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January 30, 2015

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To be an American: Hard-earned freedom

Last week we asked you what it means to be an American. We received a great response. Here are some of the letters and comments. We’ll publish more in the coming days.

Ever since the American Revolution, through the trial of the Civil War; from the trenches of World War I to the beaches of Normandy and the island battles in the Pacific of World War II; from the frozen mountains of Korea to the sweltering paddies of Vietnam; from Grenada and Panama to the sands of Kuwait and Iraq and on the plains and sharp mountains of Afghanistan, common Americans, your neighbors and mine, have been silent heroes sacrificing so much so that we may live in a country that allows us all to enjoy it from sea to shining sea.

Politics aside, it is wonderful to wake up each morning free to choose what we want to do, free of fear and uncertainty like we all felt on Sept. 11, 2001. The red, white and blue still stands for something, so let all come together again and celebrate being American for 237 years of hard-earned freedom.

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  1. Being American means having and living out the core principles of this great country: Freedom, equality, and justice for all.

    Carmine D

  2. Being an American means we all have ancestors who came from another country.Most came with nothing and worked hard and took advantage of the great opportunities that were being offered to all who came,and continue to come.

  3. Chapline,

    You are morally and intellectually bankrupt & I will add, you lack any self-awareness, you are completely out-of-touch, you are mostly wrong, and you are harmful & disruptive to the country you profess to love.


  4. Lobo...please pay attention...Chapline, Jeff, you and so many others state your opinions as this:

    ...tea baggers, right wing nut jobs, conservatives and the like are responsible for what is wrong with this country and we "forward thinkers" and "progressives" are what is right with this country...

    ...that about sums up your continual it...that's all your "side" says...

    Like many others, I have laid out the path I desire for this country...after so many years, I get frustrated and mostly bored with all y'all and often resort to irrational and immature's simply easier...

    You are certainly welcome to use your electrons to state your case...please try it...actually, we libertarian types would enjoy debating/discussing alternative views...none who I know are afraid of alternatives...we "listen" respectfully and we love using logic and reason in an effort to persuade...we know our only chance is to change your souls...however, it is impossible to debate when we have to always start at a zero-base defense with you "progressives"...impossible...

    Get it?


  5. Purgatory: Is your rant of 7:13 a.m. attacking BChap (Bradley Chapline)an example of your claim of 8:40 a.m. that libertarians "...'listen' respectfully using logic and reason in an effort to persuade..."?

    Odd. It sounds much more like an extreme example of an ad hominem attack on Mr Chapline personally than a logical and reasoned rebuttal of his comments.

  6. Yes Ken, so why are "our" politicians trying to give it all away to illegals and foreign countries. Isn't our example enough for them to try our best practices IF they want to be like us?

  7. Sarah Palin - "We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, pro-America areas of this great nation."

    I will defend the comments of liberals on this page because conservatives believe they are the only, true, real Americans. Everytime I heard Palin or someone like her sound off about their opinion of what a "real American" was I would get really pissed off. I and others like me served our country and shouldn't be overlooked because we come from a large city. That fact doesn't make me any less American, and as a matter of fact probably more American because I have far more tolerance of other races and religions due to growing up in New York which truly is a "melting pot" as many believe this great nation should be.

  8. My experience with the libertarian types is that they are more than happy to promulgate the wonderfullness of their philosophy but only in the safe confines of the existing state. Up here in wheat country we have a lot of these guys....but suggest that they pay market rates for power or irrigation water or road improvements or agricultural infrastructure and they howl like cats about to be neutered. Libertarians are dillentants[sp?], arrogant in their dismissal of those us who choose to live in the real pragmatic world full of difficult choices. As others have suggested, perhaps they might wish to move to nations which have no government, no rules, where darwinism runs rampant....Somalia or Puntland, for example.

  9. Fellow Weirdos,

    For the record, my "get it?" was rhetorical, as I knew there would be no effort by the "regulars" such, I write ONLY for those who may come on these pages and take a comment, do a little research, and further their thinking...I use my energy to write for the uninformed and NOT so that I am heard by the vitriolic left or right...

    As for you "progressives," you are encouraged to do what I asked of El Lobo..."You are certainly welcome to use your electrons to state your case...please try it..."

    Finally, as I am wont to say - this small "l" libertarian (as pure Libertarianism could NEVER work as a government -- so save your rebuttals) thinks we are 90% in agreement here and could hash out our ideas/ideals over a few beers and come away with a positive path forward...or not...


  10. Penn Jillette is libertarian as Rand Paul claims. Why do I have respect for one and not the other? I hold respect for Penn Jillette because he is a true libertarian who wasn't hijacked by the religious radical right. Penn Jillette isn't attempting to force his will on you as an American citizen.

  11. El-Lobo,

    "Very good post Sam,but as you know approximately 35% (or more) of the people in this country are trying to close the golden door for a majority of those to come through it...."

    As long as we continue to have problems with dealing with immigration reform and all that comes with it. Many Americans are of the mind set to disallow all people from other countries a legal entry point into our country. Until we find a solution to the illegals who enter our country,and stop the flow of such,expect more of the same.