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December 20, 2014

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Officers shocked by what they found in raid on marijuana grow house

Updated Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013 | 12:50 a.m.

A raid on a 3,600-square-foot home brimming with marijuana sent SWAT officers reeling Wednesday as they encountered an overpowering, lung-burning stench.

SWAT and narcotics officers arrived at the 3300 block of Trickling Stream Circle around 5:30 p.m. As they approached the home, Metro Police Officer Laura Meltzer said, two suspects were outside the home and tried to run away. The man and woman, each believed to be in their late 40s, were arrested.

It was unclear if the two owned the western valley home, located near Desert Inn and Fort Apache roads.

Once SWAT personnel breached the home, they were immediately overcome with a “respiratory irritant,” and were forced to retreat and suit up in hazmat-like suits, Meltzer said. Upon their return to the home, officers discovered around 1,000 marijuana plants.

In early October, Metro Police seized 109 marijuana plants worth an estimated $381,000. Several weeks later, Henderson Police seized more than 100 plants in a raid, valued at around $321,000.

Meltzer said Lt. Laz Chavez, the officer in charge of the investigation, was “shocked” by the amount of pot in the home.

“Almost every usable space is being utilized for marijuana,” she said.

Narcotics officers were just beginning their investigation around 11 p.m. and had not discovered any firearms but did find evidence of power theft, Meltzer said.

The machinery used in the growing of the plants will be destroyed, Meltzer said, and the marijuana impounded as evidence.

Meltzer said the two suspects will be charged once the investigation of the home is completed.

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  1. OMG!! Thank you Metro Military for saving us from a plant that kills nobody!! Thank you for wasting time and money and feeding more people to the prison industrial system. Thank you for, once again, nothing. Bchap must be christian, haha. They are the most hypocritical and judgemental.

  2. BChap--Do you ever drink any alcoholic (in"toxic"ant) beverages?

  3. I didn't know Pot plants required heavily armed SWAT.

    Quick the plants have pointy edges! OMG bring in the armored tanks!

  4. Soon the armed prison gangs will be set free because they were victims of the unjust system and they needed to make room for those who refuse to pay the ObamaCare Tax and those who grow pot!!

  5. Like - $3,500/plant? That would pay for a very comfortable cruise in the Holy Land. The cruise would include stops in Istanbul to see the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Bascilica Cisterns and up to 8000 years of history. The next of several stops might include Ephesus and Miletus, a stop at Tyre in Lebanon and then down to Haifa and Caesarea. If the shooting has stopped, it would be worthwhile to spend a couple days in Alexandria. The food overall is just incredible. With two plants I could take a friend. What a business.

  6. If you don't care about anybody, BChap, why post your comments? And no, you aren't cleared. You simply made it more obvious.

  7. @TomD....Once again the ignorance of your argument is made clear, and by you none-the-less.

    "Yeah, if it was your rental home and these "renters" were wrecking it in the name of "just growing a few plants"....I'm sure you would be out there "leave them alone".

    As if that is an argument against legalization.

    How many renters grow corn in their rental homes? None.

    If it were legal, people wouldn't need to hide their endeavors in horticulture in suburban homes. The plant would be grown on farms or greenhouses.

    Those who want to keep this plant illegal are the ones placing these enterprises smack dab in your neighborhoods. Those who want to keep pot illegal are the ones putting you at risk for power theft.

    All so a bunch of high school drop-outs can dress up and play commando with your tax dollars.

  8. @TomD..."Yeah, yeah..we all know you're a cop hater bghs1986. We all know you think they are all jack booted thugs. We all know you think these guys go to work every night to maim and kill for the thrill.."

    Sorry Tommy, if that's what you think then you are just plain wrong. I demand accountability and professionalism from law enforcement. I demand all cops at least finish high school. I demand the same from my kids. Does that mean I hate them too?

