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February 1, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Don’t demonize our job creators

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I’m not sure what is being gained by demonizing someone like Steve Wynn because of his wealth.

The idea that some people seem to be attacking the wealthy because of what they have been able to achieve is un-American.

Wynn came from a modest background and was able to build a business beyond what I bet he could have ever imagined when he was a kid.

He was able to do that because of his work ethic and the American free enterprise system that allowed someone who had an idea to make it work.

Our country needs to be championing people like him and entrepreneurs who sacrifice so much for the chance at the American dream.

Especially now, when thousands of Nevadans are still out of work and struggling to get by, we need to be helping job creators, not demonizing them for their success.

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  1. "I'm not sure what is being gained by demonizing someone like Steve Wynn because of his wealth."

    I have no problem with his wealth, it's the false statements he makes that bothers me.

    These last four years made me realize that many of the wealthiest people in this country aren't neccessarily the brightest.

  2. Letter writer is correct. I grew up poorer than dirt in an old poor neighborhood [and never knew it]. In fact, the basement floor in my house was dirt and it was so old there was no record of it's date of being built. I worked as many jobs as I could all the while doing well in school. Others just like me who aspired to do better and have better and admired those who did, consequently did. How sad now that our youth learn the joy of hating those who they should be looking up to and becoming.


  3. I have great regard for the accomplishments of Steve Wynn and the edifices he built. But those accomplishments and the acquisition of wealth do not bestow universal wisdom upon him. Wynn is certainly entitled to his opinion but it deserves no more credence than anyone elses.

    Donald Trump is a similar example and also proof that you can acquire great wealth even when in possession of defective common sense genes.

  4. My problem is the special deals they get in paying people less than minimum wage and using tips to meet the minimum wage level. In other words, the customer is paying part of the wage via tips on top of the gains Wynn get from gambling losses.

    The employees depend on the tips to gain a increase in income.

    Wynn wants to collect the tips and spread them among those who don't get tips. This could allow him to pay lower wages and use the tips to meet minimum wage.

    This concept is terrible. Pay a decent wage.

    Wynn make enough that he can build casinos in Macau, China, but he has to spread tips.

    How can I respect a person who does such things and then contributes huge sums of money to get candidates elected who will continue with the tax advantage he gets as an employer.

    This is not unique to Wynn. I think this practice stinks no matter who does it.

    Then you have the Twinkie company, whose story is a typical Bain Capital model.

    No, I don't respect the users and abusers of people, no matter how good the appear on the surface.

    Morality and ethics applies to business as well as individuals.

    We are in the middle of a moral & ethical crisis in the US. Some people see it and some don't.

    We need to be championing job creators who are examples of morality and ethics in business, that includes how they treat their employees whose work often is the means through which the derive they wealth. If that was the reality, there would be no need for unions.

  5. Sad that democrats bemoan the shortcomings of wealthy GOP business men [like Trump and Wynn] and women and give a conspicuous pass to the wealthy dems for the exact same. Where they stand depends on where they sit.


  6. I can relate to Carmine. I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone was "dirt" poor, but didn't know it and didn't much care. There were far more important things then material "stuff," such as self-respect, family & dignity. Everyone worked for a living & did not expect "free stuff." To do so would have been dishonorable and undignified. Today, thanks to the "progressives" and their anti-capitalist agenda, 50% of Americans have no problem holding out their hands asking for "More, please," and believe they deserve it. We have a president who champions parasites, perverts and criminals and revels in making more & more Americans dependent upon government for their financial survival. And, true to form, some roll over, act like sheep and think they're getting a "good deal" all the while reliquishing their independence, self-respect and honor. The really "good" news is that at least half of Americans reject being sheep and still have both the work ethic and their self-respect intact. I salute them.

  7. CarmineD

    "How sad now that our youth learn the joy of hating those who they should be looking up to and becoming." Probably caused by all those left wing teachers they have in school, huh?

    You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments as well as the example you have set. I applaud what you've done, but I think you exaggerate when you characterize our youth in such general terms. I seriously doubt that wealthy people even enter their consciousness.

