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January 29, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Fox News again blinded by bias

Leave it to Fox News to put a damper on the positive economic news of the decrease in the national unemployment rate. Fox spent an entire news cycle claiming that the drop in the unemployment rate from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent was contrived by the White House to enhance President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects.

Fox has once again lowered any chance for the network to be considered “fair and balanced” as its advertising suggests. Having apparently never won a major award for journalism, but with consistently high ratings, Fox continues to impersonate a news organization with profit as its main consideration without any consideration for journalistic standards.

Americans are a very determined people. Who knows how much progress we could have made over the past four years if Fox “News” wasn’t working hand-in-hand with the “party of no” to divide our country.

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  1. Just curious. What's your opinion of MSNBC?

  2. Media bias has been with us since, well, the beginning of media. FOX and MSNBC have merely set new limits for what people are willing to accept as legitimate news sources. (And in the process have demonstrated the extent of the failure of our education system to produce citizens capable of critical thinking.)

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  4. Ironic, liberal news media made the same attacks on Bush's unemployment numbers when they went down.

    BTW, it was Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE who tweeted about the government's squishy unemployment numbers. Welch hand picked Jeffery Immelt as his successor. President Obama hand picked Immelt as his jobs czar. Then never had a meeting with him in 2012 to talk about creating jobs.

    Let me tell you, arguing about the .3 drop in the unemployment rate in September is like arguing about who paid the higher fares on the Titanic.


  5. I wish we could give this a rest and the media were not cheerleaders for one side or the other, but they are.

    FoxNews leans right and isn't fair and balanced. Same for Talk Radio. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, the NYTimes and many others lean left.

    That's just the way it is. Unfortunately, far too many Americans, like Mr. Ventura, are only willing to see the bias on one side. Sorry Mr. Ventura, but the bias is everywhere. Take off the blinders and you'll be able to see it, all of it.


  6. You wonder what's happened to this country. If the unemployment rate had gone up 0.3% despite the addition of 114,000 jobs, few would have questioned it. But the rate dropping 0.3% raises howls from FAUX NEWS.

    It's just as weird that Mitt Romney and billionaire friends like Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, and Donald Trump are among the loudest proponemts of negativity. What the hell do they have to worry about?

  7. "It's just as weird that Mitt Romney and billionaire friends like Sheldon Adelson"

    And Obama and his minnows like Sol Alinsky.


  8. "What the hell do they have to worry about?"

    Mr. Weber:

    When, notice I didn't say IF, this country goes down the tubes like Europe, due to the debt and deficit, these persons have the most to lose. Surely even a liberal eyed democrat like you can see and know that without asking the question.


  9. Vegas Pat asked, What's your opinion of MSNBC?

    I see MSNBC with a severe left bias but whose commentators use facts to justify their positions, as do most news organizations.
    Fox "News" is typically apologizing for their mistakes and poor reporting from the previous news day the following day.

  10. How many jobs have you created, Weber? Meanwhile, the whining and wailing from the left continues about the FOX News Channel. We finally have a channel that is not simply a mouthpiece for the Socialists among us and they are upset. Count the number of Dumbocrats & leftists given air time by FOX and the rants by loons on the left show just how ignorant they are. Who else broadcasts stories the MSM buries or simply ignores? I watch FOX, CNN and even MSNBC so as to get as much info as I can so I can make up my mind. I also watch local newscasts and, rarely, the network broadcasts. I find them extremely one-sided so I choose others to watch. All you cry babies can do just that. Don't like FOX? Don't watch it and help boost its already stratospheric ratings.

  11. Mr. Ventura,
    I agree with your comments that" Fox "News" is typically apologizing for their mistakes and poor reporting from the previous news day the following day".

    They are in line (fox news) with today's Republican party who distort the facts and will say and do anything to win this years Presidential election,at all costs.

  12. Quality Of News Reporting.
    Using the most prominent honors and awards in journalism as the criteria for comparing several news organizations. To level the playing field, these results only included awards since 1997, FOX's first full year as a "news" organization.

    The News & Documentary Emmy Awards is a major national broadcast journalism competition. It promotes journalistic excellence by awarding the coveted Emmy to the very best news reports. PBS wins again, with 88 total Emmys. CBS has 73, NBC 40, ABC 36, CNN and HBO with 17 each, CNBC 11, and MSNBC 10.
    How many Emmy Awards for Fox News Channel? Zero.

    The Pulitzer Prizes are a household name, but they do not cover television broadcast journalism. The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards are considered to be the most prestigious broadcast journalism awards, and the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prizes.
    PBS has 23, WBGH in Boston has 21, and National Public Radio has earned 17. CBS and ABC each have 13, NBC 7, and CNN 6. MSNBC and Court TV have two, and National Geographic , CNBC and Current TV all have one.
    Fox News Channel? Zero.

    The George Polk Awards honor special achievement in journalism. ABC News leads with five Polk awards since 1997; CBS has three; NPR, NBC , CNN, Bloomberg, and BBC each have two.
    Fox News Channel? Zero.

