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January 30, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Republicans ignore their own issues

All I hear coming from the right is: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

Things I never hear coming from Republicans: Iraq War, 4,400 dead Americans, weapons of mass destruction, “Mission Accomplished.”

Come on. Fair is fair.

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  1. Future: So, if he wasn't in the "situation room", as you state, where was he? You have no idea right?

  2. The surge in Iraq worked and was successful. The peace there was lost. Obama's red line in the sand keeps moving. U.S. enemies and those who wish us evil know we won't use our power to deter theirs. So do our allies. Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Al Qaida, Russia are all coalescing militarily in the mid east to wreak havoc on the peaceful governments and people there and in Europe. Secretary Kerry and his peace envoy waits on Putin for 3 hours to talk about a possible peace in Syria. Assad has a strong arm rule in Syria after he and his thugs, emboldened by Iran, Lebanon's Hezbollah, and the Russian navy and air defense, killed 80,000 people and more in two years. Some with saran gas according to French and British authorities. The U.S. response is to ratchet up the rhetoric and do nothing.

    Carmine D

  3. As per usual, letter writers and many others continue to try to defend what appears to be indefensible and ignore what seems likely.

    Iraq was invaded due to WMD's and none were found. The 'mission' not been accomplished when Bush was on the carrier saying it was, and except for killing Saddam, no 'mission' of much value was ever accomplished in Iraq. Many died and were wounded and the monetary cost was huge. The families of the dead and wounded 'know' that their loved ones died and were hurt due to a colossal error in judgment and a poor running of the war.

    We can't find out what the US diplomatic mission was doing there in Benghazi when other diplomats had been removed due to the danger. Was it a CIA mission regarding weapons transfers to Syria? Was it a real diplomatic mission? Why was the protection so inadequate given such danger? Why was no rescue mission mounted? Why haven't we seen people on ground that night that have been interviewed? Why was a narrative put out there that was known to be untrue and left out there until there were so many contrary facts, it could not stand anymore? The families of the dead, at least, deserve answers and so do the rest of us.

    I get exceedingly tired of seeing so many Americans treat important issues like fans of a basketball team. They see a member of their team commit an obvious foul and say it was a clean play. They see the other team make a fair play and call it a foul. That's bad enough in a 'game', but it is really sad in life.

    We cannot equate Iraq and Benghazi because one cannot equate 4,400 dead and many wounded with 4 dead, but we also should not be looking at one with clear eyes and another with blinders on because it suits our purposes to do so.


  4. Enjoyed the letter. Carry that one step forward to the present.

    They are doing their level best to destroy any kind of meaningful immigration reform.

    And this is something they desperately want to get done. Especially after the last elections showed, in at least one demographic group, that the Latino Americans only voted 27 percent of the time for Tea/Republicans.

    Most people do not see any movement by the Tea/Republicans to legislate any type of immigration reform. They only fall back on the convenient excuse that we need to beef up the border and stop the people from coming over. Reason I say this is a convenient excuse is because there is a simple fact: The border will never be secure enough for them. No matter what gets done. It's only used by Tea/Republicans as something to hide behind to derail any type of comprehensive immigration reform.

    The simple fact of the matter is that Tea/Republicans fear that if 11 or 12 million people are given a clearcut pathway to citizenship, each and every one of them will vote against them. And they are probably right.

    Anyways, Tea/Republicans will hedge and play both sides of the fence on this issue.

    But they are caught in a trap of their own making. Rock and a hard place. They vote for it, they believe they are not going to get elected. They vote against it, they know their entire political party will sink into irrelevance. No longer a factor in national elections anymore. Last election, they got 27 percent of the Latino American vote. Next, they'd be lucky to get 12 percent if they axe any legislation on this.

    I just love seeing Tea/Republicans twist in the wind. Squirm, squirm, squirm. Can't get out of this one. It's put up or shut up time, Tea/Republicans. Get this done. Or face extinction.

  5. @Carmine..."The US response is to ratchet up the rhetoric and do nothing". Similar to your response, Carmine. What is your suggestion for Syria? US troops? Air cover/strikes in support of the insurgents? Which insurgents? a multi-national force in which we get some partly willing saps to carry out our policy?Are you willing to accept tax increases to pay for increased Mid-East military activity? For defense of Israel? What taxes and how much? Reading your many, many, many posts is like reading astrology.....lots of fluff, little content.