  8. Steve Wynn and Shelden Adelson contributed quite a lot to the creation of the new las Vegas in the past 25 years or so.Nobody can take away the fact that these men built many new casinos along with the countless thousands of jobs that came with each new hotel.

    We all have our own political beliefs, and they should be allowed to have theirs.This should not play a part in what each man has and continues to do for our great city.After all we live in a free society that allows freedom of choice and speech.

  9. "The idea that some people seem to be attacking the wealthy because of what they have been able to achieve is un-American."

    Donald -- pretty evident you're clueless on what it is to be "American." Like free speech. One who puts oneself before the public expecting all comments to be to one's liking is childish.

    "These last four years made me realize that many of the wealthiest people in this country aren't neccessarily the brightest."

    VernosB -- amen to that

    "The employees depend on the tips to gain a increase in income. . . . .We need to be championing job creators who are examples of morality and ethics in business. . ."

    peacelily -- you left out the apex predator on those tips, the IRS taxing tips whether or not they actually get tipped. As for the morality, etc., who gets to decide what is moral or immoral, ethical and not? Capitalism is about commerce, and nothing else creates a healthy economy so people can thrive.

    "If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability." -- Henry Ford

  10. Steve Wynn has demonized the President and threatened to move his HQ to the Peoples SOCIALIST Republic of China.

    So who is embracing Socialism? Who is choosing Socialism over capitalism? Who is making more in a Socialist country than a capitalist country? Which Presidential candidate specialized in offshoring American jobs to a Socialist country?

    Thanks for all the belly laughs in the morning right-wingers.

  11. While Mr. Wynn is probably not perfect, he certainly is self-reliant and willing to take risks. Clearly not someone who whines and depends upon the "kindness" of welfare programs. I agree with the letter writer and expand to: ANYONE can be against things. Fewer people are advocating steps in the right direction, any direction but downward, any direction but more of the same government spending.

  12. "I seriously doubt that wealthy people even enter their consciousness." @Jim Weber

    Ever try to get a youngin now-a-days to do a simple chore for a fee that we use to do as neighborly jestures for free?


  13. Just like doubedown_deadender says, no one intends to demonize Steve Wynn, but they damn sure not going to elevate him up and place him on a pedestal and worship at his altar.

    The problem with this letter is the simple fact that it is muddied to intend to say that Steve Wynn is rich because of Tea/Republican Party warped ideals and is therefore a "job creator."

    Sorry. I don't play into that Tea/Republican Party jargon garbage that has never been proven to be a fact.

    The other thing is that Steve Wynn is not just an average run-of-the-mill rich dude. He's a casino owner. Living here in Las Vegas, you gotta understand how they think. They build their places to get people in there and legally get them to remove their money from their wallets/purses and happily give it to them.

    In a casino owner's mind, THAT is the only thing that is supposed to happen when you walk through the doors.

    If you win? Then they automatically assume you cheated them. They will actually spend more time investigating to see how (and if) you cheated them, more so than worrying about paying off the winnings.

    Carrying along with that line of thought, the reason why a guy like Steve Wynn will align with Tea/Republican Party causes is simple: He wants the Former President George W. Bush Jr. Tax Cuts For The Rich to not only be extended, but he wants them to last PERMANENTLY.

    Because he feels down deep in his soul the Government is taking that money away from him. He's not concerned with paying his fair share of taxes. He don't consider it economically patriotic. He only wants that corporate welfare to last a lot longer. And he will gladly participate in telling anyone anything to make it happen...don't matter if it's true or not...just tell them ANYTHING so he don't have to pay any more taxes.

    Steve Wynn only holds allegiance to money.

    If Tea/Republicans were all of a sudden for ending tax cuts for the rich, he'd attack them just as savagely and relentlessly.

    I'm not fooled. But then again, that's what the Tea/Republican Party enjoys doing to people. Fool them into getting the votes.

