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January 27, 2015

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Jon Ralston:

Time for Romney to fire Trump


Steve Marcus

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, waves after being endorsed by businessman Donald Trump, left, during a news conference at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada February 2, 2012.

Donald Trump is not important; he just thinks he is.

Trump is a small man who has big thoughts about himself, a vulgar attentionophile who cares not what damage he causes or whom he might hurt so long as he is in the spotlight. His loud, full-throated (is there any other way for The Donald?) embrace of birtherism is hardly surprising considering truth or consequences have never mattered much to the man George Will accurately described last weekend as a “bloviating ignoramus.”

But, alas, Will got it wrong — or, to be precise, he captured the mere essence of Trump (he’s a buffoon) but failed to properly describe the sheer ugliness of what the reckless, solipsistic clown is wreaking by continuing to espouse his belief that President Barack Obama is not a native-born American.

It’s one thing to boast about how smart and successful and rich he is — Trump does that every day. But to try to tap into the worst instincts of some folks in the GOP base — and, I fear, too many Democrats and independents, too — with his hardly veiled racism consigns Trump to a category of unconscionable scoundrels and power-hungry demagogues who must be denounced, scorned and vilified.

Hello, darkness, my old Mitt.

It is this man who hosted the presumptive GOP nominee Tuesday evening in Las Vegas, who Mitt Romney tries to slough off as just like any other supporter (who hosts a $2 million fundraiser) who might have differing views (as if this is about a VAT or sanctions against Syria). To his credit, Romney was honest about what this is all about when asked by the national media over the holiday weekend, telling them, “I need to get 50.1 percent or more, and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.”

Forget his Electoral College miscue — just ask George W. Bush about needing 50.1 percent or more to become president. Romney translated here is simple: “I am willing to grovel before this odious man because I need to play the politics of addition, even if that means subtracting my self-respect.”

Instead, so far at least (I write this before the Romney-Trump-Newt event Tuesday), Romney has refused to denounce Trump and simply repeated his contention that he believes Obama was born in the United States. Does anyone — even ardent Romney backers not drinking the Trump birther Kool-Aid — think that is enough?

I don’t have to quote Edmund Burke or invoke the cliché analogy of the week, comparing this to Bill Clinton’s Sister Souljah moment, or even recall John McCain chiding a birther in a crowd four years ago. This is not about whether Trump will factor in any voters’ minds in November, although he is sure to vomit more obnoxious and offensive offal before the election. This is simply about where Romney draws the line, where he puts aside his quest for 50.1 percent (use 270 electoral votes next time, Governor) and declares this is behavior he will not tolerate.

Trump is a leech who has attached himself to Romney after risibly floating his own name for president, a bloodsucking egomaniac who has taken advantage of the presumptive nominee’s natural appeasement and hopes to bleed him for every drop of attention he can. And The Donald will keep doing so until he is standing on a stage with him in Tampa and, should Romney win, hosting a surely garish inaugural ball complete with a life-size ice sculpture of Trump. (“I’m melting ...”)

Romney could still win the election while manifesting his Trumplove — I doubt many voters will care that much. That’s because the entire Obama re-election strategy is predicated on a simple premise: This has to be a choice, not a referendum.

So the president will change the subject from the economy or health care reform or the stimulus — all of which are albatrosses — to try to make Romney seem the greater of two evils. This much we know, and we have seen that playbook in Nevada as recently as 2010, when Harry Reid was re-elected by running against Sharron Angle, not on his record.

This campaign will be won or lost on how successful Team Obama is in changing the subject and how skillful Team Romney is at changing it back.

At the climax, Trump will be where he belongs — a small footnote. But this is not about his impact on the race; it is about his impact on Romney.

The presumptive nominee, inartful as usual, once said he likes being able to fire people. If he actually cares about being able to look himself in the mirror after November, if he really wants to demonstrate that he has the character to be president, he needs to say to Trump the same two words that made the bloviating ignoramus famous.

Nothing less will do.