  6. The Republicans have put us where we are today with 2 wars, millions of jobs lost,a near collapse of the stock market and the banking industry,and who can forget the housing bubble.

    They the Republicans have nothing to work with so they keep stabbing in the dark in hopes of hitting on something that can stir up public opinion such as Benghazi.

    Perhaps they should listen to fellow Republicans such As Gov.Bobby Jindal 42 years old, who on Jan.25,2013 said that we should stop being the party of stupid.

    Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich 69 years old, who said on Jan 16,2013. If Republicans would spend more time thinking about historic lessons and less time complaining about Pres. Obama ,they could begin to understand just how hard wielding power is.

    On May 16,2013 former Senator Bob Dole 89 years old, said the GOP should put a sign on the door of the committee room,closed for repairs,until new years day next year.

    Here we have 3 different Republicans of 3 different generations all saying the same thing,wake up before it's to late.

  7. Just like the left - if it doesn't advance their Commie-lite agenda - sweep it under the rug, mislabel it and/or change the subject. What's going on under this reprehensible, irresponsible and inexperienced moron known as the Commander-in-Chief, is deplorable. American's Constitutional rights are being trampled upon on a scale heretofore unknown and the creepolas on the left couldn't be more pleased. It's clear they fall into the category the Commies labled as "useful idiots."

  8. "Carmine. What is your suggestion for Syria?"

    The U.S. through Obama's 2 year delay lost the window of opportunity to remove Assad and prevent the innocent murders of the Syrian people and rebel forces opposed to his hideous regime.

    The U.S. and Obama should do whatever the rebels who are putting their lives and limbs on the line daily want the U.S. to do to assist them militarily against Assad. Of course within reason. There is a huge array of options between a U.S. invasion and doing absolutely nothing as we have been doing. My concern is still that the U.S. is long overdue in doing anything save humanitarian aid.

    We could have should have installed a no-fly zone years ago over Syria. By delaying, the U.S. allowed the Russians to man and implement an air defense system in Syria that can repel Israeli and U.S. safety and security flyovers. And allowed the Russians to fortify its navy in the region to protect arms sales to Hezbollah in Lebanon who are allying with Assad to keep him in power.

    The U.S. has lost all credibility in the region thanks to an absence of U.S. leadership.

    Carmine D

  9. @Carmine...four paragraphs of fluff-talk, hindsight and armchair quarterbacking. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Let's just take one "suggestion"....doing whatever the rebels who are putting lives and limbs on the line against Assad. That strategy worked well in Afghanistan...arming the mujhadeen against the Soviets only to see all those arms turned against us and our allies in every conceivable place and manner. The Sunnis, led by the Gulf States and the Saudis has been funneling arms to the insurgents for some time, much of it US provided through secondary sources. In addition you will find no support among the Israelis for arming anyone in Syria...government, good insurgents, bad insurgents, Maronites, Christians, Druze, nobody.

  10. Why? U.S. waited too long to arm the Syrian rebels allowing enemy terrorists to infiltrate Syria. Just as the U.S. waited to long for a no-fly-zone.

    Inaction and lack of leadership has consequences. So does drawing an imaginary red line and redrawing every time it is crossed.

    Force is the only means to deter force.

    Carmine D

  11. Jeff,

    I doubt if you will get many responses to your letter, for obvious reasons. I'm not afraid, so I will respond. That's a pretty complete narrative. May I know the source, so I can view it when I have time?

    You introduce some doubt about the neutrality of your viewpoint when you associate the talking points with hamburger and too many cooks. I think if we could find 100 fair minded people and ask them if they think the initially issued talking points were like a bunch of hamburger with too many cooks involved or they were deliberately altered to deflect responsibility and make the attack NOT look like it was planned and coordinated, a majority would choose door number 2.


  12. Frank, do you LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES? I guess not.

  13. What do you unhinged right wingers suggest Obama do as far as wars? Are we to re-invade Iraq and insert ourselves in their sectarian war or up the ante in Afghanistan? Are we to wage war on the rest of the planet? Are any of you capable of thinking a problem through to a solution? I hear you whining, bitching and complaining but I don't hear a single positive suggestion.

