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September 20, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Hurdles in trying to be a good parent
Sept. 19, 2014
A lot of parents in Clark County are called “deadbeat parents” — a majority of them being fathers.
Clinton’s role in Benghazi incident
Sept. 19, 2014
Mitchell Zuckoff, after consulting with six members of a U.S. security team, has written a book about Benghazi, “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.”
Mailbox siting issues in Las Vegas
Sept. 19, 2014
As you drive in Las Vegas, there are hundreds of mailboxes.
Specifics needed in health care debate
Sept. 18, 2014
I admit it: I haven’t read the Affordable Care Act, but I do read the critiques of Obamacare and the desire of some to repeal it.
UNLV needs new football stadium
Sept. 18, 2014
What are the stadium people thinking? UNLV needs a new football stadium, built to NFL specs, and it should be on campus.
The reality of smoking at casinos
Sept. 18, 2014
“Will Nevada ever see smoke-free casinos?” was a published article that I am sure concerns the majority of our local residents.
Nevada schools left shortchanged
Sept. 18, 2014
I find it interesting that the governor, who often claims education is his No. 1 priority, and the Legislature can quickly and easily vote $1.2 billion in tax breaks to attract new industry to this state but continue to shortchange our Las Vegas school system.
Blame tax system, not Burger King
Sept. 17, 2014
Regarding the article about Burger King purchasing a Canadian company named HM Horton.
Encourage healthy school lunches
Sept. 17, 2014
With the new school year, attention is turning to school lunches.
Statue sullies Johnny Unitas
Sept. 17, 2014
The indefinite suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice by the NFL is appropriate punishment for Rice’s despicable and dastardly act of hitting his girlfriend and knocking her unconscious. The NFL in July suspended Rice for two games and recently upgraded the suspension to indefinite.
So much for private enterprise
Sept. 16, 2014
No one can deny that Las Vegas is a world-class entertainment destination. Our resorts excel in producing an experience enjoyed worldwide.
History shows Iran can’t be trusted
Sept. 16, 2014
In 1985, the United States made a secret arms sale to Iran despite an arms embargo. President Ronald Reagan went on to say the sale, which became part of the Iran-Contra affair, was made in hopes of the release seven U.S. hostages in Lebanon, and to repair animosity between the U.S. and Iran.
Dem stimulus is bad, GOP’s is good
Sept. 16, 2014
The double standard presented by Sen. Dean Heller’s position on the Tesla tax incentives and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are startling. His website states: The Tesla announcement “shows Governor Sandoval’s policy of creating a low-tax environment to attract cutting-edge industry leaders, like Tesla, is working for our state.”
Nation spending itself to collapse
Sept. 15, 2014
The Sept. 8 letter “Two key programs and conservatives” misses the bigger problem.
Honor Rivers with laughter
Sept. 15, 2014
I learned from the death of Robin Williams that the best way to remember the passing of a comedian is not with a customary “moment of silence” because the worst thing a comic can hear is nothing.

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