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July 25, 2014

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Joe Schoenmann

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A native Wisconsinite, Joe earned a journalism degree to get out of college early but wanted none of the craft after graduation. Need for a job landed him at small Wisconsin weeklies before moving to Las Vegas in 1997. He has been recognized for his magazine profiles and his investigative stories that exposed police bias against minorities.

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Joe Downtown: Nevada’s sesquicentennial book is riddled with mistakes
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
According to the coffee table book, the Golden Nugget is no longer in existence. Hmm...
Gambling returns to old Moulin Rouge — for a day
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
The historic Moulin Rouge casino is reopening — kind of, for eight hours anyway, and in a trailer. One day next month, a trailer with 16 slot machines will be rolled onto the site of the mostly demolished Moulin Rouge, allowing the owner to...
Campaign finance: Mark Hutchison, Lucy Flores and more
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Campaign finance reports for Nevada politicians are due today. We'll break down ...
Joe Downtown: City commission gives $1 million to help revive Huntridge Theater
Monday, May 19, 2014
Questions about the risk Las Vegas might take on if it invests $1 million in historic Huntridge Theater fell to impassioned speeches from neighbors about ...
Powerful sheriff position up for grabs in June primary
Sunday, May 18, 2014
Four major candidates are vying to succeed Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie. The next sheriff will face a fresh set of challenges compared with what Gillespie encountered when he was elected ...
Joe Downtown: Use of force is prominent topic in sheriff candidate forum
Thursday, May 15, 2014
With just nine days before early voting begins, eight of nine men vying to become the next sheriff answered questions Thursday night on everything from police use of force on people — and animals — to immigration and ...
Cliven Bundy’s supporters seek crowdfunding to sustain militia
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Two supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy launched crowdfunding campaigns to help pay for the militia that’s camping on the family’s ranch. Blaine Cooper and Christopher Ferrell ...
Joe Downtown: Could a $1 million grant make or break Huntridge revival efforts?
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Huntridge Revival wants $1 million in public funding to move forward with renovating the historic theater.
Bundy family to pursue legal action against BLM
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Unsatisfied with the local government response to a showdown between supporters of Cliven Bundy and Bureau of Land Management rangers more than a month ago, the Bundys announced they will ...
Downtowner named among most creative people in business
Monday, May 12, 2014
A downtowner was named one of this year’s 100 most creative people in business in the latest issue of Fast Company magazine. Jen McCabe is VegasTechFund’s chief of hardware investments. TechFund is...
Vintage is back in style in Las Vegas
Sunday, May 11, 2014
Las Vegas history matters again, moreso than it maybe ever has, to the community at large as well as the business community. The success of the Mob Museum and the push to revitalize the historic Huntridge Theater are just two examples of how the city ...
Militiamen move on from Bundy fight to next battle with BLM
Friday, May 9, 2014
Militiamen and woman camped out around Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch about 80 miles north of Las Vegas are heading to Blanding, Utah, where another protest against the Bureau of Land Management will happen Saturday.
One month later, Cliven Bundy, militia, residents face an uneasy coexistence
Thursday, May 8, 2014
The federal agents backed down. The TV lights flickered off. The reporters flew home. But one month after the Bureau of Land Management’s cattle roundup...
Joe Downtown: Taking your time to get to know Las Vegas can pay off
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Phil Pascal and Demont Daniel brought the party to Picnic on a recent Friday.
Joe Downtown: Councilman exploring whether city can kick-start Huntridge fundraising effort
Friday, May 2, 2014
Las Vegas Councilman Bob Coffin said a lawsuit looming over an effort to purchase and renovate the historic Huntridge Theater has caused would-be backers to …
Rancher Cliven Bundy's family, supporters gather peacefully at Metro Police
Friday, May 2, 2014
Cliven Bundy's family protested peacefully in front of the Metro Police department this morning and filed criminal complaints against the Bureau of Land Management for...
