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January 30, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Obama shouldn’t give in to GOP

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After the election, President Barack Obama was up to his usual habit of being gracious to those who constantly disrespect, humiliate and belittle him.

He called House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to express his desire to work together. I’m sure he wasn’t calling to gloat over his victory.

And sure enough, they refused to speak to him or acknowledge him as president.

I think I would be proud to tell anybody who would listen that the president had called me personally, friend or foe.

My fear is that Obama is setting the stage for caving in again to anything the Republicans want or demand.

Obama has every Democrat within arm’s reach of a microphone, telling the pundits they hope he won’t cave in again.

I can see why they’re afraid; he’s already talking about the “grand bargain,” and that leans in the Republicans’ favor.

Let’s hope the Democrats explain to him that he won the election, not Mitt Romney and the Republicans.

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  1. I'm not sure I understand this. If Mr. Witherspoon is so concerned that President Obama might be a wimp, why did he vote for Obama (presumably a second time) instead of doing what he could to put a strong President (can you say Hillary) in place?

    Not only are Republicans running from Romney's excuses for losing but now Democrats are preparing for "buyer's remorse" even before Obama has done anything.

    Election 2012, the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Future - "That is a false statement. Why do Democrat feel the need to make up lies."

    Exactly how would you know? You have an inside track? Considering most of your posts are issued from Bizarro World I doubt you even consider any positive scenarios in negotiating or compromising on federal debt and budgets.

  3. Quite the contrary letter writer. President Obama should have said what the American people were thinking. Let me paraphrase for you what his words should have been. "You know we really blew it the last time around. We didn't negotiate a grand bargain and we merely kicked the problem down the road. Well, the American people have given us all another opportunity to do it. Let's not blow it again." If the president said that he'd be telling the truth and on a much better footing for striking a deal with the GOP.


  4. RefNV posts: "We live in representative democracy, not a dictatorship." Uh, uh. Used to be; not so much anymore. Not with Osama Obama issuing "executive orders" that usurp the righful role of our elected reps in the Senate & House. The real problem here is that they don't make a peep when he does it. Their silence is deafening, weak and wrong. Republicrats have to grow a spine and say, "NO!" more often & more forcefully - not less.

  5. "Not with Osama Obama issuing "executive orders" that usurp the righful role of our elected reps in the Senate & House. " @Jerry Fink

    Lest we forget, 30 State Houses have GOP governors, [a net gain of 8 for the Nov 2012 election and you won't hear the Dems talking about that election fact here]. The GOP GOV's can thumb their noses at the President's executive orders and they are.


  6. I certainly hope we have people on both sides in Washington DC that DO NOT take the attitude of the letter writer or many of the people who responded.

    One of the best things that could happen for the country (although probably not for the parties) is for us to make a big u-turn and go right back to Simpson Bowles. Only this time, it should be supported and made the 'basis' for a true beginning to solve our problems.

    The Grand Bargain or something like it isn't a perfect solution but it beats more gridlock by a mile.


  7. I would prefer he stick to his guns an not trust any fake offers of compromise from the House. Once the deal is made, things will go back to obstructionism.

    At this point, compromise is a defeat for Obama. There was none coming for him from the House over the last 4 years

    Might be good for a third party in the next election if he caves.

    Stand firm and go over the fiscal cliff if necessary. His supporters will stand firm with him.

  8. CarnineD has mastered the art of making making wine out of sour grapes.

  9. @Carmine, Rev, jerry, et al. ......take comments written in past week on other threads, cut and paste here, continue to do so as it avoids actually thinking.

  10. Oops! Maybe that should have been making whine out of sour grapes!


    Mr. Witherspoon, you must remember this President has been treated special by the opposing party and the party advocates.

    If the President says the sky is blue, the opposing party says, no, the sky is red, plus your a socialist Muslim. Even if the opposing party says, I like Strawberry Ice Cream, have always liked Strawberry Ice Cream. Strawberry Ice Cream has been our my family for generations. President Obama now says, hey guys I like Strawberry Ice Cream too. The opposing party says, No,no, no! If the President likes Strawberry Ice Cream, we now hate Strawberry Ice Cream. Let the words Strawberry and Ice Cream never be spoken again.

    So you see Mr. Witherspoon, the President will not win by agreeing to items the opposition has initiated or championed in past. The President will stick by the message from his campaign. After all, the America People voted for the President because of his campaign message. The President went across America telling people of all colors his message of share sacrifice and playing by rules, playing on a equal playing field. This President is smart.

    A clear minded person would call President Obama an independent. This President is truly working for all Americans. You can say the President has created another party,... you can call it, The Party of the Reasonable. Doing what is right for all people. Or whatever label best fits the President's strength and reasonable approach to solutions and courage in the face of attacks.

    There will be compromise. Compromise will be across the board.

  12. Mr. Witherspoon,


    Your President At Work:
    The President held a new conference on November 14, 2012 at 1:34 est. The President was respectful and Presidential as expected. Humble with conviction, determination, and giving, during the entire 52 minutes of the news conference.

    The President gave opening comments then called on the press in alphabetical order. Each reporter when called by the President responded either by saying, "thank you Mr. President," or by saying "Mr. President," and than proceeded to ask a question. All but one reporter in the room address the President as such. All but one. And it was clearly noted by others in the room this was a sign of disrespect. But the President as always, remained Presidential, in control and answered the reporter question and did so with a soft tone of forgiveness and understanding, as the President knew the reporter realized how out of touch and misguided he was on the lead-in to the question.

    If you watched the News Conference you would know who the name of the disrespectful reporter, and what network the reporter works for.

    Extreme Partisanship is coming from the top levels, and from the lowest levels. There is a strong power at work to break this extreme partisanship. It will not be broken by political means. No, congress is not going to do it. Balancing the budget is not going to it. The example of strength in character, conviction, doing what is right in face of personal attack, personal attacks from invited guest who have a major role and position on our national air wave. The example is being set. The example is being seen by young Americans. New leaders are following the example right now! The example is the President. Our President, Barack Obama.

    After all is said and done, the opposing party will agree, Strawberry Ice Cream is their favorite ice cream once again.

  13. "CarmineD has mastered the art of making making wine out of sour grapes." @Jim Weber

    It's in the genes, Italian American Catholic.


  14. "@Carmine, ......take comments written in past week on other threads, cut and paste here, continue to do so as it avoids actually thinking." @Pat Hayes

    Such is the case with words of wisdom. No need to reinvent the wheel. Truth lasts for all times.


  15. VidiVeritas, you posted a comment at 9:47 a.m on a different letter. Since then, you have posted what is substantially the same comment, without regard for the topic of the letter or article in question, on two other pieces, and again on the first letter.

    A number of your other comments today have been left in place since they do not violate the Terms of Service in this regard.

  16. Thank you LVSunModerator for posting a clarification on why the post by VidiVeritas was removed.

    I think we all want to follow the rules of the Sun's comments policy. Sometimes we get deeply involved in a discussion. No harm. It is good from time to time to read your explanation of a removal. This will help all the writers to do better in our responses to the articles. Thank you.