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January 26, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Pine for the past as apocalypse nears

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As I read letter after letter in newspapers predicting the end of the world because President Barack Obama got re-elected, I pause to reflect. I find myself in complete agreement with all of them.

Oh, how I long for the good ol’ days four or so years ago, when we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs each month. I recall fondly two badly mismanaged wars (one launched absolutely unnecessarily, based upon faulty intelligence), each with no end in sight. I get choked up when I think about the then-thriving U.S. auto industry and the horrible fate that has now visited it.

I pine for the days when health insurance companies could deny coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions, even children. I get positively angry when I realize that millions of people who could never get medical insurance before now will have access to it. And I bemoan the loss of a health care system that allowed people who had worked hard all of their lives, and done all of the right things, to be financially ruined because someone did the unthinkable — they got sick.

I, like your letter writers, pine for those halcyon days and am terrified that the apocalypse appears to be rushing toward us.

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  1. Rob is right to be sarcastic about the good old days; as they were not very good. Unfortunately, what President Obama and Congress did was back the car up and away from an economic cliff, turn the wheel left and then accelerate toward the cliff again.

    We cannot grow the economy to the greatest extent possible without more fossil fuel development on Federally controlled lands. President Obama opposes this and the Keystone pipeline.

    President Obama's budget calls for a reduction in the deficit of 1 trillion dollars over 10 years. We are deficit spending over 1 trillion dollars per year. That would be a 100 billion dollar reduction per year against a one trillion dollar per year deficit. That leaves a 900 billion dollar deficit each year for the next 10 years.

    The President's budget, like all the budgets before under almost all President's calls for reductions in the rate of growth of government spending, instead of real reductions in spending based on what we spend today. In other words, government spending will grow, just a little less rapidly than was planned.

    The President's budget counts as 'savings' money we would have spent in the wars because we won't be in the wars. That is like one of us calling it a savings because we decided we would not buy the new car we planned on buying.

    This kind of 'accounting' is why we are where we are. President Obama is hardly the first President to use 'fuzzy' math, but we are at the point now where we need to stop doing it.


  2. I have a little advice for the letter writer. And it's not sarcasm. Right when you think things can't get any worse, they do. Stay tuned.


  3. Crowing about 4 years of 8% unemployment, 47 million on food stamps, poverty rates higher than ever before and record deficits seems a bit far fetched to me unless, of course, we are dealing with masochists here. I don't believe it's the end of the world; just the end of the American experiment and dream as we knew it. With approximately half of our population begging for "More, please, and leftists eagerly buying their votes with free "stuff," kiss the America our Founders created goodbye.

  4. There is a seed of truth here. In my mind, it is called, "destiny". Go way back, into ancient history, study the writings of the countless scribes, historians, philosophers, prophets, conquerers, leaders, greats. They say, "History repeats itself," and "There is nothing new under the sun," and "...what will be, will be". Is humanity capable of learning from the lessons of the past? Will humanity learn those lessons, or be doomed to repeat those same mistakes?

    How much has changed with the human character or demeanor since the beginning of time? I am talking mindset here, not innovation, invention, or technology. Can the hearts of mankind get past greed and power? These are continuing themes throughout time, and not much has changed. With this in mind, I have some reservations about any President or elected leader having that much power to effect the change of heart in the souls they serve, nor governing form.

    Someone once said, "The more things change, the more things stay the same." Food for thought.

    Blessings and Peace,

  5. I see the same three off key backup singers are out singing woe is me. Where are those who could provide a voice of reason on the right?

  6. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s....One war after another. I still have my selective service card. Labor unrest, race riots from one end of the country to another. The Watts riots in LA destroyed parts of the city. My parents thought we were going to be killed. My wife had to deal with rioting in Jersey in which the family business was nearly destroyed. My father in law had to protect the "River Road Tavern" with a shotgun.

    My wife developed cancer years ago and also had to have both hips replaced. Years of litigation with Topa insurance to get the bills paid.