Joe Downtown: Clark County public defenders form union, face battle with administrators
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Very quietly, lawyers in the Office of the Clark County Public Defender have formed a union, a move they feel is key to obtaining pay equity with ...
Joe Downtown: Why is the successful Mob Museum asking for a handout?
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
The Centennial Commission was to consider a grant request from the Downtown institution earlier this week.
Metro investigating concerns over militia activity near Bundy ranch
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Metro Police say they are investigating concerns a U.S. congressman raised about actions of militia members in northeast Clark County, but they’re not saying much more …
Movie shot and produced in Nevada puts new tax incentive in play
Friday, April 25, 2014
Las Vegas’ neon-lit, mobster-shadowed history is a frequent backdrop for movies and television shows. But the fact that a movie is being filmed ...
Joe Downtown: Thousands — mostly non-Nevadans — sign online petition opposing horse carriages
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Posted online less than a week, a petition against horse-drawn carriage rides in Las Vegas had collected some 5,400 electronic signatures by Thursday afternoon. Of the most recent 1,000 signatures, only 30, or 3 percent, were ...
Joe Downtown: Horse-drawn carriages and Fremont East’s tug between locals and tourists
New transportation options Downtown cater more to out-of-towners than residents
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Horse-drawn carriages, pedicabs and a Disney trolley. All could be coming to Downtown.
Joe Downtown: Just opened, O Face doughnuts already packing them in
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
The mere fact that two of its morning offerings contained bacon is a sign that O Face is on the right track. Another sign: by 10 a.m., a rush of customers...
Joe Downtown: City seeking lifeguards, swim instructors
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Lifeguards and swim instructors are needed to patrol the waters of city pools this summer. The city has about 35 positions available for...
Joe Downtown: Inspire Theater to show documentary on jazz, big band musicians
Monday, April 21, 2014
A multi-award-winning documentary about female jazz and big band musicians from the 1930s to now will be shown at downtown’s new Inspire Theater next week.
The New York Times described...
Just how boozy do we want Fremont Street to be?
Sunday, April 20, 2014
The Fremont Street area could become a commerce center with many residents — or it could be Bourbon Street West ...
Recipe for success not so complicated
Sunday, April 20, 2014
In an odd way, the struggles at Wild, the pizza restaurant on the first floor of the Ogden, could be a good thing for the Downtown Project ...
Joe Downtown: Construction to begin on downtown beautification project
Thursday, April 17, 2014
The city is about to shower some love on a part of downtown that needs it. Construction on a Main and Commerce streets beautification ...
Joe Downtown: Fremont Country Club gets OK for 18 and up shows
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Fremont Country Club has booked a few bigger-name acts — Hanson (of "MMMBop" fame) played there last September — but it has never made the big splash that its operator/promoter ...
Joe Downtown: We might not be ready for the truly nontraditional
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Tom Haskins lived in the conventional world and attained middle-class wealth and status. He didn’t much like it.
Joe Downtown: Las Vegas City Council votes to allow horse-drawn carriages downtown
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Though they argued it would lead to more congested streets downtown, the mayor and two Las Vegas City Council members were outvoted: horse-drawn carriages are on their way. Despite concerns...
Joe Downtown: Liquor battle brewing at Fremont Street Experience
Monday, April 14, 2014
downtown liquor store operators on Fremont Street are feeling the squeeze. They put up signs telling people not to open containers inside their stores, they hired security, they warned customers not to drink within 1,000 feet of their stores. But even after all that ...
Joe Downtown: Company gets tax credits for shooting movie in Las Vegas
Monday, April 14, 2014
A production company shooting a movie in Las Vegas starring Dakota Fanning has received $297,000 in state tax credits. The company, LPF One DTIG LLC, will be filming in Southern Nevada until early May and already has shot at a downtown club, at Mount Charleston and today was at ....
