down and show you exactly why we love Las Vegas.

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Jennifer Harman, Lori Montoya, Lana Fuchs, Amy Hanley and Alicia Jacobs of TLC's "Sin City Rules" at the Venetian on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012.

Please contact me at 702-XXX-XXXX ASAP, as the exclusive we want to share with you is a time-sensitive manner and Christmas is right around the corner. I look forward to hearing from you and enjoying a wonderful steak dinner at Oscar’s.

What an opportunity! Can you imagine they felt I was the best person to get their exclusive? I could find out exactly what amazing things they are doing for the community before the weekend and which I’d happily write to show my fears are hopelessly incorrect, and I shouldn’t have reacted so harshly when Lana Fuchs called herself God.

They said I could ask as many questions as I wanted! I’d find out if Lana’s getting the rumored spin-off. I could ask Lori Montoya how her husband got control of Rain Cosmetics when my friend Rain Andreani, who used to do her makeup and worked with the lab chemist to mix the formulas of the line named after her, wound up losing it. I’d find out why Rain couldn’t be on the show and if the cosmetics line promotion is part of the compensation deal. I could ask Alicia Jacobs how it felt to have all those evil accusations made against her.

I’d never pass up a dinner with five women at former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s steakhouse, and just think I would even have let their producers film it for the show if they’d paid my normal TV fees, which I always donate to our beloved local charity Keep Memory Alive. A great story and charity donation without resorting to a surprise camera ambush!

But as you can see, they made this “time sensitive,” and what with the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant at Planet Hollywood, the Venetian’s Culinary Clash and other obligations before I drive to California for Christmas with my kids and grandkids, it would be after New Year’s before I could accept their kind offer.

However, if they email me the “amazing things they’re doing in the next couple of days to honor the holiday season,” I am happy to report them. Also, if the devastatingly low ratings for the show don’t get it canceled and it is still on the air in January, I’ll happily do the dinner -- and happily pick up the tab myself.

My thanks to them for acknowledging this column has the best following and is held in the highest regard. I’d love to know why if they love Las Vegas, they let the producers show them and our city in such a bad light. I am grateful they offered me the exclusive interview. I’m just sorry I have no time to do it as fast as they’d like. It grieves me to say to them “please feel free because of my time constraints to offer it to any of the other columnists who may have time before the holidays.”

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope their TV exposure leads to the fame and fortune they seek and that they somehow turn all this negativity into something positive to truly benefit our great city.

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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  1. Oh Robin..the show and people are beyond help. Why give them any press?
    5 minutes into the show you know exactly what this is about. A bunch of well-to-do people acting so boorish and obnoxious that words cannot describe.

    Anyone referring to themselves as "I am god" deserves nothing but scorn and ridicule. Please don't give them the time of day. They are doing nothing but tarnishing Las Vegas' image beyond what is already known.

    I saw Lana's half-@ssed apology to Alicia Jacobs and couldn't help but laugh. If these women are that socially imbecilic that they don't even know what a heartfelt apology is...then I have no words. The show is trash and the women are made to act like trash.

  2. These women (and the producers of the show) are inappropriate but certainly not stupid. They know bad publicity is still publicity and are going to milk things as much as they can. I can't say I blame them for trying. Mr. Leach, if you really do care about Las Vegas (and journalistic integrity) you'll not let yourself be used to further their exposure. If they truly are doing "amazing things" for the community those deeds will surface in the course of the regular news cycle through the normal media channels.

  3. I agree you should not give this garbage the time of day. This show is the biggest piece of trash I have ever seen. Every one of these phonies are the laughing stock of the entire Las Vegas Valley.They are all wanna be trashy nobody's just starving for attention.

  4. Geesh Robin, you get turned that quickly? These women are phony's and NOT the ones who run Las Vegas! Nick Nolf informed me that Amy Hanley, the one who wrote you in this article, is actually living at home with her mother, Wendy Mazarras, who I believe is the author of Vegas Rag Doll? Is that a woman who runs Las Vegas? Would Lana Fuchs move in with her mother?

