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January 31, 2015

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Father says if Trayvon Martin was white, he’d still be alive


Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank / AP

FILE - In this Tuesday, July 9, 2013 file photo, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, the parents of Trayvon Martin, arrive at the trial for George Zimmerman in Seminole Circuit Court, in Sanford, Fla. Martin and Fulton made appearances on network morning shows Thursday, July 18, 2013, saying they are still shocked that jurors acquitted George Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting death of their 17-year-old son.

George Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman, left, stands with defense counsel Mark O'Mara during closing arguments in his trial at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center, in Sanford, Fla., July 12, 2013. Launch slideshow »

Zimmerman Trial Reaction

A protester stomps on a van during a demonstration in reaction to the acquittal of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Monday, July 15, 2013, in Los Angeles. Anger over the acquittal of a U.S. neighborhood watch volunteer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager continued Monday, with civil rights leaders saying mostly peaceful protests will continue this weekend with vigils in dozens of cities. Launch slideshow »

MIAMI — Trayvon Martin's parents made appearances on network morning shows Thursday, saying they are still shocked that jurors acquitted George Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting death of their 17-year-old son.

On NBC's "Today" show, Sybrina Fulton questioned whether jurors looked at the shooting from her son's point of view.

"He was a teenager. He was scared. He did run," Fulton said, who added that she believes the justice system failed her son.

"We didn't get the verdict we wanted because we wanted him to be (held) accountable."

Martin's father, Tracy Martin, expressed disbelief in the verdict handed down Saturday by a six-woman jury following a three-week trial in central Florida.

"We felt in our hearts that we were going to get a conviction," Martin said. "We felt that the killer of our unarmed child was going to be convicted of the crime he committed."

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Tracy Martin said he felt the jury did not get a chance to get to know the teen. "They didn't know him as a human being," he said.

Martin's parents said they still believe Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, racially profiled their son.

"Obviously, any time you have a person that makes an assumption that a person is up to no good, that's some kind of profiling," Martin said. "Was he racially profiled? I think if Trayvon had been white, this never would have happened."

Martin's parents said they support the federal government looking into the case. The Justice Department announced Sunday it plans to review the case to determine whether federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges now that Zimmerman has been acquitted.

Zimmerman, who was charged with second-degree murder, claimed he shot Martin in self-defense.

Martin's mother said she believes the verdict sends a "terrible message to other little black and brown boys."

"They can't walk fast. They can't walk slow. So what do they do? How do they get home without people assuming you are doing something wrong?," Fulton said.

Fulton told "CBS This Morning" her son was not a burglar.

"He simply went to the store and was headed back home," she said. "And for somebody to look at him and perceive that he was a burglar, that was the problem that initiated everything."

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  1. FACT CHECK: "sir we dont need you to do that" is not the police telling GZ NOT to follow.

    GZ was within his own rights to patrol, follow, question, exit/enter his vehicle. He was doing 'nothing wrong' as well.

  2. If Tracey Martin had raised his son properly, and taught him to be respectful to adults and not act like a violent thug, he'd also still be alive. But it's just so much easier to not take responsibility for anything and blame others for your own failings.

  3. I'm glad to see that everyone is believing everything they read in the papers and in other media outlets because the media is correct on EVERY mundane detail of certain events. They feed comments into stories that racially charge everyone. When you have dog attacks, do they ever report that a white dog attacked a black dog or vice versa? No. However, it's more popular to print that a Pit Bull attacked a fluffy white family friendly dog, looks vicious and gets more reads. Same story, a black teen was brutally attacked by a group of white teens, or vice versa..instead of teens involved in altercation. More reads and interest in the first description.

  4. rusty57 got it right.

    Do the people complaining about this obviously correct verdict live in some parallel universe? To me, it wasn't even a close call. Tragic as the loss of a child is, Mr. Martin needs to stop blaming everyone else and take a look at his son's behavior, which was the real cause of the chain of events that led to the young man's death. Everything in society is not about race. Stop playing the race card; it's absurd.

  5. Sybrina Fulton questioned whether jurors looked at the shooting from her son's point of view.

    So obviously Fulton has no clue whatsoever about courts, trials, evidence, and juries. Had it been her son on trial for assaulting another person she would have been demanding that the jury not try to see things from the victim's point of view and that they must stick to only what the prosecution could prove.

    "He was a teenager. He was scared. He did run,"

    And here's the problem we've seen with the parents and the attorney they hired from day one. Since they're outside the trial they have no limits on what they can fabricate when making statements. She has no facts to base those three statements on other than wishful thinking on her part....but foolish people will be taking what she said as gospel.

    Just as when the parents and their lawyer stated:
    1. Trayvon was just on a break from school
    2. Ok, he was actually suspended, but just for being in the wrong area of the school
    3. Ok, he was suspended for drug paraphernalia, but he doesn't do drugs
    4. Ok, he does do drugs, but not while he was in Sanford
    5. Ok, well even if he was doing drugs in Sanford, it shouldn't matter.
    6. Trayvon isn't a violent person and would never start a fight
    7. Ok, there's text messages between him and his girlfriend about him starting fights, but that shouldn't matter.
    8. Ok, there's text messages about him trying to illegally buy a handgun, but that shouldn't matter.
    9. Trayvon would never break the law.
    10. Ok, so he was caught with drugs, had drugs in his system, and was caught with stolen property and burglary tools previously, but that shouldn't matter.

    It seems to me that Trayvon's parents didn't really know him all that well. I'm sure they loved their son, but they obviously refuse to accept anything that doesn't fit into their mental picture of their boy.