    The Gerald Loeb Awards honors journalists who make significant contributions to the understanding of business, finance and the economy.
    These awards have been dominated by New York Times and Wall Street Journal. CBS, NBC, and Bloomberg each have four Loeb awards, followed by CNBC with three, ABC with two, and CNN with one.
    Fox News Channel? You guessed it - zero.

    The Edward R. Murrow Awards demonstrate the excellence that Edward R. Murrow made a standard for the electronic news profession.
    CBS News has 25 Murrow awards. NPR news and ABC each have 11; NBC 10; the Associated Press seven; ESPN four; and three for CNN.
    Fox News Channel? Zero.

    The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award honors those who report on issues that reflect human rights issues, and social justice. NPR news and WGBH-TV each have seven RFK Awards. ABC has six, CBS three; and NBC, HDNet and PBS have one each.
    Fox News Channel? Zero.

    The annual Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards recognize outstanding investigative work. NPR and CBS each have five; ABC and NBC have four each; Bloomberg and MSNBC have two each.
    Fox News Channel? Zero.

  13. The Peabody Awards recognize distinguished public service by radio and television stations. Reflecting excellence in quality rather than popularity or commercial success, the Peabody is the industry's most competitive honor.
    PBS is the king of the Peabody, with 50 awards.
    How many Peabody Awards for Fox News Channel? Zero.

    WHY? Because FOX News is a joke and exists to divide our country in their quest for corporate income. The fact that they have the highest viewership is really America's biggest challenge!

    Station Manager Dan Boylan of Fox Affilitate WTVT in Tampa - "We paid $3 billion for these television stations. We will decide what the news is. The news is what we tell you it is."

    Fox viewers, sorry to use facts in generating this information. I know you're not used to hearing them.

    Phil Ventura

  14. CarmineD

    Thanks for making my point about that negativity thingy. Better pick up your game though - lvfacts101 is still the champ.

  15. Mr. Tanner, Fast and Furious debunked? I must have missed that announcement. If that were true it would have been all over the HufPo, which I read daily, and I did not see that! Univision doesn't seem the think it was debunked!

    For what it is worth, I do not recall anyone on Fox News saying they get a "tingle" down their leg from Mitt or Paul Ryan.

  16. If your lean so far to the right, everyone else appears to lean to the left. It's an issue of perspective. As the nation ages, as the consumers of Fox news get older, Fox continues to shift to a ultra right wing stance. It keeps their audience scared and glued to their TV's. MSNBC's stance is much more moderate, by international standards. That would make most news outlets in the USA appear a bit more conservative to a international viewer.

  17. Thank you Mr. Phil Ventura for your hard work that so well illustrates how bad Faux News is. Not that the right wing sycophants here will care.

  18. Mr. Tanner that only provides information that Holder personally was not involved. That is not debunked as you said. But as I recall you believe that the incident in Lybia is politicized. Piers Morgan of CNN seems to differ in his interview with Wasserman-Shultz. Or would you classify CNN with Fox News?

  19. But, the lemmings that watch the F... channel act like it's the very paragon of journalistic virtue...

    The mind boggles.

    My fave comment so far;

    "Yeah, Fox news is "bias" because it doesn't join the so-called "mainstream news media" touting of all things "Obama".

    THAT is right out of the F... PLAYBOOK!

    THAT is exactly what F..., or one of their surrogates, says EVERY DAY; and the lemmings EAT THIS STUFF UP!
    I've had the misfortune & extreme displeasure of hearing Granny Palin utter those words right outta them sweet, painted-on gramma-lips of hers.

    It is, in fact, proof of F...'s powerful sway with that percentage of Americans that cannot or will not think FOR THEMSELVES.

    Willie Tanner, KUDOS.
    Tell it like it is, son.

    Phil Ventura, the author of the editorial letter, made one mistake in his comments...

    He uses F... & 'journalistic integrity' in the same sentence.

    That's akin to using it in the same sentence when talking about Sherman F...... over at the udder paper.

    Jon Stewart, like him or loathe him, GETS IT in regards to F..., and he actually went on F... & talked to the ONE GUY who has a scintilla of journalistic integrity...DANG! Now I've done it!!!
    Sorry, Phil, I guess I see your conundrum, sir.

    At any rate, here's a link to the Stewart/Wallace tete a tete...

  20. "CarmineD

    Thanks for making my point about that negativity thingy. Better pick up your game though - lvfacts101 is still the champ."

    Mr. Weber: Not to be contrary, but I got to tell you my post: "arguing about the .3 drop in the unemployment rate in September is like arguing about who paid the higher fares on the Titanic" in my view is the winner.

    USA is sinking in debt and deficits, and some are making a big deal out of a .3 drop in the unemployment rate after 40 months? And it's an estimate subject to revision up/down? I'm glad I missed the boat on this one.


  21. Author, the REAL unemployment rate -- the one which the Obama administration never mentions -- is over 15%.

    And to be accurate, Fox reported about the contrivance. Fox didn't create it. Go to MSNBC or other liberal outlets for "created" news.