    Just today, it came out that they all said to fix their stupid political party, they have to get better candidates. And that's not true. They decide to get someone with a charismatic personality. Because they can't fix their predatory policies that lie underneath. In other words, the message is the same, so to fix it, just find a better messenger.

    Steve Wynn will go for this. Because it is monetarily advantageous for him to do so.

  14. "If someones house has a basement, they ain't poor. If someone has running water, they ain't poor, if someone has electricity, they ain't poor." @Jeffery

    Our house had a backyard bathroom. They callled it an outhouse. I was a younster when an indoor toilet was added with a pull chain. Our house was retrofitted for electricity, it didn't come with. My uncle and father added electricity when I was a youngster.

    I'm always amazed by youngins who think they know it all.


  15. BTW Jeffery: We had a coal furnace growing up. My job in the winter was to keep the fire going and shovel/take out the ashes.


  16. I have to admit I relished my meager and humble beginnings. It made me NEVER forget who I was and where I came from.


  17. "yo, carmine, you age is showing!" @Joe Lamy

    And proud of it. When I was a kid if John D. gave me a shiny new dime it was big time. Now I give a new $5 to the kiddies and they think that is big time.


  18. Colin,

    I am not here to sing the praises of Steve Wynn but what you say is so one sided. Yes, he's in business to get people to gamble and hopefully lose their money. That's a legal business and nobody forces anybody to foolishly (in my view) gamble.

    But you make it sound like the fact that they investigate and verify when people win is some kind of crime. Have you ever watched the show on TV that describes all the people and all the ways people try to rip off the casinos. I think it's a pretty sure bet that you'd operate a casino like Steve Wynn operates his, if you owned one.

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize some wealthy businesses and people. You should really stick to those and not go off the reservation with stuff like you just wrote.


  19. There is something people on both sides of the debate rarely talk about. Our government is the reason the wealth in the country continues to be more and more concentrated. Anyone who believes that either party has a real interest in fixing what causes that is very naive.

    All our elected representatives require the private money offered by unions, businesses and other groups, to run campaigns to be elected and re-elected. In return for that money, our elected representatives represent these interests and their lobbyists instead of us.

    People on the left will argue that D's are not part of this system. People on the right will argue R's are not part of that system.

    They are ALL part of the system and unless we go to a public finance system for campaigns and institute term limits and lobbying reform, we just are not going to see a positive change, no matter which party controls the government.


  20. Vidi,

    The same rich and powerful people that you so despise will continue to use money and lobbying to manipulate our representatives into enacting legislation that advantages them and disadvantages us....until we enact public financing of all campaigns, term limits for Congress and lobbying reform.

    Wouldn't you rather see that than leave the system as it is and then depend upon the government to tax the wealthy and redistribute the wealth to us on whatever basis they see fit... of course after extracting a large piece for itself?


  21. Fact, without entrepreneurs there would be absolutely no jobs. Government cannot create jobs, if it could the unemployment rate would be at zero, always. Every person who has a job has it because of an entrepreneur. Even government employees have jobs because entrepreneurs have created private sector jobs that produce taxes and are thus able to fund those government jobs.

    All government can do is create an atmosphere that either encourages or discourages jobs/growth.

  22. Adelson and other extremely wealthy people whine and complain about socialism. I wonder, how do they feel about Israel being a socialistic country? Israel depends on socialism to survive.

  23. The right-wing-inspired destruction of America's middle-class...

    Now, THERE'S your real 'Job Killer'!

    Who will buy the products & services that fire the engine that runs the economy, if the massive de-escalation of BUYING POWER of the former middle class continues?

    What REALLY 'creates jobs'?
    DEMAND for a product or service.

    We suck right now because there is not enough fuel to fire the economy's engine.

    It's all so senseless; and driven by abject GREED.

  24. gmag39,

    I will agree with you that it is demand for a product or service that creates jobs. But I submit that in our present day case that it is the demand for American labor (a service) that is low, not the demand for goods in general.

    Everyone wants a new TV, and everyone needs food and clothing. But many of those items are being supplied by foreign labor.

