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March 2, 2015

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Obama to spend three days in Henderson preparing for first debate


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign stop at Cashman Center Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012.

Updated Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012 | 12:45 p.m.

Obama Speaks at Cashman Center: Sept. 12, 2012

President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign stop at Cashman Center Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. Launch slideshow »

President Barack Obama will be spending a critical three days in Henderson before his first debate against Republican rival Mitt Romney, a White House source confirmed today.

Obama will arrive in Las Vegas on Sunday and will rally supporters at a public campaign event at Desert Pines High School. Doors open at 4 p.m. and tickets to the event will be available at Obama campaign field offices throughout the valley beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday.

He will then travel to an undisclosed location to hunker down for some much-needed debate preparation.

Neither White House nor campaign officials would confirm the exact location, but have said it will be in Henderson. Political journalist Jon Ralston reported on Twitter that Obama will be staying at Lake Las Vegas.

Obama has no other public events scheduled during his time here. He is scheduled to leave on Wednesday. But a campaign source said he will likely make some "unplanned" local stops during his time in Southern Nevada.

The first of three presidential debates is Wednesday evening in Denver.

Obama has had decidedly less time to prepare for the debate than his challenger, a fact that seems to be weighing on the president's advisers, according to the Los Angeles Times. Both his official and campaign duties have interrupted his debate preparation time.

Meanwhile, Romney has spent considerable time practicing. Earlier this month, he took time off in Vermont to run through practice debates with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who stands in as Obama. He also spent time this past weekend preparing.

That has Obama's advisers downplaying expectations for Obama's performance, a common pre-debate tactic.

During an editorial board meeting last week, Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina said Romney seems to be "taking an unprecedented interest in these debates."

"He stopped campaigning for a week to do nothing but debate prep," Messina said.

"I happen to be one of the only Americans who have watched all 23 Republican primary debates, which makes me sad and pathetic and wanting that time back, but I can tell you that (Romney) is a phenomenal debater. He understands message, he stays on it."

Messina added that Obama won't necessarily win this first debate.

"In the history of debates, the challenger typically wins the first debate," Messina said. "So we have a lot of things stacked up against us. That said, we continue to believe this election is a very clear choice and I think the debates are going to show that."

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  1. President Obama should have small round-table discussions with a handful of those who post here if he wants some real practice. There is a small number of posters on both sides who are very good at presenting the arguments of those they support, possibly even better than the principals do.

    That said, as President, one would think that Obama would have little need for practice since he works with the data every day and should often be dealing with those who disagree with him.

  2. He does have a lot of lies he needs to remember and fake data to connect to make it all sound real, like he knows what he is talking about...

    Doesn't have anything to run on other than 7 years of constant campaigning, blaming others and taxpayer paid golf vacations...

    Three days might not be enough

  3. Aren't we paying for a place for him? Why does he have to come here?

    GL with the traffic in Henderson when he's here.

  4. notacon, the whole "Stench" story was political satire written by Roger Simon at Politico. It was such a bad job of satire that people like yourself don't realize that the entire story is fiction.

  5. Why I'm not voting for Obama: and neither should you:

    1) Obama terrorizes innocent people
    2) Obama assasinates Americans
    3) Obama starts wars without Congressional approval
    4) Obama prosecutes gov wistleblowers

    there are many more reasons.

    Vote for a third party candidate or not at all. Stop signalling to the Dems and Republicans these crappy candidates are good for America...

  6. He's got no time to meet with Netanyahu, but plenty of time to go on the View and Letterman. Now he's taking three days off the practice???!! How is this being "presidential"???

  7. some of y'all act like an incumbent has never in the history of politics campaigned to stay in office. Go get a better argument.

  8. "That has Obama's advisers downplaying expectations for Obama's performance, a common pre-debate tactic."

    Sounds like they are already making excuses in this article for Obama's upcoming debate. Thats just one example above. There's a lot more if you read the whole article.

  9. ... Be-CAREFUL-of ALL-thee-MORMONS in Henderson & nearby Boulder City!!!

  10. Coming in for 3 days does not replace all of the business that was lost due to his comments about not going to Las Vegas which cost his Voters jobs and money. Meanwhile, he has actually done work to help foreign visitors get visas to come to the US which was a long standing problem. Instead of going to Desert Pines, go to Coronado or Green Valley High, sit down with people at the District. Lets not make this about just talking to a certain audience, I would agree that talking to middle class Las Vegans about Housing, Jobs, Wealth Disparity (Adelson providing $70 million to get Obama out, yet fires thousands in the past 4 years and takes bonus checks away from Staff).

    A hotel person is not going to go from making $50 K to be retrained to be in another field where they make $30 K? Sorry but how do these people ever get back to their original salary? Answer that question and people can pay for their homes, have money to spend with local business. Round tables with Desert Pines, Cheyenne is a long way from when he went to Coronado last campaign.

  11. Well, Doug, I'm also a Boston liberal living in Henderson, and I will cancel out your vote when I vote for Obama. Romney could care less about retired people, just wealthy ones. Tom, don't bother, he's just a another Boston whacko. God, I grew up with so many of them....

  12. Don't you people get it. It doesn't matter who we elect POTUS. The 2 choices that the king of England always gives us is always "their guy". What? You didn't know that all past Presidents (except Kennedy and another guy) were BLOOD relatives of King Lackland "the terrible"? How many Americans are blood related to "royal blood"? The liars will tell you "millions" but the truth is around 500,000. Those bastards in breed for the most part. There are a few royal bloodlines in the US from which we appoint our POTUS. Obama is blood related to Bush for instance. Why do these "elites" require a blood relative in the oval office? It's an occult thing, they value bloodlines, think they're superior. Romney BTW is also related to this King, as were all the other except Ron Paul and Cain. Bottom line, only difference between the 2 are social issues. All of the important issues, was for Israel, doing away with the Constitutional rights we once had (Patriot Act), running up unplayable debt so that one day the Intl bankers can own we the people....they're both the same (big gov spenders) Obama might fool some libs into thinking he's anti war but his actions don't suggest that. He does as he's told. Bottom line.

  13. But he's too busy to meet with world leaders while they're in the country. He's been too busy to do much except campaign, vacation and play golf since 2006. We currently have government by CZAR, by those unaccountable to Americans and government by Harry Reid, essentially a do nothing government with no foreign, domestic, defense or energy policies in place beyond tax and spend. Nothing has happened since Pelosi was ousted... apparently Obama was working for her and now has turned over the country to Reid until after the election.

  14. Most reasonable people know the President cannot really fix the economy. Frankly Congress saddles more of the blame , if their is any, for high unemployment. Electing President says two things, Who do we went representing us as the face of the United States, and who better represents the values of the United States. Romney has basically disqualified himself from this, by his own words. You cannot be president of just some of the people, or can you ?