Joe Downtown: New management at The Ogden’s Wild eyes healthier business model
Thursday, April 10, 2014
The Downtown Project has taken over Wild, the gluten-free pizza restaurant on the first floor of The Ogden, and has employed a former chef to help ...
Joe Downtown: Has DTP squeezed out other development by buying so much Fremont area acreage?
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Downtown Project is sitting on buildings and properties until ideas spring up.
Joe Downtown: Slotzilla zip lines tested with dummies as attraction sets to open
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
No one is saying exactly when Slotzilla will open, but project managers and engineers are this week testing 175-pound dummies on each of the four lower lines of the zipline attraction at the Fremont Street Experience. Lonnie Reed, principal of Themed Development Management, categorized the ride’s testing as some of the most ...
Joe Downtown: Cars towed, spirits dampened on First Friday
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
A tiny dirt lot in downtown Las Vegas became ground zero for bewildered vehicle owners who found their cars had been towed. Downtown resident John Delibos pulled into the lot and found ...
Joe Downtown: New online magazine hopes to be ‘go-to reference site’ for fashion in Las Vegas
Thursday, April 3, 2014
A new online magazine and blog focusing on all things fashion-related in Las Vegas launched today. Called, it is the creation of founder ...
Joe Downtown: Electric Daisy promoter told to stay away from his downtown clubs
Thursday, April 3, 2014
Pasquale Rotella, whose Insomniac Inc. puts on the popular Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, has been banned by the city from visiting...
Joe Downtown: There are signs enthusiasm for the new Downtown has started to fade
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Is happiness being delivered or are downtown developers just patting themselves on the back?
Joe Downtown: Add another to list of businesses departing Container Park
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Yet another Container Park business will be leaving, this on the heels of the four other businesses announcing they'd vacate the recently opened downtown development by …
Joe Downtown: Officials toast opening of Bier Garten at the Plaza
With its abundance of plants and lawn, site is touted as 'a place to escape the concrete jungle'
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
On a windy and cool night suitable for an Oktoberfest party, the mayor, ex-mayor and dozens of drinkers foisted beers, and a martini, to the grand opening of Bier Garten, an indoor/outdoor bar/eatery at the Plaza. “It gives people a place to escape ...
Joe Downtown: The Atomic to host demo for 3D TV, minus the glasses
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
But The Atomic, one of the oldest bars in the city, will this week bring something to its customers that is at the forefront of visual technologies. Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. the bar will showcase ...
Joe Downtown: Group lauds Container Park as it pulls plug on 3 shops there
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Three businesses operated by Future Restaurant Group are moving out of the Downtown Container Park, just a few months after ...
Joe Downtown: Group working to preserve Huntridge memorabilia opens office
Monday, March 31, 2014
The Huntridge Foundation, which seeks to preserve items from the Huntridge Theater’s past, is opening its office and kicking off its “Memory Project” starting Friday. The new office is in ...
Could horse-drawn carriages make a comeback in Las Vegas?
Sunday, March 30, 2014
New York City's mayor calls them inhumane, but some in Las Vegas think horse-drawn carriages can work fine here ...
A guide to downtown Las Vegas’ open container laws
Sunday, March 30, 2014
There is a web of rules governing where and what you can legally drink downtown. Don't worry, we've untangled the web ...
Joe Downtown: Container Park to host monthly music series
Friday, March 28, 2014
When musician Sheryl Crow plays at the Container Park next Friday night for roughly 1,000 people, it will be something of a milestone for East Fremont Street. Crow has been in the business for decades and...
Joe Downtown: Metro Lt. and poet Harry Fagel finds inspiration in the area he patrols
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
The police officer has published two books of poetry and has read to fellow officers during briefings ...
Law firm’s building is the biggest new thing downtown
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Tony Hsieh isn't the only one putting his mark on the downtown Las Vegas landscape. “This facility will be a wonderful resource for the community, especially to students at the Boyd School of Law,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said about the $18 million Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center, which is described as ...

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