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October 20, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Obama cartoon was bush league
Oct. 11, 2014
I was surprised the Sun would publish uncritically the cartoon of President Barack Obama by Kevin Siers in the Oct. 4 edition.
Replace Heck with Bilbray
Oct. 10, 2014
I’m hearing that U.S. Rep. Joe Heck is a moderate.
Stop foreign flights to block Ebola
Oct. 10, 2014
The Ebola virus is now in the United States. I do not believe the experts who are telling us that they can control the outbreak.
HOA boondoggle
Oct. 9, 2014
In a perfect world, an HOA is a good thing. Lawns are mowed, cars are not on blocks, houses are not painted purple …
Beware of pricey burger flippers
Oct. 9, 2014
A letter writer recently commented about financial difficulties for someone on a fixed income …
Our education governor
Oct. 9, 2014
It seems laughable that Gov. Brian Sandoval will lead the National Governors Association Education and Workforce Committee. He says …
We are no longer represented
Oct. 8, 2014
Why is there such a gap between Washington and working families?
Stop painting with wide brush
Oct. 7, 2014
Economist Paul Krugman posses credentials that earn his progressive opinions consideration. However, Mr. Krugman fails us by …
Problem goes beyond health care
Oct. 7, 2014
I was impressed with the article about a nonprofit clinic providing medical services for those who cannot afford …
Time to pardon Edward Snowden
Oct. 7, 2014
It is nice to have my position affirmed. I have seen Edward Snowden as an …
Blame the hawks, not Harry Reid
Oct. 7, 2014
In a letter Sept. 26 (The problem with arming rebels) the writer, in a blatant attempt to discredit and blame …
The problem with economists’ math
Oct. 6, 2014
Even though columnist Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize for Economics, he has no understanding of the subject. He and other economists advocate economic growth. However, the rules of math make economic growth impossible.
Declare war on radical Islam
Oct. 6, 2014
The U.S. is in a generational war with people who express a radical and virulent strain of Islam. Such a clear declaration by the U.S. government is long overdue and is required to address an existential threat to Western civilization.
Protect natural sites in Nevada, too
Oct. 6, 2014
President Barack Obama’s recent use of the Antiquities Act to protect important natural and cultural resources is a welcome sign that he will not let congressional gridlock delay protection of important areas.
Cremation is a less-expensive way
Oct. 5, 2014
When I think about the high cost of funerals, I feel compelled to share my experience to help someone save this expense.

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