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December 22, 2014

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  • Children’s future won’t be so bright
    Dec. 20, 2014
    The letter in the Dec. 13 issue of the Sun titled “Rich contribute to society” showed ignorance of life as it exists today. The writer brags about …
  • Tax reform will save the economy
    Dec. 20, 2014
    If the government had simply sent out checks and issued tax credits instead of wasting over a billion dollars and countless time on the Affordable Care Act, the nation would …
  • When football gets the ax
    Dec. 19, 2014
    The most unpopular man in Birmingham, Ala., these days is Dr. Ray Watts, the president of the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Earlier this month, Watts announced …
  • Democrats against reform
    Dec. 19, 2014
    It’s easy to understand why Republicans wish health reform had never happened and are now hoping the Supreme Court will abandon its principles and …
  • The imitation of marriage
    Dec. 19, 2014
    In the past two weeks, my colleagues at The Times’ data-driven project, the Upshot, have offered two ways of looking at the most important cleavage in America — the divide, cultural and economic, between the …
  • Is al-Qaeda Claus coming to town?
    Dec. 19, 2014
    President Barack Obama, through executive order, basically has told immigration enforcement to stand down. This is an invitation for …
  • Pope Francis attends a morning session of a two-week synod on family issues at the Vatican, Monday, Oct. 13, 2014.
    Pope embraces Christ’s ideals
    Dec. 19, 2014
    Charlotte Allen’s column in the Nov. 23 issue of the Sun, “Is a liberal/conservative schism in the Catholic Church inevitable? Hardly,” underestimates Pope Francis’ valiant and publicly successful efforts to …
  • Teach kids a different lesson
    Dec. 18, 2014
    I found Mike Smith’s recent editorial cartoon depicting a mother telling her child to “watch out for the police” rather …
  • Article contains inaccuracies
    Dec. 18, 2014
    In the Dec. 4 edition of the Sun there was an article about a company that is marketing a shield for EM radiation that comes from smart devices (“Startup wants to save you from your cellphone”). This article contains lots of mistakes that are …
  • LVCVA's newest "What Happen's Here, Stays Here" ad features Las Vegas-bred band Imagine Dragons.
    LVCVA taps Imagine Dragons for latest ‘What Happens Here’ ad
    Dec. 10, 2014
    The new 30-second spot was filmed at the SLS and MGM Grand.
  • ‘The imperial Congress’
    Dec. 10, 2014
    President Barack Obama issued a veto threat recently against a corporate tax-cutting orgy that promised the world to many powerful interests but did little for the middle class and nothing for low-income Americans. The president’s move was …
  • It’s going to take radical change to prevent incidents that spur protests
    Dec. 10, 2014
    In this basically urban society, how is it possible to prevent the kind of incidents that have stirred the people’s passions and brought about massive protests, some of them violent? The answer is that it …
  • About fish, weed and death: What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment?
    Dec. 10, 2014
    Should a fisherman face two decades in prison for discarding a few fish at sea? That question is at the core of a …
  • Populist policies aren’t working
    Dec. 10, 2014
    I found the Doyle McManus column in the Nov. 29 edition of the Sun espousing the possibility of Sen. Bernie Sanders …
  • College experience preferred
    Dec. 10, 2014
    It seems UNLV is going to hire a high school coach. That’s just great! How cheap is this university? No college coaching experience and …
  • It’s time to stop the move to the right
    Dec. 10, 2014
    President Barack Obama is a good man who certainly doesn’t deserve the smearing he is getting from …
  • The question we can’t answer
    Dec. 9, 2014
    Michael Brown’s death was part of a tragic and unacceptable pattern: Police officers in the United States shoot and kill civilians in shockingly high numbers. How many killings are there each year? No one can say for sure because …
  • How to make the Supreme Court more accountable
    Dec. 9, 2014
    Does having relatives involved in labor disputes, affirmative action battles and cameras in courtrooms affect how Supreme Court justices decide cases and …
  • Another case for term limits
    Dec. 9, 2014
    n 2010, Plymouth, Conn., was awarded $430,000 for widening sidewalks and related matters near two schools. This money was a portion of the $612 million Congress authorized for five years of the federal Safe Routes to School program intended to …
  • Does Hansen represent Nevada?
    Dec. 9, 2014
    The Sun’s coverage of Ira Hansen, a Republican from Sparks, continues to show that strangeness is no stranger to …
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