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February 1, 2015

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Beat Iran with constant jabs

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With regard to Iran’s march toward a nuclear weapon, both the Obama administration and Israeli leadership have stated adamantly that Iran’s acquisition of such a weapon’s capability is not an option.

The most broadly discussed scenario is one in which Israeli military assets are used in a large direct assault against Iran’s nuclear facilities and military installations.

Notwithstanding this conventional thinking, it seems more likely that another strategy may be more effective and less horrific in the long run. Such a strategy would involve dealing with the Iran nuclear initiative with a “death by a thousand cuts” tactic through a long-term series of stealthlike attacks, assassinations and cyber wars.

As a matter of fact, attacks of this type are already in progress, as publicized, and the cumulative effect of such well-timed strikes have in the past and can in the future produce incremental and serious delay consequences for the Iran nuclear program.

The long-term effect of such a strategy would be to consistently set back Iran’s launch date for a viable nuclear weapon, and thereby the drama and drastic consequences of an all-out war in the Middle East while the sanctions continue to grind away.

Threats to the peaceful existence of the Israeli people and their nation may have never been greater than at present. Surrounded by enemies and rebellions everywhere, Israel will be forced to tread with care, cunning and intelligence at all times in pursuing its interests and preservation.

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  1. I recall in August 2012, a SWAT like attack on an energy station in Iran took out the power source to an Iranian nuclear plant/s. At the time the US and Israel were silent on the maneuvers but the little press it received attributed the strike to one and/or both [US and Israel].


  2. I support the cyber attacks and other stealthy attempts to set back the Iranian nuclear program but I agree with Future. Iran is going to get a nuclear weapon, sooner or later. Presidents can continue to bluster, and they have, but in the end, Iran will join the nuclear weapons club.

    At that point and beyond, we will return to the 1970's and early 1980's, where a real possibility of nuclear war is present every day. We were lucky during that prior period, to avoid a catastrophic war, but we are less likely to avoid it this time, especially with terrorists on the prowl and nutty dictators like we find in Iran and other places.


  3. Wrong, Casler. You forget what occurred in Libya when Bush was tough and Khadaffi caved? A change of government would most likely change Iran's bellicose stand towards, not only Israel, but others in the region and world. Iran was no threat when the Shah was in power, if you recall. The Iranian people are not ideologues; their crazy leaders most certainly are. Osama Obama "Finked" up when he did absolutely nothing as the populace arose against the Mullahs a couple years ago. Why? Because he spews wimpy rhetoric and anyone with bad intentions towards the US knows it. Killing a few terrorists with multi-million dollar drones & missiles is all for show and is totally ineffective. Getting rid of regimes that fund and supply the terrorists is what is really necessary and wimpy Osama Obama doesn't have the guts or will to do that. Methinks he even has a soft spot for rogue countries as it gives him the "crises" he so desperately needs.

  4. The tiny state of Israel in comparison to the size of the entire Arab world, is merely a thumb print on the map showing that whole region.

    The country of Israel is fighting for it's mere existince with threats from many Arab countries on a daily basis.

    Iran would have no problem of dropping a nuclear bomb on Israel,if it is allowed to have one.Iran's Pres.Ahmadinejad has stated many times that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth. The consequences that face Iran if it were to aquire nuclear weapons and use them, do not seem to bother them as a nation filled with a desire to be the leader in that part of the world.

  5. Larry,

    Iran had been on this path to nuclear weapons for a long time before the 2008 elections. All the options are risky and that is why President after President talks tough but does little. Obama carries on that tradition.

    Iran will most likely get nuclear weapons unless Israel stops them. They have much more to lose than we do if Iran gets nuclear weapons. Any strike against Iran is likely to cause a wider war in the Middle East. That, in a nutshell, is why no action has been taken.


  6. The intent of my letter was not to rule out an all out assault on the Mullahs by Israel and/or the US. Instead my intent was to propose a peacemeal/incrementasl although lethal series of attacks ranging from detonations, assassinations and cyber attacks that would hopefully cripple Iran's nuclear progress. As a matter of fact I support an all out devastating attack against Iran's nuclear faCilities and key military installations before they reduce the weapon to practice.