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January 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Fact checkers are a voter’s best friend

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The Republicans feel that they can bury President Barack Obama with their lies and endless amounts of money. Their TV ads amplifying their lies are hitting people over the head. Hopefully, clear-thinking, informed voters will understand that you can’t buy an election.

My suggestion is to emphasize the role of the fact checkers. They will have a lot of material to work with.

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  1. "If you checked, there's been times when the "fact checkers" needed to be fact checked."

    My fact check proves this is correct.


  2. Why doesn't Rahm Emanuell take a cue from Ronald Reagan and fire the striking teachers in Chicago? The federal air controllers learned a lesson the hard way as they were told to not let the door hit them in their fannies on the way out. The result? No air controllers have gone on strike since. It's unconscionable that public employees go on strike. Even FDR, a hero in the eyes of the left, was against allowing government workers to unionize. They already were protected under Civil Service rules & regulations. Unions were unnecessary. However, it was a way for Dumbocrats to insure a steady flow of money into their pocket books. Unions collected dues from captive members that was then funneled into leftists politicians campagn coffers. Private sector workers saw the scheme for what it was and opted out in droves. That left government workers to be the patsies for unions and Dumbocrats, alike. Billions were forceably taken from them and distributed to leftist candidates who actually worked against their better interests. How convenient. Now it's come back to haunt taxpayers in the form of militant Socialists urging government workers to bite the hand that feeds them. And, being greedy, they comply. The good news is we see a wave of governors and legislators putting an end to this fraud perpetrated upon us.

  3. Archie,

    Honestly, that letter of a simpleton.


  4. JeffFrom Vegas,"if fact checking were through"

    Very good examples,for some people fact checking is only exceptable when it's in their favor,other wise it's ignored.

  5. It seems lately that the only ones who are fighting fact checkers are the entire Tea/Republican Party.

    On the other side of the aisle, they accept the reasonable certainty that facts If it reveals good, indifferent and/or bad news, you work with it. You don't make up things and say down is up, left is right, upside down is rightside up.

    One side lives in a dream world where it's easier to make stuff up.

    The other lives in the real world and works with it.

    There is a big difference.

    My choice is clear.

    I stick with rationality and sanity.

    Obama/Biden 2012! AND a Democratic Party majority in both the House and the Senate!

    Romney/Ryan 1040s!

  6. Jeff,

    I am disappointed with your last comment. No matter how bad Romney might be, does that excuse the mistaken claims and statements (some would say outright lies) made by President Obama?

    Shouldn't we hold all our representatives and those who aspire to be such to the *same* standard?

  7. I check PolitiFact daily, and find the Pulitzer prize winning website to be quite bias neutral, and factual. Both sides, to put it mildly, shade the total truth, in most cases.

    The air traffic controllers union was a Federal union, and not a state public service union. Big difference. That is why Reagan had the authority to fire them.

    Re Future. Most of your talking points would not stand a "fact check". But I guess, if it works for you, keep on believing it. My 91 Ford F-150 was partially built, or parts supplied, in Canada, Mexico, and the US. For brevity's sake, there was a law passed that said for a vehicle to be considered "Made in the USA", only a certain percentage of the total vehicle had to be actually produced in the US.

    Not that it matters, but unemployment is 8.2%

    Dodd Frank is working.

    The stimulus did work, and kept this country out of a full blown depression.

    "People are losing their healthcare policies and doctors". Facts please?

    "GM stock is in the tank". GM is attempting to buy back some of their stock, owned by the Fed. Yes, their stock is in the tank, and the Fed told them to stuff it on the buyback, saving the taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars.

    You would seek to blame the entire deficit on the Obama administration. Factually incorrect.

    GDP growth: subject to interpretation. The fiscal cliff will make it worse, and sequestration, which the GOP wholeheartedly supported will be the result. Factually disingenuous.

    "Healthcare Premiums are going up". For who? Factually vague.

    Well that pretty much covers it. More vague innuendo that supports whatever your political beliefs are. Keep on keeping on.

  8. "The air traffic controllers union was a Federal union, and not a state public service union. Big difference. That is why Reagan had the authority to fire them."

    Mr. Lind:

    BUT, and a big one, according to the contract terms of the CTU, they could only strike for money. That is not the case. They are striking for teacher evaluations.


  9. "You would seek to blame the entire deficit on the Obama administration. Factually incorrect."

    More factually correct than incorrect.

    4 consecutive TRILLION DOLLAR deficits. [Andrew Taylor, "Administration Projects $1.2 Trillion 2012 Budget Deficit." AP 7/27/12

    $5.2 TRILLION in new debt. [Department of the Treasury 7/14/12]

    Each American's share of national debt increased by $16,000. [US Census Bureau,, accessed 8/3/12; US Dept. of Treasury,, accessed 8/3/12.]

    Obama's policies will result in $6.4 TRILLION in deficits over the next 10 years. [David Rogers, "CBO: Exploding Debt Under Obama," Politico, 3/16/12.]