    Labor is a commodity just like gold or pork bellies on the international market today. We must take steps to maintain our place in the market.

  25. Michael,

    "They are ALL part of the system and unless we go to a public finance system for campaigns and institute term limits and lobbying reform, we just are not going to see a positive change, no matter which party controls the government."

    Agree strongly.

    Not only are They all part of the system, so are WE.

    The system is broken, and it will take ALL of us to fix it. That is a problem. Why?

    Because we have an inheritance from Ronald Reagan. It was he who introduced the phrase "special interest group". It was an ingenious and lasting meme. It has cause the divisions that have mushroomed in our populous.

    What is really interesting is that everyone of us fits into a "special interest" classification in one way or another.

    As a result, the populous fights while the US burns. The politicians do as they please.

    At least we should drop the "special interest" label and name calling. It is nothing more than a manipulative tool. We all know that, and if we don't it is time to wake up.

    With that gone, we could actually look at issues and people. Face the changes in the people, not only the economy, that have taken place since the 70's.

    We all need healing from the disorders that have arisen from letting ourselves be USED as weapons, and fighting forces to enable our government leaders to accomplish what makes our whole system dysfunctional for all but those with the money to get what benefits them.

    The marriage of money and power=corruption.

    Yes, the US is burning figuratively, just as Rome did from fire.

    Yes, there is a moral and ethical crisis in our whole dysfunctional society.

    Yes, there are people who do what they can to override the effects by sharing their efforts, support and time to filling in the gaps that help people. They focus on the effects rather than the cause.

    Yes, there are those who make personal effort at living in social justice, and being just toward others, and this can include some businesses.

    So, we have some people and businesses who live and work and relate with the awareness and commitment to social justice, sharing, treating people fairly, investing in business and people.

    They are the remnant of what once was.

    Until that becomes the majority consciousness again, our system will not change, it will only get worse.

    We are a nation, a community that is becoming global. We cannot lead or be led without morality, ethics, in justice and peace, and real caring for one another.

    If we don't change, we will be corrected. Cause and effect, what goes around comes around.

  26. What a bunch of drama queens, but right wingers always exaggerate, that's their stock-in-trade. <<"Demonizing the job creators". "Anti-business, anti-capitalist, anti-religion, anti-authority, anti-police, anti-bank, anti-oil, anti-wealth creation, anti-military, anti-guns and anti-state rights just to name a few and they all tend to vote democrat.">>

    >>Oh Lord, bring in the violins and the harps. Cry me a river. The only "bemoaning" I've heard after the election is coming from the sore losers, such as the same old blowhards here, still blowing the same old blow that caused them to lose the election. And they're all so shocked! Shocked! So surprised that they lost. Obama must have stolen the election! Obama gave them gifts! You lost 'cause you forgot the workers, and we vote. Educated people vote, you dummies. Crybabies!

  27. Don't demonize our job creators? Did I read that right? Since when is it un-American to speak your mind? Let's face it, Donald Trump is worthy of ridicule. And even if he wasn't, it's our right to do so if we wish. So is Steve Wynn. I love the guy but sometimes I disagree with him and fortunately in this country I have the opportunity to state my case. I guess Bob Donald thinks criticism should be inversely correlated to wealth. I'm not sure about Bob's critical thinking skills today.

  28. boftx,

    "Labor is a commodity just like gold or pork bellies on the international market today. We must take steps to maintain our place in the market."

    Would you please elaborate on this, and what you propose?

  29. "We must take steps to maintain our place in the market."

    You mean, like, the twinkies market? LOL.

  30. "I have to admit I relished my meager and humble beginnings. It made me NEVER forget who I was and where I came from. CarmineD"

    >>That, along with your preceding posts re the outhouse and shoveling coal: Les Miserables! That's the good old days for you. That's the country you want back. For everybody else, though, not you. What a shame.

  31. peacelily,

    It seems to me that we are buying just as much as ever, but our manufacturing jobs have evaporated. That says to me that the inexpensive labor of other countries is more valuable to employers than our higher priced labor. That makes labor a commodity, in my opinion.

