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April 1, 2015

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Letters to the Editor

Why haven’t gas prices decreased?
March 27, 2015
It was a great relief when a number of gas stations around the Las Vegas Valley dropped the price of regular unleaded below the $2-a-gallon mark recently. After a short time …
Time to embrace ridesharing in Vegas
March 27, 2015
If you live in Southern Nevada, you know how tough and costly it can be to get a taxi to come to your home or place of business. I live in Summerlin …
Regulations are a necessary evil
March 27, 2015
Paul Krugman again illustrates with his column “Partisan pepperoni” (Las Vegas Sun, March 14) why his articles are …
School board needs businesspeople
March 26, 2015
A few years ago, someone came up with the brilliant idea that in order to run for Clark County judge, a person must be an attorney who has passed the bar in Nevada and at some point practiced law within the state. At the time I thought, “What a …
The Republicans’ foreign policy
March 26, 2015
A column by Doyle McManus was recently titled, “Republicans haven’t quite worked out a foreign policy beyond ‘not Obama.’” Republicans should …
How else will GOP obstruct Obama?
March 26, 2015
Earlier this month, 47 Republican senators signed and sent a letter to Iran stating that no matter what the government agrees to, we can subsequently take it off the table. Several senators have since …
Nonunion workers get same benefits
March 25, 2015
I worked in the Postal Service for 34 years and had many positions — postmaster, supervisor, shop steward, grievance procedures, arbitrations, union meetings and conventions. I’ve never heard of nor seen any …
Thomas Friedman misguides criticism
March 25, 2015
I am shocked the Las Vegas Sun would publish a column that tears apart …
Ridesharing would benefit community
March 25, 2015
As both a student and employee of UNLV, I find myself reliant on the city’s public transit system. Use of taxi services is out of the question as I tire of wait times and the expense associated with …
How is exorbitant tax legal?
March 25, 2015
Thanks to the letter writer who expressed outrage about the tax on his …
Sun provides ‘other side of the story’
March 24, 2015
n the March 17 letter to the Sun “Offer a balanced picture in the Sun,” the letter writer asked that the Sun practice “tit-for-tat” reporting. I moved to Las Vegas 15 years ago and have relied on the Sun to provide the other side of the political scene because the competing newspaper in Las Vegas is totally one-sided.
Should DMV really arm its staff?
March 24, 2015
The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles feels it needs to arm its locations with military-grade assault weapons to defend itself from a problem of its own creation.
Senators didn’t lie in their letter
March 24, 2015
Although I admit to being a 74-year-old, retired military Republican, I’m also fairly independently minded. I even enjoy reading the Sun. Brian Greenspun’s column “Letter not only sabotages Obama, it harms US” (Las Vegas Sun, March 15), however, leaves me scratching my head.
Robinson shows his cards in column
March 22, 2015
One statement in Eugene Robinson’s column “Nuggets of realism amid Bibi’s bluster” (Las Vegas Sun, March 11) underscores the reality of his worldview.
The antics of 47 GOP senators
March 22, 2015
Brainchild Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, author of the 47 GOP senators’ treason letter, said on “Face the Nation” that Iran now controls Tehran, and soon Bagdad? Really, Tom, they control their own capital?

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