    Remember, the version of events presented by most Martin supporters is the one originally presented by Crump, the Martin family attorney, before charges were filed, before any witnesses were interviewed, before any 911 or non-emergency calls were played, before Trayvon's friend was willing to make a statement....basically before anyone knew anything other than the fact that Zimmerman shot Martin. Crump, speaking on behalf of the family, made up a story and presented it as fact back at the very beginning of this whole saga....and that story has been repeated so many times that there's thousands who now chant it as if it were true. But as we can see above, Martin's family has a very "rose colored glasses" view of their son. So how much credibility does their version of what they think happened carry?

  6. Mr. Sun,

    You are doing a disservice to all by showing an elementary school picture of the late Trayvon Martin. As there are many more pictures from which to chose, one can only conclude you are attempting to further the chaos. Shameful yellow journalism.


  7. White or not you don't attack someone just because they are on the same sidewalk. This will cause more people to go to the other side of the street when they see a hoodie.

  8. The media is doing a fine job pitting races against each other aren't they.

  9. truthiness...

    Well said.

    @ purgatory, post 10:10am...
    That nonsense was debunked ages ago.

  10. The Term For Martin in the old days was "Bush Whacker"

  11. gmag,

    Nonsense? A 12 year old boy is normally in elementary school or middle school...hence, my statement that Mr. Sun is using an elementary school picture of the late Trayvon Martin when more recent ones are available in an effort to further the upset is reasonable.

    I am certain you can agree.


  12. Hack - "Its a tragedy, and could have been avoided if the guy just stayed in his car."


    But it equally true that it could have been avoided in Martin had stayed home, if Martin had gone straight home (remember it was shown at trial that over a period of 4 minutes Martin failed to walk 350 feet to where he was staying), if Martin had called the police if he was concerned about someone following him, etc.

    "Could have been" is pretty useless. Especially when you keep in mind that there is *NO* evidence whatsoever that Zimmerman did anything illegal. Even if he left his car and followed Martin and asked him why he was there...that's all legal.

    Whoever threw the first punch is the one who broke the law...and the evidence does not show who it was conclusively....but the evidence does indicate (and this will be relevant if there is a civil trial) that it is more likely that Martin threw the first punch than it is that Zimmerman did. (Zimmerman had a broken nose, Martin had injuries on his knuckles)

  13. Would-a, could-a, should-a, all a bunch of malarkey. I guess TM' dad thinks white folk are lucky and better than any other race, now that fits a racist remark.

    I think I need to start packing heat, America is not getting any better. Race relations are worse now than at any past time in American history.

    GZ, had a right to carry and was fully qualified. Never let anyone take your gun, and if you upholster shoot to kill. Don't waste any rounds make a kill with every round. Just ask any Vet. they will tell you that is what you do. It may sound harsh but when your life passes before your eyes and you made the mistake of thinking I don't want to hurt them, see-yah, dirt nap time.

  14. gmag,

    I reread the stories in the would seem, by all accounts, that you are correct and that the pictures were of a 15 year old Trayvon sincere apologies to you and to Mr. Sun for not understanding...


  15. Gunslinger...Zimmerman should have been at home watching TV like other kids his age. Playing policeman has its consequences. Zimmerman's life is KAPUT and Martin is dead. Great outcome!

  16. Had Trayvon Martine gone home instead of illegally attacking an innocent man he would be alive. Martin could have called 911 if he felt threatened and he would be alive. Testimony and evidence indicates he thought he was being stalked by a homosexual and decided to do a beat down.

    Unfortunately for Martin, the victim of his beat down was able to stop the attack. If Trayvon was white and attacked Zimmerman in the same manner, he would still be dead.

  17. The fathers statement is based on what? There are plenty of whites that blow each other to bits each year.
    If there's one thing you can count on in America it's tens of thousands of people shooting each other every year. White people shoot white people. Blacks tend to shoot blacks. If a white kid and threw Zimmerman down on the ground and started thumping him he would've ended up with a bullet just like Martin.
    Zimmerman was in a bind and he panicked.

    I was a policeman in Santa Monica for decades. We had numerous neighborhood watch programs. We used to tell people to NEVER interact with possible suspects. Zimmerman violated the cardinal rule.

  18. If the justice system failed your son, blame the prosecuting attorney, not GZ...

  19. Gerry, you probably also told people NEVER to attack and beat another person. (because that's called assault and it's illegal)

    So by your logic Martin also "violated the cardinal rule."

  20. Zeppert1: GZ is a celebrity, the role he played is very much in line with Americas beliefs and laws, so I don't think his life is kaput as you would have it.

    Present it to the judge not me, I will try very hard not to prophesize what those involved should have done for another outcome to be had.

    GZ has the support of many folks, I suppose anyone going after him might well be concerned for themselves too., crazy is not isolated to any one group.

    The double-jeopardy trial is over not guilty. This should have been presented to a Grand Jury to see if it passed muster, but who cares GZ was a Hispanic. America keeps marginalizing Hispanic until it comes to a head and we see the real action in the streets come to life.

    I think it is about time the Hispanics had a million man march to the White House. The undemonstrated weight Hispanics have as a group is yet to be let loose, stop the persecution of GZ, STOP IT.

  21. If the Supreme Court gutted voter protections because we live in a 'post-racial' USA, reading these comments should set them straight.

  22. "Father says if Trayvon Martin was white, he'd still be alive..." Bogus as the day is long.... If Treyvon was white he would still be dead. Self defense and stand your ground has no color. You get your butt kicked in and in fear of your life, it does not matter who or what color that attacker is, you defend yourself. But, I will say that if the attacker were white, this publicity stunt would not last a day after the verdict.... and this is all it is. Sad that a young man's life has been taken away, but it is what it is and life will go on as it always does. Condolences go out to the family but let it go and live in peace. Venting in public just makes this tragedy look as if it is not a tragedy at all.