    Future, if you think any president is not in communication with any situation outside the White House or war room, you are a bigger fool than I thought. Especially with access to current technology. What does it matter where he was? He received details as they occured by those close to the sources and if the CIA or intellegience agencies chose to rewrite talking points, that falls on them.

    When are you clowns going to realize we can no longer police the entire planet without creating new enemies. When will you clowns realize we waste billions if not trillions on contractors whose sole purpose is to engage in secrets and warfare? When will you clowns realize our country needs help and nation building should start here at home?

  14. Ref Benghazi...

    About the only thing less tempting than last week's soup du jour is last month's crisis du jour.

    The Benghazi teapot tempest failed to do its job: regardless of the right wing-nut hype on that subject, astute Washington observers noted that Republican'ts just had to vote against the Affordable Care Act YET AGAIN!! Try, try again. 39 tries didn't get it repealed. Perhaps vote #40 will? Or maybe #50? Or even #75???

  15. Vernos,

    I expect President Obama to extract us from Iraq and Afghanistan, which he is doing. Good for him... and us. I do worry however that our lower profile on the world stage (and I long for it as do many tired Americans) will come back and bite us in the it did in the run up to 9/11.

    We live in a very dangerous world where one person can kill thousands or more. Contrary to popular belief, we are hated by many... not just for our large footprint on the world... but for who we are, what we believe and how we live... none of which is going to change.

    I am interested to hear your thoughts on the NSA and all the records gathering. It's a tough call for me. Possible security in exchange for loss of privacy.

    I think Benjamin Franklin said 'People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.' I know you don't like Rand Paul, but that is close to what he is saying.

    I am thinking about it quite a bit.


  16. Jeff,

    Thanks for deeming me a total supporter who agrees with everything Rand Paul says and believes, and then calling me a Paultard, aka I suspect for retard, and an ass..... all because I happen to believe he made a good point that people should be concerned about government data gathering.

    I am eternally grateful that I am able to see people who reference someone on one subject where they think the person made a valid point and not conclude that they are a clone of that person. I am also thankful that I am able to look at people and agree with some of their views and disagree with others (such as how I feel about President Obama) and not decide that the person is ..... you decide whatever derogatory term you wish to use.

    Great job, Jeff... Congratulations!

    How utterly sad....


  17. Jeff,

    It I had referenced one of the many Democrats who have the same concerns as Rand Paul, would I have been hit with the same slings and arrows?


  18. "About the only thing less tempting than last week's soup du jour is last month's crisis du jour."

    Congress, the branch that oversees the legality of executive governance, moves by its own momentum. It took 11 months to start the investigative hearings after Watergate. And 24 months after Watergate for Nixon, on the verge of being impeached, to resign.

    Now I'm not comparing the two presidents who are extremely different politically. I will say both are very smart and both very dumb.

    Carmine D

  19. Jeff,

    Very weak response, but thanks for playing.


  20. Vidi,

    As you often are, in my opinion, you'd be wrong.


  21. Vidi, et al,

    It's really telling and sad that so many of you want so badly to 'pigeonhole' me because I don't agree with everything you believe. Whatever group you try so hard to place me in, I usually don't fit that well. I guess it gives some people comfort to have a 'place' to 'put' everyone. That's sad.


  22. At 5:05 a.m., CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio), you noted "Congress, the branch that oversees the legality of executive governance, moves by its own momentum."

    Very true. But 39 tries to repeal the affordable Care Act? And some members are STILL trying to repeal Social Security after 78 years! Remember the old definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting to get a different result. That certainly fits the the Republican't side of Congress!!

  23. Jeff,

    Thanks for the sources. That is appreciated. I don't care if you are a Democrat, vote Democrat, etc.

    If you choose to believe that the claim that the Benghazi attack was not planned, and was the result of a spontaneous demonstration over a video was just a 'goof up' (corrected once so much contrary information came to light that the fiction could not be sustained), even though many people were saying it was a terrorist, coordinated attack, planned to occur on the anniversary of 9/11, that's your call. I can respect that call, but I can and do disagree with it.


  24. "Remember the old definition of insanity? "

    One huge difference NOW: IRS controversy and the huge anger and disgust of the American people over out of control big government, the 4th Branch of government that no body in Washington appears to know what's is doing. IRS will not be allowed to roll out and enforce Obama care next year. There will be a delay. Danny Wuerfel is not up for the job. He's a presidential pawn.

    Carmine D