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February 28, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Romney’s role as a figurehead

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When Mitt Romney talks about what he accomplished in office as the governor of Massachusetts, he really means what the state legislature accomplished because he had little say about so many things in the state.

Eighty-seven percent of the legislature was Democratic. He didn’t rule; he was ruled. It was not a matter of working with the opposition, which did whatever it wanted because Romney lacked the power to stop it.

Anything he accomplished during his tenure as governor was really the state legislature’s accomplishments, not his. He was truly the proverbial figurehead.

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  1. Freeman:

    Your style is getting old.

    Why don't you try a rebuttal of the issue being addressed in the letter instead of attacking the person.


  2. Freeman...

    Oh, yes you are.

  3. Alert- Freeman has written numerous partisan comments backing republican party positions and candidates, usually accompanied by a mind-numbing blizzard of numbers. Hence, the origin of the expression "snow job".

  4. Letter writer is correct. Let me expound further. If President Obama followed the lead of Governor Romney in Massachusetts and forged alliances and partnerships with his opponents, the country would have moved forward in the last 4 years. Not barackward.


  5. Mr. Blanner is partisan and wrong, as usual. As President Obama has, you try to do what you can do when you don't always have control of the legislature.

    As a recent 'fair' article points out 'Romney vetoed eight provisions of the Massachusetts healthcare bill, including the employer mandate, non-citizen immigrant coverage, a powerful bureaucracy known as the Public Health Council, and limitations on improving Medicaid. The only individual mandate Romney had in mind required the purchase of catastrophic medical insurance similar to the automobile insurance requirement (and he supported a mandate escape). His vetoes were easily overridden by the 85% Democratic legislature, which along with the succeeding Democratic administration of Deval Patrick expanded the healthcare plan to suit their ideology.'

    Do Mr. Blanner and others want to include those facts when they label Mr. Romney as a flip flopper because he doesn't agree with things in the ACA.

    You can't have it both ways: That he was an ineffective governor and a flip flopper. Of course, Mr. Blanner does exactly that in his efforts to denigrate Romney because it is so tough to defend the President's record and the President has put out so little as a plan for a 2nd term.


  6. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney has been described as a Republican island in a Democratic sea. He vetoed about 800 bills, almost all of which were overridden by the Legislature, some unanimously. So much for his bipartisan chops. Romney downplays his one accomplishment, Romneycare, and takes credit for every other good thing that happen due to legilative action taken in spite of him.

    While Governor, Romney said "I like to veto bills". I suppose that falls in the same category as his statement that "I like to fire people." Who knows what else he finds entertaining.

  7. In rebuttal to Mr. Blanner, these are some of the reasons I find to vote for Romney.

    My number one wish is to see a vibrant 3rd party emerge to challenge the doctrinaire R and D parties. Until that happens, I think many people like me are drawn to R or D candidates that don't appear to be doctrinaire; who look like they will think 'out of the box'. Obama was that candidate in 2008. Many people who voted for him in 2008, are now disappointed because he has governed like a doctrinaire D.

    This year, that candidate is Mitt Romney for the R's. This explains why he had such a tough time in the primaries. If he wins, he may be like Obama and govern like a doctrinaire R, in which case I'll be disappointed.

    We need a moderate in office; a person who thinks 'out of the box' and yes, someone willing to compromise. It's asking the nearly impossible for someone to accomplish that in this environment. Obama has had office for 4 years and has not done it. I'm ready to try someone else.


  8. Governor Romney refused to accept his salary as Governor: 4 years at $140,000 per year. And according to a recent study by Forbes magazine, Governor Romney's decision to go into public life cost him $2 billion in personal wealth. Why? The Forbes study calculated the profit and loss on the companies part of Bain Capital since the governor left and the governor's interest in them. The math and figures are correct. Mr. Romney by pursuing a career in public service left behind over $2 Billion in personal wealth that he would have had if it were not for his decision to serve.


  9. Antigov,

    There is an adage in politics that says, Never ask a question that you don't already know the answer to. Romney violated that adage in the 2nd debate and hurt himself when he ask President Obama a couple of questions.

    Romney wasn't re-elected because he did not run for a 2nd term. You should really do a little research before you start to write.


