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March 29, 2015

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Fight the spread of fear mongering

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President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech called once again for bipartisan unity. I think declaring a war on dishonesty would lead to finding common ground.

An inspirational example of Americans acting apolitically was the national dialogue that resulted from radio host Rush Limbaugh’s arguing that Sandra Fluke (a college student who advocated for a contraception mandate for insurers) was a “slut.” Limbaugh incited anti-Obama, “anti-47 percent moochers” bias among his Republican “dittohead” base. However, his hateful badgering evoked so much outrage from dittoheads, too, that sponsors left him. Then he apologized. Fox News has also built an anti-Obama, anti-liberal base by lying, scapegoating and fear mongering.

It is mostly legal to lie in a democracy, but I prefer not to condone it. I was shocked that few people defended President Obama when Republicans politicized “you didn’t build that,” an out-of-context piece of an off-the-cuff Obama speech. Republicans lied that it meant that he was anti-small business. Yet the other, easily verifiable statements in his speech exposed the lie against him.

Lies are more befitting a dictatorship than a democracy. U.S. citizens have the enviable freedom to voice themselves in their media of choice. We can join our trustworthy sources in exposing all of the imposters. There’s an opportunity to stop the cancerous fear mongering from spreading for another four years.

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  1. Freeman...

    You are a CLASSIC 'propagandist'.

    From the Free Dictionary;

    1. The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

  2. If the truth will not support your position in a debate, then you have a weak position. Lying doesn't strengthen the position. When the lie is exposed, it only makes the position seem totally invalid.

  3. This is like little children fighting. One side says the Romney campaign and others took Obama's comments out of context, which they did, and the other side ignores that, doesn't address it and points to what Obama did.

    One side points out that the Obama campaign ran a personal and negative smear operation against Romney, which it did, and the other side ignores that, doesn't address it and point to what Romney did.

    If we even want to actually get anywhere, people have to see and admit 'all' the truth, not just the convenient part.

    One side twisted and lied to portray Obama as a socialist radical. The other side twisted and lied to portray Romney as the 2nd coming of Gordon Gekko. Neither portrayal was accurate and both efforts should be condemned by Americans.


  4. The nation got "Fluked." Obama and the Dems said Governor Romney was a felon, a wife killer, would wage a war on women, push granny over the cliff by gutting Medicare and on and on. All lies and negative campaigning. It worked because Romney let these lies go unchallenged until the first debate. By then it was too late. Romney was defined by Obama and his minnows. And lost, and NOT BY MUCH.

    Now, Obama has to live with the consequences. Let's see waht he does for his legacy.


  5. Duh, what else would you call Fluke? She wants to play "hide the wienny" with her penchant for "casual" sex and to get taxpayers to pay for her contraceptives, as well. She's going to make a minimum of $160,000 per year after graduating and we should come up with 9 bucks a month to buy her "rubbers?" As for lying? What about Reid the Red? He blatantly lied about Mitt's paying "no taxes for 10 years." And, as for the guy with the "Cheshire Cat" grin? Osama Obama lies most everytime he opens his mouth. Conservatives should never "compromise" with leftists who see "compromise" as a one-way street. If they are going to take the USA down the toilet (and they are), let's not aid & abet them!

  6. PISCES41 - "If the truth will not support your position in a debate, then you have a weak position. Lying doesn't strengthen the position. When the lie is exposed, it only makes the position seem totally invalid."

    Not according to Karl Rove who implemented and used extensively swiftboating.

    Romney's attack ads saying Obama got rid of "work for welfare" and his amazing statement that Chrysler was moving the jeep division to China cost him his crediblity which reinforced other issues, such as his taxes.

  7. Comment removed by moderator. - -

  8. Mr. ReFreeman is looking at everything through the lens of the Bubble.

    Mr. ReFreeman, you are way, way out there my friend. A self indoctrination by osmosis with the help from a Super Bubble Master (SBM)... Foxnews!

    Going from American Citizen, to Bubble Citizen, promoted to All In Bubble Citizen (AIBC), now work to be Junior Bubble Master (JBM). Mr. ReFreeman, your transformation, happening right before our eyes.

    The attempt to add humor to the ridiculous comments by individuals living in a alternate universe is being done with the intent of reaching out to those who are still reachable. Never have we seen so many people believe-- actually believe, in the words from the Donald Trumps, the John Sinnunus, the Michele Bachmans, the Sarah Palins. Never have we as a Nation been feed distortions and misleading comments by a National Major News and Cable Organization, one, Foxnews! And all who work for Foxnews.