  5. "I condemn it because the real powerful women of our great community behave and serve us so admirably, and "Sin City Rules" doesn't show Las Vegas in its true light. Instead, it confirms the worst fears people who don't know Las Vegas think of our city as shallow, backbiting and filled with ugly behavior." ~ So very well said!! That show is contemptible, complete with manufactured maliciousness and the lowest form of "mean girl" behavior. None of those women are true power players! Laughable.

  6. @NikkiR aka Carla or Mary. Hello Ladies. Now I know for sure you are speaking with my soon to be ex. This is a sad day. My bf doesn't know you nor would he ever say something that isn't true. Since all you ladies love to feed off of gossip here you go. This is truth. I am moving. My new home just came available on the 18th which was yesterday. I was staying with my mother for a few days until it was ready with new furniture, new paint and a new start. My last home was filled with memories of abuse, pain, anger, hurt and anguish for the boys and me. I didn't know staying with a family member while waiting for our new home to get done was a horrible deed. I didn't know that family isn't allowed to be a family. Since you ladies like to come out and tell only part of the story I will give the entire story. Jump ahead of your lies and untruths. I am a survivor of domestic violence. My children are. I am a huge supporter of the programs in town. I chose to stay at my mom's home instead of a hotel as it didn't make sense to put my children in that environment while everything was coming in and being set-up. But thank you so much for taking something so little and turning it into this. I appreciate it as I have no issues sharing my life. I have nothing to hide. I post under my name, I am verified and will speak up when it's a blatant lie like this. Thank you! :)

  7. @UTE. We are doing some great things and those will come out in regular press. This wasn't an attempt to exploit what we are working on. We truly wanted to sit down and share with Robin what he would like to know. We wanted to bring some resolution to some of his concerns. To allow him to fully understand the aspect of the show. I am going to share with Robin after our 3rd episode airs so no one feels as if we did this to exploit. We wanted to be open and share why we love Vegas so much.

  8. Ms. Hanley I lived here many years and know that the women on your show do not represent the class women that live in our city. Anyone that refers to themselves as "god" and Ms. Jacobs, of all people, hurts your credibility.
    Mr. Leach may do well for you but don't count on it at least not with the locals.

  9. Robin, I applaud your ability to politely decline, while still offering support through the idea that bad press or even lukewarm press is still press. You've managed to share your thoughts without being unkind.

    While I dont feel this show is the best representation of our valley, it does highlight the area, and several characters within, and hope that it brings some commerce locally.

  10. Congrats Mr Leach on being invited to dine in the presence of such "powerful" great people. Of course this is done in the spirit of the season with no hidden agenda's, oh yes, perish the thought. And dining at "Oscars" WOO-HOO, you can't get more "powerful" than that. Las Vegas deserves better than this, I mean it's already bad enough the dregs of "Jersey Shore" have practically set up shop here.

  11. @TomD1228 I have to address a couple of things. Growing up as a child with the history I have and the name the press had no problem exploiting me when something great, bad, exciting, innocent, fun or even a little bit dangerous happened in my life. I remember reporters standing out in front of my elementary school for my first day at kindergarten to get a pic of me. I remember being in a car accident and press swarming the hospital when I 12. They had no problem flashing my name like this "Mob Hitman Tom Hanley's Daughter, Amy Hanley in Auto Accident!" So you tell me that by me saying and introducing who I am and where I came from is needing attention? Yet my whole life has been like this. I don't glorify it. I also need to ask you if you do realize that the one's who started this city was mob? My father was right there when it all did start in 1936. I think my family history goes back far enough, however what you haven't seen is the good stuff I talk about when I refer to Vegas. Give the show a chance. You can't depict it in 2 episodes. Did you ever question a Mayor of ours when the book came out the Mob Attorney? It's ok for one but not the other? Always remember it is a show as well. Thank you for the comments as I enjoy explaining my point of view as well. :)

  12. Why is there a big picture of Alicia on the front cover of this story! The story was about another cast mate... Why does Alicia "HOG" every spotlight? Why does Robin Leach always put his friends first? I hope and pray Amy Hanley does NOT do a story with Robin Leach, because he lets Trica Combs and Alicia Jacobs write his stories..
    What a shame!