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January 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Corruption on a sliding scale

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These political ads that are continually thrust at us sometimes can be puzzling. Dean Heller claims Shelley Berkley is the most corrupt member of Congress. What I would like to find out, then, is who is the least corrupt and who are the members of Congress that fit in between the least and worst corrupt? It’s no wonder Congress is held is such low esteem by voters.

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  1. The Congress we have, and get, is a reflection of the people who voted them in. The fault does not lie in the stars, it is with us.


  2. What happened with Shelly Berkley.... and happens with many others on both sides of the aisle, will continue unabated, until we punish those that do it.

    Whether what Berkley did was intentional or a mistake, we will never know. Here is what is most likely true:

    She knew her husband worked in the same field that was the subject of the bill and would be affected by its outcome.

    She knew the ethics rules indicated she should remove herself from the position of leading on the legislation or at the very least disclose the possible conflict of interest.

    Berkley did neither. There are really only two conclusions to draw:

    She didn't care about the conflict of interest or she was uninformed enough to not understand the ethics rules. Either way, she should not now be elevated to a higher position.

    Look at the performance of Congress and its rating by the public. We're responsible for much of it because we give these people a pass when we should not.


  3. Michael, one only has to look at Berkley's inglorious history to find that she has no morals, integrity, honor, ethics or conscience. She's the picture-girl for corruption and has been for a long time.

  4. The debacle we call congress and the senate contributed largely to the current state of our country, as you constantly point out.

    So, Mr Casler, who are you voting for this time?

  5. Nancy,

    Not happily, I will cast my vote for Romney. I am spending a good deal of time looking into the feasibility of moving to Costa Rica. I am nearing retirement and I know my wife and I don't have enough money to continue to live here in Nevada or most other places I'd like to live in America.

    Mathematics and economic rules say we cannot tax, cut or grow our way out of the mess we are in. Both Romney and Obama seem to think we can with tax cuts (Romney), or government stimulus and tax increases on the rich (Obama). Neither man says much about reducing spending and I doubt if either will reduce spending. Eventually that inaction will result in inflation and make whatever I have worth much less.

    I need to find a less expensive place to spend my retirement years... as a direct result of what I just stated and have stated before.

    Yes, I have just about lost all faith that we are going to recover this time. Why won't I vote for Obama? It's a completely selfish reason. I may be wrong, but in my opinion, the Obama policies will get us to financial armagedden a bit faster than Romney's will, although both will get us there.

    Soon to turn 60, I need every minute I can get to prepare for what is coming.


  6. Nancy,

    If you were asking about Heller / Berkley, again unhappily, I'll vote for Heller. Do I think he is likely as ethically challenged as Berkley? Yes. Is there a smoking gun for Heller, like there is for Berkley? Not that I'm aware of.

    As I have also said before, until we change the lobbying rules and go to public financing of campaigns, we could send freakin angels to Congress and they'd all get corrupted.


  7. I hear you Michael. I, too, am close to retirement and looking at The south of France. An article I've read showed one can retire in that small Village for $2,500 a month. It used to be populated by the English and the language stayed, along with architecture and the old English community spirit.

    Check it out.

    I did not vote last election, but this time I am giving Obama a chance because I think Romney is a bit insular. I do not believe he can do what he claims primarily because he still has to 'deal' with being new and 'neutralizing' the 'enemy.' Obama already did that and already 'knows' who they are so now his effort will be concentrated in continuing to get us back on our feet.

    I don't worry much about the financial status of the country, because I honestly believe everything that is happening and what we are told are contrived to fit certain purposes. No president would purposely place his country in ruins, believe me, not even Bush II. As Easterners would say, it will all come down in the warsh.

  8. Nancy,

    France is more expensive than Costa Rica and I don't have a pension, so that won't work for me... but I wish you happiness if that's where you end up.

    Except for being larger, we are little different than Greece (economic laws still apply) and when your debt exceeds your GDP (and we are there), the wheels eventually start to come off. Eventually it comes down to austerity measures and much higher taxes on everyone as the only solution.

