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January 27, 2015

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Small businesses for clean energy

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It was nice to see small businesses getting the attention they deserve during the presidential debates, but it’s also important politicians put their money where their mouth is and focus on the issues that will help small employers the most.

One important issue for small businesses is clean energy. There have been claims that clean energy regulations are small-business job killers, but small-business owners in Nevada don’t see it that way. An opinion poll from the Small Business Majority, an advocacy group, found six in 10 Nevada entrepreneurs believe government investments in clean energy have an important role in boosting our national economy and creating jobs.

Small-business owners cited the rising cost of doing business, such as increased fuel and electricity costs, as one of their two biggest problems. No matter who’s sitting in the White House come November, small-business owners will continue trying to pull our economy out of the doldrums, but they can’t do it alone. Lawmakers need to listen to what they have to say and act accordingly.

The author is the Western outreach manager for Small Business Majority.

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  1. What is referred to as "clean" energy?

  2. Government 'research' produced the beginnings of the internet, but private companies took it from there and turned it into what it is today. THAT is the kind of INVESTMENT by government that works.

    If government would have tried to create the entire internet, we would not have the dynamic communication network I am using right now.

    The President is right to see the importance of green energy but the money should be allocated to 'research', not 'retail' manufacturing and production. That belongs left in the private sector.


  3. I was a small business owner and operated [family business for over 40 years]. The government, Federal, state, and local were my biggest obstacles. I had a sign that hung in my store: "We collect federal, state and local taxes, and do a little business on the side." Of course, according to President Obama I didn't build that business. Somebody else did. I wonder what these government entities would have said if I told them to collect the taxes that they said I owed all those years from that "somebody else."


  4. @Carmine, your right, in your business you did collect federal, state and local taxes.

    President Obama was making the point, the federal government can bring together the resources to build large projects like the highways and the interstates, which will help businesses grow.

  5. Poor Carmine! Only able to operate his small business for over FORTY years with all that burden. Cry me a river.

  6. I do agree 100% "important politicians put their money where their mouth is and focus on the issues that will help small employers the most."

    I do NOT agree clean energy is one of those important issues, it would be a luxury for most to install solar panels for instance, most small business have more pressing demands for their cash flow. Like Carmine I ran my own business for close to 35 years but in my case I did not feel over powered by government taxes. I really never paid much attention to what was going on politicaly, I just slugged my way thru. I borrowed at 14% to buy a building in the Carter years, I had no idea that was not normal, I was young and energetic, nothing could stop me. In the last several years my biggest complaint would be the money I spend on the accountant every year to do my taxes, they are way to complicated. Actually even back in 1980 I could not do my own taxes, but now it is much worse. A simple tax code would be something that would help small business and get rid of the AMT! I never had to pay AMT but had to file all the tax forms, it was like a double tax return, what a waste of my money.

  7. I wonder if the commenters here know what it's like to have to provide a living for oneself and others every single day even when you're sick, have family and friend obligations, bad economic times, bad weather and still have to open the store. Risk robberies, injury and death? Else if store is closed there is no money coming in. I wonder?


  8. BTW, if you think owning and operating your own small business is a 9 to 5, 5 days a week routine...think again. And... if you think I didn't take part time work on the side to put money into the business in bad times...think again.


  9. Carmine,

    A little editing of your comment follows.

    "I wonder if the commentors here know what it's like to have to provide a living for oneself and others every single day even when you're sick, have family and friend obligations, bad economic times, bad weather and still have to [go to work] open the store. Risk robberies, injury and death? [Yes, that is not exclusive to business] Else if store [work] is closed there is no money coming in. I wonder?"

    Yes, Carmine, I think most people experience the same thing in their lives, even if the settings are different.

    The point is that we are all subjected to the same or similar concerns in our different experiences of life. There is no special carve out. No awards or rewards are given for doing so. It is life, and we learn to adjust or cope in whatever our choices in life are.

    Life is a risk, but if we learn to see the beauty and experience the joy, including in people, we are well rewarded!

  10. Carmine,

    By the way, I didn't own a small business, but worked 14 hours a day on salary, no OT pay. I also spent a good deal of time at home thinking about ways to improve the productivity and quality of work, plus studying and doing reports and research at home.

    All of my accomplishments were taken credit for by my bosses, who did much less, and attended meetings which went nowhere. They also spent alot of time maneuvering to save their jobs from being taken by someone else. Quite funny to watch!

    I observed that mediocrity often rises to the top because they learned the game of survival.

  11. Hello peacelily:

    Thank you for responding. My reward was building something from nothing and enjoying the fruits of my labors. Despite what President Obama said in Norfolk VA on July 13, 2012.