    And while far too many police officers are guilty of escalating situations (the recent loud noise that sent them all running scarred for example), I don't believe that any cops heads to work looking to " maim and kill for the thrill."

    However, having been lied to about how danger lurks at every turn and how the every member of the public is a potential cop killer, they far too often operate based on a training induced paranoia that far too often costs lives.

    But we all know that you spend you life on your knees in front of law enforcement. I'm just surprised your arms are strong enough to type after all that trombone work.

  9. @Tomm....I praise the work of cops when they deserve it. I have done so in the past and I will do so again in the future. Have you ever criticizes Metro for any of its failings? Have you expressed concern that the department condones dishonesty through its employment of documented liars. Have you expressed disappointment over the $40 million the department wasted on Desert Sky?

    Sorry, to disappoint you, but I do not hate cops. I simply expect more from them than you do. I have too much respect for law enforcement to lower my standards as you have done.

    I notice that while you are busy calling me a cop hater you fail to ever even challenge what I actually post about Metro. But that's the way with those who can't argue facts, the attack the person providing them

    Call me cop hater all day, it doesn't change the dishonesty that has infected Metro. It doesn't change the numerous civil rights suits they have lost. It doesn't erase all the unarmed citizens they have shot in the back. All it does is make you look sad and desperate.

  10. @TomD1228...Why do you label those who are critical of law enforcement "cop haters"? This paper is full of readers who discuss and criticize the president and congress. Do you label them "government haters"?

    It isn't malicious to find fault with LVMPD. It isn't nasty to be vocal about their shortcomings and ask them to be better.

    Why do you consider the desire to have an honest and accountable police force a negative thing?

    It is obvious you have complete faith in law enforcement and you would never question their actions or authority. But most people are not like you.

  11. Wow, you can find a post where I am critical of the over militarization oflocal police departments in this country. Considering I have made no secret of how I feel about this subject, you must fancy yourself quite the quite the detective.

    And while I never once derided the police officers in this raid, I don't think there is anything INNOCENT about sending a bunch of SWAT officers armed as if their are about to take an insurgent stronghold in Fallujah into a residential neighborhood for the purpose of gathering plants.

    In fact, my first comment here wasn't about the cops at all, but rather your ignorant comment that if pot were legal growers would still be hiding their farms in suburban rental properties.

    Now if you want to call me an ignorance hater for pointing out yours, then I'll wear that badge proudly.

  12. @TomD...The problem with making things up as you go is that the facts are out there to expose you for the liar you are. Maybe that's why you have such unwavering support of the LVMPD, you see your self in them.

    "I take exception to cop haters like bghs trying to claim they are fair and balanced in their assertions."

    That's nice, but I have never once claimed to be "fair and balanced" in my assertions. I have claimed only to be accurate in my posts. The facts I share about Metro are indisputable, that's why you spend time trying and distract readers with your false accusations.

    "Not one single post commending police. 950 deriding them." Since I have only posted 596 comments you lie here is front and center. These 596 comments (not 950) include several that have praised Metro officers like Steve Custer, Lew Roberts and David Toney to name just a few.

    I have also been very clear in my support of the North Las Vegas Police Department's efforts to hold officer's accountable as well as the fact that its officers very rarely kill people.

    Make no mistake, I post these truths, not because I feel the need to justify myself to someone as clearly lost as you, but so I can hopefully educate you on how the facts can not be wished away.

    Casting baseless aspersions upon those who speak the truth is the desperate act of a man desperate to hold on to a fantasy.

  13. @TomD...I don't believe I have ever posted comments praising Republic Services but they do a fine job taking away my garbage. I don't believe I have ever written anything complimentary about the US Postal Service but I really like my mailman. Why must I praise police for doing their JOB? If I were to have interaction with a cop who helped me in some way I would thank him personally. I don't feel it is necessary to voice my approval for people doing no more than what we pay them to do. The next time I read a story about a cop going above and beyond in an exceptional way I will be sure to shower him with accolades.