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  1. I'm not about to defend "The Donald." I'm no fan of the guy, however, I will defend his right to free speech. Guys like Ralston, who exist because of the very free speech I defend, are quick to vilify those they disagree with and that's okay. It's their right; but to try and shut them up? No way! That's one of the first methods leftists use and not only in the USA. Look to any country under the thumb of a leftist dictator and you'll find suppresion of thoughts, ideas and speech. American's of all races, religions, backgrounds and creeds have fought and died to prevent that from happening here and jerks like Ralston preach it. Go figure!

  2. Enjoyed the article (and your segement on Chris Matthews Show last night), Jon.

    I am willing to take it further though.

    Romney has went over to the dark side. Moh money, moh money, moh money is what makes his decisions, not any sense of common decency or smart politics.

    He is bound and determined to get to 50.1 percent (in his words). And, from all indications shown, if he has to suck up to 100.1 percent of the racist bastards in America to get there, he clearly shows that's going to be his policy.

    Also, if he has to suck up to Trump (to get at Adelson), he will do that too. Romney has no shame.

    The funny thing about Trump is something that pundits have sort of alluded to, but I'll just go ahead and throw it out there.

    For Trump, it's personal.

    Ever since he was shamed with his first birther attempt, and his total and complete smack down by President Obama, Trump appears to be seething with anger and hate for President Obama. And it seems like he relished the idea of doing this one more time by attacking him not only with the foreign born question, but also attacking his birth certificate too. Trump is fired up and is a disgusting, vindictive, washed up shell of a man. His only purpose is not politics. He wants revenge against President Obama for being totally humiliated by him. THAT is the heart of the matter. Nothing else.

    But what's funny is that not only Romney, but Krolicki and Sandoval too, are willing participants in Trump's traveling clown show.

    I know, I know, it's a far stretch. But it's clearly guilt by association. Not a peep from them about the issue calling foul. Romney even seems to double down by showing us his stupid birth certificate. Like we actually care.

    Anyways, it's confirmed.



    One and the same.

  3. There is no way Mitt will fire Donald. To say it plainly, Mitt does not have the courage to fire Donald. (This is saying it lightly)

    The Republicans need a person like Donald Trump; Running off at the mouth, saying anything to get attention from the cable news channels (cable "News" -- this is said lightly). Mitt needs Donald to say what Mitt and others like Newt cannot say publicly. There are people out there who will believe anything said falsely and negatively about the President. We saw this during the McCain campaign when McCain had the courage to politely educate an older woman who said Barack Obama was a Muslim. (This too, is said lightly)

    What many of us old timers don't get is how the bigwig old timers allow Donald Trump to use Las Vegas for his personal gain, when in fact Trump has done nothing for Las Vegas. Trump has not earned the right to claim Las Vegas as his personal staging area. But the big business in Las Vegas remain silent while Trump parades around Las Vegas like he owns Las Vegas and runs everything inside Las Vegas, and that include the bigwigs who remain silent.

    You know, there is no way the founders of our industry would allow what Donald is doing, no way! One person is not larger than Las Vegas, especially if you have not contributed to the growth of Las Vegas.

    Clearly, the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg would not allow this kind of BS from Trump in New York. And this is said lightly!

  4. Come on Jon, are you really this hard up for a column today? You work our media worse than Trump and wish you had the power. You need to spend some time with him in China, all of us do. You need to do some "print" on all the adverse people leading fundraisers for the O.
    You know, I am not one that gives a crap where this president was born. His mother was from Kansas and if he is not "eligible" to be president, those laws should be changed quicker than the Senate passes a budget. I am sick and tired of the "racist" crap, but more important, Trump can bring people to an event. Can you?
    You have lived in this community for many years and sometimes you just take on competitive wind. Trump can out blow you, but hot air just drys out the soil. My gosh, if Trump were a Reid backer, what would you say then?

  5. Romney is saying that the State of Hawaii is run by subversives who have fabricated Obama's birth certificate, because the State has said too many times that Obama's birth certificate is valid.

    Trump is saying the Government lies and is subversive to the American people, to which Romney agrees.

    Once, it was the Communists who said that our Government lies and cannot be trusted, now it's the GOP. Once it was the Communists who wanted to destroy education in America, now it's the GOP.