    As for what we can do to increase our labor value? We can either raise the quality to a point it can not be ignored, which is unlikely given the level of automation today, or we can level out the playing field with our trade policies.

    My gut tells me that we are making trade policy as if we were still the world's largest exporter, when in fact we are now the largest importer. The rules simply are not the same. The latest trade agreement with South Korea, on the surface at least, seemed like an improvement for us. It cut the tariff we have to pay from 8% to 4%. But South Korea is only paying a 2% tariff to us, and it will be five years until our tariff goes away.

    That hardly seems like "free trade" between equals, but sounds a lot like "fair trade" as defined by the WTO.

    In short, not only our leaders, but the world as a whole views us as a resource to be plucked clean until everyone has had a "fair share" of us. We must reject that world view and take a serious look at the models if we were to take on more of a protectionist stance. That is the only way I think we are going to raise the value of American labor to American employers, by making offshore labor too expensive one way or another.

  32. boftx,

    Thank you for your explanation.

    From 2010-2012 the real wage has decreased 2.4%, which is equal to the working for 6 days without wages.

    At the same time, Americans are once again taking on debt again, mostly buying cars. What cars they are buying I don't know, or whether they are American or imports.

    The issue is about taking on debt, because that is one of the reasons individuals and our country are in trouble.

    I don't see how we will get out of the problems created by exporting jobs for cheap labor and importing goods made by cheap labor, unless we change the paradigm. We have become slaves to the markets.

    The only thing that has come into my mind is that we must take back the production and purchasing power.

    If we produce and pay decent wages, those wages will go into buying the products.

    This cannot be done through multinational corporations, or even domestic corporations that work under the current models.

    We have to transition to a different economy, an internal economy that functions without the influence of an external economy.

    This will take a very big change in the thinking of the American public. However, the alternative is ever decreasing real wages and a lack of purchasing power which effects the business community, especially small business.

    Large business may eventually move away from the US, driven to bigger markets of both cheap wages and consumption of cheap products in locations with large populations, unless Americans accept working as cheap labor to become competitve.

    You talk about protectionism, but I see it as survival, and not business as usual. It is more like rescuing and rebuilding the American economy over the long term.

    I wonder if the American people have the spirit and strength to be pioneers again, with the intention to once again demonstrate great character and endurance, acting toward each other with moral and ethical intentions?

    Better sooner in freedom, than later in desperation if still possible at all.

  33. "That, along with your preceding posts re the outhouse and shoveling coal: Les Miserables! That's the good old days for you. That's the country you want back. For everybody else, though, not you. What a shame." @Suzy Savarise

    No, not true. I like and want the country that allowed me to do better by working hard and making smart choices.


  34. "Eighty percent of Walmart employees are on food stamps." @Vidi Veritas

    So are the majority of military and civilian government employees, especially married, at the entry grades and ranks. Has been for decades.


  35. Walmart is the mother of all parasites.

  36. Carmine, We all had coal furnaces back then it was what people used to heat their homes with at that time.If a family had a son it was his job to feed the furnace with coal and take out the ashes. I remember doing all the same things myself,along with everyone else in our neighborhood who had a son.When you are born in 1941 as I was this was considered a normal life style in the Italian community we all grew up in back then.Everyone had it the same.

  37. "Everyone had it the same."

    I totally agree. That's the reason I said: "I grew up poorer than dirt in an old poor neighborhood [and never knew it]." We all did. That was just the way it was especially in the inner city of Newark, NJ where I was born and raised.


  38. While we shouldn't demonize Steve Wynn, we shouldn't canonize him either. The means he and on again off again wife Elaine utilized on their way up were not entirely ethical or legal. He is also not the great defender of Capitalism the letter would lead one to believe. His tip sharing policy is a text-book example of socialism. He is also not a great defender of America, as he is actively educating and employing our greatest economic competitor, China. Steve Wynn earned everything he has, including his less than stellar reputation.

  39. Thank you, chuck.