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March 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Time to re-evaluate Homeland Security

American history is filled with stories about villains and heroes. Good vs. bad. In this case, we are in the 21st century fighting a so-called war on people who are bent on sending others back to the 12th century for some reason.

Prior to 9/11, all federal government agencies had ego problems, as we know, when it came to gathering intelligence. It was called “I got a secret.” This was among FBI, CIA, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and others. Yet their information would end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

After 9/11, all that became moot when parts of those agencies melded into Homeland Security. It has been a good thing up to a point. Homeland Security has gone into the “I got a secret” mode again by not telling what has happed since 9/11 when it comes to thwarting attacks on the homeland, even years after the attacks have been stopped.

The Patriot Act was created to track bad folks in different ways and enacted in the weeks after 9/11 without real discussion on what it was all about. It was rushed into law by the White House and the attitude at the time was us-vs.-them. So under the name of national security, it was passed at warp speed without proper consideration.

The Senate and House need to form committees to properly re-evaluate both the Homeland Security Department and the Patriot Act. We as a nation must not toss the baby out with the bathwater. To completely shut it down is very wrong.

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  1. Sounds like RefNV is more concerned with Occupiers than terrorists! Calm down Freeman. They're just Americans exercising their rights to free speech just as you are.

  2. Freeman

    Thanks for the background .
    If this person is part of the Occupy movement,that would immediately discredit his views for me.
    The Occupy movement is a bunch of radical vandals.defecating on American streets.and only interested in destroying America's institutions.
    They are anarchists who are bent on destroying peaceful dissent,and replacing it with riots in the streets.

  3. The administration has it backwards: excessive funding to data mine phones and emails but ignore our porous borders--airports, Rio Grande.... IF I were a foreign group trying to infiltrate, now where would I send in my people? Sure, AFTER they're in place, there might be a few phone calls or emails but maybe NONE and maybe NOT routine, repeat calls. SLEEPER cells don't maintain in communication with big daddy.

  4. It is interesting to read the comments to Mr. Clark's letter. To me it seemed middle of the road. He seemed to recognize that DHS and many things surrounding it were put together quickly and maybe not all that well in some cases. He also seems to be concerned that we not throw out the 'good' of what was enacted after 9/11 with the 'bad', but it all needs to be re-examined.

    As with so many writers here, once this person was accused of being connected with the Occupy movement, to Conservatives, whatever he wrote is deemed worthless or worse. Same thing with anyone connected to the Tea Party. Whatever they say or write is considered worthless or worse, by Progressives.

    This is really sad. With people who belong to or support the Tea Party or the Occupy movement, people on the opposite side won't even listen closely enough to see if they might 'agree' with what a member of the 'enemy' camp has to say.

    This guy may have said 'radical' stuff elsewhere, but what he wrote here seemed kinda middle of the road... at least to me.


  5. If you are a Progressive letter writer to the Sun, it is awful for anyone to criticize, deride and call Occupy Wall Street and their followers names, but it completely acceptable to do that to the Tea Party and its followers.

    If you are a Conservative letter writer to the Sun, it is awful for anyone to criticize, deride and call the Tea Party and their followers names, but it completely acceptable to do that to the Occupy Wall Street group and its followers.

    How do you spell H Y P O C R A C Y ?


  6. Jeff,

    That's a good one. Gotta take my lumps. It looked wrong when I wrote it but I didn't check. However, it doesn't alter a valid point.


  7. Jeff,

    The Tea Party has not accomplished much substantively. They are a 'part' of the Republican majority in the House with a few members in the Senate. With those numbers and Democrats in control of the Senate, the Tea Party isn't going to be able to do much substantial. The question is: Can they increase their numbers or will they fade away. The 2014 elections should help answer that question.

    I do agree with Future that the Tea Party did help put a focus on the deficits and debt and the need to reform the income tax code, which I believe is a healthy thing. President Obama's re-election however, proved that most of the public is not ready to take any tough medicine regarding the debt and deficits or income tax reform.

    I know you think that we have one side that won't compromise and that's the Republican side, but in what I see as a more fair and realistic view, I see two sides, neither of which is very keen to compromise, which is why when I look, I see so little progress in so many areas. We badly need for Republicans and Democrats to compromise, especially so, for the far left OWS leaning Progressives and the far right Tea Party leaning Conservatives.


  8. The discussion about OWS and the TEA Party, while lively, is at best tangent to the topic of this letter.

  9. And Jeff, one more thing and I'll remind those that write letters to the Sun from the Conservative side as well. I don't often provide 'links' to support an opinion or a position I take. Why?

    Because most of us already have an opinion and even though the internet can provide an astounding array of information and opinion pieces, most of us simply gravitate toward links that simply bolster what we already believe and then provide that link... like you did.

    Conservatives always provide links to Conservative leaning websites and I am sure you take a look, laugh to yourself and completely dismiss anything they have to say. It's a 2 way street Jeff, so when you do it, most people that are not Progressives just laugh and dismiss you and what you have to say.

    This is a big part of the reason we all are like ships passing in the night, close in proximity but completely closed off to the other side.


  10. Moderator,

    You are correct. Sorry about that. One of the failings of the Sun letter writers forum is that no matter what the subject, 95 % of participants see it through a prism of Conservatives versus Progressives and that negates any real debate. Without real debate, there is no place for compromise.


  11. Per Future, 3:30 a.m: "Wow over 50 terrorist attempts were stopped by the Patroit Act."

    Were there now! Name 5 - that's ONLY 10%. And who SAYS so? DON'T Cite NSA - their very existence depends on the surveillance the Patriot Act allegedly permits.

    Speaking of which: just what are the meanings that the FISA "court" has managed to squeeze out of the Patriot Act? Careful - if you don't do that just precisely right, you may be charged with "treason" by that very same "court." If convicted you could always appeal. Wait - there're no appeals channels established except back to the FISA "court" are there? GOOD LUCK...Sounds like you'd be pretty much s****ed, blued, and tattooed

  12. You're probably right, Rough - makes better sense that way. I've HEARD it often enough, but have never seen it written...

  13. I responded THEN I looked it up, Rough. Found arguments for both ways. Flip a coin...