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April 16, 2014

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Letters to the Editor

Putting an end to incivility
April 16, 2014
I am disgusted and embarrassed by the shoe-throwing incident aimed at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I hope the protester is prosecuted, imprisoned or at least heavily fined.
Other landowners could use support
April 16, 2014
I have a curiosity about the Bundy supporters. They were calling out for his rights to have his cattle graze on public land without paying for it.
Mr. Bundy, please stay off my land
April 16, 2014
When my mother retired and moved to New Mexico a number of years ago, she came in contact with a number of boastful cattle ranchers. She quickly realized that the easiest way to deflate them was to ask: “And exactly how much of the land that you use do you own?” Big hat, big cattle, almost no land.
Things are much easier today
April 15, 2014
The letter “America is in bad shape nowadays” was interesting, but my memory is very different.
Let’s not paint over Bush’s legacy
April 15, 2014
I see George W. Bush is now painting pictures of famous people.
A double standard at play over Bundy?
April 15, 2014
Very interesting are the many stories in both the electronic and print medias about rancher Cliven Bundy.
Police with dogs remind of the past
April 14, 2014
The TV scenes of heavily armed federal police with their dogs ferociously barking at Bundy Ranch protesters are eerily reminiscent of the Selma, Ala., police with their ...
Comparing magnet and public schools
April 14, 2014
I am frustrated by how the obvious is overlooked in articles and letters to the editor about magnet and charter schools.
Officer’s poetry snaps stereotype
April 13, 2014
Joe Schoenmann’s story about Lt. Harry Fagel, the Metro Police poet, shatters the stereotype that poetry is written only by effete intellectuals who come out only after dark.
This isn’t the Old West anymore
April 13, 2014
The big story in Nevada today is that cattleman Cliven Bundy would not pay the Bureau of Land Management for letting his cattle graze on federal land. Bundy has even said he will obey no federal laws. So the BLM finally rounded up the poaching cows and kept the “big government” protesters away from the action in a “First Amendment area.”
Offer alternative for funding schools
April 12, 2014
We have heard and seen lots of discussion about the Education Initiative. As shown in the Sunday editorial “You want a better Nevada? It starts with our schools,” Nevada ranks near the bottom of every education category.
Sheriff’s actions punitive, childish
April 11, 2014
Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie recently made a statement about an insurance industry spokesperson who said insurance rates may increase in the county due to the sheriff’s decision not to investigate noninjury traffic accidents.
America is in bad shape nowadays
April 11, 2014
I read Brian Greenspun’s Sunday column “It seems like our republic is moving backward.” He wrote about an America that is like a foreign country compared with what I was brought up in as a child and a young man.
It’s time to act, not bicker, on climate
April 10, 2014
What’s wrong with Professor John Christy asking questions about climate change? It’s not that he asked the question; it’s that he doesn’t accept the answers.
Right wing’s plan to rule the roost
April 9, 2014
The U.S. Supreme Court has put its imprimatur on the right-wing’s drive to erect apartheid, to establish a state religion, to end the war on poverty in this country.

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