  22. A May 5 study from Fairleigh Dickinson University indicated that Fox News has the least informed national audience, while NPR has the best-informed.
    The study even determined that many people who watch no news at all are more informed than those who watch Fox News.
    According to the report, a total of 1,185 individuals nationwide were asked what news sources they had utilized that week, and then were quizzed on a variety of domestic and international issues. The study took place between February 6 and 12, 2012.

    The study concludes that media sources have a significant impact on the number of questions that people were able to answer correctly. The largest effect is that someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer just 1.04 domestic questions correctly, a figure which is significantly worse than if they had reported watching no media at all. On the other hand, if they listened only to NPR (National Public Radio), they would be expected to answer 1.51 questions correctly. Viewers of Sunday morning talk shows fare similarly well. People watching only The Daily Show with Jon Stewart could answer about 1.42 questions correctly.
    Fox News responded to the survey by questioning the credibility of the university.

  23. Mr. Ventura,

    90 % of the media and anything connected to the media leans left. Academia also leans left in large measure. It's hardly any wonder that FoxNews has no awards and that studies show it's viewers are stupid.

    It's also true that Foxnews has quite a large audience. An unbiased observed notes that FoxNews and talk radio lean right and most of the rest of the media and academia leans left.

    That's just the truth and to trumpet ANY 'news' organization that is a cheerleader for one side or the other (which they all are) is just sad.

    There are no 'news' organizations in America anymore; not as that term used to be understood. It's all cheerleading now. CHOOSE YOUR TEAM....


  24. Mr. Sun,

    I am confident that the several posts by Phil Ventura are plagiarized, as he has not cited any source. Please act accordingly.


  25. Fox viewers believed that the "U.S. has found clear evidence in Iraq that Saddam Hussein was working closely with the al Qaeda terrorist organization"

    Fox viewers belie that "The U.S. has found Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq"

    Fox viewers believed that "the majority of people [in the world] favor the U.S. having gone to war" with Iraq.

    Frank O'Donnell, identified as a former Fox News producer, says: "We were stunned, because up until a certain point, we were allowed to do legitimate news. Suddenly, we were ordered from the top to carry Republican, right-wing propaganda", including being told what to say about Ronald Reagan.

    CNN founder Ted Turner accused Fox News of being "dumbed down" and "propaganda" and equated the network's popularity to Adolf Hitler's rise to power in 1930's Germany.

    In August 2006, two Jordanian-Arab freelancers who were working for Fox News as producers, resigned from the network. Their resignation letter read in part: "We can no longer work with a news organization that claims to be fair and balanced when you are so far from that...

    On September 5, 2011, Fox News criticized a speech by James P. Hoffa in Detroit calling for an "army of voters" to take the SOBs out and give America back to Americans. But Fox edited out the mention of voters to make the speech sound like a call for violence.

    I could go on for weeks and I haven't even mentioned altered video reports!

    Hey Purgatory
    Source on this post:Wikipedia
    Zero journalistic awards for FOX source:
    Fairleigh Dickinson study source:Fairleigh Dickinson university
    My original letter source: Phil Ventura. Happy now?
    Mr Sun. Isn't this silly?

  26. Phil, I'm more than skeptical. Mr. O. just authorized 2 million work permits for younger illegals. Add that into the work force and unemployed and we have 10% unemployment. Here's a clue on how to do the math. Increase the work force of roughly 100 million by 2 million.
    Increase the number of unemployed by 2 million, from the 7.8 million they're using to get 7.8 %. That's 9.788888%.

  27. Same people reporting the unemployment #'s as have been for the last 3+ years. It had to get better sometime so go with it and be optimistic for a change. It's actually a nice feeling.

    Purgatory. These were my words. My birth certificate provided upon written request.

  28. Fox News also likes to say it gives "the other side" of the issue. How about adopting a policy of simply disseminating the best version of the truth? Instead, everything has a political bend to its reporting.

    Numerous studies have shown those who watch Fox News are the least informed of all TV news viewers which shouldn't surprise anyone since the president and CEO of Fox News is Roger Ailes, a career republican political consultant whose big idea when he worked for the Nixon administration was to put the GOP on television: hence we have GOP TV, aka Fox News.

  29. Fox News is horrible. If you want to be misinformed, I highly suggest you tune in to them.

    They even get maps wrong. I saw a highlight once of a prison break in Arizona. On the map they put up for viewers, Kingman was where Flagstaff is and vice versa. They can't even understand cartography.

    Fox News is basically the AAA Network. Because they get ALL the news ALL wrong ALL the time.

    I don't watch it. But to show you how bad it is, I mistakenly hit the remote and turned on Fox News for a few seconds. When I realized my mistake and switched it, I happened to look over at my cat. My cat was giving me a dirty look! That's how bad it is. Even my cat hates it.

  30. I think all stations spin their own way, look at the comments after the debates. I always wonder what would happen if they, I mean any of them, would report the good news such as the wonderful changes in lifestyles the people in Iraqi or Afghanistan have had with the help of our military, rather then a death or bombing.