  10. @PISCES41,

    Alert- Freeman has written numerous partisan comments backing republican party positions and candidates, usually accompanied by a mind-numbing blizzard of numbers. Hence, the origin of the expression "snow job" (Jim Weber)

    Good stuff, Jim. It's good to read humor, I like it. :)

  11. To all the commentators who have written about Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts health law during Romney term as governor.....Mitt, you didn't build that!

    The Massachusetts House and Senate lead Mitt Romney on health reform in Massachusetts. Health Care Reform in Massachusetts was not initiated by Mitt Romney.

    Again, to be clear. Health Care Reform in Massachusetts was not initiated by Mitt Romney!

    Going further, Mitt Romney was dragged along during the many steps in completing health reform in Massachusetts.

    Mitt Romney "signed into law" health reform in Massachusetts. Mitt Romney was not the force behind the reform.

    So, as my young friends always say when something is not quite in order. "Don't get it twisted"

    President Obama wins re-election by 6 to 8 points.

  12. @RefNV,

    "The top level execs at times believe everything they hear from lower level staff without validating the accuracy of the information." (ReFreeman)

    Thanks for the response. Not to trump your assessement, but many executives that I know, do validate lower staff members information. In fact they rely on it.

  13. @Ref My experience is the exact opposite of yours, or, perhaps more properly, our interpretations of the same data are opposite. Case in point: the interactions of "top level executives" and "lower level staff". What I find, particularly in organizations where the "top level executives" are MBA's and "parachuted" into the organization, is that they do not know enough about actual operations of the particular enterprise to judge what is right or wrong and so make bad decisions based on models and/or metrics which they learned in B-school but which are not applicable to the situations at hand. Data are nice, but the real trick is to measure that which is truly critical and discriminate signal from noise.

  14. JanmaraLas vegas
    I do believe we are allowing politicians like Romney to destroy our society. I say that as people are being subjected to the worst kinds of deceit.
    Our society is being bombarded with Lying as a virtue and not providing details. Ronald Reagan said "Trust but verify" No verification here.
    For example why is Romney being allowed to get away without showing his tax returns. That means that now and in the future any scoundrel will be able to avoid this issue . Wouldnt the public feel betrayed if it were found that Romney avoided paying taxes,. That he settled with the government under the amnesty program? To me credibility is the absolute primary qualification for the office of the President.
    Who in their right mind can feel comfortable with a leader who's positions change everyday. That all he really stands for is "saying whatever he wants."
    If America elects Romney to the office of the Presidency. This will be the final straw and people will truly realize its better to lie, steal and subvert rather then follow the rules. Thats a terrible example to make for future generations.
    This will insure that we will accelerate our decline on the world stage.
    Rome and Great Britain were at one time equal and greater powers then the United States and look at where they wound up and what we can look forward to as a country if this mans becomes president and his tactics become an example.
    What a mess!!!!

  15. @Janmara1,

    "Who in their right mind can feel comfortable with a leader who's positions change everyday. That all he really stands for is "saying whatever he wants." (Marvin Adelman)

    In reference to Mitt Romney's changing positions on the issues.

    Sounds reasonable, right! Reasonable statement of facts. Of fact! Of a politician changing positions on the issues.

    In essence, lying to the voters as to who you really are and what you stand for.

    Now, who disagrees with Marvin Adelman's statement? Anyone? Please proceed.....

  16. If the letter is fact it still does not change my mind. Using the same logic Obama would be considered a proverbial figurehead so not worthy to be re-elected.

  17. @RefNV,

    ReFreeman, how can a person oppose something using a false misguided analysis, then turn around and articulate a reasonable position using agreeable logic?

    Look, I would like to read more from the "ReFreeman" who posted 12:38pm.

    After reading the post from you at 12:38pm, maybe just maybe, you might be holding on too tight. Loosen up, you sound great my friend. Good stuff, ReFreeman, good stuff.

  18. Mr. Romney is well spoken AND "soft" spoken. He'd be easier to listen to, rather than the harshness we can expect to continue from Mr. O and company. Mr. Romney is able to communicate the message without being irritating in the transmission.

  19. Re Freeman (1238 comment): Breathtaking verbiage, signifying nothing.

    Re Roslenda (1156 comment): "well spoken and soft spoken". LMAO. He has blabbed on and on in each debate, running over the moderator, and the POTUS, when it suits him, which is ALWAYS. He has run the same talking points into the ground. His remarks are scripted and have no relation to his actual beliefs. Be afraid of this puppet if he's elected; no core values and beholden to his 1% campaign contributors, not you or me.