    One cannot work for the Devil and say you don't agree with Devil. Again, all that work for Foxnews.

    Sad days are upon us. And now one of the indoctrinated (a JBM) has resurrected Saul Alinsky. Sad days, indeed.

  9. Comment removed by moderator. Refers to removed comment.

  10. Carmine,

    "The nation got fluked.Obama and the dems said Gov.Romney was a felon,a wife killer,would wage a war on women,push granny over the cliff by cutting medicine and on and on.All lies and negative campaigning".

    It's time for you to stop slinging mud,Gov.Romney lost and conceded to Pres.Obama.Gov.Romney also wished Pres.Obama well in his second term in running our country. Why can't you do the same? It's over.Try and show some of the same class as Gov. Romney did,and move on and except the results as they are.
    Gov.Romney was not my choice,and I did not vote for him. Had Gov.Romney won this election,I would have moved on, and also would have wished him well in running our country. After all it was the majority of the voter's who decided the outcome of this election.It's time to stop crying over spilt milk.

  11. I agree with the title of the letter but then when I read it I find it is not balanced. Certainly BOTH parties lied and instilled fear of the other thru out the campaign process. The letter writer fails to point this out, though everyone knows it.

  12. ByRefNV,
    My comments were directed to Carmine,not you.Let Carmine speak for himself.

  13. Wow!

    The 5 stages of (post-election) grief have DEFINITELY passed from stage 1 to stage 2...


    And I agree entirely with Jeff @ 7:06am...
    ReFreeman has stepped over the line.

  14. All readers are welcome to come to the Northwest meeting of Drinking Liberally (A play on words that, apparently, RefNV took literally) where I try to moderate. If you go to the Henderson meeting it is a different group.

  15. As a yellow dog I am wholly in support of Rev, Carmine, lvfacts and others who wish to continue spouting delusional codswallop. It will only make it easier for us to take back the House in 2014 and keep the presidency in 2016. It is abundantly clear that the hard wing of the Republican base has insufficient support to elect a president no matter how lipstick was put on that oinker. I am concerned that the r establishment will prevail and nominate Reagan-like candidates. the afore-mentioned correspondents, though, seem likely to prevent any attempt at rationality on the part of the GOP.

    @Mark in Washington we actually do drink liberally....but take public transportation home.

  16. Oh well, in the end it seems slightly more people liked Obama and his party's ideas more than Mitt Romney and his party's ideas. I mean Obama clearly won and this is supposed to be a democracy. The election appears to have been a fair one. Why are all the "Chicken Littles"? You'd think they'd be doing some soul searching. Some self reflection is in order.

    Question: Why did Romney lose? How could he lose? He had plenty of money as well as Fox News. He and Ryan seemed capable. Maybe it was a combination of factors like all the jerks he had riding on his coat tails, the biggest one being Trump. Combine that with some negative adds and a Christie hug and BAM! I guess it doesn't matter at this point.

    Anyway, I wish the Republicans would dump the evangelicals and start using rational thought like they used to.

  17. gmag39 - "Wow! The 5 stages of (post-election) grief have DEFINITELY passed from stage 1 to stage 2... ANGER!!!"

    Gmag39 it goes to show just how out of touch some are. Yes people, evolution is real! While some of you are stuck in the mud of the fifties with your wheels spinning, the nation has evolved to be more tolerant and forgiving. Obama's reelection came as a shock because you on the right bought into the BS of the pundits pushing lies. You've forgotten they earn millions by lieing to their readers, viewers and listeners.

  18. "ByRefNV,
    My comments were directed to Carmine,not you.Let Carmine speak for himself."

    Mr. Pizzo:

    It's not mudslinging when one responds to lies, falsehoods, and smear tactics perpetrated by the other side.

    GOvernor Romney was very gracious in his concession speech. Then, again, he ran a classy campaign and race.

    RefNV: You're absolutely right. Obama fans can dish it out, mostly with lies and hate, but hold others to a higher standard. Typical liberal hate for joy.

  19. BTW Sam, I voted. Not for your guy. So that gives me the right to complain for the next 4 years as the President screws up as he will with his failed policies. So get use to it and move on.


  20. Carmine,
    Thanks for the comic relief!

  21. Carmine,

    "BTW Sam,I voted.Not for your guy. So that gives me the right to complain for the next 4 years as the President screws up as he will his failed policies.So get usee to it and move on".

    I have always known that you were going to be a sore loser from day one.The part that I don't get is why you want the President to fail? Which means the country fails not very patriotic of you.