    Ahhhh.... How I yearn for those good old days.

    The storm I worry about is the world wide recession that is moving our way. 11.6% unemployment in Europe and Asia is sliding with Japan announcing last week they are back in recession.

    The believe the fed ordered the banks to stress test for 12% unemployment.

  7. Michael Casler: You need to study how our government is designed to work. True, the president submits a budget, but there is no Constitutional requirement that he do so. True, the Senate has not submitted - or approved - a budget for years. Again, there is no Constitutional requirement that it do so. Also true, the House has not in years passed a budget that to the Senate and/or President feel they could support. Again, there is no Constitutional requirement that they do so.

    There are TWO Constitutional requirements - one is that all revenue bills MUST originate in the House. The other is that NO spending or taxing bill will become law without approval by BOTH the majority of the Senate and the President. The Supreme Court has added a third requirement: that funds, once appropriated, must be spent by the President, they cannot be withheld without Congressional approval. Finally, a budget, regardless of who initiates it, is only a proposal. It is NOT a legal authorization either to spend or to tax.

    Bottom line? The House has the ultimate control on the purse-strings. If it approves a spending bill, it alone has the ability to raise any additional revenue required. If it wants to find revenue by cutting elsewhere, it is free to offer proposals, but these MUST have the approval of both the majority of the Senate and the President.

  8. Powers,

    If "we the people" had chosen to restructure the health care insurance system so that children with pre-existing conditions could gain insurance and people with catastrophic health issues would not be forced into bankruptcy, we wouldn't have had to read your lame attempt at sarcasm.

    Unfortunately, the President, aided by the Supreme Court, chose to nationalize the health-care system. For that, yes, we are nearing an apocalyptic period in our history.

    Powers, what bothers me most about your snarky attitude, is that with the collapse of socialism on display in Europe every day - on your television and on you internet - you think you are smarter and better than they. You are wrong, and you and I and all our fellow citizens will discover it the hard way.

    You are either ignorant, stupid, or you don't care to know. Neither is of any value to your fellow man.


  9. gerry,

    How you take me back in time.

    I happened to have to be a passenger in a car that drove through the outer area of Watts one of those nights. The circumstances prompted by an idiot lawyer, we were joining for an evening out, getting his kicks.

    What I remember was the orange haze from the fires, and the National Guard transports with Guardsmen holding their rifles pointed in the air. It was scary as hell since I had never experienced anything close to that in my life.

    Interesting memories indeed. It was a time of my most conservative days, and I didn't care about anything but my own privileges.

    Later, I gained an awareness of reality and a new set of values that changed my direction in life and the way I saw and understood people and their needs.


    Again, thank you for providing important facts.

  10. Alas, reading comprehension--just not dealt with in CCSD K-12 or where ever some of these Posters came from. Those who object to the way things are going do so BECAUSE they know other things work better, much better.

  11. renorobert noon: Then please explain how the administration keeps increasing spending in chosen federal agencies, without legislation or budget approval, above and beyond continuing resolution authorizations?

  12. Star: you continually contradict yourself. Back when, the fittest humans survived, not the dependent whiners. The "greedy" survived if and only if they took care of themselves first BEFORE giving away their food.

  13. For example, funding for deportations has increased. Funding / grants to local LEO for identifying illegals BEFORE trial. Funding for Immigration Service Officers to process 2 million new work permits for illegals.

  14. gerry 9:56 a.m.: I love your mind too and your sense of humor. I don't long for the days when the young women kidnapped from our streets into human trafficking / prostitution were IGNORED by law enforcement and written off as runaways. I don't long to relive my first husband's death after serving in Viet Nam. I don't long for the years of confusion that he (and I) had because of the traumatic effects of combat.

  15. The usual symphony Vegas crybabies. How is it that all of the international lawyers and global economic experts find the time to post all their doom and gloom predictions on this site? Now, I'm not saying I completely disagree with them but I am skeptical of their reasoning. What I'm saying is that in all probability they are guilty of misattribution at best.