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March 6, 2015

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election 2012:

Reid calls himself a ‘one-man wrecking crew’ aimed at Romney



Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called himself a “one-man wrecking crew” on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns and warned of “17 angry old white men” spending vast sums on political advertising as he tried to rouse Carson City to vote for Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley and President Barack Obama.

Reid told a packed room in Carson City on Monday that Romney was a “plastic man running for president who changes his position every chance he gets. He isn’t someone who should represent this country.”

In an interview after his speech, Reid said he would try to work with Republican Sen. Dean Heller after the election on issues such as Internet poker, noting his good working relationship with former Sen. John Ensign. But if Berkley wins, he predicted the Senate would not proceed with the House Ethics Committee investigation that has dogged her during the campaign.

Reid called the investigation into whether Berkley advocated for policies that would financially benefit her family “politically driven nonsense.”

When it was noted that Democrats in the House also voted to move forward with the investigation, Reid said: “The ethics committee in the House is different than what we have in the Senate. Much different. If this were not an election year, it would be long gone.”

Asked whether the Senate would take up the ethics issue, Reid shook his head.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t think so.”

The Senate typically doesn’t have jurisdiction over the actions of House members.

Reid has been a vociferous critic of Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, during this election cycle. In a statement, Darren Littell, Nevada spokesman for the Republicans, dismissed Reid’s criticism.

"President Obama has no record to run on, so is anyone really surprised that his pal Harry Reid is making these idiotic statements?” Littell said.

Reid said he is confident Democrats will keep the majority and even add seats in the Senate.

He said polls show Democrats leading in Indiana, North Dakota, Montana and Arizona, as well as Nevada. But he warned that the election would be close — an experience he’s familiar with. Reid’s close elections — he lost an early U.S. Senate race by 524 votes and won another by 428 votes — spurred him to begin rebuilding the Nevada Democratic Party.

Reid credited that party machine for Democrats’ substantial turnout lead in the first days of early voting this year. He noted Democrats significantly outperformed Republicans in Clark and Washoe counties, but not in Carson City.

“It’s difficult to develop a party organization. People think they can do it overnight, and it can’t be done,” Reid said. “We spent a long time doing this. It’s very intense. It’s expensive. But that’s what democracy is all about.”

Outside of politics, Reid said he continues to work on legalizing online poker.

Reid said he spoke Monday morning with Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who told Reid that he was trying to stop Republican governors from sending letters to federal lawmakers urging them to stay out of Internet gaming.

“That’s what I always feared would happen,” Reid said of the possibility that states would call on the federal government to stay out of the issue.

Heller said in a debate this month that he’d have a good working relationship with Reid.

Reid pointed to his relationship with Ensign, who resigned his office and was replaced by Heller.

“I’m not going to say I won’t get along with him,” Reid said.

But he said the relationship got off to a rocky start when Heller opposed the confirmation of a judge whom Reid supported. And it has only gotten worse since Heller “couldn’t get me any votes on this poker thing. And time is a real enemy to legislation,” Reid said.

“I beat Ensign by just a little bit. When he was finally elected on his own, we worked well together,” Reid said. “... And I hope I can develop that same relationship with Dean.”

Reid blasted the money being spent in this election. The spending was allowed in part by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

The Supreme Court had made decisions “that did awful things for this country. But none is worse than this,” he said.

He singled out Karl Rove, who founded the political nonprofit group Crossroads GPS, which is spending vast amounts of money in Nevada’s U.S. Senate campaign and the presidential race.

“After this election, Karl Rove is going to sit down for breakfast with 17 angry old white men,” including Las Vegas Sands boss Sheldon Adelson, who “think the country is for sale.”

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  1. A closer examination of Reid's finances might be more revealing - and enlightening.

  2. I think it's interesting what he said about "17 angry old white men."

    The far right have portrayed not only Senator Reid, but President Obama as some kind of enemy that's worse than any terrorist organization known to man. They are flinging mud furiously and savagely. They feel they MUST do anything and everything to attack, attack, attack and get back into power. The rich benefactors encourage this too.