    You can believe, if you like, that our leaders won't wreck their own country. The problems with that view are two: 1) Most of our decision makers are wealthy, arrogant and believe their wealth will protect them in all circumstances and 2) Many of our leaders are none too smart and engage in extremely short term thinking.

    The problem I worry about is that when the US economy implodes, America is so big, it will affect those living elsewhere, whether that be in France or Costa Rica.


  9. Kepi,

    The answer is yes, except for being sure I will vote straight R, although that is more likely than not. And yes, it is great to be able to express our views and vote for who we wish.


  10. If we have so many crooks,cheats, and liars etc,running for office from both parties.Why do we want any of them,and why haven't any of them been arrested and prosecuted.

    Another if is,if any of us little folks made such a claim about another person on television as these candidates do, we would be open for a lawsuit for slander.

  11. Michael,You sound as though you have given up on the country you were born into.If our country crashes to nothing as you seem to think.Moving to Costa Rica or any other country won't solve your problem.If the U.S.crashes so will your social security check.Unless you have huge amounts of cash. such a move is fruitless.Stay with us as this will all pass.One day you can reflect back and say, just as your grandparents did (great depression). I remember living and working through the great recession,and survived.

  12. Sam,

    I understand your point and I may indeed stay here. I also understand that if the US economy totally crashes, most people living anywhere will likely be affected.

    At this point, I do not agree with you that everything is going to be OK. Sorry, but we have nobody in government admitting that we cannot spend this much money on this much government and survive financially. Much of the public is also unwilling to admit the truth. You can't fix a problem without first admitting it. We can't even get to first base. You bet! I am cynical and I am not optimistic.


  13. Politics in America is inherently fraudulent.

    A candidate goes into "different" communities and play to the crowd. Say whatever they want, and say it differently depending on the people in the community.

    The talking heads, cable news, talk radio, and opinion news, shape and tell us what to think of the candidates and who to vote for. The message given to voters is served hot, with an extreme intent and non-stop twenty-four hours a day. Every so often the truth is squeezed out by accident and then attacked liked an invading alien.

    In today's political world, the American people are viewing political candidates in a totally different light. Ironically, an incumbent is tolerated, and in many cases accepted, no matter the degree of productivity.

    There is so much corruption in politics, we as Americans have accepted politicians will lie, and politicians know they can lie, without a real challenge from the voters. The politicians change the message depending on what the audience wants to hear.

  14. Michael,There was nothing worse than the great depression,and somehow we came out of that.It will not be a magic bullet that fixes our current problems.It will take time but we will get there,how I don't know ,but we will.

  15. Mark Twain had it right: "America has no native criminal class save for Congress."

  16. Has everyone here already forgotten how Dean Heller ended up needing to be appointed to his current position by Sandoval? Sam, boftx, Michael, Jerry, etc. all seem to have forgotten John Ensign. Was he corrupt or did I miss something? Conservatives want to pretend he doesn't exist.

  17. Mark,

    I certainly have not forgotten Ensign. The guy has no ethics and he got what he deserved, although it took too long. Whether the name is Berkley, Ensign or something else and no matter what their party affiliation, I don't want them in office.


  18. Michael, Nancy: Have you checked out Canada? I'm from near there. Some areas have moderate climate.

  19. And outside of Nevada, there WAS that Weiner resigning eventually over sexting young women. And that nameless dude in the Twin Cities airport john who kept denying inappropriate behavior. So many of these "leaders" think they are above their own rules--and have exempted themselves from most laws. Perhaps we need to explore one term for each office, President say 7 years, Senator 8 years and you're out, Representative 5 years and NO RE-ELECTIONS. Sure a (former) Rep could run for Senate...but this would materially help cut out the jockeying and influence peddling within.

  20. Bykepi,
    we all feed off of one another,because we are all so different.I do appreciate what you contribute in your posts, and so do most of our fellow commenters.

  21. Ensign and Weiner weren't corrupt, just horny.

  22. Michael,
    Really? You are going to place Ms. Berkley at the same level as John Ensign when my comment was directed to Heller bleating about "...most corrupt..."? Really? Try thinking about scale for just minute.