    The Pepublican party is coming under a much needed revamping for a change. Along with the removal of Karl Rove and tea baggers. There are others who hold bitterness and hatred who will be on the outside looking in, as a new party forms. So get use to it and move on.

  22. Heretic,

    My comment was about the talking heads at Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and other pundits who mislead their audience. They all jumped into the cocoon of denial ignoring the real world and later wondered why Obama won.

  23. "I have always known that you were going to be a sore loser from day one.The part that I don't get is why you want the President to fail? Which means the country fails not very patriotic of you."

    That's silly of you Sam to such an asinine comment. The President fails or succeeds based on his own skills and leadership not me rooting or booing. The country won't fail because the GOPeoples' House, as in divided government, will prevent it.


  24. "Carmine,
    Thanks for the comic relief!"

    Enjoy it while it lasts. The next 4 will not be very happy or funny ones.


  25. BTW, Sam the majority of American voters wanted Republicans to control the Peoples' House not Democrats. Deal with it. It's been that way for the last 2 years, and obviously the next 2.


  26. Actually truth be told GOP won control of the House for the last 8 of 10 elections. See a trend Sam?


  27. "Carmine,That's silly of you Sam to say such a assine statement".

    If we were to compare anything, it would be the constant crying and belly aching by you after the President won re-election and since.

    You have laid your cards on the table. Like most of the tea party republicans, and you along with them. All of you hope that Pres.Obama fails,along with our country.With you it's party first,forget about the country

    Keep up your hate and constant belly aching,the only one you are hurting is yourself.People have figured you out long ago.It's simple for you to cry and complain,but very hard for you to ever give praise. Gov.Romney conceded the election why can't you?

  28. As usual Sam your emotions outweigh your knowledge and understanding of history. Second terms are perilous for presidents. Most presidents, there have been 16 not counting Roosevelt and Truman who served most of the first terms of their predecessor's, who earned reelection became consumed by war, scandal and/or strife with Capitol Hill. Read and know your history, first.

    We're a week into the Prsident's legacy, and it's been down hill all the way. What do you expect farther in?


  29. Jeffery:

    Read what I posted to Sam. It applies to you.

    Dems have a structural advantage to the Electoral college. Mr. Obama won landslide margins (57 percent or more) in 11 states and DC with 163 EV. GOvernor Romney won 13 states by such margins but only had 104 EV.

    WRT GOP winning 8 out of 10 House elections since 1992, American voters know who are the best at running the country and get it right most of the time.


  30. Carmine, why do you keep crying and belly aching? Even Rep.Paul Ryan stated on Tues.Nov.13th. to ABC news that "Pres.Obama won fair and square,and deserves to be congratulated for having a fantastic ground game." Both Gov.Romney and Rep.Paul Ryan went out like gentlemen and conceded the election.But not you,it has to be crying and belly aching from you.Grow up. Stand up and be a man,and do as Gov.Romney and Rep.Paul Ryan did.Stop your wishing for the country to fail under Pres.Obama.

  31. Sam:

    Here's a novel notion. Don't worry about me. Worry about President Obama and his second term. He needs you and your commentary, I don't. Trust me, if you spent less time concerned about me and what I think and say [tho I must admit I'm flattrered by all the attention you show toward me], you could better learn what history of second terms has in store for your guy. Here's a hint: It's not good Sam. Second term presidents sink fast. And yours is only a week into the term.


  32. "We (current democrat voters) have the White House, the Senate, and more..."

    More bull from you. GOPeoples' House is securely republican. GOP has 54 republicans in the Senate and 12, count them, 12 dems up for reelection in 2014. I guarantee you, some and more of the 12 dems, will vote with the Republicans. You got the White House. It doesn't mean a thing as far as governance is concerned. Just means your guy gets to live free in the White House for another 4 years, if he's lucky. Some got kicked out before. Nixon comes to mind. And Clinton came close. Impeachment. Clinton stayed but got to sleep on the sofa in the oval offcie for his last 9 months of office. Lucky guy.


  33. "Carmine:

    Who are your 54 GOP senators?"


    My apologies SB 45. BUT as I mentioned 12 Dems in Senate are up for reelection in 2014. They will some or more vote with the GOP. I guarantee it.

    WRT predictions: I suggest you revisit your comments here to me about Benghazi and the video nonsense you proclaimed. As I recall I posted to you on September 12, it was a terrorist attack much to your denial.

    4 Americans murdered Jeffery. Still no explanation of the facts and truth from Obama. Just stories and contradictions.