    I get the impression, and Senator Reid is correct, that if things don't work out well for the ultra-conservative Tea/Republican Party politicians and the people who are trying to get them into power, those "17 angry old white men" are going to want to rip off heads, drink cognac from their bloody skulls and offer them up to other ultra-conservatives on platters for their viewing pleasure.

    You can't make this stuff up. THIS is the new Tea/Republican Party.

    I say let's get busy and reelect President Obama. Also go for a Democratic Party majority both in the House and the Senate.

    Because I'll pay to see the ultra-conservative party purity cleansing after the election. I guess the best thing to do after the carnage is over is just stand back and not get hit with skulls rolling around the ground and bumped by headless torsos hitting the floor all over the place.

  3. And just what is Harry the Red? Anyone look at him lately? To me, he's not only an "angry old white man," he's nuttier than a fruit cake! The screwball makes things up out of thin air, presents them as facts and the lefties, as sheep usually do, go along with his lies. Harry the Red is not only a laughing stock to sane folks, he's both a disgrace and an embarrassment to honest and ethical Nevadans!

  4. Mini stroke, mini brain..That's our

  5. Sad Harry. Nevada needs to put him and us out of our misery by removing this embarrassment in 2016.

  6. Searchlight Harry is on the Wrecking Team of destroy the USA. Let's start with that budget you never passed and by your effort kept it from even being introduced!!!!!

  7. Harry Reid is absolutely and totally correct.
    How would the public feel if they found out after the election that a person who became President of the United States was a tax dodger. This is a terrible situation. NO candidate should be acceptable asa holder of public office unless he or she can prove with their tax returns who they really are.
    Can you just imagine the outrage if the shoe was on the other foot and a Democratic candidate ran for the presidency and refused to produce their tax returns? Blood in the streets . Guns at the ready
    Shouts of FREEDOM !!!!
    Thats the kind of hypocrisy that we are facing from candidate Romney

  8. President Obama's Secretary of Treasury ( geitner ) is a well known tax

  9. Harry Reid has been in the Senate since 1986 and was in the House before that time. If he was going to fix the problems of our country a sane reasonable person would conclude he would have done so by now. Since he hasn't, sane reasonable people should conclude he has no interest in doing so. His interest lies in extracting as much wealth for personal gain (from the taxpaying public) as he can while in office. He doesn't give a rat's backside about you, your children or anyone else if you can't help him get more of what he wants. When I look up scumsucking bottom feeder in the dictionary I should see his picture illustrating the definition.

  10. This is exactly why Americans have such a low opinion of any and (almost) all Congressional types. Harry Reid exemplifies a lack of professional and reasonable behavior.

  11. bbtbrain: exactly. I usually post in response to the article and then read the other posts. I could not agree with you more. Almost 4 years ago I emailed Senator Reid and suggested he research and advise AGAINST any more action in Afghanistan. I also strongly suggested that then was the time to "fix" SS / Medicare withholding be lifting the cap on wages for employees (not employers) so that more funding would go into those programs from the affluent. 3 1/2 years ago, Reid had a majority in the Senate and could have made this happen--he COULD HAVE requested the House do the legislation and then work it thru. But no, they could not get around to doing anything for the American citizens. He was too busy dreamy and networking AND taking shots at every body else. Since he can't get anything done in four years, no sane voter would seek to re-elect Reid or Obama.

  12. Reid is a one man wrecking crew for truth, justice and the American Way.

    A perfect example of a corrupt pelican who when judged by non political metrics would be a text book example of the Peter Principle.

  13. When are people going to wake up and quit caring what Harry says. This man has fooled the voting public into believing that he has never done anything wrong in his life and he's there for us. Wellll, Harry is in there for Harry . He has helped no one but himself, his sons, and his Mormon buddies. He who is without sin shall cast the first stone Harry.