    33 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed. [Fiscal Year 2013 Budget of the US Government: Mid Session Review," Office of Management and Budget, 7/27/12.]

    Note that the CR passed by the House last week an expected to pass the Senate this week and be signed by the president [for $500 BILLION that is good thru March 27, 2012] adds 3 cents more totalling 36 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed.


  10. "Dodd Frank is working."

    Didn't stop Jon S. Corzine and MF Global Holdings from going belly up on Sept. 30, 2011 and not accounting for $1.2 Billion in private investors' funds.


  11. Carmine,

    "1.2 Billion in PRIVATE INVESTOR (emphasis mine) funds." So what? What does that have to do with Dodd Frank? It is designed to reign in outlaw activity by established "too big to fail" banks, not private investors.

    "more factually correct than incorrect": makes it a wash doesn't it? My point was there's more than enough blame to go around; both Republican and Democrat. Could get into a semantics contest, but I won't....and believe me I would like to.

    You are correct that they are disputing teacher evaluations as well as a 19% pay raise. To me, that is tone deaf to the economic realities in Chicago and the entire US. However, it does not invalidate my original point: Federal jurisdiction over a Federal Government employees union versus a state public service union.

  12. Carmine said it all. 4:56 a.m.

  13. Re Roslenda. What exactly did he say that seems to enthrall you? Ambiguous quote, followed by "My fact check proves this is correct". Really? I guess Carmine is the arbiter of factual content, in your opinion.

  14. Mitt Romney's message is one of lies, distortions, and using misleading statements. The campaign being waged by Romney and Paul Ryan, with support from the extreme right of the Republican Party, is designed to mislead and confuse undecided voters and to feed the frenzy of the extreme base of the Republican Party.

    Whatever Mitt Romney says, it's a lie! From there it gets deeper. Sadly, the believers of the Romney message repeat the lies, telling other people the lies are the truth. Only in their minds can lies and distorted comments by Romney and Ryan exist.

    Campaigning for the highest office in the land on lie and distortions, and having supporters repeat the lies, tells many who do not believe the lies and distortions, that many America are ignorant of the facts and the history of America.

    When one does the homework required to be an informed voter---one who take seriously the responsibility of being a citizen in America---the weight of responsibility that comes with the right to vote, the many states supporting Romney are in need of serious education. The support break-down for the Romney campaign runs deep with hate for the President! Not support for Romney! The sad part, Romney is feeding the hate to a large ignorant group. The hate and racism is so deep, Romney and the Republican party can say anything and it will be believed.

    Even the so called reasonable old school republicans are losing their minds. Listening to and watching John McCain on Face the Nation made my heart sink. John McCain lied and lied, and doubled down on more lies on national TV seen by millions of Americans. McCain lies were so obvious---McCain was tying to be so convincing--- he continually fumbled with his pen, and constantly moved and squirmed as he told lie after lied as host Bob Schieffer eyed McCain with a hard look.

    If you believe in the nation polls, state polls and local polls, President Obama is holding a steady lead. What the polls do not tell us, they are sampling the same large group of voters. When the polls move, the movement is from within the same polling group. This tells us the voters who will turn out for Mitt Romney are being heard, they are out in the open. This also tells us, the voters who have not been polled, who will decide this election, have not been heard will be heard in November through the ballot box. They will be voting for President Obama.

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  15. "Carmine,

    "1.2 Billion in PRIVATE INVESTOR (emphasis mine) funds." So what? What does that have to do with Dodd Frank? It is designed to reign in outlaw activity by established "too big to fail" banks, not private investors."

    Yes and NO. D-F was designed and implemented to separate investors' funds from company funds. In this way, the company could take risks with company funds BUT would have to ask permission of the investors to do so with their funds.


  16. <<BUT, and a big one, according to the contract terms of the CTU, they could only strike for money. That is not the case. They are striking for teacher evaluations>>

    And money. The evauluations are just ONE reason they are striking.

  17. <<If you want to get the facts, watch CNN. You can also watch Sean Hannity on Fox News and whatever he says is the lie>>

    CNN is unbiased. Fox is NOT and Sean Hannity has become an old man ranting. He used to be, USED TO BE, interesting to listen to. Not anymore.

    <<... then I watched the hidden Romney videos on Mother Jones>>

    I already heard on the news this morning Romney doing his back-pedaling on what he said. It's hard to "back-pedal" when there is proof positive on what he said in his own words. No fact-checkers necessary. That video is no longer "hidden". It's EVERYWHERE!

  18. ""more factually correct than incorrect": makes it a wash doesn't it?"

    I was being facetious at your expense. You didn't pick up to it.


  19. "And money. The evauluations are just ONE reason they are striking."

    Yes and No. The money issue was worked out. It's the evaluations that are the sticky point. And as I said, not a contract issue for striking.


  20. "Romney is over. Stick a fork in him. He didn't even last til October."

    I'm reminded of the adage, "He who laughs last, laughs best."