    Trump is Romney's alter ego, a person who spreads paranoia, fear and false history. Should he win the election, Romney will bring these same psychos into the White House with him and endless military confrontations with Russia and China about which he already spreads fear. Like Trump, Romney knows only his own culture and all others are 'evil'.

  6. Mr. Trump like a lot of people take advantage of situations,such as the birth issue of President Obama.Mr trump needs to drop his continued efforts to make this a political issue. As it is not and never will be an issue.Time for Mr.Romney to distance himself form Trump as this could end up being a thorn in his side.When a horse is dead it's time to stop beating it.

  7. Good for you Jon Thanks for speaking up and being right on

  8. Have to agree with David Henry, if Trump were to back Reid, Jon would be licking his shoes every chance he got.

    But hey, his boy Barry has better friends than Mitt. He has the Black Panthers speaking about killing more crackers. And Barry welcomes such honest dialogue.

    Barry has The camera whore Al Sharpton agitating the press while "reporting" on issues. That's called free press and Jon sees it clearly as a friendship of brothers.

    Let's not forget all the Union thugs Barry calls friends. The ones beating up protestors and calling for killings...

    Than of course, we have the homeland terrorists and the tax dodgers he hangs with.

    That's ok, Because according to people like Jon, Barry is just one man who should not be held liable for the friends he keeps...

    But Mitt, that's a different story. he needs to be held liable for the friend he keeps...

    Good one Jon.. Keep licking those lips before sealing them to Barry and Reid's backside.

  9. The Donald destroys the myth of the rich being more intelligent than the poor. His attitude is more befitting of a sewer worker, wouldn't you say?

  10. Romney 'needs' Trump, like Jimmy Carter needed Billy.

  11. I really wish Mr. Trump would have ran for office.

    He then could have seen what the public really thinks about him.

    The lack of votes would have just about killed him if he had ran.

    No one in office is willing to step up and say how they feel about the man but the voters would have if he would have had the guts to throw his name into the hat.

  12. Who Dat, Who Dat, say Rominee gonna OBAMA???

  13. ignorant and/or bigoted much, Mark Anthony?

  14. Give 'em hell Donald!

  15. Author, it's self evident you don't like Trump. But your bias against him is over the top and makes your article not a good read. Worthless as a matter of fact.

  16. Good lord, tomfranklin, would you like some tin foil to make a hat out of? The man has provided a copy of his birth certificate, which was verified by people of both parties, including former Hawaii governor Linda Lingle, a Republican. And the most respected law enforcement official is Joe Arapio? Seriously, the man is about to be indicted.

    I would say the majority of Americans think the President has proven that he is indeed a natural born citizen. I think the majority of us want to hear about how our economy is going to continue to improve, how we balance our budget, etc.

    I suppose you think the moon landings were faked, that LBJ killed JFK, that Hitler is still alive and living in Argentina, and that aliens are at Area 51 and work as cocktail waitresses at the Riviera (and stealing jobs from hardworking Americans). Yes, I consider you birthers to be as realistic as people who believe in those crazy supposed conspiracies.

    I'm sick of hearing how Obama has to prove he was born in the U.S. He proved it. Now YOU prove that he wasn't.

  17. Thats funny. bush had 6 years to prepare and campaign and just barely got over 50% the ONE and ONLY time he was elected.

  18. So, now we know Romney is a RACIST TOO! Before this event I was still giving Mitt the gentleman's benefit of the doubt on racism - now, we know Romney is even worse than we thought - Thanks Donald Trump for helping clarify the haters in your little posse!

    As Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out tonight in his "The Last Word" segment - it's just the same old Republican Racist Southern Strategy they started against LBJ back in '67/'68 - and it worked getting Nixon elected, sadly!


  19. The Donald might be an ignoramus but I can assure you he is not a racist. As a matter of fact, he would want nothing to do with most of his supporters based on their income which is the western world's caste system. He might be saying what he knows you want to hear, but he doesn't give a skunk's furry behind about you or the masses (which are now poor). He and others like him live in another world and we treat them like Gods. Trumph is one of the elite class who actually believes he is a God. Get real America.

  20. BTW, I like Donald Trumph. He's the 21st century version of Commander McBragg.

  21. The key is 270 electoral votes not 50.1% of the popular vote.