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March 6, 2015

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Letters to the Editor

A GOP Congress and the market
Jan. 29, 2015
There is a well-known phrase in Latin, “post hoc, ergo propter hoc,” translated as “after this, therefore because of this.” Although this …
Work to avoid sage grouse listing
Jan. 29, 2015
There is a tendency among us here in Nevada to put our heads in the sand when we think about the many public-lands issues we face, but …
The myth of compromise
Jan. 29, 2015
Until now, the Obama administration was largely portrayed in the media as willing to compromise and the GOP …
End of crime bad for economy?
Jan. 28, 2015
What if there were no more need for police, lawyers, judges, prison guards, probation officers …
Here’s why God would be Democrat
Jan. 28, 2015
Private charity is great but lacks efficiency and the ability to cover large groups of people and is too arbitrary to do the job. In other words …
The marriage problem
Jan. 28, 2015
In regard to the Frank Bruni column “Your God and my dignity,” I have listened to and read rantings about marriage more times than I can identify. I think the whole problem is …
Voter ID controversy has easy solution
Jan. 27, 2015
When I registered to vote, not only did I have to produce documentation proving I was a citizen of the U.S., but I was subject to …
Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney arrives to his election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, in Boston. President Obama defeated Republican challenger former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
Independent: Time for Romney to sit
Jan. 27, 2015
The hubris of Romney is what shocks me — 51 percent of the electorate, or 65 million Americans, chose the current president. The electoral vote was …
Give consumers a break at the pumps
Jan. 27, 2015
The price of gas is down and now the feds want to raise the interest rates and the gas tax. Can us common folks…
Diversity of opinions needed
Jan. 24, 2015
Letters lambast Republicans for every sin on earth and fault the rich for …
Some questions about our water
Jan. 24, 2015
Despite constantly hearing from both past and present water bosses that Las Vegas has nothing to worry about and that the Southwest must and will work together to solve the Colorado River crisis, reading between the lines …
Franchise doesn’t belong in Las Vegas
Jan. 24, 2015
Regarding the proposed soccer stadium in Symphony Park close to the Smith Center: One can only hope the movers and shakers of …
Obama has twisted logic on Gitmo
Jan. 23, 2015
President Barack Obama has often claimed that Gitmo creates more terrorists than are in it, and for that reason, he wants to …
Build stadium, attract NFL team
Jan. 22, 2015
The NFL is contemplating expansion again. It seems they want to return to the Los Angeles marketplace. I have an idea that might work for Southern Nevada. Let’s …
Page column spins NYPD situation
Jan. 22, 2015
Clarence Page’s column “Support police, fight bad policing” (Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 2) spins the circumstances of the tense situation between New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department. Page’s description of the …

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